Thursday, September 29, 2011

In the news:

PA: We are one vote shy of a majority in Security Council

Palestinian Authority foreign minister says 8 out of 9 necessary UNSC members back the Palestine resolution; Malki optimistic Palestinian statehood bid will pass.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said that the Palestinians have received approval from eight members of the UN Security Council in support of their bid for full membership to the United Nations.

If nine members of the Security Council vote in favor of the Palestinian state bid, the the resolution will pass, unless one of the council's five permanent members uses a veto.

Below is the list:

According to Malki, the eight Security Council members who will back the resolution are Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Gabon - a Central African Nation that Israel media was reporting as being "on the fence" about the issue. Malki said that the Palestinians will focus their attention on persuading either Bosnia and Herzegovina or Columbia to offer their vote in favor of the resolution

The UN Security Council will discuss the Palestinian application on Wednesday morning.

Iran Says Its New Cruise Missile Can 'Sink Giant Warships'

Iran has begun to mass manufacture a domestically developed cruise missile that reportedly could be used to strike Israel and potentially counter U.S. naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

Iran’s growing arsenal includes short- and medium-range ballistic missiles that are capable of hitting targets in the region, such as Israel and U.S. military bases in the Gulf. Reports of the mass production comes at a time when there appears to be increasing tension between Iran and the U.S.

Hezballah Cells Active Worldwide, Including the U.S.

The terrorist group Hezb'allah, based in Lebanon, is establishing "resistance cells" worldwide under the direction of Iran, according to Mohammad Hussein Babai, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the province of Golestan.

The cells are already infiltrating the United States with the help of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez and drug cartels.

This is the first time that a high-ranking Revolutionary Guard commander in the Islamic regime of Iran has revealed the presence of such jihadist cells in the world.

And what is their focus?

We see two main elements:

"We must not fear anyone, and an international jihad must take place to prepare for the Coming." The "Coming" refers to Imam Mahdi, the Shiites' 12th Imam, who, according to a Shiite hadith, will reappear and reap destruction on Israel and the West.

Azghadi said it is the duty of Iran, "the center of the religious fighters worldwide," to export revolution. "As our Imam [the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini] declared, we must destroy Israel and free Jerusalem.

Of course. To hasten their "Mahdi", which will bring forth the destruction of Israel.

World opinion swings back against Israel

Even when the Palestinian regime openly identifies itself as an impossible peace partner, it never takes long before the international community finds an excuse to again blame Israel for the lack of a peace agreement.

Why? Because Israel dares to initiate construction on their sovereign land:

But already on Thursday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to the familiar rhetoric, suggesting that the construction of a few apartments in Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem is what's really blocking peace.

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and British Foreign Secretary William Hague also condemned what they called "provocative settlement activity."

The three diplomats were referring to Israel's approval of the construction of 1,100 new apartments in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, which is already home to tens of thousands of Jews. The Palestinians claim Gilo as part of their future state, as it lies on the side of Jerusalem that was illegally occupied by Jordan prior to 1967.

It is worth pointing out that while Clinton is quick to jump on Israel for building a few apartments, she has not been consistent in calling out the "kind of action which could undermine trust" when it comes to the Palestinians.

For instance, Palestinian police forces have been operating in eastern Jerusalem in violation of signed agreements for the past couple of years. The Palestinian Authority has also resumed political activity in Jerusalem, again in violation of signed agreements.

Sadly, we already know that the truth has no relevance in bizarro world.

And in Europe we see this:

Fury At "Brainwashing" Plan For EU Citizenship Lessons In Every School

CHILDREN could be forced to attend compulsory lessons in “European citizenship” under draconian plans drawn up by Euro-MPs in Brussels, it emerged last night.

In a move likened to Nazi indoctrination, the European Parliament wants pupils as young as five to be taught about EU “benefits” and encouraged to behave as “good Europeans”.

“We fear it will be a carte blanche to push the federalist agenda that is so close to the hearts of the Eurocrats. When you are targeting youngsters and their education, that amounts to political interference; when you are talking about pushing propaganda at children, that is a little sinister.

Volcano threat sparks evacuation in Canaries

With the Pico de Malpaso mountain spitting rocks intermittently and a growing rumbling underground, authorities made emergency preparations on Wednesday in case the volcano blows its top on the Atlantic island of El Hierro.

The national defence ministry said it had sent 31 military personnel to the island to help with the evacuation and Defence Minister Carme Chacon was heading there to inspect the emergency preparations.

The Spanish National Geographic Institute has recorded 8,000 tremors since July 19, most of them too small to be felt, but they have been growing in intensity. One recorded overnight on Wednesday reached 3.4 magnitude.


Alice said...

Yes, world opinion swings back against Israel, and apparently so does the opinion of most American, Jewish 20-30 yr olds....

I found this article somewhat astounding:

Why Fewer Young American Jews Share Their Parents' View of Israel,8599,2095505,00.html#ixzz1ZLbFsh4d

....and the perfect storm continues to form...

WVBORN56 said...

