Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Headlines for a day

There are a lot of interesting stories in the news today; I'll try to keep it brief:

IAF strikes Gaza following rocket fire at western Negev

An Israel Air Force helicopter gunship attacked a smuggling tunnel in the central Gaza Strip overnight Tuesday.

The strike was in response to earlier rocket and mortar fire at the Eshkol regional council, the IDF added.
The tunnel was used by terrorists to enter Israeli territory and carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, according to the IDF Spokesman.

IAF Strikes Gaza Tunnel After Mortar And Qassam Land In Israel

The Israel Defense Forces said that the tunnel was being used by terror groups in the Strip to infiltrate Israel and to carry out terror attacks against soldiers and Israeli citizens. The IDF reiterated that they hold Hamas responsible for keeping the quiet in Gaza.

The next series of articles comes under the category of "What the heck?"

French, Russian, UK sailors in Norfolk for training

Ships from Russia, France and the United Kingdom arrived Monday to participate in a two-week exercise with the U.S. Navy off the coast of Virginia.

FRUKUS 2011 – named for the participating countries – is an exercise to improve maritime security through open dialogue and increased training between the participating navies, a news release from the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman said.

Marines Conduct 5-State Air, Land Exercise

North Carolina's 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing is taking part in a major exercise over a five-state area that will result in increased air and ground activity over the coming week.

Marine Corps spokesman Staff Sgt. Roman Yurek says residents near military sites in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Florida may notice increased landings and takeoffs amid other activity.
Yurek says more than 40 aircraft from seven military squadrons will take part, assisted by thousands of Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force men and women.

Warnings grow over the future of food prices

For the vast majority of the world’s population eating is not a problem. But for some, around 15 percent, it is a daily struggle. And it gets worse during periods of high food prices. Commodities, staple food, have been soaring in value for months; the UN Food Price Index is at an all-time high. Experts are sounding the alarm.

It is a difficult situation that affects everyone from America to Asia, through Europe and Africa but, almost inevitably, those worst affected are the poorest. In affluent countries where people spend just a small percentage of their income on food, the price rises have not gone unnoticed but are not a cause for panic. However the world’s poorer populations, which can spend more than half their household income on putting food on the table, are feeling the pinch much more acutely.

Major Earthquake Hits Northern Chile

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit northern Chile Monday, shaking a sparsely populated region without inflicting casualties or damage to infrastructure.

Earthquakes Hit India, Chile, Vanuatu and Myanmar

North Dakota's fourth largest city faces flood evacuations

Officials ordered the evacuation of more than a quarter of the residents of North Dakota's fourth largest city of Minot, where massive flooding is expected to overwhelm barriers, authorities said on Tuesday.

About 12,000 residents were ordered to be out of Minot's flood threatened areas by 10 p.m. local time on Wednesday, the second evacuation for those neighborhoods this year, said Cecily Fong, the North Dakota Emergency Services department spokeswoman

Minot residents evacuate as historic rise on Souris River approaches

Flood risk prompts evacuations

Greek Streets 'Explosive' as PM Faces Confidence Vote

The new Greek government faces a vote of confidence on Tuesday night, with the outcome critical to the survival of the government, and to the disbursal of loans from the 'Troika' of the European Union (EU), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB).

Persistent protests in Athens' Syntagma Square show that the Greek people feel increasingly disenfranchised with their political system and analysts told CNBC that the growing separation between the government and the population over austerity could prove 'explosive'.

Second night of sectarian violence in Belfast

Sectarian clashes took place for a second night in Northern Ireland’s capital, with police estimating as many as 700 people being involved. In an area of east Belfast, where loyalist Protestants and Catholics are separated by ‘peace walls’, petrol bombs, missiles and fireworks were thrown at authorities.

The violence comes at the start of Northern Ireland’s marching season, a time of annual parades by Protestants, which has triggered violent protests by Catholics in the past. Despite the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which was meant to signal an end to the hostilities, tension has continued in east Belfast

Police are blaming this fighting on the Ulster Volunteer Force – one of the deadliest pro-British paramilitary groups, who claim to have decommisioned their weapons two years ago.

Libya: Italy calls for immediate halt to hostilities

Italy has called for an immediate halt to hostilities in Libya to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid, in what is the first sign of a fracture in the Nato coalition.

Franco Frattini, the Italian foreign minister, warned on Tuesday that Nato's credibility was "at risk" following the civilian casualties, and urged it to ensure it was not providing ammunition to Gaddafi's propaganda war.

"We cannot run the risk of killing civilians. This is not good at all," Frattini said at a meeting of European foreign ministers.

