Sunday, June 19, 2011

Planet War

Sometimes pictures tell the story better than words. They show the human condition in 2011.
(Warning: Many graphic photos are contained in the links. I tied to eliminate the most gruesome photos, but still, many remain. I believe it is important to see just how far the world has sunk into a new world order as we approach the Tribulation - but please do not view if you cannot tolerate graphic photos) )

If there is any doubt that we are a planet that is on the brink, just take a look at visual evidence. These are photos from just a few of the most recent hot spots around the globe, excluding the 'older' ongoing wars:

Planet War



Even Canada




And these are just a few of the hot spots around the globe.

As they say, "A picture is worth 1,000 words". Indeed.


Dylan said...

It's really too bad that a few people in Vancouver use a hockey game as an excuse for total anarchy and lawlessness. Its a hockey game, it's not the end of the world if your team doesn't win. In the middle east, they're protesting because they want to oust dictators and in Greece they're rioting because of the financial crisis. But in Vancouver, what are they rioting about? A hockey game. It doesn't make Canada look good.

Scott said...

I believe what these picture show is the state of mankind at this particular time in history.

for instance, it would have been unimaginable for this kind of reaction to have taken place, say, in the 1950's. No country or group would have reacted in that way.

Same with the riots that we see happening around the world...This is a visual depiction of the state of the world right now, and it is a stark contrast with the world only 40-50 years ago.

Similarly.....Can you even imagine if some of the current "slasher" films (like the "Haloween" series, "Prom Night", Friday the 13th" etc ) would have been shown to an audience back in the 1940's?

It would have been shocking beyond belief, yet in today's world, no one even blinks.

It just shows how far man has fallen in these last days.

Dylan said...

I get what you're trying to say Scott, I'm just saying that it's embarrassing that the people in Vancouver would spazz out like that over a hockey game.

WVBORN56 said...

We saw a bit of this too in WI a couple of months back. I'm not sure how much longer before the lid boils over here as well.

Scott said...

I know what you mean. Its hard to imagine what makes people react like this -- its almost like they are just looking for an excuse to do these kinds of things - and the hockey series serves as a convenient excuse. the "why" still remains.

I don't think most people would see this as a reflection on most Canadians.

(BTW - I used to travel to Toronto and always had great visits. montreal too. I like Canada a LOT :)

Anonymous said...

Dylan-it is so uplifting to see a teenager in LOVE with the Lord!
Scott and all-look at the faces. The Canadian kids were thrilled with the devastation. Lawlessness abounds! How disheartening. But we were warned. We are so fortunate to live in America. We have avoided so much misery here but I am afraid it is about to come to a swift end. Canada will fare better only because Harper is so supportive of Israel! The citizens here are so unaware, it will catch them by surprise. It tears my heart to think of it for it is surely coming quickly and will be upon us soon :(
I apologize for my intensity level. I realize it is probably to much for some but the church MUST be rousted from her sleep.
I pray for the Rapture to occur prior to the disintergration of this nation but I am not sure it will occur that way. If I had money, which I surely do not have, I would be spending it on spreading the world, feeding the hungry etc. Maybe purchasing a warm winter coat and boots and some non perishables and trying to find a good mountain spot to retreat when the going gets rough. As it is currently, I have a very small bug out bag with duct tape to repair my already worn out shoes on the way.
I am sure by Sept we will know much more. Much much more!
Scott-I know I am putting you on the spot and you have no way of really knowing, except for the Holy Spirit leading, but please for the sake of the church, how bad do you see it being before we are removed? How prepared are you personally? Thanks so much. ally

Scott said...

Ally - don't EVER apologize for "intensity" around here...In this era of lukewarmness, and political correctness, it is a welcome relief.

Thats a good question...I mean, Christians have had to face hardships throughout he generations, and we have no guarantees against hardships - including starvation, bloodshed.

the guarantee that we DO have, is from God's wrath (aka the Tribulation).

Having said that (and all of the below applies to me only - I would never want to impose my beliefs on anyone as far as preparation) - I DO believe that the "days of Noah" reference in Matt 24 is indeed about and around teh Rapture, so we won't see the level of devastation seen in the Trib.