"In a move likened to Nazi indoctrination, the European Parliament wants pupils as young as five to be taught about EU “benefits” and encouraged to behave as “good Europeans”."

How sad is this? It sounds very much like the way the AC will be operating in the tribulation. I think we are getting very very close. Brainwashing five year olds! :(

Scott said...

Indeed WV. A foreshadowing of what is to come.

Waterer said...

This whole thing gives me the Heebie Jeebies!!

Seth said...

The whole thing makes me want to go home. I've been on pins and needles all week about it. I'm just so tired of this world, and its way of doing things. I'm tired of being sick, and seeing my family get sick and have bad days. I'm tired of seeing the selfishness in everyone around me and their disregard for God and His standards. I'm just ready to have me and my family go to be with Jesus. I'm soooo ready.

Come soon, Lord Jesus.

Dutch Treat said...

Seth, just remember that in eternity all this will be nothing more than an inconsequential blip on the radar screen.

Waterer said...

There are days lkike what you are describing and then are the good days so to speak when we are filled with gratitude with hearts
full of song.
In the great scheme of things we should probably be reminding each other that we are not supposed to live UNDER circumstances but above them by giving thanks in all things. This is definately God's will for us.
I've been thinking too about how
blessed my life has been and the liberty I've so taken for granted.
The family I have and the Body of Christ around us , all of it a pure blessing.
But like you I long for His coming. For all things to be reconciled and the last enemy vanquished. No more death.
I don't know how old you are but when I was a child my Mom led us in song in the car all the time.
I've got the joy, joy , joy , joy, down in my heart.. where?
Down in my Heart! DOWN IN MY HEART.
I did the same with my children and now grandchildren/ All the way
our Savior is leading us and we have to hold each other up to the joy test. We want to finish WELL and from strength to strength..
God Bless You brother and hold you in His Light and peace.

mary said...

I know that song too, brings back memories of childhood.
2nd verse......I got the love of Jesus, love of Jesus, down in my heart,where? down in my heart!
there are days at work that I burst out singing that song, and others too.
thanks for the memories.. oh oh, another song. ms

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone! GG I read your most recent comments encouraging, I belive Valerie, to not go away. You handled that in the most loving way. It was something to watch the Holy Spirit reveal that in and through you. Love ya Sis!

Okay everyone lets just take a look at everything going on right now.

Right now....

1. 33 Volcanoes active in the world. The most ever.

2. Twice as many UFO's being reported than ever before! Something is coming for sure.

3. From Jan 2006 to Aug 31, 2011 we only had two mass coronal ejections from the sun. In Septemeber 2011 we have had 9.

4. We have the Palestinians at the UN trying to get an official ruling on dividing God's land. Even a veto by the U.S. in the security council wont stop an expected ceremonial overwhelming assembly vote in favor of the Palestinians. It will be an official document though and will have consequences. God won't need the security council vote to act I believe.

5. We have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like never seen before in China.

6. In the US we have a falling away with from Bible Based God interpreted ministry and on the flip side we have non biblical Mega Churches and prosperity gospel increasing in size and membership.

7. Earthquakes on every continent including our most recent in Washington D.C.

8. Animals by the thousands are dying all over the world. What's most interesting is that each new occurence is only breed specific. We don't see a bunch of different fish,birds, etc...dying together just breed specific. Someone explain that to me with a straight face.

9. We have not only the U.S. economy but the world economy teetering on the brink of collapse.


James N Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Stocks are UP again, sad to say.
And still NO AC to report on.

I am still waiting for that.

It will TAKE TIME, not much anyone
can do about it.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

10. For the first time in the history of the United States we have a President that has publicly stated we are not a Christian nation. I never thought I would ever see such a thing thought much less said.

11. We now have record food shortages all accros the world and the cost of groceries is sky rocketing. I remember going to the grocery store with my parents as a kid and $70 would by three baskets or 12-13 bags of food that would last 3-4 weeks. I went to the store the other day and one bag of groceries cost me over $100

12. The cost of fuel is up over 100% since Obama took office and no end is in site. Just so you know the U.S. has discovered off the coast of Alaska around Gull Island an oil field twice as large as Saudi Arabia was in it's peak 20years ago. Insiders who have come forward including the Chaplain of the Oil Fields have been told that no drilling will take place until a barrel of oil reaches $200.

So many things going on it makes you head hurt. The devil is very busy. But he won't have long. The coward is soon to be dealt with and all of will stand with Christ when he comes back and with words only finishes the devil and bounds him forever. Please understand the devil will get no relief in hell. In fact his hell will be worse than the other put together because he sinned when there wasn't sin.

God bless all of you and stay focused on the plan. Talk with everyone and make sure they know they are loved.

James N Tennessee

Scott said...

Nice summary, and it is always worth taking a step back in order to see the big picture.

There has never been a time on earth like this...not even close.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott. I agree. When you look at the animals/fish/birds dying isn't amazing that it's always one species at a time not intermingled.

Scott said...

