Friday, September 30, 2011

Escalation Between Turkey and Israel

It is becoming obvious that control over the gas and oil finds in the Mediterranean will lead to trouble:

Report: IAF Jets Circling Turkish Ships

Aerial incident above the Mediterranean?

A crew onboard a Turkish exploration ship searching for gas reservoirs near Cyprus claimed that two Israeli aircraft and a helicopter circled above them on Thursday night,

According to a report published Friday in the Turkish newspaper Watan Daily, two F-15 jets passed through Cyprus' Greek and Turkish airspace and approached the Turkish coastline, while ignoring air controllers' warnings in north Cyprus, which is considered a Turkish territory.

The report, which was featured on the paper's front page, also claimed that the jets retreated only after Turkey dispatched two F-16 planes.

Earlier this week, Turkey unveiled its first domestically developed and produced battleship.

Last week, Erdogan Addressed the Greek Cypriot administration's exploratory drilling in the eastern Mediterranean and said that what Israel and southern Cyprus embarked upon was insanity.

Israel scrambles IAF warplanes toward Turkish ship

The report added that the warplanes approached the Turkish ship despite incessant warnings by forces in Turkish Cyprus, according to which the planes had breached the territory's airspace.

Ultimately, the report indicated, Turkey launched two F-16 fighters to track the Israeli planes, at which point the IAF fighter jets returned to Israeli airspace.

In addition, the report claimed that an IAF helicopter hovered over the ship, Piri Reis, while the ship was in the Aphrodite gas field off Cyprus' southern coast and near to the larger Leviathan natural gas field.

This action represents a significant increase in tensions in the region.

Also in the news:

Palestinians press Security Council members to back UN statehood bid

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is due to leave for Colombia next week, in an attempt to convince officials in the South American nation to support a bid for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations Security Council.

A Palestinian official speaking with Haaretz on Friday, said that "within the Security Council there are nine nations who had already recognized a Palestinian state, so the Palestinians expect those countries to support the [UN] proposal too."

Haaretz has also learned that the Arab states have been pressuring Bosnia by threatening not to support a recognition of Kosovo's independence if Bosnia failed to back the Palestinian bid at the UNSC.

Bosnia and Colombia are both temporary members of the UNSC, making them crucial in the Palestinian bid to gain full recognition as an independent state in the Security Council.

Islam's History of Forced Conversions

Consider the issue of forced conversion in Islam, a phenomenon that has a long history with ample precedents. Indeed, from its inception, most of those who embraced Islam did so under duress, beginning with the Ridda wars and during the age of conquests, and to escape dhimmi status. This is a simple fact.

Yet, when one examines today’s cases of forced conversions with those from centuries past, identical patterns emerge, demonstrating great continuity. Consider:

Days ago in Pakistan, two Christian men were severely beaten with iron rods and left for dead by a group of Muslims, simply because they refused to convert to Islam.

According to Compass Direct News, they were returning from a church service when they were accosted by six Muslims. After they discovered they were Christian, the Muslims:

then started questioning them about their faith and later tried to force them to recite the Kalma [Islamic conversion creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger”] and become Muslims, telling them that this was the only way they could live peacefully in the city.

They also offered monetary incentives and “protection” to Ishfaq and Naeem [the Christians], but the two refused to renounce Christianity.

“After cajoling the two Christians for some time,” the Muslims pretended to go away, only to ram their car into the Christians:

“The Muslims [then] got out of the car armed with iron rods and attacked Ishfaq and Naeem, shouting that they should either recite the Kalma or be prepared to die…severely beating[ing] the two Christians, fracturing Ishfaq Munawar’s jaw and breaking five teeth, and seriously injuring Masih…. [T]he two Christians fell unconscious, and the young Muslim men left assuming they had killed them.”

After citing similar stories from the past and noting the similarities, we see this:

Now, consider the near identical patterns in the two accounts, separated by half a millennium:

- The Muslims first begin by talking to the Christians about their religion, suggesting they convert to Islam.

- Failing to persuade the Christians, the Muslims proceed to “cajole” and offer “monetary incentives and protection” (in the modern case) and “flatter” and offer “many honors and much glory” (in the historic case). All that the Christians need do is speak some words, the Kalma, and become Muslim.

- When the Christians still refuse, the Muslims fly into a savage rage, beating and torturing their victims to death (in the modern case, the Muslims assumed they had killed their victims).

How about some (sarcasm based) humor to end this news update today?

The Ongoing Occupation of America


Seth said...

Anyone hear anything about that asteroid that's supposed to be close to us today?

WVBORN56 said...

"severely beating[ing] the two Christians, fracturing Ishfaq Munawar’s jaw and breaking five teeth, and seriously injuring Masih…. [T]he two Christians fell unconscious, and the young Muslim men left assuming they had killed them.”