Senior Israeli source: Iran actively helping Syria squash demonstrations

Not only is Iran supplying equipment to the Syrian army, the source says, Iran's Revolutionary Guard also organized demonstrations against Israel on Nakba and Naksa Day.

A senior Israeli source says Iran is involved in the suppressing of the anti-regime demonstrations in Syria. Iran's Revolutionary Guard and the Al-Quds force, commanded by Gen. Qassem Suleimani, are operating throughout the country, the source says.

The source told Haaretz there is clear information on Iran's involvement in the crushing of the protests, as well as the participation of Hezbollah. Their role is not limited to shootings; Iran has also supplied equipment to the Syrian army, including sniper rifles and communications systems for disrupting the Internet in the country, the source said.

Sirens go off around Israel as security drill goes national

Sirens went off on Wednesday throughout the country, at 11 a.m. as part of a national emergency drill that began Sunday and is to last through Thursday.

The exercise, which has been dubbed Turning Point 5, involves the Home Front Command, the National Emergency Authority, national and local government and emergency services.

One drill, to test readiness for a chemical warhead attack on Rishon Letzion, will involve Assaf Harofeh Hospital, which will practice taking in hundreds of casualties. Other chemical weapons response drills will be held in Upper Nazareth, the Haifa port, Haifa, and the Ramat Hovav industrial zone in the Negev.

And below are two very interesting commentaries on topics of great interest these days:

The Muslim Brotherhood

This article presents a comprehensive review of the Muslim Brotherhood and their ultimate goals - a very good read.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic mass movement whose worldview is based on the belief that “Islam is the solution” and on the stated aim of establishing a world order based on Islamic religious law (a caliphate) on the ruins of Western liberalism. With extensive support networks in Arab countries and, to a lesser extent, in the West, the movement views the recent events in Egypt as a historic opportunity.

Basic Freedoms: A Relic of the Past

The following text is adapted from remarks delivered by the author in Montreal on June 20 at a pro-free-speech event organized by the group ACT Now for Canada.

For far too long, many of us in the West have taken our basic freedoms for granted. These rights include freedom of individual conscience, the right to assemble peaceably, and the right to practice our religion freely, or to have no religion at all. Perhaps most importantly of all, they include the right to voice our opinions freely and to publish them without hindrance.

Nowhere is this attack on free speech more evident than in Europe...


Caver said...

Marine activity and exercises over these 5 states don't come close to explain what the truckers are saying is happening over the entire US...

Check it our.

Truckers report moving military across US_FEMA

Paula said...

9/11 was a day when the USAF was running exercises involving a "hypothetical" scenario of terrorists flying commercial aircraft into skyscrapers.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Just to share what odd things are transpiring in these last days here in the U.S.A.... When I read this, it brought to mind right now some of the chaos and panic I am hearing about in the Ozarks. So many are putting their faith in man and gathering there for protection instead of turning to our Lord and Savior, Jesus for that protection and salvation.

I don't know too much about this but it's in regards to the ELE - Extinction Level Event that is supposed to happen due to that Elenin (sp) comet on 9-27-11. It's looking like another false prophecy gathering and many are leaving their homes around here and heading there. That is so sad for me to hear. The friend who gave me that link about a month ago says there are many meeting there and joining a 'survival group' in preparation. There has been mention that the military is involved too and it will be a camp of sorts. I pray that this will not gather many for a huge hit. It's so sad when you see everyone's belief systems all over the map and the actions they are taking around the world. I will pray for us all.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

GG-Just wanted to say I appreciate you :) and love to read your commentary! There is a big Christian prophecy thing going on in the Ozarks in July I think, The New Congress? Maybe it will be a massive move of the Holy Ghost to bring those fearful to Christ! I think I will pray for that to occur! Also, after looking at all the info about elenin, I'm not so sure some earth changes won't occur. They were right on about the big Chile quake and the Japan quake and may be at least partially right about the sept incident.
Caver-Yes, something is definately going on! I was freaking out last night over some info I ran across and by that i mean excited and concerned. Excited because we are one day closer to seeing Jesus face to face and concerned because I really need to get more prepared for disaster. You might want to really root around about the nebraska nuke plant. Not just about the news blackout but the plant is partially under water and there are concerns there was a partial meltdown on Sunday. That is why they have issued the no fly zone. There is some great footage close up on the plant on utube. Also infant mortality rates have risen greatly in 2 areas of the us since Fukushima disaster. In Philly, by 48% and the pacific n.w. Let the misses know, I'm off to the store for wasp spray!
Paula-yep, interesting eh? and those photo close ups of the planes that hit the world trade center. The have no windows, not commercial jets. Before we can't speak of these things any longer, which will be VERY SOON, my congressmen are going to hear from me loudly. Impeach! We gotta slow down this train now.
Scott-if you remove the letter r from the name of FRUKUS 2011,...ssays it all doesn't it? lol very lol!
Well the birth pains are speeding up. And this week has been one hell of a contraction and I mean that literally! he is seeking all he may devour...what a jerk!
Everyday I wonder how much longer we will be able to communicate with each other so brothers and sisters, I love you all with the love of Christ and you will be in my prayers daily until the shout comes. Be blessed! ally

James said...


