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The Evolving Flotilla Story

This story continues to become more and more interesting. We can all recall the last flotilla incident which was clearly designed as a set-up and to create an international story against Israel. Given that, it is hard to imagine that we'd see a repeat - but not only are we seeing an attempt to repeat that mess - the 'players' involved now give it even more interest:

The All-American/European anti-Israel flotilla

The Turkish Islamist organization IHH has decided not to participate in the upcoming flotilla attempt to break the blockade of Gaza. As reported last week, IHH was under pressure from the Turkish government to drop out of the flotilla, presumably because the timing doesn’t look right for Turkey to precipitate an armed confrontation with Israel.

This will mean no Turkish ships in the flotilla. Earlier this week, the French ship pulled out of the flotilla when pressure from French Jewish groups prevented it from docking in Marseilles, where it was to load its activists.

The ships left in the flotilla are the US and Canadian “Boats to Gaza,” the Irish Boat, the Swiss-German Boat, the Italian Boat, the Greek Boat, the Netherlands Boat, the Norwegian-Swedish Boat, and possibly one or two Spanish Boats.

Thus, it is ships sailing under the flags of NATO and the EU that will be attempting to break the blockade of Gaza.

Lets not forget, this blockade is intended to prevent even more arms and missiles from makeing their way into Gaza - the same arms and missiles that are intended to kill and terrorize innocent Israeli citizens. But I digress. Below we see the "cast of characters" involved and the agenda becomes obvious:

But not all the flags of NATO; only the flags that fly over the liberal, democratic, traditionally Christian nations. In the surreal progress of events, Islamic Turkey has dropped out.

So we reach June 2011, and the All-American/European anti-Israel flotilla. It’s worth noting just a couple of the activists who will be participating – as they did last year – in the 2011 flotilla.

Dror Feiler, ubiquitous spokesman of the Swedish Free Gaza Movement, is a revolutionary- and musician-about-town who hangs out with IHH, Hamas, and the bloodthirsty terrorists of Colombia’s Marxist FARC insurgency. Douglas Farah reported a year ago that the Swedish-Israeli Feiler was on the board of FARC’s external propaganda agency, ANNCOL.

Paul Larudee is a San Francisco Bay-area activist and piano tuner who participated in the 2010 flotilla under the aegis of ISM and his own Free Gaza Movement of Northern California. Larudee was photographed in 2008 with other activists receiving medals from Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, long-time terrorist and protégé of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin. Famous for writing up his moving opportunity to stay at the home of a successful suicide bomber, Larudee ran afoul of Israeli officials when he attempted to enter the West Bank in 2006 after years of conducting anti-Israel activity

So it’s down to the Western fringe leftists, who merit the title “useful idiots” as much as anyone ever has, and Hamas. That’s who is still planning, as of right now, to aim a gaggle of ships flying the flags of our nations at the Gaza coast and try to break the blockade, so that Israel can’t keep weapons from flowing to Hamas

If all the activists wanted to do was deliver humanitarian aid, they have two sound alternatives available: having it trucked in from Israel or having it trucked in from Egypt. But, of course, that’s not what their goal is, as they have already acknowledged.

Also see:

23 Anti-Israel Organizations Affiliated with Radical Islam and Radical Left Participate in the Upcoming Freedom Flotilla

(This article predates Turkey's decision not to participate)

Ideologically, the current flotilla, like the previous one, is composed of a heterogeneous coalition with inter-organizational collaboration among its members...organizations and activists affiliated with the radical left in the United States and Europe.

In some instances, the organizations and activists are involved in the campaign to delegitimize Israel (boycotts, hate propaganda, etc.). They have been joined by human rights organizations and organizations with political-social agendas.

The organizations preparing the upcoming flotilla learned lessons from the previous one. The most important, they feel, is the need to create difficulties for Israel and to ensure that Israel cannot prevent them from reaching the Gaza St

The lesson is being applied in various ways: increasing the numbers of vessels (they aspire to between 13 and 15) and activists (there will be 500 aboard the Mavi Marmara alone, and according to Bülent Yildirim, there will be a total of 1,500); and the participation of well-known figures (politicians, cultural figures and media personnel), especially from Western European and North American countries with which Israel has good relations

Jews and perhaps even Israelis are being enlisted to increase the flotilla’s legitimacy and attract the media.

In addition, there are apparently plans to use defiance and passive resistance to make it difficult for Israel to take over the ships, which are liable to deteriorate into the sort of violence seen during the previous flotilla. Moreover, the organizers are planning to make it difficult for Israel to deal with flotilla participants who are detained.

A summary of the groups involved includes:

- Most of the delegations are groups organized ad-hoc or umbrella networks organized specifically for the flotilla. A considerable percentage of them and their activists routinely participate in anti-Israeli activities in their own countries as part of the campaign to delegitimize Israel.

- Most of the organizations’ websites so far do not mention the names of the activists involved in preparations for the flotilla. In our assessment their intention is to make it difficult to prevent the flotilla from being launched. Where names are mentioned, some of them are identified as having sailed aboard the Mavi Marmara or as having participated in other flotillas and convoys.

- A considerable effort is being made in many countries to enlist politicians, well-known figures and media personnel for participation in the flotilla. The organizers apparently think their presence will increase solidarity for the flotilla and ensure it receives broad coverage.

There is much more contained in this article.

This entire flotilla story is highly symbolic of the international ignorance of the situation involving Gaza and Israel and the pure hatred of Israel.

There seems to be no concern regarding the missile attacks against civilian regions within Israel, and innocent lives taken, or children who have been killed or severely injured. There is no recognition given to the vast amounts of money, medical supplies, building supplies and resources poured into Gaza.

There was no concern expressed regarding the thousands of Israeli families and businesses who were uprooted and forced to leave their neighborhoods and places of worship with very little compensation - in order for "Palestinians" to move into former Israeli land. No international effort was made to assist these Israeli citizens who had to vacate their land. No concern and certainly no flotillas of aid were organized in order to assist these Israeli's, which is most interesting given their self-titled "humanitarian" effort.

No, this is about more efforts to undermine the very viability of Israel's right to exist.

And make no mistake about it - these 'efforts' are in direct violation of God Himself and what He has categorically defined for the Nation of Israel.

The level of ignorance is astonishing. The lack of awareness or concern over God's word is breathtaking.

But it has to be this way - after all, we are living in the last days, and biblical prophecy has informed us that things would be like this - as all the nations are aligned against Israel. This is just one of so many examples.

The hatred of the Nation of Israel will continue to worsen as the world approaches the Tribulation.


American Thinker reminds us of the last flotilla, and the lies and distortions (which continue to this day) around that incident:

Wash. Post Smears Israel, stands history on its head


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