Lord I lift up my two brothers in prayer and thank you for their strong faith. Forgive us for our foolishness and weakness as we take so much for granted in our comforts here. Help us in America to shine for Christ like these two brothers. Please continue to bless them, protect them and heal them from their injuries. We look forward to meeting them and the countless millions who have been persecuted for their faith in the true and living God. In Jesus name we ask, Amen.

Caver said...

AMEN! and Amen.

Waterer said...

Amen Lord. ANd please Father strengthen the faith and hope of the Iranian believer facing charges and death. We lift up his relatives and other believers in his fellowship. Have mercy Oh Lord on them all.

WVBORN56 said...

Well if we are seeing the coalition for Gog-magog coming together how close are we to the rapture? We know this war follows Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 and my opinion is we (church) are not here for the Ezekiel war. Once things start they may develop very quickly. Again it is my belief that we will not be hear to witness much of the two biblical wars and certainly not the world global economy/government we read about in Revelation 6 also developing quickly.

The primary reasons I think the rapture comes first is Jesus says he comes back as a thief in the night. (indicating surprise) and He will come back as in the days of Noah when people are eating and drinking and giving in marriage. (indicating business as usual)

So we are seeing Turkey, Russia and Iran all in the news and it is now appearing that the big deposits very well could be the hook in the jaw! It apparently has Turkey nibbling on the bait already.

This deserves our very close attention. This to me is very big news! Wow!

I'm guesssing soon after the UN vote I think the inner circle of countries will attack (Isaiah 17) soon followed up by the outer cicle of countries (Ezekeil 38-39).

We could be very close girls and guys! See ya'll soon, Lord willing. :)

Anonymous said...

IT is STILL time to be patient and wait. Still no sign of the AC being
revealed. I believe he will come out of the UFM, I have always believed that.

Currently, Amrani is Secretary General there.

Having taken power the SAME DAY that the 10 kings were set up by
WEU, 01 JULY 2011.....

PLEASE TRY not to forget that date.
01 JUL 2011

It is very important for the future.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

BTW, stocks are selling OFF again.

Scott said...


I completely agree.

Stephen....What are we going to do with you?
(just kidding...I'm getting to where I wouldn't know what to do w/o your standard >>>>>>>>>
and ongoing search for the AC.

I'm guessing that DrNo will break with protocol in heaven and stop by and say "I told you so Stephen!" (even though I don't think such comments will be 'allowed' - I'm guessing DrNo will still say something to that effect while the rest of us observe appropriate protocol.....We'll see :)

Seth said...

Well, it looks like the Feast of Trumpets theory is out the window... at least for this year. Obviously we don't know, but I just can't imagine it being an entire year more of waiting, at least I hope not.

Quick prayer request. My wife has been having GI issues, sometimes so severe that she's considered going to the ER. She's getting a GI scope on Tuesday, so just pray that they'll find what's wrong and be able to treat it. Oddly, I've started developing symptoms of a stomach ulcer over the past week, and it's starting to get a little stressful. Thanks everyone. Hopefully soon we'll have glorified bodies and we won't have to worry about this stuff anymore. =)

DrNofog said...

Did we miss the Rapture?? it really postie-trib?!?
No AC yet... except for the 4 spark plugs I jest pulled outta my engine. I 'm switching to Bosch...

Scott said...

but DrNo - We want to know if you will indeed break with standard heaven protocol and be the dreaded "I told you so" once in heaven?????

Tasarwen said...

No AC? Good grief, my AC turned on a couple of hours ago. It would have been a very hot summer without it. ;)

Scott said...

Ok, thats a good one Tas ! :)
But don't remind me. I had to replace my entire hearing and air $ystem thi$ and it wa$ expen$ive.....:(

Scott said...

summer....left that word out....

Alice said...

Seth, I will keep your wife in my prayers! Fwiw, probiotics have done wonders for members of my family who suffer from GI issues. I also make my own home made yogurt for the beneficial probiotics (4 times more than store-bought yogurt!). It has made ALL the difference!

I, too, feel a bit deflated (understatement) that the Feast of Trumpets has passed without event. I can't imagine waiting another year, either. For this reason, I will now hang my hat on the opinions of those theologians who do NOT believe the rapture will occur on one of the feasts! ...At least until this time next year! ;)

Brad said...

Don't be discouraged about the Feast of Trumpets.....there is indeed MUCH going on in the stars over these 10 days of awe before Yom Kippur. Rob does a great job at showing how the story of our redemption is currently being played out in the sky. Elenin was simply a GREAT TRUMPET that brought our attention to the sky on the Feast of we can watch the stars over the next 10 days to see our story unfold.

DrNofog said...