I would like to hear more about what truckers are saying is going on. Also this is the first I'm hearing of the Ozarks. How can I research what is going on there? Your help would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally~

Thank you so much for the kind words. I try to keep myself grounded in the word daily but I have to admit with much chatter around us, some days it's hard not to see all the pieces coming together for one big message. The first thing I think of when I keep hearing various things are the state of the person’s mind - soul who wants to flee to the mountains because they don't know better. It's almost as if they need to see the physical proof for safety instead of relying solely on the Lord. I did try to witness to this particular person as I can't imagine God is leaving us here to deal with all that. That would make it a mid trib situation correct?

I have to agree with you on this comet. I do believe it will play a part in things that are coming, but I believe they are coming from the Heavens. I could be wrong but that is where my mind is when I see things coming at us. Almost like various warnings from above. The signs and wonders part of scripture comes to mind.

Your post excited me because from this end and the people I heard about leaving town where not Christians and not grounded in anything but science. I pray the Lord works miracles when they start coming down there. July is the date they mentioned too :)
The part of scripture that talks about being transformed and renewing the mind comes to mind when I see things going on like this. Sorry, I don't have the exact scriptures off the top of my head as I am posting from another location right now.

As for the truckers, I am very interested in hearing as Carver stated because they will know if any of the trucks are headed in that direction. I can keep you posted on this end as I hear things.

James...I am providing some links that I have seen that one can monitor some chatter from there as well. The first one is the one on the Elenin/Dwarf star that started about a month ago. Then the poster of that on U-Tube has now gone to the Ozarks to do his posts from there I believe. Many on U-tube are following in some form or fashion over the comet issue.

I hope this helps. Have a blessed day all. I say this often but I am getting very excited to meet you all soon. Mrs. C. W.O.W...One thing I learned from you and Mr. C. is you are making God very proud quoting scripture. I am awestruck by the steadfastness you hold in taking us right back to the word. I love it!! Thank you so much because that is what we are supposed to be doing.


Anonymous said...

Part #2 - Links...

#2 with comments about the Ozarks in various posts.

Please know I am not promoting or endorsing any of these sites. It's for informative purposes only.


Anonymous said...

Links - Part 2

#2 with comments about the Ozarks in various posts.

Please know I am not promoting or endorsing these attached sites. It is for imformative purposes only.

DrNofog said...

Stuff on trains routinely go to sea ports for our "efforts" in foreign entanglements, but I sit up and take notice when they're painted UN white.

My younger brother is a heavy equipment Mech in the Mil. At the end of the 1st Iraqi war a lot of equip came back, was ck'd over, refurbished, then painted UN white but no markings yet, and then moved way out to a deserted end of the base for storage...

Since then a lot of Militia groups have posted pix of similar white stuff in other states including German-made [why here?] troop transport trucks and chemical trucks stored in remote spots on bases.

Maybe Obummer won't have to find his real B.C. after all, if more [HAARP] disasters happen and FEMA comes to the "rescue"...

I'm hoping Elenin is actually the Lord coming with a shroud on so "they" don't see him when He calls us up!

Anonymous said...


I have tried twice to provide the links. There are several. Within minutes I see your count move and they are removed. Are you handling it from that end or is.......


Caver said...

Guys, I gotta get back to work and fast. Owning your own business is not all glamor like many think.

Ok, Mrs C mentioned there were some questions for me here. Did a real quick scan and will post something quick and then get back to the design table.

On the Neb nuke plant....I have no idea. If they knew the water was coming (and they did) and if they had more than a few hours warning (and they did) then there should be no problem at all. The whole thing should have been shut down in an orderly and safe fashion. I have no other knowledge of it.....yet.

As for the truckers and the personal thoughts would be....

Don't know. From military POV....the massive movement of the types of "stuff" reported on could be....

1. Creditable thereat of attack so dispersing weapons systems to prevent a concentration and Pearl Harbor type destruction from one event.
2. Creditable threat of attack so dispersing weapons systems to where will be needed to protect
3. Cover and concealment in plain view. Send troops to where needed to do "assigned job" with less suspicion. Lets face it, if you send all the air defense folk to another location without their "stuff", that would have red flags waiving everywhere.

