Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Updates: Palestinian Statehood Goes to UN Admissions Panel

PA Statehood To Admissions Panel

The United Nations Security Council agreed Wednesday to send the Palestinian application for statehood to its admissions committee for review.

The first meeting of that committee, which includes all 15 members of the council, is set for Friday.

"As you see, the process is moving forward step by step, and we hope the Security Council (will) shoulder its responsibility and approve our application and send a recommendation to the General Assembly for the admission of Palestine into the United Nations," Mansour said Wednesday.

In some other news in the region:

Region Watch: Storm Clouds Over Eastern Mediterranean

Another potential tipping point:

Cyprus dipute over natural gas exploration could be flashpoint where Ankara’s deteriorating ties with Jerusalem become truly dangerous.

Cyprus’s defiance of recent Turkish warnings against beginning the search for natural gas in this area is unlikely to be the last word on the matter.

Muscle-flexing in the eastern Mediterranean forms part of Ankara’s broader combined strategic and economic ambitions. Israel is part of the picture and is drawing closer to the Cypriots.

The Turkish Piri Reiss and a Norwegian seismic ship are to commence exploration, accompanied by ships of the Turkish Navy. There are reports that Turkish F-16s will be stationed on Northern Cyprus to provide protection for this activity.

The article closes on this ominous warning:

AKP leaders of Turkey are sailing into confrontation with a list of long-demonized enemies. Israel is near the top of the list. Economic ambitions and rivalries are combining for Turkey with strategic goals and ideological visions. The storm clouds are gathering over the eastern Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, in the midst of a dramatic escalation in world-wide sabre rattling, the U.S. plans to disarm:

Disarming America's Military

In an article posted on, a September 26 report released by the House Armed Services Committee warned that $465 billion in cuts to the defense budget over ten years would “transform a Superpower into a Regional Power” and return the military to funding levels of “the post-Vietnam Carter era of the late 1970s.”

Below are a few details:

The report contemplated cuts that would “eliminate 60 ships, two carrier battle groups, and over 200,000 troops through 2021.

The Army would lose ground combat vehicles. The Navy would suffer cuts in ship building and replacements for older ships.

The Air Force would likely lose the next generation bombers and aerial refueling tanker aircraft. The Marine Corps would lose personnel carriers and indefinitely postpone replacements for new amphibious assault vehicles and ships.

We also see this tragic story involving persecution:

Iranian Pastor Must Disavow His Christian Faith This Week Or Face Execution


Caver said...

Lifting the Iranian pastor in prayer that the Lord has mercy on him and delivers him from the jaws of death for his Faith.

Hoping many will join in prayer for this Brother.

DrNofog said...

Scott, I hafta say that God has blessed you so much in your ministry in/by being able to maintain singular focus on the pertinent 'Epicenter' events!

Even in all my yrs of knowing wut's coming at us, my head is now daily spinning, trying to decide which warning is 1st to "blow on the Shofar"!!

Check this @ yer local radio stations...

My local station just started up these "58" blurbs that totally smack of the Laodician, "One Whirled, "Christian", Globalist-"End Poverty" mantra", ad nauseum!

I had 2ck it out:

How is 58: different?

"...58: isn’t just another organization. It’s a 'Christ-centered' global initiative working with the "best" [?!?] anti-poverty organizations [Marxists?] to achieve the greatest results. Learn How.


"...58: is based on the Church coming together to end "extreme"[??] poverty. This means all manifestations of the church from individuals like you to small groups to congregations and even Christian organizations who "fight poverty."

"...At 58:, we are working with Accord establishing key principles of excellence to provide the most effective means of addressing extreme poverty.

Click on the logos below to learn about the work of these great ministries.

Accord™ is a catalyst for learning, collaboration and building Christ-centered unity around the shared vision of eliminating poverty.

Accord™ serves Christian organizations and churches involved in this vision to achieve the highest standards, principles and effectiveness in relief and development."

...And NOT even 1 single mention of the Good News of Jesus as salvation and relief from these conditions...

Scott said...

Oh my...DrNo...I had no idea about this. And you are correct, this isn't 'just another organization' is however, bolstering the view that we are in the last days with the predominant church being that of Laodicea.

Seth said...

Quick Question "kind of" off topic. I was reading Joel this morning, and I'm just curious if anyone has an opinion on this. Is there a difference between "The Day of the Lord" and "The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord"? Any thoughts?

WVBORN56 said...

Caver I am adding my Amen to your prayer for this dear brother.

If I understood correctly our overseas minisrty VP Sunday of our denomination (C&MA) are in the process of planting additional churches in Iraq.

The Kurds in the north part of the Country is another place of great persecution that we can pray for.

ann marie said...

You may find the videos from the epicenter conference helpful in answering your question. The conference was based on the book of Joel.
epicenter conference

ann marie said...

You may also find the audio by Pastor J. Vernon Magee helpful - blue letter bible
Joel 2:1

Scott said...

Oh, I LOVE J. Vernon MaGee - I get on the radio from time to time here and always listen.

Dutch Treat said...

It really does't matter whether the US builds up or disarms. America is weakening because sh has abandoned God, who is more powerful than all the armies of the world combined; and if you still doubt that, wait til Gog-Magog, if we're still around to see it. We need to hold all our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in peayer. We can't even begin to imagine what they're going through.

Seth said...

Thanks for the links, Ann Marie. Very helpful.

Waterer said...

Ann MArie,
SO GLAD you suggested Magee. I didn't realize I could pull him up and listen. Joel 2:1 sermon is smoking!!!!!!
It is also a different fresh take on the trumpets. And Christ's voice being like a trumpet in Rev. 1.It fits better ( to me) to the immenence of the rapture than the feat of trumpets. Curious what others think.

Scott said...

He can be found on 920 FM around noon every day...If I'm in my car, I try to remember to tune in

Misty said...

Speaking of J. Vernon Mcgee reminded me about another wonderful radio pastor from years ago. Anyone remember Theodore Epp from Back To The Bible in the early 80s? I still have his Practical Studies in Revelation Volumes 1 & 2 and still find them helpful for a re read from time to time.

ann marie said...

Thanks, yes I too found Dr McGee's lesson on the trump excellent. I was hearing too many other preachers talk about RH as a potential rapture date & I wanted to get his perspective. My father listened to him all the time. It's wonderful that all of this is available as an adjunct to our bible reading.

Caver said...

Yikers......just sticking me head in briefly to join in the praise for good old J Vernon McGee. And here I was thinking I was weird for being such a fan of this man.

Hard to believe he has been with the Lord for over 20 years already.

Something about his slow speaking, down home on the farm, straight shooting, take no prisoners, step-n-stomp on toes, folksy humor style that just resonates with me as do no others.

If you go to and select the button for Commentary on a particular bible passage, he is one of the options. I almost always use him as the preferred reference and teacher.

Waterer said...

Great resource! Thanks Caver