Monday, September 5, 2011

The Vice Continues to Tighten Around Israel

"On that day when all the nations are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable object for all the nations"
(Zechariah 12:3)

"I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it"
(Zechariah 14:2)

That vice is indeed tightening around Israel. Recent changes in both Turkey and Egypt serve to complete this picture, as Israel already had Gaza pressing from the west, Lebanon pressing from the North, Syria pressing in from the east - not to mention the rest of the world.

Something fishy about Eilat terror attack

When terrorists infiltrated southern Israel and killed eight people in a three-pronged assault near the resort town of Eilat, it was presumed that Palestinian militants from Gaza were responsible. And likely they were, at least in part.

But the political proceedings following the attack have raised serious questions about Egyptian military involvement in the brutal murder of Israeli civilians.

It is beginning to look like Egypt was directly involved in these attacks. If so, we are indeed entering a brave new world:

Immediately following the attack, Israeli lawmaker and retired army general Aryeh Eldad questioned why Defense Minister Ehud Barak was ignoring the testimony of civilian eyewitnesses. Many of those eyewitnesses told Israeli media that part of the Eilat attack was perpetrated by uniformed soldiers firing from within or next to Egyptian army installations along the border.

But it is also likely that the largest political force in Egypt contesting the upcoming election - the Muslim Brotherhood - did have knowledge of the planned attack, as it is closely affiliated with Hamas and its allied terror groups in Gaza.

There have been increasing reports, both in Israel and Egypt, that Islamic terror groups from Hamas to Hizballah to Al Qaeda are active in the Sinai Peninsula, and are successfully recruiting from the local population. It would not be unreasonable to think that one of those groups managed to get a few Egyptian soldiers doing border patrol duty to take part in an attack on Israel.

If that isn't enough, take a look at this report:

Turkey to sign strategic alliance with Egypt

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is slated to visit Egypt and Gaza soon to sign strategic cooperation agreements with Cairo, just days after the leaking of the Palmer Report which led to a new low in Israel-Turkey relations.

Egyptian newspaper al-Youm al-Sabe'a quoted Turkish diplomats as saying that Erdogan will arrive in Cairo next week.

The purpose of the visit will be to sign strategic cooperation agreements in the military, diplomatic and commercial fields.

Also see:

Turkey: Two More Steps Toward Islamism

The problem isn’t that the United States is following a wrong policy to deal with the problem of Turkey, with its powerful army and economy, joining the Islamist side. The problem is that the U.S. government is pretending it isn’t happening at all.

The victory of the revolutionaries and making Islamism the standard for Islam isn’t inevitable. But it is a strong trend in Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and among the Palestinians. It is a possible victor in Syria and is generally advancing, including among Muslim communities in the West.

Then we turn to the next imminent threat to Israel:

Lebanon warns UN: Israel's proposed maritime border threatens peace and security

Lebanon has warned the United Nations that Israel's proposed sea border threatens peace and security, media reports said Monday, in the latest development in the two countries' maritime claims.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansor, in a letter sent Monday to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, rejected Israeli claims of the northern part of the waters between the two countries.

"This is a clear violation of Lebanon's rights... over an area of some 860 square kilometers, and puts international peace and security at risk," it said.

Over the past two years, Israel has discovered two fields thought to contain about 24 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. The discoveries could be enough to make Israel energy self-sufficient for decades.

"Ownership" of these waters is vital as billions of dollars are at stake. In this day and age wars have been fought over far less. There is a lot at stake here, and watching this situation evolve is very germane to developments in the epicenter.

For context around the article below - don't forget, Northern Africa is an important part of the Gog-MaGog alliance:

Libya: Gaddafi weapons dump left unguarded in Tripoli

The scale of the potential security crisis facing post-revolutionary Libya has been fully exposed after the Daily Telegraph discovered a huge Gaddafi weapons dump left unguarded in the capital, Tripoli.

Western officials have also expressed concern about the possibility of weapons being smuggled across Libya's open desert borders to militant groups, some allied to al-Qaeda, operating in north and west Africa.

Libya: An Islamist Terrorist Takes Command of Main Rebel Forces

Finally, we have evidence that Islamists and even al-Qaeda supporters will play a central role in Libya’s new regime.