Combining it all together....
IF true suspect it is prep for something we're not going to like by our own gov but nothing will happen just now. Emotions and fears will be given a chance to die down before their real job will be exposed. Lots more ground work and mental prep to do before "pulling the string".


Combine with ME Arab Spring and
Leaking plans for much heavier involvement
Rural Farm Control given away
Foreign control of domestic assets
Recent Builderberger meeting

Who knows .....Keep your powder dry and your options open.

Just my initial thoughts with very, very insufficient info.

Now, back to drawing board!

Anonymous said...

#2 with comments about the Ozarks in various posts.

DrNofog said...

#2 with comments about the Ozarks in various posts.

Soz y'all don't haffta do the C&P to yer URL window.

DrNofog said...

Well, that certainly qualifies as 'unnerving' ... I just took all the links provided above, made them active [Soz y'all don't haffta do the C&P to yer URL window.], they were active in the preview window, and they all went to Peter Pan land when I posted them...

That's strangely similar to wut happened to me when I got locked out of my account and when I tried to post about it - it went bye-bye every time until I eliminated the 'offending' 1st line and reworded the whole message...

Seems like beeegabro doesn't like certain things already, no need to wait until m-law is 'o-fishyly' imposed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. N~

I think it's happening more and more. Well...maybe one can get the links before they pull them down again. It was weird to say the least. Have a great day!


PS..still haven't been able to master the link thing :)

Scott said...

I just got on here late afternoon - let me check and see if things are going to spam again - I suspect that may be the case - if so, I'll go deal with that now

Alice said...

Okay, I've followed a bit of the Elenin dwarf star thing. Where is everyone on this? Do you believe the threat is real? All I can do is remember all the previous false alarms about comets (remembering one in the '80s), and something devastating happening at the dawn of the new millennium, and then.... nothing. Do you think Elenin could be yet another false alarm?

Someone mentioned the prophecy conference in Branson. I am attending! :) It's July 21st-23rd. Very excited! It is called Future Congress, if you care to look it up on your favorite search engine to see the many guest speakers who will be there. I sure had no idea that Branson was Elenin-escape central, though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice~

All things are possible for this to be false. Only God knows right.. What I am seeing as I watched the first one was there was something out there that was 'unexplainable' to NASA. I would have to watch it again to use the exact words.

I believe it has to be something that is happening because when the Japan disaster hit, it was in perfect alignment on the exact date as the presentation reflects past and present events. Another alignment will be happening in September.

I also believe we are to see many strange and unexplainable things in these last days. As long as we have Christ Jesus, we know God does not give us the spirit of fear. Fear is faith corrupted. We lean in and press on him during these troubled times he will sustain us through it all.

The sad part for me to see is the movement of people, places and things around us who are not Christians trying to find a solution that isn't going to be long term. They are sensing much in many arena's of life. So even if we removed the comet thing away, there are still many other things out of balance put many keep pointing to the September, October and may November time frame. I am not sure but I share so we can be better aware to help our brothers and sisters out there who do not know better :)

I pray on that weekend the Holy Spirit sweeps right over that facility. I am not sure exactly where the scientist are going but it's the Ozark's is all I am hearing and in July. I also heard with this they are being greeted by military personal who are checking things brought in. I just don't know.

Please keep me posted. I am going to make it a point to pray like crazy that weekend for you all.


DrNofog said...

I just got back and I see that my post eventually came back from never-never land ... strange indeed!

I guess da gubmint censor decided we didn't rate real hi on the alarm meter...[yet]...

Anonymous said...

Too funny...glad to know that is all it was. Well there is an over abundance of info - ha ha


Scott said...

DrNo - they were in span...I just got to it

What do you make of all of this?

gearedup2go said...

Glenn Beck is reporting that farmlands are being purchased via hedge funds and--surprise--George Soros. So you will see the eventuality of food and water (that being a natural aquafer that feeds many rivers and streams) being controlled and thereby rationed by the elite. Air quality is already under fire by the Green Religion so it's just a matter of time before air control is implemented.

DrNofog said...

Gear, you have exceeded your ration of air for the day. Please return the unauthorized portion at your local FEMA substation immediately.

DrNofog said...

Since everything hasta go thru the 'cloud', and since da 'cloud-watchers' have our best interests at heart, my guess is they have the power to redirect stuff that doesn't meet their high standard into spam...

Caver said...

James if you go to one of the links provided there is an explanation.

Its at..

