Friday, September 2, 2011

Earthquakes in the News (again):

It looks like we may be experiencing yet another phase of increasing earthquakes:

7.1 quake hits off Alaska

Federal officials have issued a tsunami warning for parts of Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and the California-Mexico border after a large 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska Friday morning.

The quake hit about 22 miles underwater near the Fox and Aleutian Islands at around 1:55 a.m. Alaska time.

Dutch reports on Alaska Quake

Downgraded to a 6.8:

Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Strikes Alaska's Aleutian Islands

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Alaska's Aleutian Islands at 6:55 a.m. EST on Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
Friday's earthquake is 10 times bigger and nearly 32 times stronger than the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that struck Mineral, Va., two weeks ago, according to a USGS calculator. That quake, felt along the East Coast, caused mostly minor damage.

A quick look at the Seismic Monitor reveals quakes in some interesting places:

4.7 Utah (U.S.)
6.4 Argentina
4.8 Peru-Ecuador border
4.3 Iran
4.7 Turkmenistan
4.7 Kuril Islands
5.1 Indonesia
4.8 New Guinea
4.7 Sumatera
4.3 Alaska


That adds to the previously seen quakes in the U.S. in Virginia and Colorado.

Earthquakes are definitely a "story" right now.

Also see:

Rain-packed Tropical Storm Lee forms off U.S. Gulf

Meanwhile, the East Coast keeps one eye on Katia as it moves eastward towards the U.S. coast.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

With all of today's earthquake activity, there's also this interesting video I bumped into today -- that Elenin is still coming, despite reports of its 8/31/2011 destruction.
The video was uploaded yesterday on 9/1/2011.

The Lord continues to work His plan despite the New Agers rejoicing over Elenin "being no more."

At its most basic spiritual level, the rejoicing of the New Agers is just their vain subconscious hope that Jesus is not really coming.

Yet the Apostle Paul had the exact answer to such worldly rejoicing: 1 Thessalonians 5:3-7.

What we Christians forget is that the deceivers who come against us -- including the "Head Deceiver" himself -- deceive also themselves. 2 Timothy 3:13.

It's just written, including Isaiah 54:17 & Luke 10:18-20. (Two Scriptures, among others I'm sure we're going to have to deploy -- while we're in this process of "going up the ramp to the Ark.") :)

God bless.


Scott said...

Thanks for that video CB - very interesting and very germane - and I believe it is very much intact, whatever it is.

gearedup2go said...

CB~that second video cracked me up with "all of you light workers" and "switch over our intentions and help get rid of Monsanto." : P

A bit of cousin worked with one of the space engineers who was removed from his home in the middle of the night and brought to an undisclosed location. His instructions were to bring home Apollo 13. Upon completing the daunting task, he retired and moved shortly thereafter.

DrNofog said...

If you listen carefully, you can also hear the wind whistling thru the ears of the blonde airhead... No, wait. that was redundant!

It would be absolutely hilarious except that it's so sad to see how deceived the New Agers are ... and they're in for a rude shock since it appears to be whole and still on its way [I haven't seen any confirmation of Elenin's 'break-up'].

On the contrary, I found this:

20110826 Comet Elenin like I never seen before. Ha, I, and Luminance filter Composite PT1


Comet Elenin pictures September 2, 2011 See Comet Elenin's Nucleus Intact

Also, here's a short alternate version of what that pastor had included that I had seen a day earlier:

ELENIN & Prophecy 'Fulfills' Revelation Ch.12 on 9-29-11
...the woman is an image of Israel, the Tribulation is also known as Jacob's Trouble, and the child from Israel, who will rule with the rod, is Christ with His body, the church complete, who is caught up to be hidden til the 2nd Advent.

Scott said...

Very interesting video links DrNo....Watching the first one now - and he is talking about the presence of hydrogen. We had just seen the other video talking about hydrogen cyanide...hmmm

Caver said...

Fascinating Dr NO. This appears one more weight in the scales of decision saying that Elenin was NOT destroyed. It may have been diminished in some way, possibly even in electrical (capacitor charge) but nothing that isn't still serious and worthy of tracking and being concerned with. And NASA maintains its silence.......

Thank you for the link!

DrNofog said...

More info on Elenin:

ELENIN Disintegrating is Complete DIS INFO!!!

This guy shows the perspective view of Stereo B behind us, steps it thru the days and show that the alleged flash from Jupiter is actually just a lens flash and the apparent change of direction is due to Elenin rising up thru the orbit plane of Stereo B...

It's still on track!

DrNofog said...

I find it interesting that a number of Christians have noticed the "connection" of Elenin, Virgo, & Rev.12 and have made similar vids, and I think it's timing is more than all 'coincidences' with all the attending 'suspicious' activities of the gubmint at this particular time in His-story...

I have my own 'hunch' that this is one, maybe "THE Final Sign" in the Heavens to the world before the End of the Age & Rapture [not taking away from imminency as it can happen any sec!]...

I know there is the discussion of 'date-setting' on the other article, but I am commenting here 'cause it's related to the Elenin thing on 9.29.11, and unless someone has proof positive that Elenin won't make its rendezvous with 'destiny', I speculate that God's not going to let anything happen to it.

As to the 29th when the Virgin gives birth to the Morning Star and He is caught up, I won't say that that is, or isn't the day of the Rapture 'cuz no one can know.

But I sorta like to view it as something like the movie "Independence Day" where, instead of space ships, the Lord comes into the neighborhood and the countdown starts as He begins positioning His Angels in holding patterns over the earth awaiting the Trumpet to begin the gathering of His Body...

[DrNofog has a sly grin as he pours out his can-o-worms...]

Scott said...

Many thanks for the links DrNo - they are very helpful

Additionally, the so-called weaking of Elenin would be expected based on its relative position to the Sun which makes it very difficult to "see" even with telescopes. That is an important point...My understanding is, we shouldn't be expected to see it now until late Sept