According to Al Jazeera, the network recommended by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as fair and balanced, Abdul al-Hakim al-Hasadi, also known as Abdelhakim Belhaj, has been named commander of the Tripoli Military Council. He was formerly head of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, an al-Qaeda affiliate. Moderates are understandably nervous.

In fact, we can quote on this point Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who told a U.S. official in 2007 — as we now know thanks to Wikileaks– “He was extremely worried about Qatar and its continued support for Hamas and other Islamist organizations in the West Bank and Gaza…claiming that they provide ‘more support to fundamentalists than Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.’”

U.S. policy has given no sense that it is aware of this problem.

Moving on to the Revived Roman Empire of this era.

This article is interesting for one reason. Take a look at the concluding paragraph and count the number of quotes pertinent to biblical prophecy:

This week in the European Union

Global politics have moved on, with America in danger of losing grip its claim to be the sole world superpower amid the rise of China among others. Meanwhile, the EU remains fitfully anxious about its place on the world stage and its ability to speak with one voice on issues such as Palestine's upcoming UN bid.

1. "America in danger of losing grip its claim to be sole world superpower"
2. "...amid the rise of China among others"
3. "Meanwhile the EU remains....its place on the world stage and its ability to speak with one voice..."
4. "...such as Palestine's upcoming UN bid"

That is a lot to pack into one paragraph isn't it?


This commentary is beautiful in its brevity as it hits right to the point:

Forget about lower taxes, smaller government, national debt, abortion, media bias, the 2012 election, the failing economy, our failing schools, flash mobs, immigration, hurricanes.....
Because none of it -- none of it will matter -- if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon.
We will all be incinerated.

They're moving forward. They've already got enough enriched uranium to make six nuclear war heads.

What are we waiting for? The time is now. In truth, the time to act was yesterday.

On an unrelated note - we are still watching the following:

1300-Ft Asteroid Flyby Due On 8-9 November

The third near-earth asteroid of 2011 will pass between the moon and earth later this year, NASA has confirmed.
The 1300-foot-wide (400 metres) asteroid, which is more than one and a half times the length of a soccer pitch, will pass within 0.85 lunar distances of the Earth on November 8, 2011.

Meanwhile, Dutch has an interesting update on earthquakes around the world. The number of big quakes in the last couple of weeks is truly remarkable:

Earthquakes: Update

There is a lot going on these days in terms of prophecy watching as the birth pains continue to escalate in both frequency and severity.


Caver said...


Mrs C has not forgotten you. She is fighting a time clock to finish an accounting investigation and beat an IRS time deadline for tax filing. We had an embezzlement of funds that covered several years and she is trying to go back and unravel / uncover the specifics with very little time left to get it completed.

She did suggest I give you something to chew on between now and the time she can get back to research and address your question specifically. Its ....

It is interesting reading and sets the stage ....

God Bless

Scott said...

Caver and Mrs C - good luck with this whole thing (that you have been working on) - I'm praying for you guys...

DrNofog said...

Dutchsinse YOUTUBE account TERMINATED without notice

Go directly to his site here

Scott said...

Thats interesting...Just for earthquake updates? Wow....

Scott said...

What is your take on this DrNo?

Scott said...

Here is one article, already out:

News Alert: Dutchsinse Youtube Account Shut Down

jill said...

I have been following Dutch and I believe in the last few days he started showing the relationship between nuclear reactors and seismic events.... His latest was an update on the recent Czech republic swarm. I believe he also discounted the report that Elenin was breaking up and posed no threat. I just had a thought about how it is interesting that the uptick in earthquakes could be in part man-made. september is here, events point to the crowning, and we know that birth is imminent.

gearedup2go said...

DrNo, I can't get the link to work.

Jake said...

Hi Dr NoFog, Scott and others who manage to show direct shortcut links into comments without showing the url address. How do you do that?

I followed instructions (given by a blogger tipster) trying to give a shortcut link to a specific article on another blog, by inserting an appropriate coding. The shortcut link appeared in the comments, but when I clicked on it I got "not found error 404"

Can you help please. I ask you because obviously you are successful using this method.

By the way, I was writing a comment within a friend's blog - not yours,
trying to link to one of their earlier articles

Jake said...

