Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Israel: Against All Odds

Israel's enemies continue to close in. Almost every day now we read about the progress Israel's enemies are making towards their ultimate destruction. We don't have to speculate about that - they are telling the world of this intent on a daily basis.

We have seen Egypt's gradual takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood - resulting in a rapid build-up of Iranian arms into Gaza and a new military agreement with Turkey. We have seen Turkey go from being relatively friendly to Israel, to now spewing some of the most toxic, anti-Israeli rhetoric on the planet, and that is saying a lot. Additionally, they have expelled Israeli diplomats, which is often a precursor to war.

We are also watching the growth of Hezbollah and their continual shipment of arms from Syria as they prepare for war against Israel. We have seen northern Africa's Islamic takeover virtually completed - now with the situation in Libya having been co-opted by radical Islamic groups. Iran is just on the brink of nuclear weapons, and their rhetoric has increased recently with their open calls for Israel's destruction.

We are watching the growing conflict between Israel and Lebanon over ownership of the recent oil/gas finds just off of Israel's coast - with Lebanon threatening war over these disputed borders. We look with interest at the Golan Heights and the rising tension there, as Syria's Assad desperately clings to power and his perpetual threats to reclaim that vital piece of land while desperately needing a diversion from his internal problems.

We watch as the PA prepares for the upcoming UN vote regarding their statehood and the threatened violence which will ensue.

There can be no doubting it. The coalition of Israel's enemies is now almost complete in preparation for the coming wars - wars which are not far away, as stated on so many occasions by both sides.

Israel's enemies are not only aligned as we would expect, based upon the prophetic scriptures, but they are also fully armed and now openly discussing the destruction of Israel.

Things are definitely closing in around Israel and this is happening very rapidly.

With that in mind, we turn to new developments which reveal even more of this ongoing process:

Hamas operating in Turkey

Hamas has established a command post in Turkey that it uses to recruit new operatives and oversee some of its operations in the Middle East, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed on Wednesday.

Hamas’s presence in Turkey came up during the Shin Bet investigation into the 13 terrorist cells that it recently discovered operating in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

On Wednesday, Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon accused Ankara of cooperating with Hamas and Iran.

The Gog-MaGog coalition is almost complete. At this point, northern Africa, who is now dominated by radical Islam (especially with Libya's overthrow now complete), needs to connect militarily with Russia-Iran-Turkey and that will finalize this grouping.

Hamas’s best-known overseas presence is in Damascus, home to its political leader Khaled Mashaal. Hamas is believed to be the strongest overseas in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon – but could potentially work together with other groups, such as Hezbollah, to increase its reach.

It is all coming together isn't it? Precisely as biblical prophecy would dictate.

Turkey Consorting With Terrorists

Relations between Turkey and Israel reached a new low Tuesday after Erdogan said Anakra would cut all defense-related trade with Israel and was considering "further sanctions."

Erdogan's latest rhetoric came just days after announcing Israel's top level diplomats would have to leave Turkey by Wednesday.

If you have been paying close attention, you have even noticed the rumblings in the West Bank over the past several weeks, and it is now getting some more attention:

IDF raids prove Hamas growing more active in West Bank

Wednesday's announcement by the Shin Bet security service that it had arrested dozens of Hamas militants from the West Bank, including the terror cell behind the murder in March of a British tourist in Jerusalem, and had prevented a suicide bombing in the city last month, points to an significant uptick in the activity of the military wing of Hamas in the West Bank.

The activities of the 13 Hamas cells prior to the arrests expresses a partial recovery of the terror infrastructure on the West Bank...The arrests foiled a suicide attack in Pisgat Ze'ev at the last moment and a number of cells were allegedly in the advanced stages of preparing to kidnap IDF soldiers.

September's upcoming vote in the United Nations General Assembly looms in the background of all these developments...

