Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Quakes:

The earthquake situation is really becoming interesting and it is most definitely a sign of our times. Additionally, this recent increase is progressive now and one cannot deny the numbers. Just in the last 1/2 day we have seen a number of significant quakes - all since the previous update, only a matter of hours ago:

7.3 Fiji
5.5 Fiji
4.1 Vancouver
4.7 Japan
5.1 China
4.4 Afghanistan

We also have a couple of nice updates from Dutch which may be of interest (I don't like everything he does, but his earthquake updates are solid...if you can get past the intro)

Fourteen 6.0+ magnitude earthquakes in 14 days

7.3 earthquake in Fiji

While we're on the topic of earthquakes, you may find these articles interesting for context.

Earthquakes: What are the long term trends?

Are Earthquakes Increasing?

Jesus informed us that earthquakes would be a sign of our times.



DrNofog said...

Scott & all,

As previously mentioned here, Dutchsinse has been under assault again, and the link I provided is no longer valid as his site has been hacked, his archives destroyed, and he has had to create a new site with his 'name' reversed.

His new site can be found here:
Starting all over…

It should be more than obvious that he was unnerving the PTB, as the last thing he was working on and showing were the number of "companies" and Gubmint fronts that have developed, and are involved in using HAARP, the patent descriptions of how it actually works, both in the atmosphere and DEEP UNDERGROUND [ie. 'they' have been creating EQs!!

He really is in need of your prayers; 1st for salvation, and 2nd, that he can continue to get the truth out.

ally said...

Doc No Fog-yes Dutch is under attack and it is very sad. We are watching the free speach in America be destroyed and it is pretty much gone. The police no longer need a warrant to enter your home and being a christian or liking a third party candidate puts you on the tear or ist list. I can't see us being allowed to continue on here even much longer (no, not the rapture, but the blog)
Unlike most of the people who somehow think we are going to fly away without a morsel of trouble first...I believe we are going to see some wild stuff before we leave. Example-think of world war 2 and nazi germany-pretty ugly stuff and that was way before the time clock could even restart for prophecy due to the non exsistance of Israel at that time. And most Americans were really believers then.
I want to be prepared psychologically if we don't get sucked up in Sept or Nov or whenever he chooses because I want to keep my faith and I might struggle with that if I think we are leaving and we don't right away.
Pray hard before the vote comes and call your congressman and let them know where you stand. The white house too.
I'd rather deal with pissed off muslims than the hand of God on us. Lord have mercy on us! Literally
Love you all. He is coming soon so keep looking up!