Hi Dr NoFog, Scott and others who manage to show direct shortcut links into comments without showing the url address. How do you do that?

I followed instructions (given by a blogger tipster) trying to give a shortcut link to a specific article on another blog, by inserting an appropriate coding. The shortcut link appeared in the comments, but when I clicked on it I got "not found error 404"

Can you help please. I ask you because obviously you are successful using this method.

By the way, I was writing a comment within a friend's blog - not yours,
trying to link to one of their earlier articles


Caver said...

I believe this is the video that got his plug look at the data he's presenting and make your own determination.

It appears he got the info on the patent and was dissecting how it works.

Scott, its Mrs C that is doing the heavy lifting right now. She does need our prayers and yours is much appreciated.

Jeremiah 9:24 said...

Here is a thought regarding Zechariah 12. "On a day when all the nations are gathered against her...." While an initial reading of the first part of Chapter 12 implies a physical battle field, the passage does not necessarily have to be read as a military gathering, does it? What if that "gathered together" is for an assembly of some kind, e.g., a UN vote on what would amount to a dividing of Jerusalem? Not all battles and fights are physical, as we know. (Just look at how the Islamists have waged and continue to wage financial war against the US economy, for example.) If read that way, then could we be looking at fulfillment of this passage on Sept. 20 or so, when the UN votes on the "Palestinian State"? Just a thought....

Jake said...

How do you guys manage to insert a direct link within the comments box. There doesn't seem to be that feature for me.

Scott said...

Jeremiah - I think its all of the above - and indeed at this time in History we are seeing 'all of the above'...We see it in terms of the general mindset, the anti-Israeli rhetoric, the military build up, the growth and increase in terrorism and terrorists in the region, etc....All of it

Scott said...

DrNo put this in the comments section - a couple of posts below - he does it far better than me :)

DrNofog said...

Jake, it's not a feature of blogger comment, you have to format it in the text you are writing.

Try it this way in a text file 1st.
Cut & paste the 3 lines below into a text file and again note that you hafta change all the [brackets] to "greater & less than" symbols:

[a href="
" rel="nofollow"]

At the end of line 1, paste in the URL link, then, at the 'new' end of line 1, hit 'delete' and it will draw up line 2 into proper position.

Now, at the end of this extended line, (after "nofollow">) type in whatever description you want people to see or re-paste the URL in as the 'clickable link', and at the end of this line hit delete and it will draw up the closing [/a] into proper position.

Then paste all this into the comment window and hit preview and it should show up "active" and if you hover the cursor arrow over it, the cursor will change to a hand w/index finger [not the other one]...

If it all does, then you're good to post.

PS. I keep a copy of this at the top of my 'pattern' text file for qwik access:
[a href="
" rel="nofollow"]

Jake said...

Hi Dr NoFog

I am keen to know how to insert direct shortcut links within the comments box, rather than just showing the url string. You seem to do it regularly. How do you do it? What do I need to do?


DrNofog said...

Jake, it's not a feature of the 'comment' window, you have to format it in the text you are writing.

Try it this way in a text file 1st.
Cut & paste the 3 lines below into a text file and again note that you hafta change all the [brackets] to "greater & less than" symbols:

[a href="
" rel="nofollow"]

At the end of line 1, paste in the URL link, then, at the 'new' end of line 1, hit 'delete' and it will draw up line 2 into proper position.

Now, at the end of this extended line, (after "nofollow">) type in whatever description you want people to see or re-paste the URL in as the 'clickable link', and at the end of this line hit delete and it will draw up the closing [/a] into proper position.

Then paste all this into the comment window and hit preview and it should show up "active" and if you hover the cursor arrow over it, the cursor will change to a hand w/index finger...

If it all does, then you're good to post.

PS. I keep a copy of this at the top of my 'pattern' text file for qwik access:
[a href="
" rel="nofollow"]

gearedup2go said...

Mr C, that is most unfortunate regarding the embezzlement. God knew what you needed when He brought Mrs C into your life at a critical time. She is bringing her gifts of mercy, patience, love and steadfastness to the table and will prove to be a most worth opponent against the enemy. She has God standing before her, you beside her, and our prayers behind her as she prepares her documents.

DrNofog said...