Israel's right-wing prepares for UN recognition of Palestine

Right-wing activists, settlement leaders and Knesset members convened on Wednesday to discuss how to deal with expected confrontations with Palestinian demonstrators should the United Nations General Assembly recognize a Palestinian state later this month.

Yoni Yosef, spokesman for Jewish settlers in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, suggested invoking the "Dromi Law," which permits home owners to kill intruders and could be used to shoot Palestinians attempting to approach Jewish homes in the neighborhood.

This situation coming up in September may be worse than thought as the rhetoric is becoming more and more threatening from both sides:

Yaakov Katz (National Union ) called on his colleagues to organize marches of thousands of right-wing activists toward Palestinian cities in response to the marches on Jewish communities being discussed by Palestinians. He said he suspected the IDF will not ready an appropriate response to Palestinian marches but would deploy large forces if it feared countermarches by the right.

And below we see another article speculating on the expected violence in the aftermath of the upcoming UN vote:

Israelis could face trial in the Hague of Palestinian statehood recognized at UN

Recognition of a Palestinian state could, in theory, lead to Israeli officials being dragged repeatedly before the International Criminal Court in the Hague for claims regarding its settlement policies in the West Bank, legal experts say.

“The settlements are a prime example of this, since in theory one could say that we are talking about a war crime, that Israel is not investigating it and not bringing those responsible to justice. Thus, the court could get involved and investigate.”

Attorney Nick Kaufman and Prof. Daphne Richmond-Barak, both international law experts who have worked with the International Criminal Court, believe the Palestinians will certainly try. They may even ask the court to investigate incidents that occurred before 2002

Every day we see more escalation in the epicenter.
Every day we move closer to war.

And not to be forgotten - every day we get closer to hearing the Trumpet Call.


Caver said...

The solidifying and ironing out of the Gog-MaGog finer points at this point in time is concerning....and comforting. Well, at least to this boy.

While Scripture doesn't specifically address the timing and intervals, it has begun to appear that Isa 17 is going to be quickly followed by Gog-Magog. IMHO, this degree of solidifying of the Gog-MaGog players kinds of confirms that suspicion.....well, as confirming as it gets during this day in time of prophetic "lightening round" of events and birth-pangs.

GG said...

I had what may seem like a silly question. I wondered with Gadaffi being surrounded latley and his remarks that he will not surrender, do you think he could play a role in starting some of the wars?

I wondered if he had nothing to lose that maybe it would cause a distraction and cause others to start pressing buttons(so to speak). I appreciate the help to my question.

God Bless!!

ann marie said...

And throw Assad into the mix.

Jan said...

Hugs & Blessings to all here. My husband & I have been diligently following this blog for most of this year. We are very thankful for it and for all involved in research. I've been reading articles and comments today for hours. Back & forth over several days Hard for me to know where to post a comment/question so here goes: Reference has been made(in the comments somewhere) to the Church being raptured and God's people Israel remaining. Will Jews who have accepted Christ(Yeshua) as Messiah be raptured or left here as part of the 144,000? Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

WVBORN56 said...

Jan every person who accepts Jesus as Savior and is a washed in the blood believer will be raptured, absolutely including Jews, Arabs and all other nationalities. I attend church with a dear sister who is a messianic Jew. She is absolutely going with the church!

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Jan

WVBORN56 is right. The Church consists of both Jew and Gentile. Jesus is her 'Head' and the Church is His Body. She is also 'engaged' to The Son by the Holy Spirit, so is also known as The Bride. Jesus is the Bridgroom, in heaven at present, preparing a room for her in His Father's house. When The Father say's 'GO' Jesus will leave heaven at a rate of knots, come into the air and there receive His Bride, both the resurrected dead in Christ, and the living in their new immortal bodies - any minute now... :)


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

‎This video (link below) does an excellent job summarizing the facts, current events (including those concerning Israel & Elenin), historical facts (including the Jewish Calendar & Feasts), & Scripture for a timely Word from the Lord concerning September 2011 et al. Might make an interesting addition to our discussion here as watchmen on the wall --

"Heaven Awaits 2011"

It's a long video, so at first I just "spot listened" to it by moving the video's time slider to various spots throughout the video until the end. What I thus heard was exceptionally good & helpful; whoever put this together -- she has a lot of godly & Scriptural wisdom. I thereafter watched this video in its entirety & found it informative & a blessing for me & my walk in these Final Days. I plan to watch this video in its entirety again & again; there's just a lot of good prophetic & Scriptural stuff in it.

