Friday, June 24, 2011

Quakes, Floods and the Yellowstone Supervolcano

Earthquakes trigger tsunami warning for Alaska

A tsunami warning has been issued for coastal Alaska, after two earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean.

Both of the 7.4 magnitude tremors happened at a depth of 40 kilometres about 170 kilometres away from the island of Atka – the largest of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.

All people living by the coast or in low-lying areas have been advised to stay away from harbours and move to higher ground.

Strong quake sparks brief Alaska tsunami warning

A magnitude-7.2 earthquake shook a large swath of Alaska's Aleutian Islands on Thursday evening, sending residents of small coastal towns to higher ground as officials issued a tsunami warning in the temblor's wake.

The quake was centered about 122 miles east of Atka, about 1,200 miles southwest of Anchorage. It was recorded at a depth of 26 miles, the Alaska Earthquake Information Center said.

The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center posted a tsunami warning for some coastal areas of Alaska, but canceled the warning about an hour after the quake. The warning covered an area from 80 miles northeast of Dutch Harbor to about 125 miles west of Adak.

Jones said it appeared all of the town's 61 residents took to higher ground when they heard the tsunami warning, which he heard issued over CB radio. The townspeople gathered on a high hill for about an hour, near the city's new water tank.

Officials monitoring rising floodwaters at Nebraska nuclear plants

The Fort Calhoun plant, about 20 miles north of Omaha, was shut down for refueling in April. Parts of the grounds are already under two feet of water as the swollen Missouri overflows its banks. But the Omaha Public Power District, which owns the plant, has built flood walls around the reactor, transformers and the plant's electrical switchyard, the NRC said.

An 8-foot-tall, water-filled berm, 16 feet wide at its base, surrounds the reactor containment structure and auxiliary buildings, the NRC says. The plant has brought in an additional emergency diesel generator, water pumps, sandbags and firefighting equipment as well, according to regulators.

Heavy rainfall in Montana and North Dakota, combined with melting snow from the Rocky Mountains, have sent the Missouri urging downstream this summer. The river washed over and punched through levees in nearby northwestern Missouri over the weekend, spurring authorities to urge about 250 nearby residents to leave their homes.

And CNN affiliate KETV reported Wednesday that, as a precautionary move, the Cooper facility is keeping dozens of staff members onsite around the clock. The station reported that about 60 people are sleeping on cots at the plant and that the staffers are being rotated out every two days

Are things at this nuclear facility worse than we are being told?

Media Blackout: Was There A Nuclear Incident At Fort Calhoun Nebraska

Since flooding began on June 6th, there has been a disturbingly low level of media attention given to the crisis at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Facility near Omaha, Nebraska. But available evidence strongly suggests that something very serious could have happened there.

Unfortunately for members of the public, there is no shortage of proof that serious nuclear incidents and radiation releases have happened in America, and have been covered up each and every time.

First accounts tell us that on June 7th, there was a fire reported at Fort Calhoun. The official story is that the fire was in an electrical switchgear room at the plant. The apparently facility lost power to a pump that cools the spent fuel rod pool, allegedly for a duration of approximately 90 minutes.

As was declared at Fort Calhoun on June 7th, another “Notification of Unusual Event” was declared at Cooper Nuclear Station on June 20th. This notification was issued because the Missouri River’s water level reached an alarming 42.5 feet. Apparently, Cooper Station is advising that it is unable to discharge sludge into the Missouri River due to flooding, and therefore “overtopped” its sludge pond.

Not surprisingly, and completely ignored by the Mainstream Media, these two nuclear power facilities in Nebraska were designated temporary restricted NO FLY ZONES by the FAA in early June. The FAA restrictions were reportedly down to “hazards” and were ‘effectively immediately’, and ‘until further notice’. Yet, according to the NRC, there’s no cause for the public to panic.

“On June 6, 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration put into effect ‘temporary flying restrictions’or a NO FLY ZONE – until further notice over the area around Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in Blaine, Nebraska.”

To date, it is unknown to members of the public whether or not the incident at Ft Calhoun Nuclear is actually a Level 4 emergency (on a US regulatory scale). A Level 4 emergency would constitute an “actual or imminent substantial core damage or melting of reactor fuel with the potential for loss of containment integrity.”

If there was any core damage, there is no guarantee that officials would allow such information to be made public for fear of public panic and loss of confidence.

There is much more in this article and it is worth reading. Just take a look at these facts:

As with the critical event in Fukushima, in Ft Calhoun circulatin g water is required at all times to keep the new fuel and more importantl y the spent radioactive material cool. The Nebraska facility houses around 600,000 – 800,000 pounds of spent fuel that must be constantly cooled to prevent it from starting to boil, so the reported 90 minute gap in service should raise alarm bells.

In addition, there are eyewitness reports of odd military movements, including unmarked vehicles and soldier movements throughout the region. Should a radiation accident occur, most certainly extreme public controls would be enacted by the military, not least because this region contains some of the country’s key environmental, transportation and military assets.