Yes indeed. The animal deaths is an enormous mystery to me. One has to consider something to do with either quakes and/or Haarp, but the differential is probably enormous for this phenom/ There are many more than I post, simply because other news seems to push this story out of the way.

Jec said...

James, thanks for that summary. I really do appreciate that update. Kind of hard sometimes to keep up with it all when doing the 70 hrs a week thing.

Good news, daughter gets out of jail this weekend. She has re-dedicated her life to Christ. Been sharing some of that good news with others while there and even a murderer in which some of us sinners (convicts, murderers, drug users and now turned to Christ) were. Please pray for Mandy.

Other good news. MIL, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer was sent home after they could not find the
ovaries!! Doctors called her back in for a some more tests,
and she was told to go home and if you don't hear from us,
then nothing is wrong. We have not heard anything but
crickets!! Praise God! Also, After she came home she told
my wife that she needs to accept Jesus into her heart!!!!

Scott said...

Looks like you are getting goods news all around - I'm so glad to hear it! If your daughter had rededicated her life - then, really, ultimately, that is all that matters isn't it?

Anonymous said...

That makes me sick, that the oil
in ALASKA is not being utilized...
no WONDER gas prices in Hawaii are
still at $4.32 a gallon.....for regular grade.....

THAT OIL should have been drilled
out a LONG time ago....


Jec said...

Steven, I agree with you. I am mad too. Someone must be in bed with Saudia Arabia? Its all a control thing, with money being the primary factor. In fact, I truly believe that there is a simple cure for any kind of cancer, that technology is out there that gets vehicles 150 miles per gallon, and that the agricultural world is minipulated in such a way that causes millions to die of starvation. I can not wait much longer for our precious Savior.

Jec said...

This is great news! Thanks for asking. I'm very concerned for her as she has been in and out of a girls home, half way houses and we even sent her out of state to a residential treatment center. She now has a little boy and a custody battle to face.

Any salvation within a family is joyful and gives such excitement in knowing that the security of that salvation is solid, even when a new christian seems to waver back and forth as they work out that salvation in fear and trembling. Further knowing that Christ is our Salvation. That hope we have and long for when we are caught up!

GG said...

Hi Jec~

Praise be to God for this glorious break through with your daughter. I will be praying for wisdom, guidance and strength for her daily. That is exciting news to hear. I loved hearing what she had to say when she got home :) If God has been this good he won't stop now. I am sure he will work miracles to help her through the new custody battles coming her way too. As she continues to transform the light of God and his heart in her can't help but to shine through. I am happy another soul has been saved!

God Bless!!


GG said...

Dear Seth~

My heart is with you right now. Just know I am wrapping my arms around everyone here and their families as another day seems to tick on by. I know we are not to be anxious, but some days it is hard and can be quite disheartening. I pray this will all be a faint memory very soon. I too look around and feel like the wicked are romping on the land and we are just being bumped around like we don't even exist. I guess that is what is starting to separate many. Hang in there and know I am praying for you all.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...


That is wonderful news about your daughter. I promise you I will pray for you and her. Stay in the battle and don't depend on your strength but on God's through Christ and you will have all you need. It won't be long.


I know how expensive gas is over there. It's just ridiculous. Here is the simple explanation as to why they don't drill. The U.S. via Henry Kissenger made a dealwith the arab countries when he was working for the president back in the 1960's. The deal was that we would not move on expanding and producing our oil fields and they would invest in our debt which would allow us to grow our economy and and vastly build up our military. That is why we have been able to put a lot of money into R&D in to weapons systems, training etc exploded in the last 50-60 years. This is what I am hearing about Saudia Arabia's oil fields. There largest is believed to only have 10-15 years left of production. Right now they are using a technique where they are using ocean water to flush deeper in to the wells to bring up these last years of production. If this hold to be true then we should start hearing about this. Because they supply the bulk of the oil from the middle east, as their supply dwindles it will raise the cost of of a barrel of oil way above the $200 range.

James N Nashville

GG said...

Brother James~

What a wonderful overview. Something for the better has to change right? We hear so much but never truly realize what we are taking in daily that is happening around us. Thank you for laying it out like that. We have reason to feel the way we have been feeling lately. :)

I hope things are going well for you Dear James. Recently I had the chance to see a broadcast of Dr. David Jeremiah that will be airing on 10/5/11 and 10/6/11. It a series

When Christians Wouldn't Know They Were in a War

I found this to be very powerful in seeing how Satan is playing a huge role in these last days. One part I loved to hear was his description of how God has Satan on a leash right now. It is helpful so we can remember God is in control, not him. I hope you will have a chance to catch this.

God Bless!!


Sharon said...

I am thinking about the children in Europe with this mandatory EU teachings. As a parent, this would be a challenge to counter. (I believe in Germany it is illegal or difficult to get permission to home school.) On Wednesday this week, my child's school had all the students watch Obummers education speech. I asked her about it. She said it was boring, but that he told a secret. She then whispered the secret to me - he was not good at school. Why would he do this?! How is this motivating our children to learn and work hard?! -- Oh Jesus, come soon!

Scott said...

Amen Sharon