Monday, September 26, 2011

Blast destroys Sinai gas pipeline to Israel

This just in from the Jerusalem Post:

Egypt: Blast destroys Sinai gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan

An explosion destroyed an Egyptian pipeline in Sinai that supplies Israel and Jordan with gas on Tuesday, security sources and witnesses said.

The security sources said the explosion happened west of the city of El-Arish. Witnesses said 15-meter high flames could be seen rising from the pipeline. The cause of the blast was not immediately known and there were no immediate reports of casualties.The army surrounded the area and the company operating the pipeline closed it down after the blast, which was heard far away from the scene.

The pipeline is run by Gasco, Egypt's gas transport company which is a subsidiary of the national gas company EGAS.

The pipeline had already been attacked five times since the ouster of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in February.


Robin said...

When will Israel begin using their own natural gas from the huge gas deposits off their coast? Seems rather silly, in light of everything going on, they'd continue relying on it. I'd think too . . .if the Egyptians can't export their natural gas, they're cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Scott said...

I would assume it will be at least a couple of years before the infrastructure is in place? I'm not sure though - and it will probably take a few skirmished, if not outright war with Turkey along the way...

Mrs. C said...

Yes Scott, I agree :) There are many variances to removing and utilizing gas, its not instant. :)
With the speed of which things are happening, I dont believe Israel will even get a chance to tap into it, let alone use it.
By the end of Isaiah 17, it is a high possibility it wont be there for them to use, should God choose to fulfill Ezekiel 25-32 at the end of that war.
As for Turkey, I have to respectfully disagree. :) Again, we look to Gods Word, and He says nothing about Israel warring with Turkey. God knows who Turkey is, He names them, and until the Ezekiel 38 invasion comes, He says nothing of them. Isaiah 17 is next up, and God does not name Turkey as being involved with that war.
However, what He does tell us, is that both Turkey and Iran will be diminished in power by the Ezekiel 38 war. They will be weak tagalongs, followers of Gog, not leaders...
God Bless!

Scott said...

I agree. I was just being snarky towards Turkey :)
I also agree that they won't tap into it due to time constraints and the closeness of the hour for the coming battles etc.