Caver, there was a lot of activity yesterday [from all those wif too much time on their hands ;) ], so you may have missed the latest I could find on Elenin's so-called break-up.

Scott, John C was right on the amount of comments you get [in flurries sometimes] so maybe bump the 'Recent Comments' up to 20-30?
Otherwise, you 'seem' to be doing Ok...

Jake said...

Thanks Dr NoFog

Please excuse my ignorance but is it possible to explain it in a way I (a mere simpleton) can understand. For example could you use non computerised language and use an example.

Sorry to bother you

DrNofog said...

The link works fine. It's just that Dutch is getting really hammered with hits now that "they" censored him, that it'll time-out frequently before you can get thru...

Caver said...

DrNo, thanks for the link and reference. I'll get by it later this afternoon....thanks very much. Unless this has something strongly documented to the contrary I believe its still there and still coming.

Geared, thank you very much for the kind thoughts, words, and...especially ....the prayers.

It has been a difficult year and the brunt is falling on her, and crunch time is here. She is exhausted.

Jake said...

Actually Dr NoFog, dont worry.

I managed to work through it.

Everything worked fine up to the very last stage, but when I clicked on the link I got:

"not found error 404"

I tried again, this time successful.

Thanks. Just wondering why I got that error message?

gearedup2go said...

I can only imagine what you both are feeling--the anger, the frustration, emotions running high--it's enough to challenge the most grounded in the faith. Satan is going full throttle these days. Theft is on the rise and people are becoming more desperate in these tough economic times. And it seems the good hearted, hard working people are on the receiving end of his deception and lies. Nonetheless, the Lord draws nearest to those who are being pruned for growth and He is there with you as you work late into the night and fall into bed exhausted. May He provide restorative sleep to you both and give you the endurance you need for the challenges of the day.

Jake said...

Dr NoFog

I am mistaken. It didn't work second time. I still keep getting

"not found error 404"

when trying to send the comment link to a friend's blog.

Is there something they need to do to enable it to work?

Jake said...

I just tried it on this blog. Again same error message.


DrNofog said...

That's ususally an incomplete URL miscopied or it's missing the (a href"), which sends it back to the URL looking for itself, and since it "can't find itself with both hands", it says no-no.

Take out all the ("<" and ">") and replace them with Bkts [facing the same way as you have them] so the net service doesn't grab it and go off to 404 land again and then post it here so I can see what's going wrong.

Caver said...

Dr No, I went to your link. I had seen that one before and it was a key in my continued searching and becoming convinced that Elenin had NOT gone away.

Thank you so much!

Caver said...

Geared, thank you so much. Yep, ya nailed it. We thought he was a serious Brother in Christ. He was supposed to leave for a several year mission trip to Bolivia but its been one thing after another that has prevented him from going. Mrs C and I both have to wonder if the Lord is holding him here until the evidence is put together and charges can be filled.

One really good "old time" pastor to our church recently said that if you are determined to grow with the Lord, be prepared to spend lots of time in the desert. Amen to that!

But, yes, you are so right. He keeps us going through the tough times and we do keep drawing closer to Him, and He to us. :)

Jake said...

This is what I tried

[a href="" rel="nofollow"]click here[/a]

Tasarwen said...

Jake, DrNo is much more astute than me in all of this but what I do is to simply place the link brackets around a link that I have pasted into the comment box.

The link brackets are the little "a" with the pointy brackets around it. Then at the end of the link you have pasted in, place an "/a" with the pointy brackets around it.

Don't worry, it took me forever to figure this out. :)

Tasarwen said...

Jake be sure you use the "< >" brackets and not the "[ ]" brackets.

Here, I'll try it with my own website:

ann marie said...

Looks like u r missing the http:// before the www. That needs to be within the quotes.

Tasarwen said...

OK, I tried it again:

"Vanya Melda"

I think that worked.

1.First paste in your link, then type in [a href= right in front of your link.

2.Use the < bracket instead of the [ bracket.

3.Be sure and type in quotes, (") around your link.

4.Right after the link, type in the > bracket.

5.Then type in the name of your site, placing quotes (") around the name.

6.End with a [/a], using the < > brackets.

ms said...