"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but [H]e revealeth [H]is secret unto [H]is servants the prophets." Amos 3:7 (KJB). "Howbeit when [H]e, the Spirit of truth, is come, [H]e will guide you into all truth: for [H]e shall not speak of [H]imself; but whatsoever [H]e shall hear, that shall [H]e speak: & [H]e will shew you things to come." John 16:13 (KJB).

God bless you all,

C.B. :)

DrNofog said...

WV posted at September 8, 2011 9:11 PM...

9:11... was that sposta be prophetic?

That happens to me a lot for quite a number of yrs.
And when you posted it, it was only noon here...[??], so that would put you... floating out in the Atlantic somewhere?!?
Did the Eastern seaboard get washed out into the ocean and the media blocked it out??

Dylan said...

Ok, so Obama says that he's going to veto the statehood bid. Is he telling the truth? And if he really does intend to veto it, will he crack under pressure and change his mind last minute?

DrNofog said...

Dylan, check here

WVBORN56 said...

Doc, still in WV but heading to NC beach Saturday...might head out into the Atlantic one day for a little fishing. I have noticed other times listed as post times didn't seem to add up or make logistical sense?

Caver said...

Dutch is back. His channel has been completely restored after complete review and cleared of allegations apparently.

Dylan said...

DrNofog, I clicked the link, and I agree that if he vetoes it'll be for reasons not beneficial to Israel, but will he actually veto, or is he lying?

jill said...

Anyone following the power outage, it is just not sitting right with me. it originated in arizona,,, I keep thinking about the hezbollah influence south of the border,,,, hmmmmm.

Scott said...

You are asking some very good questions - ones that many of us have been pondering.

There are SO many ways to look at this;

Does Obama want to be the one who gets the credit for the peace deal himself, as a true narcissist?

Is he worried about the Jewish voting block in the upcoming election?

There are just so many variables.

Is he being honest right now?

Who knows. On this one, only time will tell

DrNofog said...

Dylan said... "...or is he lying?..."

Dylan, if you see his lips moving...

DrNofog said...

Dylan, the key to "Scott's" blog is waiting for the perfect 'setup', which some unwitting souls [Scott himself sometimes] will always happily provide, if you go back and study George Burns, and the other 'Greats'...

Scott has his own [unverifiable] suspicions that I might be weirdly related..., but last time I ck'd, those people in the Appalation Mtns have family "trees" that look more like vines w/o any branches...

I [personally] couldn't see any connectionz...

That wuz very weird indeed; the 'word verification for this post was "cavero"...
Are you sure you guys aint Mexican or sumpin??

Expected Imminently said...


Here, we always ask the question "Did the dad 'ave a bike"?

A mountain bike is a dead giveaway.

Scott said...

DrNo is starting to get nervous with the thought that he MAY have "roots" from the mountain country of NC......Heh :).........Its ok DrNo - there could be worse things....

BWest said...


Whereabout in the NC mountains are you? I used to spend part of every summer as a kid up in Boone, where some of my mom's family is from.

Expected Imminently said...


George Burns - cigar - " say 'goodnight' Gracie' - 'Goodnight Gracie' - him?

LOVE, love, loved those two - if it's them?

Scott said...

Is DrNo old enough to remember George and Gracie?

Scott said...

BW - I'm actually not - I'm just humoring DrNo a little:)

I'm in the middle of the state, RTP area - although I do love the mountains of NC - They are gorgeous and I go there whenever I can get away