Saturday, June 18, 2011

China Is Buying U.S. Assets And Land

We have seen this story recently and it is truly remarkable and disturbing. Below we see a comprehensive review on this situation and the detail and referenced information (links) are impressive. The bottom line? It is actually happening and there are few measures being done to prevent it. The article is too long to even attempt to summarize, but for a few statements extracted from this review:

The Chinese Government Is Buying Up economic Assets And Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States

Below is the introduction:

In 2011, America is for sale and the communist Chinese are eager buyers. The Chinese government is using sovereign wealth funds and Chinese state-owned enterprises to buy up economic assets and huge tracts of land all over the United States. Many of our politicians hail all of this "foreign investment" as something that is "good for America", while many others see something much more sinister going on here. In any event, this is a trend that is rapidly accelerating and that is causing great concern among patriotic Americans.

In my recent article entitled "China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho", I examined a potential deal that Sinomach (a company controlled by the Chinese government) wants to do with the government of Idaho. There will be more on this deal in a minute.

But first it is important to note that this is a phenomenon that is happening all across the United States.

After citing numerous, specific examples of this process, which is well worth reading, we see the concluding remarks:

It is insane what we are doing.

Now the Chinese are starting to colonize us.

Would we have ever allowed the Soviets to come in and buy up our companies and buy up huge tracts of land all over the country?

Yet somehow we have become convinced that it is okay for the communist Chinese to do it.

We have become dangerously dependent on China.

In fact, if our relationship with China went south, there would be a lot of weapons systems that we would suddenly not be able to get parts for.

The people that originally decided that it was a good idea for China to produce electronics for our planes and weapons systems should resign immediately.

We are allowing the Chinese to dominate us in hundreds of different ways.

As China becomes wealthier and as the United States becomes poorer, all of this is only going to accelerate.

China is going to become even more dominant in the years ahead.

Should we all start learning to speak Chinese?

Life in these last days has become surreal and bizarre. I suppose we should expect this - as the road to the Tribulation continues to be paved.


gearedup2go said...

Well this article supports what I have suspected for some time. In the mountain bike world there is an interesting trend in which vast open single track on public land is being shut down right and left as it becomes "private property". Even popular resorts such as Canada's Whistler mountain bike mecca are closing some of the trails, claiming that it's due to logging and such. Right. With the economy in such shambles, you have to wonder who has the money to seize these properties and restrict them to public use. Enter the red dragon.

Scott said...

geared - I hadn't realized that...I have a place in the Mtns, within walking distance to the App Trail...U need to come up there and bring your bikes :)

Caver said...

Ya know.....looking at this and other "stuff" leaking out just might give us a few glimpses into the future.

Between this type thing, the economy, the building backlash in this country on so many fronts.......there is just NO WAY the current regime can expect there to be a 2012 election.

IMHO....they can't allow it. They know they will be swept out of office, investigations will follow, large numbers of folks will go to prison, "stuff" will see the light of day, and some will be hung or shot for treason.

They know this.

If true, then just what are they planning and in what time frame are they planning it? We have 17 months, Brothers and Sisters, just 17 months for everything to change.

They only have 17 months to get themselves protected. What's going to happen in 17 months? Are you hearing one side call for riots? One side calling for overhaul of our system? One side calling for redistribution of our assets?

To save their keisters, there has to be a total breakdown of our way of life and laws in just under one and 1/2 years. Chaos? Bankruptcy? Merging with or into another government, with different laws?

Interesting times, my friends....interesting times.

Scott said...

I agree with all of that - and it will be absolutely fascinating to see what happens as we approach the '12 elections. They absolutely cannot allow someone who is NOT part of their overall plans to gain access to the White House - and IMO, it is one of the reasons that they have demonized Mrs Palin so vigorously. They simply could not allow her to ascend to presidency/ Period. So they destroyed her character. (unsuccessfully, IMO, but probably just enough to prevent her from reaching the white house.)

I would suspect that they have largely succeeded in having the electronic booths tampered with if you followed the Harry Reid election in the last cycle - he has been trailing significantly in the polls in the weeks/days leading into those elections - even the day before - and suddenly - he wins the election. They have proven how easy it is to tamper with the electronic voting booths, and I suspect that is how he 'won" that election - nothing else can explain that.

OTOH - IF a conservative (one who is not part of this overall plan) - and there are several 'conservatives" who I suspect ARE part of these overall plans) - then the Rapture is the 'wild card' - because that changes everything instantaneously.