I stay very prepared - but we do this for a variety of reasons...Hurricane Fran was a real eye-opener for me, and it made me realize how unprepared we were...We had no power for almost 2 weeks, and there was NO infrastructure in this area (no available police, fire dept., Emergency medical services, no available food, stores closed etc...)

So I believe its a good idea to be as prepared as possible (food, water, batteries, flashlights, generators, extra gasoline, etc). Also a "bug-out" kit is a good idea as well....I also believe we could possibly see anarchy take place (again, this could result from hurricanes, or earthquakes --- look at what happened in New Orleans after Katrina)...

So I believe families should have guns as well - in my case, I am freakish about protecting my family from harm's way...if food stocks (grocery stores) became depleted from any reason - then things could get pretty nasty pretty quick.

I also recall the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict.

I hate that it has to be this way - but I am just the kind of person who likes to be prepared.

I reemember being at a friends house several years ago for dinner -and there was a 3-4 hr power outtage...These folks had no flashlights, no batteries. and ony a candle or two which took a long time to find. I don't like being that helpless.

But having said all of that - I completely appreciate folks who have a different view, especially as far as guns, and some folks believe that they should just trust in the Lord to provide, etc., and I respect that view a great deal..

its just not how I am wired :)

Dylan said...

Thanks ally. And Scott, the way I see it, just like the hockey game was an excuse to riot, will the rapture be an excuse for anarchy and maybe terrorism to break out? Then after a short period of chaos, the 10 kings and the Antichrist?

Scott said...

Oh yea...I can only imagine the looting, the violence and the generalized anarchy. I recall having a conversation with my brother as we watched the anarchy after Katrina, in N.O. and commenting on how this is a glimpse into the Tribulation

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I am somewhat prepared for basic disaster and if i have even a little warning i can hang. We had a hurricane nightmare too and my kids laughed at me filling up the bathtub, buckets etc, buying ice beforehand, charcoal, batteries etc. Not so much laughing after 2 weeks of no electric and blocked roads. There was a spring about 3 miles away and I walked it everyday with the grandkids and toted water for drinking. We were just fine but it was not good for others.
Would love to have a gun, because I can hunt like crazy but have a felony for four cookies that had marijuana back in the day. So no gun for me. I do however possess a wolf/lab hybrid. And a sleeping bag and a bible. And i should be ok. Not that physically fit, have a torn rotator cuff right now, but I can build a shelter in the woods, know native plants to eat etc. Plus I have a good supply of fat stored up (think bear hibernation) lol. Well, maybe unhealthy but will carry me over for at least one winter of scarcity.
Thanks for the Noah reference. It helps a lot! But I also know many Christians who were around during the depression and some Jews who were interned during WWII. God was with them but it wasn't exactly easy good times.
Thanks for being so honest! You rock!ally

Anonymous said...

totally unrelated but it sure made me laugh. someone has made bilderberg shirts that say "bilderberg kill them all and let satan sort em out" I don't have that mentality but still it really made me laugh since well, they do work for satan dont they?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally~

I think Scott is so right in saying no apologies needed here. The world is already becoming a very hard place. The spirit of the Lord is love and it's not hard. You should be very proud you know how to be real, deal and feel :) With the family we have in each other, I can't imagine we would let one of our own suffer in silence. Somehow by God's grace we all will find a way to help each other out through these last days :)

God Bless!!


Scott said...

On a related note, there was a movie about a group of Jews who survived WWII by living in the wilderness, and over time several hundred gathered together (based on a true story) - I believe the new James Bond guy was in it (Daniel Craig?) - anyway, that made a lot of sense to me - rather than being taken to a concentration camp...I sure hope we don't ever have to escape FEMA camps in this manner, but it wouldn't shock me either...

Ally, I assume you are on a well - most folks don;t realize that when you are on a well, if you have o power, you have no water...An electrician can give you a connection to a small, gas powered generator that will run a well, and for anybody on a well, that is highly recommended. It is inexpensive and takes an electrician a very brief period to do it...I learned that the hard way...

