Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Vice Tightens Around Israel

When Zechariah described how "the nations" will be gathered against Israel in the last days, he sure knew what he was talking about. You can't go a single day in the news cycle now without seeing more and more evidence of this fact, and today is no different.

From Iran:

"UN will release 'tough report' on Iran nuke program"

The UN's nuclear watchdog will once again highlight concern about possible military aspects to Iran's nuclear activities in its latest quarterly report, due to be submitted to member states in the next few days, diplomats said they believed.

Of course, if you are a prophecy watcher, this news should be met with a big "duh!", but for the rest of the world this could be news. Additionally, the IAEA is typically very reserved in their comments, but over the past 12-18 months, even they have been openly declaring Iran's military intentions.

The UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) -- tasked with ensuring that nuclear technology is not diverted for military aims -- has repeatedly complained about Iran's lack of cooperation over allegations of military-linked nuclear work.

Nuclear Watchdog Dismisses Tehran's 'Charm Offensive'

In previous reports, the IAEA complained Tehran refused to provide prompt access to sites, equipment, documents and people relevant for its probe. It also reported Iran had sought nuclear technologies unique to "implosion devices" - nuclear weapons more advanced than the bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) -- tasked with ensuring that nuclear technology is not diverted for military aims -- has repeatedly complained about Iran's lack of cooperation over allegations of military-linked nuclear work.

And from the south of Israel we see this:

Egypt is Remilitarizing Sinai

It’s 1936 all over again, and Egypt is Germany, and the Sinai Desert is the Rhineland which is being remilitarised. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Egypt has already begun to remilitarise the Sinai Desert, and Israel has either quietly ignored this or actively acceded. As a post-Mubarak Egypt becomes progressively less committed to the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, this Egyptian remilitarisation of the Sinai will inevitably become ever more extensive. And if Egypt falls to radical Islam – a fate that is almost inevitable given the strength and mass popularity of the Moslem Brotherhood – Egyptian remilitarisation will no longer be a question of if, but only when.

And as additionally Al Qaeda and other Islamist terror organisations consolidate their military capacity in the Sinai Desert, manoeuvring there with ever-increasing independence, the dilemma which Israel will face in the next few months is already clear: which poses a greater threat to her security – unrestrained Islamist cells on Israel’s south-western border, or the Egyptian Army?

From the north of Israel:

Turkey Gives Israel 24 Hours to Apologize

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu gave the Jewish state 24 hours Thursday to apologize for the killing of Turkish activists who attacked its soldiers on the Mavi Marmara last year. Otherwise, he warned, his country would take diplomatic steps against Israel.

Keep in mind, these are the very same flotillas which, as Israeli soldiers boarded - without weapons (well, ok, they did have rubber bullets), they were brutally beated and stabbed - one soldier was thrown overboard after having been stabbed multiple times. It was well-organized and well planned. And now Turkey expects Israel to apologize. Only in Bizarro World.

"Turkey will place sanctions that are well-known to Israel and other international elements," he warned. "If Israel does not apologize, we will begin to implement Plan B." This plan calls for the downgrading of diplomatic relations between the countries and "lawfare" against Israel in the world's courtrooms.

Turkey is part of the Gog-MaGog coalition who will invade Israel, so this shouldn't be a surprise.

From the west of Israel:

'Missile Threat Not About to End'

Rocket attacks on southern Israel launched by Gaza-based terrorists aren't going to end anytime in the near future, warned Home Front Command chief Matan Vilna'i soberly.

Speaking at a ceremony to install 50 mobile protective bomb shelters near schools in Ofakim, Vilna'i was quoted by the Hebrew-language Ma'ariv newspaper as saying, “The missile threat is not about to end in the next two years – so in addition to activity against terrorists, the Treasury should continue to finance these protective chambers in the south.”

Each circular concrete shelter can accommodate up to 18 people for short periods of time.

Although Ofakim is receiving protection for children as they begin the school year, the same cannot be said for elementary schools in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council district.

Council director Yair Farjoun told Arutz Sheva in an interview Tuesday that although the two largest schools in the region are now fortified against missile strikes, many other schools and day care centers are not.

Read the above paragraphs carefully. Israel now has to build bunkers in order to protect their school children from missile attacks.

What other country has to live like this?

Meanwhile, they are expected to give up vast amounts of (more) land to appease the same people who are openly sworn to destroy them.

Only in Bizarro World. Our world, as we approach the Tribulation.


Tasarwen said...

Thanks for all of this, Scott. I am constantly amazed that the Arabs lust over such a small strip of land and just won't leave the Jewish folk alone. It's got to be supernatural.

Scott said...