Dear Mrs.C,
2nd Chronicles 20:15b
This is what the LORD says:
Do not be afraid! Do not be discouraged by this mighty army,
forthe battle is not yours, but God's.
Psalm 34:17
The LORD hears his people when they
call to Him for help.He rescues them from all their troubles.
I also am praying for you, and I hope that these verses help some.

Misty said...

Praying for dear Mrs. C.

Jake said...

Hi Tasarwen

Followed your instructions precisely but still got same error message.

Jake said...

Hi Ann Marie

Blogger does not allow you to enter the http in creating a link. Therefore, i have no option but to leave the http:// out of it. Omitting the http does create a link for me, but when I click on the link I get the error message

DrNofog said...

click here

DrNofog said...

This is what I just used [changing the bkts back of course]:
[a href=""]click here[/a]

You can drop out the " rel="nofollow", it's just an extra trap for errors the way I originally learned it, but it works without it.
Also "prophecyupdate" doesn't have www in it so you hafta put the http:// back in.

Jake said...

Hi Dr NoFog

I have tried various things including what you now advise. I have tried it without the http and with it without the www but always the same result. by the way, whenever I type in http as part of the url blogger gives me this message:

"Your HTML cannot be accepted: Reference "”http:" is not allowed: A"

Dylan said...

So why exactly did dutchsinse's YouTube page get shut down?

Jake said...

Thanks Guys

I do appreciate you trying to help. Thanks for your time. Did that last message help trigger something in your minds?

DrNofog said...

Does your friend's site use a different blogger/poster service?? Some sites will let you use bold, italics, but not 'active' links, just the plain URL in parentheses.

Anyway, try the link I gave you here just so you know you're doing it right.

And thanx Scott for letting us chew up some of your blog's gigabytes...

Jake said...

I did already try that using Scott's blog checking through "preview". I still got the same HTML message, even here

DrNofog said...

That the message I needed to know about...
I guess you posted that answer whilst I dozzzed off for a sec...

BTW, there's no space in DrNofog. It's an 'honorary title'. At one time I used to be out on the range, but now I think the Dr just stands for 'Deranged'...

Jake said...

I also tried without using http but using www instead on this site. I experienced exactly the same things and same messages on both sites

DrNofog said...

That can only mean the problem is at your end, possibly either your internet browser or your service provider. What and/or who are you using [browser - service provider]?
You're not using one of those Chinese or Iranian censored internet services are you??

Jake said...

I am using google chrome as my internet browser

Jake said...

What is the service provider?

Jake said...

my wife tells me the service provider is Virgin Media

DrNofog said...

You could try all this from the local library or a friend's computer just to confirm this. Actually, at this point, that would be the only way I would confirm it, because Scott's blogger comment window clearly shows:.

"Leave your comment

You can use some HTML tags, such as [b], [i], [a]

Word Verification
Type the characters you see in the picture above."

And the [a] means it is allowing hyperlinks.

This is all that the rest of us are using, but if I think of anything else I'll let you know.

GG said...

Hi Doc & Tas :)

I appreciate seeing the lay mans breakdown that you are doing here to help Jec. I have to admit the process has seem to intimidate me but I am going to take this steps you have nicely laid out and try it again this week. Thanks for being kind and patient. I just gave up because I was having problems at the end as well :). Once we get this we will be able to laugh about something we finally mastered.

God Bless!!


Jec said...

Hey, been practicing, so here goes.

I found a very interesting chart here

Mrs, C said...

Dear G2go,
We cant thank you enough, for your most beautiful, touching, and inspiring words! Truly, God is so good to Bless us with such uplifting and loving Brothers and Sisters here. You are absolutely right, God did indeed know what was going on, and its no coincidence that I came here, joyfully married Mr. C, and have an accounting background. God also knows that He created me, with an affinity for details, (much to the annoyance of some, including me sometimes LOL), but being so detail oriented is very, very much needed with this situation! Once I began looking into the accounting books, it became obvious right away, that this “Brother” was embezzling, and for quite some time. There was initial disbelief, as this was a “Brother” who was the Best Man at our wedding! This is the absolute worst kind of deception! This “Brother” I am still convinced, is very dangerous. The level of deception is immense as far as this person is concerned. There are many that will be effected by this, including children at Church that just presented he and his dear wife (I truly mean she is a darling Sister), with cash they had raised to give them for their “Mission Trip”. Knowing that, just infused me even more to keep going! Yes, G2go, you are so right about the emotions of this!
That is why all I can do is be obedient to God, do my best, and leave the consequences to Him. Trust HIM, not ourselves!
Yes indeed, believe me, I know that God is right here, in the room with me, always, and while I work on this, and the more intense it gets, the more I have to apologize to Him. We seek HIM, we draw close to HIM, and as His Word says, He draws close to us! Thank you again so very much, for inspiring, beautiful words! May God Bless you greatly!
God Bless! :) Big Hug!

