Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Iranian-Egyptian Alliance Forming

Even though this scenario seems highly predictable, it still represents a rapidly changing Middle East; one that gets closer and closer to the alliances that we would expect to see, based upon a literal view biblical prophecy:

Iran: Renewing Egypt ties would force 'Zionists' to leave

Ahmadinejad urges Cairo to rebuild diplomatic relations with Iran, saying it would lead to emergence of a new "great power."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged Egypt on Wednesday to rebuild diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic, saying the emergence of a new "great power" would force "Zionists" to leave the region.

At a meeting with Egyptian academics, clerics and media representatives in Tehran, Ahmadinejad pushed his plan to rebuild links with Cairo after the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February.

This is a significant development in the Middle East - one that shouldn't be ignored.

The idea of a rapprochement between Shi'ite-led Iran and Sunni-majority Egypt, the most populous Arab nation, would alarm the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

"Our enemies do not want us rebuild our ties because they know a great political and economic power will emerge from our cooperation," Ahmadinejad said.

Very true - not to mention the fact that Israel would rest firmly in their crosshairs.

"Then all the Zionists along with other enemies of nations must leave and escape this region."

Ahmadinejad has repeatedly forecast the imminent disappearance of the Jewish state, which Jerusalem says is a threat of annihilation, especially because of Iran's nuclear program.

Tehran sees improved ties with Egypt as a desirable outcome of what it calls the Arab world's "Islamic awakening", which it hopes will reduce US influence and unite Muslim countries.

Many of us see a scriptural description of two consecutive battles - with the first involving the nations specified in Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 (Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank Palestinians, Syria and Egypt), followed by the epic battle of Ezekiel 38-39, as led by Russia-Iran-Turkey (and a northern Africa Muslim coalition). If this is true, the first battle could be a proxy war as led by Iran behind the scenes.

With Iran's current influence on Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Gaza (Hamas), an Egyptian-Iranian alliance would almost complete the first scenario and Iran would be in position to directly influence such an invasion. The second alliance is already largely in place, with Iran-Turkey-Russia representing an already a rock-solid alliance.

These last biblical wars are very getting closer and closer by the day as we watch these alliances forming.

It is truly amazing - the fact that we are watching these biblical alliances forming precisely as the prophetic scriptures have indicated. Such prophecies are a constant reminder of God Himself and His active presence.


Anonymous said...

I recall at one time reading that June 4th is the date Pres Ahmadinejed expects the arrival of the 12th Imam. Has there been any other news about that? He seems to have a much lower profile lately. AM

Scott said...

Good question - I lost focus on that with all the other news. I need to go back and check on the various dates - there were so many different dates for different events in early June, I have forgotten them!

Dylan said...

the topic of the pre-1967 borders will be the difference of whether I pass my English essay writing final. We got to choose what topic we wanted to write an essay about, so I picked the pre-1967 borders. Hopefully it goes well. My fingers are crossed.

Anonymous said...

Dylan, I am praying that God will help you formulate this paper as you research it more and give you wisdom as you write it. Blessings!

Scott said...

Dylan - You trouble-maker! Do you mean that you intend to tell the TRUTH about a topic that so many people have learned to accept the lies about?

My - you are bold!

Seriously - good luck with this. I'll give it a prayer as well for you, and I know everybody who reads this will do the same. Don't forget - no matter what happens - you have GOD on your side :)

Dylan said...

Yeah, I guess I kinda am a trouble maker. I'm gonna write "I realize this is a controversial topic" or something along those lines.

Alice said...

Dylan, you are brave! Are you in public school?

I will also pray for wisdom for you as you write! And wisdom for your teacher as he/she grades it. ;) Good luck!

Dylan said...

Yeah I'm in a public school. Whether or not it goes well is up to the teacher. Hopefully she likes how opinionated the essay is, even if she doesn't agree with my opinion. At least my teacher isn't from like Lebanon or gaza or Syria etc. That'd probably not be beneficial to me haha.

Scott said...

You develop thick skin as a prophecy watcher - or if you believe in the literal word of the Bible. As soon as you do, the "intellectuals" (who are actually quite ignorant typically) will come out of the woodwork with their favorite lines - well rehearsed. Their biblical knowledge is often paper-thin, but that works in their peer groups, who are equally ignorant regarding the Bible.

Wait for the favorite lines to be issues by several people. I just calmly state the facts which dispute their comments and that usually suffices.

I admire your bold approach Dylan. I know it isn;t easy at your age - and God knows that as well. I believe you will be richly rewarded for your faith and your boldness.

May God Bless you tremendously Dylan.

Dylan said...

Thanks Scott and everyone for the prayers and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college, I wrote a Social Psychology paper that focused on the integration of faith in Christ with social interactions. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that I was hammered with a poor grade -- D+. But the worst part was that the grader was one of the course TA's who happened to claim that he was a Christian! He said I was too bold with my faith and that I needed to keep it more quiet (he also didn't take kindly to my public proclomations of faith during our small group study sessions). Unfortunately, I let his influence affect my boldness for Christ, but I'm still hopeful the Lord will use me in a bold way before His return. No matter what happens, Dylan, please don't ever lose your fire for Christ!

Scott said...

Wow - thats sad anon. But typical as well. I had similar experiences