It sure is - absolutely, 100% supernatural. There is no other explanation IMO

Paula said...

Off topic:

Got this message from my brother on Facebook:

Mom update - her leg is looking mmuuuuccchhh better, but to be safe she'll still be getting IV antibiotics for at least another week. She still is having trouble with her appetite though and doctor ordered an upper GI.

I'm sure she's not looking forward to another procedure, but after open-heart I'm sure it won't seem so bad. Thank you again for your prayers!

GG said...


That is wonderful news. :) Quite a walk you and your family have had. My prayers and thoughts are with you always.

God Bless!!


Scott said...

Paula- thats so great to hear!

Robin said...

Looks like anti-Israeli protests on this first day of September are setting in:


Caver said...

Paula, more prayer your Mom's way.

Just amazing watching this unfold....just amazing.

Thanks Mr. Scott!!!!

Paula said...

Thanks everyone! :-D

I so hope this month is "it", too!

Dylan said...

Paula, that's great news!

Dylan said...

Oh I forgot. It's September now! This should be interesting

Scott said...

Yep, its officially here. Fasten your seatbelts, from now through fall should be interesting to say the least

Caver said...

CB....I watched the entire teaching you referenced at

Just much research from a pastor, and just jaw dropping astonishing.

Thank you!

Highly recommended to all interested in Elenin, what else is with it, when, and so much "end times" related stuff and scripture to make you really sit up and take notes and notice.

WVBORN56 said...

Oh, you're right..September is here! I just got butterflies in my stomach...I wonder what will be the most significant prophetic event of the month?

_____more stage setting signs

_____Isaiah 17 Damascus

_____Psalm 83 war/prayer

_____Ezekiel 38-39


_____none of the above

_____all the above

If we see any or all I will not be surprised. I think we are that close to the groom coming for His bride.

Keep watching even if we go into October and November...Jesus will come!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Caver. Glad to find you find it informative. God bless!


Scott said...


I'd say more stage setting, but ramped up several-fold.

I also would not be surprised to see the set-up for some big events to come months later such as Psa83/Isa 17

Jec said...

Paula, thank you so much for the update! You and your family are in my prayers. here! And now its 2011! Every September seems to get us all riled up. From as far back as 2007 I can remember how I wrote all my family and friends a 12 page letter (typed) thinking that this is it! Good thing I didn't date set! It is so clear to me....:

"The Annapolis Conference was a Middle East peace conference held on November 27, 2007, at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. The conference marked the first time a two-state solution was articulated as the mutually agreed-upon outline for addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".

Its now going on four years since that with many more pieces to the prophetic puzzle that fit perfectly in place! 2011 seems to be so much different than at any time before. I really do have to bite my tongue to keep from saying to my family & friends (btw..I'm crying and typing...while driving....whoops-scratch that!..... down the highway!) that this month is it!

Ok, I'm safely in a restaurant now in Boulder CO getting ready to eat.

The couple next to their 20's and me....well about 30 yrs older. The waitress told them "we don't take credit cards" and his significant other pushed the tab back over to him. I reached over at that time and grabbed the tab, and said "I'll get it". They were in shock! We started a conversation of small talk. ie: school, work, where we all came from. (Wow, the things we can do to open up a conversation! And I am so shy!) Anyway, I told them I have something to send them, handed them a business card and asked for them to contact me. They asked what it was I wanted to send them. I told them that I have something religious to send them and that the people living in Boulder has 100,000 different ways to truth. They agreed. Hopefully they will email me with an address.

I intent to send them the new "The Coming Global Transformation" by Jim Tetlow. Amazing cd! Ordered it from olive tree ministries. You can listen for free if you go to his website. Its great for atheists and agnostics. It will change peoples world view (I hope)!

Anyway, I have a few prayer requests:

Wife's mother got sent home after the doctors said they suspect ovarian cancer, but they could not find the ovaries!

Hopefully will be meeting my 3 year old grandson soon and my daughter after a long 4 years of rejection!

Other daughter has been in jail since about the end of June and won't get out till Oct 3rd. Lots of positive things coming from her. She's quoting scripture to us now!

I'm getting heat from extended family about letting my wife go visit her mom, when she is too weak to travel herself and has issues with her heart.

Too many issues, please pray a generic pray for me. ThAnks in advance.

GG said...

Hi Jec~

Thank you for sharing what you have going on. You bet, I will enact those prayers quickly. We are so close. Soon enough this all shall be behind us as we move on with our Heavenly Father to share in the new opportunities he has in store for us.

I think that is wonderful, the opportunity you took with that couple. God Bless you and I will pray for you and them as well. I hope this connection is the most powerful, most God serving,the most life changing and wonderous opportunity used to the fullest to glorify God :)

God Bless!!