Mrs. C said...

Dear Brother Scott :)
Thank you so very much for your Prayers Brother! We need um, that’s for sure!
God Bless You!

Dear Sister Misty, :)
Thank you so much Sis for your Prayers! They are much appreciated, and very welcomed!
God Bless You Sis! :)

Dear MS, :)
Thank you so very much for the Scriptures, His Word is always so very comforting. Just so you know, with one of the Scriptures you referred to, Psalm 34:17, God used you to bring that Scripture back to me. You see, decades ago, I used to read and embrace that particular Psalm, privately with our Lord. And now, all this time later, He brought it back to me, through you! Thank you for your obedience to His Holy Spirit, prompting you to post that Psalm! Its brought tears to my eyes…
God Bless You! Big Hug

Sharon said...

Dylan, Scroll back to Scott's entry on Sept 5 at 11:35 (or so). He linked to an article about this. As you read the comments, there is an entry/quote from dutch about what is going on. The dialog in the comments was "interesting" with different POVs (point of views). Have a blessed day and may you feel God's presence with you while at school.

Mrs C, May God's peace and wisdom guide you through your day as you work on this. I pray that God will be glorified in this, as the outcome will affect more than just 2 business parties. I'm praying that God will move mightily through you, but also through those on the sidelines.

Jake said...

Hi Caver and Mrs C

No worries. I will wait until you are sorted out. Sorry to hear what happened. I am also sorry that I didn't reply earlier, but as you can see I was preoccupied with trying to solve a problem, which still has not been resolved. It was then getting very late in Britain, so had to go to bed.

I pray that you experience the tenderness of God's love during this time, holding you tight and restoring all things that you need back to you. "He will provide all our NEED according to His riches in Christ Jesus" Amen!

ally said...

Wow, miss a day or two or week or so and voila, all kinds of hell is breaking lose! No I am not cursing (though I still struggle with that sometime unfortunately) but really, it seems hell is breaking out all over.
Not to worry though as Big Daddy (my personal nickname for YWH) has it all under control. Yes the enemy may be pushing in, and he pushes hard sometimes but I am seated spiritually at the right hand of the Father and NOBODY not NOBODY messes with my daddy unless they want a butt whupping and a big one at that! Sometimes when the evil one is really making me mad, I speak out loud, really loud..."Can you say Lake of Fire? Cuz that is where you pesky demons are headed for all eternity! Last laugh is on you buster!"
Ok, you all know I love God but my take is a little wacky sometimes. And I am really missing the fellowship with my home crew here! Lucky I got big bro Yeshua and his friend the comforter to kick it with! Oh yeah and a great book to read too!!
Mrs. C-sorry for your disappointment. I hate it when satan uses a "Christian" to drag you over the coals. Don't let it get you down. The worst part is after all this work to catch the bad guy, you have to forgive him! So keep that in mind during the hunt. Sorta like having to clean the fish you just caught so you can get your dinner. Like I should be lecturing you. You are one of the most knowledgable and Godly women out there!
Dutch-well it was only a matter of time before they shut him down. Spread the truth, TPTB are not gonna be happy! I wish I could watch him but no sound on this here momentarily borrowed dohicky electronic device! Soon it will be our turn I suppose.
Elenin-here or there, this or that, Are we sure its not a doctor zuess book? We shall see!
God Bless and keep each of you with his power and strength. Don't forget to dress each morning with your correct outfit. Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness, Feet shod with the Gospel, girded loins (hey isn't that like cover your butt?) and that Sword of his Word!
Miss you guys. Pray for each other daily! Please! Most important to be diligent with that!

Jake said...