ANON - I need to find that t-shirt!

jill said...

scott, have you checked out the 'Wild Goose Festival' going on in North Carolina next week. It brand new and they are speaking the language of the 'emergent' church, inclusion and justice. It is very interesting to see this gel together. As much as they say Christ this and Christ that it really is not about Jesus at all.

Scott said...

Jill - I haven't heard of this - do you know where it will be?

jill said...

Shakori Hills, NC
A writer was commenting on this and he used the phrase..."they have un-buckled themselves from the Word of God"....

Anonymous said...

Anger and rage seem more common place in our society now. This year I have calmed down 2 different store employees who were very angry with customers. One was ready to punch the custimer with his litle son present. A friend telling of an aggressive road rage event when she inadvertently didn't let someone get in front of her when driving. -- As I am in the general community, I often speak peace and words of encouragement to those that I interact with (sales people, person standing/waiting near me, reaching out to others particularly of a different race). -- May God give us wisdom in shining Hs light into this darkening world.

Anonymous said... bilderburg_tshirt
I really want one but I am not sure that is walking in love. But it could be a great witnessing tool to reach out to punks and anarchist and some political hard core people. if God wills...
And I love our family here, it is real Christian love, something I haven't seen that much of in my life. I would live in the woods with you guys anyday! ally

Anonymous said...

oh also, no well at current spot but from my norcal off grid experience, if you have the money, install a water storage tank (either above or below ground)and use either and/or solar/wind power to pump. You can build your own power station for about a hundred bucks or so using a marine grade battery, a small wind turbine and a small solar panel and a 55 gallon plastic barrel. I will try to find a link with instructions and

Scott said...

I've made that observation as well - there is so much anger and hatred and people are very quick on the trigger these days. Another sign of the times.

Ally - good ideas. Also a water filter is a good idea, Berkley (Sp?) makes the best but they are expensive.

Mrs. C said...

Wow Ally, your amazing! Just to let you know, there are other options Im sure you know of other than the gun. One is to have very large cans of wasp spray placed here and there around the house. Keeping them of course, away from kids and pets. But the wasp spray shoots a good distance, and in someones face or eyes, yike! It could be used to help escape, buy some time. Just a thought :)

Scott :)
You mentioned the L.A. riots, and I went through them! Pretty scary stuff! I worked just on the outskirts of LAX at the time, and we could see a building at the end of the block, going up in flames. We had the National Guard coming down the street and telling us all to leave. But then, you have to find a way home, streets that are safe. At the time, folks were being pulled out of their cars at stop lights. When we finally got home, saw all the craziness on the news. The report said the number of the police force in LA, and I couldnt believe how small it was for millions of people on any given business day in the city. Wow, what an eye opener. Then they announced a curfew at sunset, and I decided to rush to the local store. Had to park a block away, and when I finally made it in the store, all check out stands were open, each with lines going to the back of the store and around! The shelves were empty, and I was shocked! Throw in earthquakes, and being prepared is a lesson Ill never forget...

Anonymous said...

wildgoose sounds fun from the site but i get the feeling it will be a little new age-ish. but it would be cool to go and talk about prophecy. how long before we would get kicked out? If i had a little more notice, i would be going. maybe next year, if we are still here. please let me know what its like if you go. thanks

Scott said...

LOL -I can see Mrs C chasing somebody down with wasp spray :) - but not a bad idea...I got lost one time in LA and ended up in a bad part of town for a little while, and can relate - it was pretty scary...Those riots were an eye-opener as far as just how fast things can deteriorate in a place like that...Watching that trucker get beaten was also an eye-opener.

Mrs. C said...

Scott ,LOL LOL LOL That would indeed be a comedy! but you dont chase someone down silly lol I heard an Officer recommend it once. He said if you couldnt get mace, to get some wasp spray. He said wasp spray could shoot a long distance, and you could use it on someone to give yourself a chance to run :)
And yup, I too got lost once in L.A. and ended up in the very wrong part of town! Yike!

Caver said...

It really would be fun to jump in on this one.....the visual is enticing....But, I think I really would prefer having dinner tonight.

Caver is going "Zip Lip"!

Scott said...

You are a wise man Mr Caver :)