Caver said...

Jec, prayers here also Brother.

WVBORN56 said...

Lord I pray you would undertake on behalf of JEC. You know his needs better than even he knows. We would ask that you pour out your love and blessing on him and his family. Thanks in advance for all your plan to do. In Jesus name we ask, Amen.

DrNofog said...

I finally made/took the time to watch the whole thing [1.5hrs] and, like Caver said, wow!

I had seen bits and pieces elsewhere of where he got some of his stuff, but he compiled it all very well.

What impressed me was that he was up to speed on the Illuminati, Albert Pike, and especially how 'they' like to use Hollywood to 'telegraph' what they're planning for us [very rare for pastors, deacons, & elders as they like to lift the bill of my hat looking for a 3rd eye when I tell of such forbidden knowledge...].

I had the rare opportunity in 1998 to actually get thru to Michael Savage while he was still local on KSFO just before he went national in 99. I got to explain how the Illuminati puppet-masters are so brazen and confident that their NWO is all but an unstoppable, done deal, that they actually flaunt their plans thru Hollywood movies like "Siege" [Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington 1998] and, of course, it won't be the Muslims they round, it'll be the "real" domestic terrorists -> Christians and Patriots.

And while I was nosing around yesterday on youtube trying to find the other Elenin & Rev. Ch12 vid that I had seen a few days ago, not knowing y'all were on the new month, before I had my usual monthly epiphany [that someone wuz sposed to remind me...], I 'just happened' to run across this:

News Alert: This September - The New World Order is Showing You how They Plan to Kill You

What a world of amazing coincidences!!

DrNofog said...

Just a thot I had last nite in reflecting on some points the pastor made about Elenin:

Amid the unconfirmed "reports" and rumors that Elenin has broken up [no clear photo proof yet], there is a vid showing a huge capacitance discharge from Jupiter zapping Elenin and alledgedly altering its path...["Did A Massive Explosion "DISINTEGRATE" Comet ELEnin?"], since bodies moving thru the interstellar plasma do carry a charge...

One of the other points was its makeup of HCN [Hydrogen cyanide], which is a faint blue in appearance.

IF Elenin actually does have a relatively small coma, and IF it is breaking up, and IF the chunks start spreading apart enough, WHEN it passes between the Earth and the sun the gasious cloud surrounding the overall diameter of the spread out coma may very well be like the diameter of Jupiter and it may very well 'light up' as a huge blue planet [Hopi prophecy] blocking out the sun for a couple of dayzzzz... [Sorry, Chemistry bored me and I dozzzz...]

Where was I? Oh yeah.

It would be nice to think it's 'revelatory insight' of things moving along as predicted rather than mere speculation that popped into my head but I'm not speaking 'Ex Cathedra' about anything [just yet]...

GG said...

Hi Doc~

That conversion from August to September pulled a fast one on you :) You are usually so fast to find things in past posts.

BTW - I laughed when I read one of your past comments on friends in high places :) I liked that one.


Caver said...

Dr No, there was only one problem with the Jupiter/Elenin/discharge scenario. Another You Tube went to the JPL star map and showed that for that date and time Jupiter was on the same side of Elenin as the sun....not the opposite side as stated in the video.

I didn't verify either.

One other plausible theory being floated is that nothing about Elenin broke up....what we are seeing is the charged/uncharged portion following the capacitor discharge until it recharges.

Interesting, for sure.

WVBORN56 said...

Jec said,
"The Annapolis Conference was a Middle East peace conference held on November 27, 2007, at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. The conference marked the first time a two-state solution was articulated as the mutually agreed-upon outline for addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".

Jec that conference "accidently" is what got me started searching in a significant way into end time biblical prophecy.

I prayed a prayer in an Elder meeting along the lines of stopping President Bush from dividing the land of Israel or splitting Jerusalem. I instinctively new that was wrong and that was what that conference was designed to do.

Well an associate Pastor at our church e-mailed me and every other elder at the time on our board informing us that I had prayed the first prayer ever that he could not agree with. Of course I was shocked but it started me on a quest to know much more in depth what I believed about end times and why I believed what I did.

I am pretty sure he embraces "Reformed" and Replacement theologies. I had little knowledge at the time what any of that was...Just about everyone else at our church is pre-trib

It has been an interesting journey and I can see the hand of the Lord in the whole process. God is amazingly good!

Thank you Lord for leading me here and other similar places, over this time period in this whole process, to draw closer to you!

Tasarwen said...

My hubby and I just finished watching that entire video. Amazing! Just amazing! How can I go out into the garden and pull weeds after that? LOL! Does this mean I can go get a piece of cheese cake?