This evolving situation is worth watching closely. Unfortunately, the government isn't allowing any "watching".

Also see these videos which reveal information not reported by the MSM and an apparent news blackout:

Video Link 1

Video Link 2

Keeping an eye on Yellowstone's supervolcano

It's no mere doomsday pseudoscience: The Yellowstone supervolcano really could be the end of us all. When the Yellowstone Caldera — the name of the national park's geographic structure, which roughly translates as "caldron" — blows its lid, much of the continental United States will get covered in a blanket of ash. That ash will clog the atmosphere enough to block out the sun, disrupting the global climate enough to cause mass extinctions.

At the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO), an outpost run by the U.S. Geological Survey in conjunction with Yellowstone National Park and the University of Utah, a team of volcanologists continuously monitors the sleeping giant's tectonic activity. They listen to its rumblings (which are streamed online in real time) for clues as to what's brewing below the surface. Jacob Lowenstern, scientist-in-charge at YVO, told us what they're listening for and what they know so far about the next "big one."


Alice said...

Whoa.... or should I say Woe!?

Very impressive videos and posts, Scott. Thank you!

Wake up, America!

Feeling overloaded w/birth pangs, and I haven't even read all of the Agenda 21 stuff you just posted...

gearedup2go said...

What exactly does it mean, "extreme public controls would be enacted by the military"? Black helicopters?People being escorted by the military to decontamination centers? Can they opt for the aromatherapy package?

Anonymous said...

When the hs speaks to you, where do you guys feel it? A lot of people say it is in the center of your body but I feel it in my upper left quadrant of my body. Just curious

Scott said...

Are you being serious?

gearedup2go said...

Paging DrNo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am being serious. Do you actually hear a voice or just get an inner peace or what do you feel?

Anonymous said...

Why does that seem like such an odd question?

Anonymous said...

Nobody I know ever preaches or talks about it. I have never heard any teaching on it. I have heard teaching about Pentacost and I know what happened. I believe it happened. I believe the Bible completely but nobody can explain to me how hs works in us. I can see the fruits but I don't understand the mechanism. How do you know it is HS and not Satan? Is this a stupid question? Something everyone else gets but not me?

WVBORN56 said...

I don't feel anything usually. The Lord gives me peace of mind, or a nudging, or a Bible verse, or recurring thought, but nothing in the upper left quadrant of my body.

DrNofog said...

I usually feel it in my eyes ... and sometimes on my cheeks...
... when they get all wet ... and my heart starts to beat a little faster [or it could just be the tempo of the Christian music that I listen to.]

WV is heartless, that's why he doesn't feel anything there... ;)

But, seriously, what WV says is what most people describe.

God wants us to study His word because that's the most common way He "speaks" to us, and by "speaks" I don't mean actually hearing a voice, but rather, He causes us to suddenly recall portions of His Word with an impression of importance and/or urgency.

As far as 'voices', don't mention that to any of your co-worker or anyone in the gubmint. They have places to take people like you...

Scott said...

Do you mean like some kind of a physical sensation? Something that you can actually feel physically - or as a an inner sense?

I'm trying to understand. I don't get any kind of a physical sensation - perhaps others do (?)

Scott said...

I think God speaks to us in many many ways...With me, it can be with an obvious answer to prayer...Sometimes it is dreams..Sometimes it is a sermon on TV that I happen to turn to that JUST happens to be address in the very issues that I am dealing with...In my most "fallen state" he put me on a road that led to a church that had a special sermon that I JUST happened upon just as it was starting -- something I desperately needed to hear..

I think God whispers more than He shouts. We have to be listening.

But I haven't had anything 'physical' other than tears. if that counts. But that doesn't mean others can't receive something in the physical rhelm..

I have never heard a distinct voice.

Scott said...

Anon - I thought you were, but wanted to make sure before folks started answering in earnest. We sometimes get people trying to "tweak" us, and I just wanted to make sure since it was anonymous.

Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon~

For me it's mostly pure peace. If I step out of his will he will guide me by a let down type of feeling that I get. Not that he is not happy with me, but pulled down and sad a bit. He does work through dreams a lot for me as well. Sometimes I get a fluttering every now and then. I use peace as my barometer and lots O prayer for offsets to get back in balance. :)

Christian songs and the bible will humble me quick and fast. Tears, Joy, Awe, and lots O praise. That is just how he designed the new me.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I get that too but you know how you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you
know something bad happened? Well I get feelings like that. A sensation, maybe of God being proud of me, or that I missed the mark, something like that. Or that I should talk to the person next to me on the bus. Weird unexplainable stuff. No voices.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I call it my spiritual nudging - just enough to know right from wrong. :) When he wants me to do something now, he will give me more of a spiritual prompting which is more constant nagging feeling until the job is done. Sometimes it has been things I would never have thought I was supposed to do and it turned out the other person needed it. Amazing how it all works. It's like a close friend. The more you spend with him/her the more you know how they operate :)

God Bless!!