Friday, June 3, 2011

Bashing Israel in America

This article exposes a disturbing trend in America - a trend which is spreading throughout more and more colleges:

Bashing Israel on Campus, from California to New York

This entire article is worth reading. Below are some of the more striking points:

Professors assign outrageous anti-Israel propaganda in classes ranging from remedial writing to women's studies to environmental science, and never expose students to other viewpoints. After all, students can't be trusted to form their own opinions!

Even worse, on the most degraded UC campuses like Berkeley, Irvine, and Santa Cruz, an atmosphere of anti-Semitic intimidation and violence flourishes. Jewish girls are followed to their cars by Muslim activists, and called "whores" and "baby killers." Jewish boys are shoved, spit on, and physically attacked.

Muslim students dress up as Israeli soldiers, complete with fake guns, and set up "checkpoints" where they harass passersby to illustrate Israeli "brutality." And when the Israeli Consul or Ambassador gives a speech, riots break out, coordinated by activist groups like the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which are shielded by political correctness and funded by taxpayers

This link also contains a reference to a video link that is well worth a 12 minute investment. Here is the reference:

See for yourself in this brief video from American universities have become hostile environments for Jewish students who support Israel

Watch the look in the Jewish girls' eyes. Experience the vile hate speech and poisonous theatrics. And listen carefully to Daniel Pearl's father, Professor Judea Pearl, describe the fear that even the faculty feels.

In the video link, we see the following statement:

On too many campuses Jewish students who support Israel are second class citizens not afforded the civil rights protection given to other minority groups. Young idealistic Jewish students who come to college believing in American principles of equality, fairness, justice and respect for all people quickly find out that if they support the Jewish State, they are excluded from fully participating in the college experience.

Back to the main article. In closing we see this:

In March, Jessica Felber, a twenty-year-old student at UC Berkeley, filed a federal lawsuit against UC's Regents, accusing them of failing to protect her civil rights as a Jew. Felber was holding a sign saying "Israel Wants Peace," when the head of Students for Justice in Palestine rammed her with a shopping cart, requiring her to get medical care. Her assailant was a known provocateur who'd been implicated in other assaults, without disciplinary repercussions.

So does this ugly and dangerous future await students in New York? Will the greatest Jewish city outside of Israel allow its public university to sink into a cesspool of academic dishonesty, corruption, and anti-Semitism?

This situation represents a long continuum of anti-Israeli sentiment in American universities. It will only worsen as we approach the Tribulation.

But as referenced in Jan Markell's commentary (link here), the bottom line is quite simple:

"Don't ever get stressed about Israel's survival. Be justifiably concerned about America's."

We may be referencing this quote a lot in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

The spirit of satan and his dominions have flourished on the UC campuses for many years - it was only a matter of time before antisemitism became "in vogue" in the UC system. I went to one of the UC's as a freshman, dropped out over a boyfriend and eventually found Christ. The emptiness of the UC system even thirty years ago played a role in me coming to Christ. I can't imagine how bad it is there now. I wouldn't send my dog there (despite it's illustrious worldly reputation). He might come out thinking that he shouldn't bark at strangers and that his desire to chase cats was wrong and should be counseled or analyzed out of him. Oh, and let's not forget that he would be taught that he evolved from some primordial "goo".


WVBORN56 said...

I hear you Susan. My wife and I are doing a Friday night Bible study using The Truth Project material by Dr. Dale Tacket from focus on the family...really good stuff...the bottom line if the world/our culture is promoting a topic it is probably a lie of satan. Our universities were coopted many years ago by the enemy.

And replacement theology that is now in over drive is another lie of satan that is also spreading like cancer in churches. That is a topic that gets my blood boiling. it is hard to argue with believers who believe this nonsense because the allergorize/spiritualize the scripture and can make it say what ever they want it to say. grrrrr!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too. I like Del Tacket's series also. We're going through it in our SS class - I borrowed the term, "goo" from him.

I also totally agree with your comments on "replacement theology". That and "emergent theology" make my blood boil too. We're having to transfer my soon to be 7th grader out of the local christian school because the 7th and 8th grade Bible teacher is using Rob Bell's "Nooma" videos - that along with showing the "Passion of the Christ" (R - rated, infused with Roman Catholic theology) to my 8th grader's class this year. When you complain to the principal, he turns a blind eye to the problem. Soon we'll be driving 40 minutes each way so our kids can attend a real christian school that teaches the whole gospel and the authority of scripture - not fundamentalist (in the austere sense) or weird, just true to scripture.


Anonymous said...

This makes me so sad and mad. Sometimes its so hard to be a good Christian. I just want to fill a squirt gun with pig fat and just spray it all over those jerks but instead i just have to forgive them and move on. I'm glad for forgiveness because i am not sure how long the restrainer can restrain me. lol

Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise when
i went to the link and voila...the video is gone! ally