Thursday, September 15, 2011

Earthquakes Update:

Just a quick glance at the earthquake map shows an unusually high number of major quakes over the past 24-48 hours:

Seismic Monitor

6.0 New Zealand
6.2 Japan
6.1 Aleutian Islands
6.0 Cuba region
5.9 Chile
5.3 Indonesia
4.6 Alaska
5.0 Crete
4.4 Crete
4.5 Afghanistan

Planet convulses in spasm of major earthquakes in 14 hour period

An unprecedented planetary seismic convulsion event has occurred with the eruption of four major earthquakes across the planet in a 14-hour period. All the earthquakes were shallow and represent a massive release of seismic tension along tectonic stress points as I warned about on September 9th.

The first earthquake was a shallow, 6.1 event at 1 km depth off the coast of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, the second event was a 6.0 earthquake off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand, the third event was a 6.2 off the northeast coast of Japan near Sendai, and the fourth event was a 6.0 earthquake which struck at a depth of 10 km off the coast of Cuba along the Caribbean plate. This the 14th major earthquake to strike the planet in the month of September and represents an escalation of processes occurring within the planet that is slowing shifting Earth towards a new unpredictable, chaotic paradigm as it’s magnetic field continues to deteriorate.

Additionally ("diverse places"):

USGS reports light earthquake rattles Southern California

Small quake hits Southern Illinois

Weak earthquake recorded in central Alabama


Caver said...

Thanks for the link....somehow, at least for me, words just don't do this subject justice....the maps put it all in perspective. Perspective like a 2 x Twice up side the noggin.

Why, oh why, is it not news?

Oh well, we know why. :sigh

Scott said...

I know what you mean Caver. Only a small group of prophecy watchers seem 'tuned in'.

But don't forget the words spoken to Daniel :

"None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand" (Daniel 12:10)

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks guys for the wise words! Hope everyone has a blessed day in the Lord! We love you Jesus and are so appreciative of your grace and shed blood that washes us clean.

ann marie said...

Today marks 188 days since the Japan EQ- & full moon.

Caver- I'm glad you're enjoying the fuel project videos. I too am amazed at the amount of "satanic" influences that permeate every aspect of our society. I've especially noticed how my own church has recently changed-& after viewing the video on the emerging church I can see this more clearly. Have you heard of "The Story"? Well, the church I attend is giving these away- the first thing I noticed is that the final chapter on the book of Revelation makes no mention of the tribulation - basically chapters 6-18 are omitted.

Caver said...

I haven't heard of that one but I know my reaction....Yell>Scream>Run!

Thanks Ann Marie!

ally said...

Caver-yes run very very fast!
Thank you Jesus for my grandma who 40 some odd years ago pounded Rev. into my head in a gentle and excited way (she was hoping she would live to see Jesus return) Otherwise I surely would not know the TRUTH cuz the churches, most of them at least just aren't teaching it :(
Thanks to Scott and EVERYONE here who is looking up for him, trying to discern the Truth and walk right! Words fail to convey my appreciation and love....
See you really soon I think!

Robin said...

7.2 Earthquake in Fiji a few minutes ago . . .4.2 in Northern California.

Caver said...

Robin, interesting little fact....these are a straight line.
The 7.2 in Fiji
A 3+ in Hawaii
A 4.2 in California

All withing 5 minutes of each other

Then back to the Fiji for a 5+

Someone else, not me, made that association.

Robin said...

I hadn't noticed that, Caver . . .is this one large fault line?

Caver said...

I hadn't thought so Robin....thought it arced down and then back up. The word THOUGHT is the operative word though.:)

This is NOT my field....find it fascinating but not an expert as compared to a few here.