Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The True Agenda

The truth has become very elusive here in the last days, and when it is exposed, the MSM and most people simply ignore it.

Iranian Ambassador: U.N. Vote On Palestinian Statehood Is A 'Step Towards Wiping Out Israel'

And this is no secret. We have read this same headline over and over, but somehow it continues to be ignored as the world (aka "the nations") continue to push for a "PA State". It could only happen to Israel.

Mojtaba Amani, Iran’s ambassador to Egypt, openly conceded in an interview with Al-Watan al-Arabi, that the PA’s push for full membership as a UN member state “is a step towards wiping out Israel,“ and that ”the Palestinians must follow a correct example and complete all the measures to prevent the Zionist Entity from depriving them their rights.”

The article below gives much more detail - More "truths" as it were:

The End of Palestine

In the spring of 1964...the Arab League convened to try and find a way to complete the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel.

They had tried it once before in 1948, with incomplete results. Back then, the Arab forces had managed to capture and ethnically cleanse the eastern half of Jerusalem, as well as seizing and annexing the West Bank and Gaza. But for 16 years, Israel had managed to frustrate their designs by stubbornly continuing to exist.

What the Arab governments wanted was a terrorist organization that could cross the border and carry out attacks inside Israel. And they wanted plausible deniability so that Israel and the UN couldn’t hold them responsible for those attacks. And so cloaked in a lot of smoke and mirrors about “Palestinian Arab nationhood”, the Palestine Liberation Organization was born.

The PLO had three tasks, to harass Israel through terror, to cultivate a fifth column inside the country that would come into play in an invasion, and to make it seem as if the Arab world wasn’t a bunch of genocidal maniacs, but wanted to destroy Israel in the name of “Palestinian rights”.

It was not until 1967, when the latest Arab League attempt to “drive the Jews into the sea” failed, that the PLO began talking about their rights to Gaza and the West Bank.

But US foreign policy on Palestine has never been based on any kind of reality.

How about some more truth?

The negotiations don’t matter. Abbas will do his best to see that they fail, because it’s the only way he can survive his own people. And he needs to have the blame for the failure fall on Israel, because it’s the only way he can hang on to US and European support.

The Palestinian Authority is not a government, it’s a terrorist organization in suits and ties. It has shown that it is not self-supporting and not capable of running anything besides a rocket launcher. It existed only as long as it was useful to someone.

The PLO began life because it was useful to the Syrians and Egyptians. When they no longer wanted it, it was still useful to the USSR. When the USSR no longer wanted it, it became useful to America. But now it’s running out of sponsors.

Ideology has served to frame a mythical Palestinian identity for them in terms that make them all into mercenaries, terrorists and martyrs

Once they were the weapons of Arab Socialism. Now they are the weapons of Islam.

Also see (more truths):

Delegitimizing the State of Israel

In some ways, merely discussing the legitimacy of Israel as a nation grants a victory to her enemies.

Do we every hear any discussion about whether or not Saudi Arabia or Pakistan deserve to exist?

Israel’s enemies often refer to it as an "apartheid state”. This characterization is one of the principal strategies for delegitimizing the nation of Israel.

Saudi Arabia, however, is a true apartheid state in at least two ways:

1.It prohibits non-Muslims from entering two of its cities.

2. Under its legal code, women have fewer rights than men, and are consigned to a lesser legal status.

Yet no one demands the destruction of or even changes to that state. No one proposes UN resolutions insisting that Saudi Arabia open its society to Christianity, or grant women full control over their lives. There is no resolution before the Security Council that would establish a separate state for Shi’ites in what is now the territory of the Saudi kingdom.

Israel is singled out for unique treatment, both by individual nations and by international bodies.

And, of course, we prophecy watchers know why this fact exists.

And today, in the face of the UN situation, we are beginning to see the first signs of what is to come:

First signs of violence ahead of Palestinian statehood vote

The truth of this situation is staring everyone right in the face, yet somehow it continues to be ignored. It is ignored by politicians, the media, the public and certainly by most political pundits.

The true agenda is the complete destruction of Israel. Period. It is that simple.

God will not allow this. Period. It is that simple.

Sometimes the truth is simple.

As foretold centuries ago, by the ancient prophets of God - we were informed of these truths.

But as the prophet Daniel was told, only the wise will understand.


gearedup2go said...

Sharia Law--that's the bottom line. That's where this is headed.

Waterer said...

I like Caver's remedy. Knee mail.
So apt.
SO we pray for the leaders in Govt's . ( Because He tells us to)
And we pray for the Gospel to flourish in every corner of the earth. Every believer to be bold and soberminded.
Any of you familiar with Art Katz. Check him out on google. The wikipedia site and click on his bio video. He is an intellectual
Amer Jew ( now with the Father) who will warm your hearts with the journey the Jews are on.

Jec said...

Scott, that article "The End of Palestine" was amazing! Thank you so much. A very eye opening perspctive that I have not seen before. Abbas's days are surely numbered and he is scrambling for anything to save his own skin. Yep, he is causing much havic and after the dust settles, I am afraid he will be gone too.

Anonymous said...

3 of 10 WEU Nations (aka "the 10", aka the modified Brussels Treaty Powers) are Pro-Israel.

"Signatories also come from pro-Israeli countries Germany, Italy and the Netherlands (cont'd)"


Scott said...

Waterer - that's so well stated - thanks for that.

Anon - I saw that and had the exact same thoughts.

gearedup2go said...

Saudis will pay $200 million to the PA to help ease tensions as Abbas presses for statehood. Meanwhile, Israel has dumped 46% of US treasury bills.

And now the House is investigating the funny business behind Solyndra. Just a few of the many headlines in the news for Tuesday.

Caver said...

I'd say the good Saudi king is about fed up with Obummer. He ought to see it from our side.

Now, as for that house investigation....it will be just as deep as the press coverage is....sorry old Caver is getting a wee bit cynical in his advanced years.

Superb Jon said...

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