Friday, September 16, 2011

Soros: Embrace Mass Centralization of Power in Europe

So once again, we see Mr Soros in the news as he isn't satisfied with the destruction of America and our economic system, or the world's economic system for that matter. Now he pushes for an EU communistic style of government - based upon complete central control and complete loss of nation's sovereignty - and none of this should be surprising.

Soros: Embrace Mass Centralization of Power in Europe or Face Another Great Depression

Billionaire globalist George Soros says that the world will face a second Great Depression unless leaders in Europe come together in a closer political union to push through bold new policies, including the creation of a European Treasury.

Soros argues that further integration in Europe is the only way to prevent catastrophic financial meltdown.

“There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow.” Soros writes.

In other words “The European banking system would be recapitalized and put under European-, as distinct from national-, supervision” he writes.

And as usual when following such individuals as Soros, the 'devil is in the details' - and below we see one enormous bolus of "detail":

Adding that such a move would require a new European Union treaty, Soros states “That is the only way to forestall a possible financial meltdown and another Great Depression.”

Ahhhh....Of course. A new "European Treaty". I wonder what else he may have in mind for a new treaty?
It would promise to contain much more than financial details.

And below we see the same mantra repeated over and over: "More central control".

Yesterday, the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso echoed the same sentiments as Soros, insisting that the economic crisis has turned into a “fight for European integration,” and calling for ” a new, unifying impulse” and “a new federalist moment”.

“Economic and monetary union cannot function properly only on the basis of decisions taken by unanimity.” Barroso said, suggesting that the Commission and the EU should have full authority over the governments of member states to enforce rules via the EU “Community method”.

The bottom line:

George Soros, along with the elite old guard in Europe, has been pushing the same agenda for some time now, calling for greater global financial regulation and further integration within the European Union.

On a speaking tour of Europe promoting the European Council on Foreign Relations last year, Soros told the elite Traveller’s Club. “The idea that markets can correct their excesses turned out to be false.”, adding that “The world does need order, and that order needs maintenance.”

Soros also spoke of a need for Europe to defend it’s single currency and re-order its financial structure “across borders”. He said the EU should be granted the power to “supervise and protect the banking system”

Close to eighteen months ago, at the height of the unprecedented €750bn EU bailout, we highlighted the fact that financial experts and economists were adamant that the rescue of the Euro represented another step on the road toward a monolithic globalist federal union, a mass centralization of power in Europe.

And finally:

The sovereign nation state as viable economic entity is being jettisoned in favour of a vastly empowered European Central Bank and European Union.

This is a classic case of problem, reaction, solution – the very same European powerbrokers that brought us a major crisis, via enforced destabilizing monetary integration, are now offering up the final piece of the jigsaw, full integration as a means of stabilization.

When this 'crisis' first hit, we wondered if this would lead to a break-up of the union, or the opposite - more centralized control and more centralized power, with draconian losses in their nation's sovereignty. We may be getting the answer to that question.

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