Also - FWIW - Paul McGuire is saying that a big part of the Bilderberg meeting was the complete collapse of the US dollar and plans for a world currency - just to add that to the mix.

As you say - interesting times.

Anonymous said...

I seriously expect that the blind,
deaf and ignorant will once again
elect the one assisted by voting machine tampering. So many illegal,
unconstitutional things have already
been done and ignored by both congress
and the courts that it is likely to
continue unopposed.

gearedup2go said...

Scott, that sounds so inviting and just another reason to visit your neck of the woods. (Gotta wait until chigger season is over with though.) FWIW, the national mountain bike museum is in Statesville, NC. : ) It includes the earliest contraptions known as klunkers that were developed by the boys of Marin County, CA. Some of the bikes used coaster brakes and balloon tires as they barreled down the fire roads and mountain trails, lol.

You know, if we ever have an EMP attack I hope to be in excellent shape for the long rides that will be required to get water and food stuffs. I have a messenger bag ready to use to deliver goods for the bartering we'll be doing.

gearedup2go said...

Scott, some of the land that I suspect is going the kings of the east include ares within and outside prime state parks and federal wildlife refuges.

Alice said...

Scott, you mentioned Paul McGuire, so I went to his blog for the first time. Have you read his book, "The Day the Dollar Died"? If so, is it good? Just wondering if it would be good book to pass on to someone consumed w/things of this world (and their personal finances) and doesn't know the Lord?

I have a couple of friends who are voracious readers and sadly do not know the Lord. Perhaps this book would grab their attention... This is why I ask the question. Thanks!!!

Scott said...

I did read that. He has several books and many of them are redundant. Let me go back and find which one is preferable. His updates are interesting - you can find him occasionally on some of the various religious networks, and he is pretty compelling as a speaker.

I'll get back on this. As with many folks, I don''t agree with everything he says, but his information is pretty interesting IMO

Alice said...

Thanks! I appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Not in good shape but can build a solar oven to bake bread for barter. Severely disapointed in your praise of Palin. :( Very sad indeed. This woman cannot even run her own household much less a country! I have no problem with a woman president but She is woefully ignorant of many things, basics like geography and I even doubt her Christianity. On the plus side, there is little chance she is a closet muslim like Obummer. lol.
Truthfully all of our enemies would love to see her as the Prez! Please please please open your eyes! She is a huge deceiver. Enough of this political decisiveness and tomfoolery.
Now to the real stuff. Every thing "they" have either tried to do, or have done to us, has failed so far to either exterminate us or rile us up enough to fight back. This mystifies them greatly. The fact we haven't fallen yet or even been knocked down baffles the elite. And drat that pesky free internet, it has foiled several of their plans for demise. Yes, the voting machines are rigged, that is another reason "they" aren't too concerned about the upcoming election. "They" have 2 plans however which are surefire to wreck us, neither involve the dollar per se. First is to eliminate all social security and welfare-instant warfare in the streets-martial law. Plan B is disease, genetically manipulated, to which we are forced to recieve a vaccine that either actually the disease itself or forces our immune system to collapse under the disease itself.(google contaminated baxter flu vaccine for a start) They got caught and thank the Lord they did or we would be living in a far different world already!
For the land issue...agenda 21, bio regions. We have already given huge tracks of land in the heart of our national parks to the UN. Yes, they own it, we don't! While there, check out where we the people will be allowed to live.
Sorry to always seem so negative because I am not! If you want to see what people are capable of, visit a holocaust museum or talk to a survivor. I just love the Lord and don't want to see his children hurt. Abba Father, I want to go home!

Anonymous said...

ps. the military and police have trained together for the above mentioned illness scenario. They will stop all vehicles to see if you have been innoculated. If you do not have the unremoveable wristband they will remove you from your car and give you the choice of immediate vaccination and banding or you can get on the bus they have waiting to transport you to your local Fema camp. But ya know what? Jesus won't leave me or forsake me, not even there :)

Aubrey said...


I've bought a couple of copies of a book called God Diagnosis by Greg Vieham (sp) for friends of mine like that. It's about a doctor that had it all compared to earthly standards and yet he still felt empty and like something was missing. He was an atheist and did some research to prove the Bible wrong and became a Christian. I loved the book and hope and pray it opens the eyes of those around me!

DrNofog said...

"Every Vote Counts"!!!

Especially since they're all going thru machines made in Venezuela, part of a US deal made wif Commie Prez Hugo Chavez [ Stalin said: It's not he who casts the vote, but he who 'counts' the vote, that decides...]!