Scott said... "...I had to replace my entire "hearing" and air $ystem..."

Noooo!! Please Scott, don't tell me yer finally admitting yer blonde, an' that wuz to stop the whistling noise...

DrNofog said...

Dylam, See how easy that wuz!!
It wuz right there, begging... just begging!!

PS. Scott, does this qualify as "contributing to the delinquency of a minor"??
--Just wanting to know if I'm in trouble wif "da Law" now...

Mrs. C said...

Brother WV- Amen to your Prayer for our Brothers!
Yes indeed, by the end of Ezekiel 38-39, we the Church will be gone!
It will be the end of the Church Age, as the Church and Gods People are mutually exclusive to Him. The Isaiah 17 war, that God clearly allows great suffering of His People to bring them to their knees, is the beginning of Gods return to His People, and Ezekiel 38-39 is His fully restoring His Covenant with His People. We the Church are gone.
Even unto Judgment, Gods People are separate, as Jesus tells us...
Matthew 19:28
28.And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

God Bless! :)

Mrs. C said...

I was very Blessed to first learn of the Jewish Feasts from the teachings of Zola Levitt, at the beginning of my walk with the Lord.:)
It has been decades, since I learned of these Feasts, and I still have a very special feeling this time of year with Rosh Hashanah.
Until Zola went to be with the Lord unexpectedly 5 years ago, he too was hoping the Lord would come for us on Rosh Hashanah. But Zola also emphasized, that the Rapture most likely would not happen on any date set on this earth by man.
The reason being he explained, was that the truth is the Jewish calendar is incorrect. It has been changed many times by Rabbis over the centuries. Knowing this, we truly will not know the day or the hour as Jesus said.
There is absolutely no question that Jesus will indeed fulfill the Rosh Hashanah- Feast of Trumpets, but it will be on Gods time table, not any date set by man.
Take good heart Brothers and Sisters! We are close! Israel is the main key, and from what we are so privilege to be Witnessing right now, it wont be long before He comes for us! When will Jesus our awesome Bridegroom come for us?
At a time we think not...
God Bless You All! :)Big Hug!

WVBORN56 said...

Alice very interested in the home made yogurt? I started using probiotics (three-lac) 5-6 years ago and it was a wonderful answer to prayer. I had amazing positive improvement! Seth they are most definitely worth a try! Sending up a prayer for you and your wife.

Scott said...

Sheeesh...ANd I thought I was preventing DrNo from finding an error ewhen I went back and added "Summer" and he finds another typo.....I'm really really losing my touch.....Must be old age...

Scott said...

Mrs C - I agree with all of your comments. Especially regarding our not being here for Gog-MaGog. And we are indeed so so very close.

DrNofog said...

Brad said... "...Rob does a great job at"

I would seriously hafta down-grade him from 'fair to poor', not great, as he shows a lot of interesting parallels, but he gets seriously muddled in his theology as to how & where he is going with it, since he doesn't believe/understand the PTR POV.

And I can't tell from this one 'teaching' whether he is confusing the Church with Israel, or as part of Israel [AKA British Israelism] or is confused about the nature of the Church being made up of *both* Gentile and Jewish believers, in making this statement:

"...a pre-trib rapture of the gentile Christian church happens (which is a non-biblical teaching)..."

But he is definitely streeeeetching the Joseph/Goshen/world-wide famine thing to put us all in the 1st yr or 2 of the Time of Jacob's Trouble!

In order for Rob to mash end-time events into the Genesis/Joseph story, he has to diddle with the time-line of Rev. and claim:

"...This process of events cannot be understood from the Book of Revelation, which is not written in a linear sequence of unfolding events, but can only be understaood from the prophetic narratives in the Torah – Joseph and the entrance of Jacob into Goshen..."

I don't know if you missed it awhile back, but C.B. gave this link on "Comet Elenin Nibiru Planet X & The Day of the LORD", but it's worth taking the time [1.5hrs] to go thru the whole thing.

Whereas Rob roundly condemns and discards any & everything from pagan cultures:

"...several commentaries when for example people identify Saturn as the Dragon, which originates from the Roman Christian and ancient pagan perspectives..."

The pastor in the vid makes mention of the Mayan prophecies, with the caution of discernment, and points out that the demons & their human followers do know some things about prophecy and the "appointed times", where the demons questioned Jesus as to whether He was about to deal with them *before* the "appointed time".

Additionally, we know that all cultures have records, albeit distorted and fanciful, of the Flood & the confusing of the languages at Babel.

Also, Rob deliberately distorts the man child, Christ, in Rev.12 as being Israel by claiming:

"...these signs proclaim the time of the birth of YHVH's end time manchild is imminent - which is the remnant of the redeemed House of Jacob..."

...Just some observations... [and let the debates begin!]