Hi Dr Nofog and everybody else

thanks for your attempts to help yesterday.

A thought has come to me. Could the problem I am having be due to being in Britain (rather than USA) and British service providers?

If so, as a test, are any of the British contributors able to use shortcut hyperlinks within their comments? If the answer is "no" then I have my answer.

DrNofog said...

Brits! Of course! TPTB are still tee'd off bout losing their most prosperous colony, so of course, they're not willing to 'share' any links with us...

EI should be along shortly to help you out. She'll prolly ask "Which way did you come in, lad??"

I understand she has a sharp grand-daughter that helps maintain her mum's brood of carrier hens that they use to smuggle coded messages outta the country when her compuker or net fritzzes on her...

test said...

[a href="www.thisnthat" rel="nofollow"]" rel="nofollow"]moocows[/a]

Expected Imminently said...

I KNEW I was a failure! I Followed ALL the structions and it did THAT on me - anyway - it's me GOD-daughter that sees t'me 'ens not me likkle grand-daughters.

Eh Jake lad; I shall do owt for Britain but I am blowed if I can do blue here and here like wot DrNofog does- I did endeavour for ya :(

S-o-r-r-y Scott; I cant rub it out meself :-\

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Jake

Nice to see you, to see you ...?
You have done some great posts!

DrNog is the Teaze Master General; and 'full of it' the scamp. He means to brow beat you without any mercy about England and the American Colony we let them win - just the one, he doesn't say much about all the others we had.

Give as good as you get and you will be fine. Any probs, give EI a shout and I'll sort him out.

Otherwise he is a 'pussy cat' and EI lurves him lots.

God bless you.

gearedup2go said...

There once was a man who deceived,
The groom and his bride, indeed!
He was in a hurry,
To leave for a country,
But now he has to face Mrs. C!

GG said...

Very Good GU2GO :)

I hope all is well with you these days.

Thinking of you..


Mrs. C said...

Brother Jake, :)
God Bless you, and thank you so much for understanding. Yes indeed Jake, He is so very, very good! It is Jesus who strengthens me, and Im so grateful! Your Prayer is so beautiful, and again this morning, Im in tears at your words! We turn to His Words, which He has written in our hearts…

Philippians 4:6-8
6Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
7And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
8Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

God Bless You Jake! :Big Hug

Mrs. C said...

Dear Sister Ally, :)
Thank you so much! It is sooo good to see you back :) Big Hug Oh boy, “this guy” is walk’n around, in the open, making himself a pillar of his Church. It is awful to say the least. It’s a lonnggg story, but he has lied to the Detective (the Detective new it), lied to his Pastor, the list goes on, and alot of folk dont know about this yet. This is a year of our lives he has stolen, which can never be replaced. He is completely unrepentant, but his day is coming soon, believe me. It is the innocents around him, that breaks my heart to the disappointment they will experience. Most importantly, those he has Witnessed to many,and it just repulses me to the Nth degree what that false Witness will do :( Thank you again for your dinner analogy, LOL. I needed a laugh :) Thank you for your kind words, it is never me, but the Holy Spirit who gets the credit! :)
God Bless You Sis :) Big Hug

Mrs. C said...

Dear G2go, :) Big Hug
YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! LOL I really needed a good laugh! I must confess, as you are my Brothers and Sisters, that your writings, brought the Irish up in me a wee little bit. A little touch of the “flesh”, to the thief “you just wait” , crept in there LOL I really do have to run now, (I keep posting, so as to thank everyone) but I wanted to thank you so much! Your words are so encouraging, and boy do I need it. Ill print your words, and put them on the wall right in front of my desk, for encouragement :) lol
God Bless You G2go! Big Hug

gearedup2go said...

You too Mrs. C! I had hoped it would nudge that funny bone a wee bit. : )

And thank you GG. Keeping all my brothers and sisters in thought and prayer as we approach the end of our bondage to sin.

Expected Imminently said...

Mrs C

Give the devil enough rope and he always hangs himself!

Heavenly Father please shine a light into all the dark and hidden corners to expose ALL the deception. Also that You will weight this mans conscience so severely that he will not be able to rest, by day or by night, until he has admitted his guilt and bends his knee in repentance. In Jesus Name.