Caver, Bad O-man still has the 'whatever-fake' Nat-Emerg Ace up his sleeve, and the 'non-existent' internments are still waiting to be filled...

Anon! I fully agree, read about the Bio-zones years ago - to squeeze us all back into controlled population zones ... gee, for what ever reason??? Commandment 1 on the Georgia 'Guide Stones' maybe?!?

DrNofog said...

PS. I received pix of 'pristine' Palin meeting wif, and kissing ... guess who ... aging Commie Kissinger, of all peeps a 'conservative Christian' should consult with!!

Yes, We do need to exercise our "choice": Illuminati/CFR Democrat 'A' , or Illuminati/CFR Republican 'B'...

gearedup2go said...

DrNo, careful now or the NWO will send you back for another time out. ;-)

Alice said...

Aubrey, thank you, thank you!!! After reading about the book on Amazon, I realize I actually heard Dr. Viehman interviewed on either Focus on the Family or Family Life Today. I don't think I caught the entire interview, and subsequently it slipped my mind. Not sure I even caught that he has a book. I am most definitely going to get it for my friends, though! And for an atheist friend of my daughter's who is in pre-med. Perfect! Thanks again!

Scott, I'm still interested in whichever of McGuire's books you like best, though. It might appeal more to a specific friend who loves to let us know how EXTREMELY well they have prepared for retirement... ;) (Personally, it seems to me you have to be living with your head buried in the sand these days to be THAT confident of your investments, however vast they may be!)

Scott said...

I'm going to do an update and then go look in about 10 minutes...The Day the Dollar died is good, I just want to see if one of the others is better. Now that I thnk about it, the books are all pretty similar in content, but to be honest, they aren't very well written (IOW, the content is pretty good, but there isn't a cohesive message, and the books don't have a 'linear pattern'...

Scott said...

I couldn't find the books; I suspect that I gave them away or loaned them out, so let me work from memory here with a few points:

- Having seen P.M. interviewed - I believe him to be earnest and sincere in his work for the Lord
- He is willing to delve into some difficult areas that many authors are afraid to go ('conspiracy' - a term I hate, as it is really censorship - but for shorthand I'll use it)
- His info is interesting

- The books all have essentially the same information, although promising different things...I didn't find that to be the case.

- His books read more like a loose collection of brief essays or posts and the logical 'structure' of his books are perplexing (He isn't nearly as effective as a writer as he is a speaker)

- The 'Day the Dollar died" may be the mist coherent, but I don't recall.., I think it is, but thats based on memory, and for me - always suspect :)

- The books don't really quite deliver what you would hope/expect, based on the cover - but still have some interesting content

- I find some of Grant Jeffery's material to cover similar information and much better written.

Thats about all. Probably worthwhile, but don't have high expectations for shocking, ground-breaking material - but still useful and somewhat interesting,

Alice said...

Scott, I really appreciate the detailed analysis, because these two friends are, as I mentioned, avid readers (albeit, mostly fiction). If the material wasn't presented in a cohesive manner, it would probably turn them off.

The suggestion of Grant Jeffrey might be better for them. I will check them both out--Jeffrey and McGuire. Thank you again, so much!!! I will try to remember to update you on how the books were received. :)

Scott said...

if they read a lot, and if they aren't really completely into the content, I agree - his books could be a turn off in terms of how they are written....

I'll dig around my Grant Jeffrey collection -

What topic (specifically) do you think they be most interested in?

Anonymous said...

Doc No Fog-Thanks for cheering me up! You always make me laugh so hard! The truth hurts but can be amusing. You know all cynics are just disappointed idealists.(George Carlin said that and I have always thought that described me well and I am guessing you too ;)ally

Alice said...

Scott, they might respond to anything that speaks to their investments. :/ So if Jeffrey has something that explains the extent of the deception behind the Federal Reserve, the IMF, even the Bilderbergs (who am I forgetting?), and then explains it all from a biblical perspective, that could be the ticket!

Fwiw, I've tried gently talking to them in the past, sharing my faith, etc., but it's soooooo hard to break through to people who believe THEY have it all figured out. So that's why I am now thinking maybe a book...

Scott said...

Hmmm...He has a book entitled "Shadow Government" that may get into that - I know I have that because I saw it when looking for P.McGuires book....I'll flip through it and see

Anonymous said...

America is the CONTINENT, NOT a country stupis Gringo.

krk realty said...

I call that smart moves!

Unknown said...

China will Duplicate JAPAN. We will sell them stuff (property & real estate) at HIGH prices and buy it back at LOW prices. SOS as with the Japanese in the 1970's and 1980's.