Along with the complete explanation of why and the Safe/Unsafe areas. They are saying the Madrid fault will "liquify" and go, unlocking a major east coast fault.

There are many caves there to ride out the electromagnetic storms and by products of a poll shift and close pass by of an object with this huge a magnetic/gravitational field.

Interesting stuff...

Remember guys...we Know who is still Sovereign and still on the Throne. Its our loving Father. He's got it under control.

Scott said...

DrNo - No, I was asking about the military movements etc --- and the links --- what is your take on all of this?

Anonymous said...

He's got the whole world in his hands... :)

Alice said...

Thank you, GG, for your thoughtful words on Elenin and other things!

Anonymous said...

My head hurts( insert twilight zone music) Sept it is then, around the Jewish New Year, brand new cresent moon, no man knows the hour or the day right? I'm glad I have Jesus. We better draw close and listen to the hs over this loud din of worldly cacophony cuz it is going to get weirder, a lot weirder. Twists and turns of unbelievable magnitude. Doctor, it is time to prep the patient. I am guessing we are around 9 and 1/2 centimeters now. The m.e. war is desired by sept, by the build a burgers, and the muslims love to try and spank Israel on Jewish Holy Days. Will history repeat itself? With the war, dialation to ten? I can't believe how fast we are moving towards seeing him! I bet we barely have time to rest and catch our breathe before the next contraction starts. They are getting really really strong and close now, aren't they? ally

Scott said...

ALLY - LOL on "build a burgers"....:)

But I agree with your comments - He is right at the door :)

Anonymous said...

Praise be to God for bringing me to this site a few months ago :) This has been a wonderful site to share in vast knowledge among many. It's amazing to see how each day somebody seems to have a piece of the puzzle. I love how we can share, research, inquire from within, and learn from each other all the while knowing that we don't need to rely on the world but God's word and Jesus through it all.’re right, things are moving very fast.

I have felt this way for a while, again I could be way off. I felt it was time to share what I knew when I see people taking various steps around the world. I mean no disrespect but the word picture of ants moving a colony comes to mind right now. Many seem to have their ears pressed against the ground listening to rumors of wars, etc. and know have moved to the next step to start seeking for something more solid...just in case. I pray they find Jesus in these last days. What a wonderful job we can be doing as we come up against these situations. If I was lost, I would love someone to take my hand and walk me to him while I was on my way to a shelter. That is where my passion is right now. The NASA emergency preparedness video that was recently released kind of sealed it for me. Though generic to its employees along with the comet info showed me the very people we are relying on to notify us didn't even do that. We are blocked from certain things in these last days.

God Bless All!!


DrNofog said...

I've been waiting from right after I posted "...I'm hoping Elenin is actually the Lord coming with a shroud on so "they" don't see him when He calls us up!...", that surely someone [high probability of it emanating from the "C-household"], someone would respond with:

Can't be! Since Elenin is slowly making it's way here and is about 3 months away yet, the Bible says '...Behold, I come quickly...' Rev22:7

DrNofog said...

We know that the world will continue for at least 1007yrs more, so Elenin can't be ELE, but it certainly could cause major upheavals around the globe.

My "suspicious activity" thots are tending towards that since the current regime isn't telling us anything about it, it could very well be that they are positioning troops for m-law in the aftermath and that would certainly take US out of the "major player" picture.

It could also be a great cover for the Arabs to strike Israel during the confusion ... or a judgment for doing it?

And, more importantly, the Bad O-man would never have to produce the "real" birth cert. since he'll be our 1st emperor...

Scott said...

The Elenin thing could cause quakes and further damage the US (and other parts of the world)...I have several prophecy friends who believe that the world will be in a more primitive state during the Trib, resulting from a variety of factors (including the 'gathering up') and I wonder if something like ELE could be the cause of much of the destruction, even preceding the Trib...(these same people, FWIW, have never seen the MOTB as a high-tech implant, but a simple tattoo - that would allow trade/financial transactions in a much more primitive state.....Just wondering...

gearedup2go said...

Well thanks to DrNo being the NWO magnet, my internet service has been disrupted and I've been unable to post in a timely fashion. Actually, I was sitting at a RR crossing counting the number of white unmarked fuel cars that passed through, undetected, through the Ozarks and which could contain the extraterrestrial biological entity human hybrid virus that is delivered as genetically modified ethanol. This fuel source will be used by the UN peacekeeping ground forces that will consequently delay the Postal Service delivery schedule in order to accommodate a unionized TSA that will escort the Bilderbergs through the numerous caverns located within the proximity of the New Madrid fault line, which is impervious to HAARP, or so AFLCIO says.