Sunday, September 11, 2011

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There are too many stories and commentaries regarding 9-11 to even count and they are all very easy to find. I'll just include a couple of these, as they may related to end of days prophecy. There are also a few other, unrelated news stories and commentaries worth taking a look at today:

China building EMP weapons for use against U.S. carriers

This actually seems to be the one of the greatest threats to America and Europe. The reasons for this: An EMP weapon is relatively cheap, it is relatively easy, as such a weapon can be launched from international waters, the technology is readily available, and if used, it would cripple large areas of the country as all electronic devices would be rendered inoperable immediately. Any affected regions would immediately return to the 1800's.

China’s military is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons that Beijing plans to use against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict over Taiwan, according to an intelligence report made public on Thursday.

EMP weapons mimic the gamma-ray pulse caused by a nuclear blast that knocks out all electronics, including computers and automobiles, over wide areas. The phenomenon was discovered in 1962 after an aboveground nuclear test in the Pacific disabled electronics in Hawaii.

The report said that in addition to EMP weapons, “any low-yield strategic nuclear warhead (or tactical nuclear warheads) could be used with similar effects.”

Below we see yet another relatively cheap and easy to construct weapon - posing yet another threat to freedom:

Terror threat update: Feds fear plot involves dirty bomb?

Anyway, the dirty bomb. If you’re looking for cheap, relatively easy ways to cripple an already hobbled economy, nothing will do it faster than spreading some cesium all over Wall Street:

The crossroads of the world came to a grinding halt at various times Friday because for police Times Square has become a sort of ground zero in the latest terror threat. Sources told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer that another attempt to explode a bomb there a key concern, and the intelligence is that it could be a dirty bomb…

Kramer recently talked exclusively with Kelly about the possibility of a dirty bomb, but now sources said the classroom drills might have to be put into practice. Intelligence sources said the terrorists could be trying to make a dirty bomb this time my mixing radiological isotopes with an explosive device.

That’s why the NYPD is deploying all kinds of radiation detectors, panel trucks with sophisticated instruments. On Friday, cops had personal radiation detectors on their belts, and radiation detectors are being used by police within a 50-mile radius of New York City — in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania and on Long Island.

September 11th, Jihad and the Doctrine of Perpetual War

But what is Jihad? The doctrine of Jihad has been both debated publicly and also ignored in the years after the 9/11 attacks.

Yet it has a set meaning and use since Muhammad’s days, despite much propagandizing and obfuscations by its apologists. Further, any group opposed by violent Islam shall be permanently attacked since Islamic radicals demand submission or death. Jihad, the Western idea of the Just War, and September Eleventh are the topic of this brief essay, lest we forget the cause of the terrorist butchery.

The classical doctrine of jihad considered all wars against unbelievers as legal wars, sanctioned by the Shari’ah. In Fact, the Shari’ah required that the head of state organize once a year a military raid into enemy territory.

Let us not forget that Islam means “submission” to the will of Allah.

“The Price of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance,” claimed Thomas Jefferson. And once we have accepted the obvious—that Islam is destined to a perpetual war against us infidels—our lives become easier. Because we are then on notice who our enemies are, and what their methods shall be.

9/11 Anniversary: "Lets Roll Over"

Strangely, it takes far more effort to be in denial about what happened 10 years ago, than face up to the reality. You have to consciously ignore the facts and history as it occurred and substitute an entirely out of kilter narrative that plays the switcheroo game and makes the victim the villian. The left is practiced in this artform, but you really have to work to stretch such a template over the gaping wound of 9/11.

The legacy of 9/11 has been hijacked by those who believe we had it coming. Pray they are made irrelevant someday before the next attack when their naievte is exposed for the simpering hypocrisy it truly is.

In The Wake Of 9/11: 33 of 50 States Are Actively Spying On Americans

This article may be the most important one available as it reflects on the state of affairs 10 years later:

The weekend of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, has caused many to reflect on the event itself, as well as the decade that we have experienced since. There have indeed been many casualties to recall. One of the saddest casualties is the First Amendment to the nation's founding document; it is effectively dead in 33 states according to a ACLU compilation of incident reports across America. A targeted program of surveillance and harassment has become fully centered on the population itself.

This was first made evident in the 2009 MIAC report, which cited supporters of prominent political candidates like Ron Paul, as well as an assortment of other activists who support peace, freedom and liberty, as potential threats. Law enforcement has been directed to treat such "dangers" with suspicion and extreme caution.

The ACLU has compiled an interactive map of those states which have logged incidents of police harassment and surveillance of Americans engaging in other apparently un-American activities, namely: peaceful protest, photographing public servants while on duty, questioning American leadership and policy, recording one's surroundings while in public, and having certain religious or political affiliations that could apparently be tied to extremism.

The bottom line?

The scope of the incidents compiled on the ACLU map reflects a new America; one where the Bill of Rights and Constitution have been re-defined as the most serious threat, rather than the greater threat that exists from promoting an atmosphere of hysteria and fear that is inevitably leading to the eradication of protections afforded by those very documents.

The article below may be very appropriate for today's news:

A Chronological History Of The New World Order

In the mainline media, those who adhere to the position that there is some kind of "conspiracy" pushing us towards a world government are virulently ridiculed. The standard attack maintains that the so-called "New World Order" is the product of turn-of-the-century, right-wing, bigoted, anti-semitic racists acting in the tradition of the long-debunked Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, now promulgated by some Militias and other right-wing hate groups.

The historical record does not support that position to any large degree but it has become the mantra of the socialist left and their cronies, the media.

And lastly - we see the NY Times post an interesting article on the Middle East today:

Beyond Cairo, Israel Sensing a Wider Siege

With its Cairo embassy ransacked, its ambassador to Turkey expelled and the Palestinians seeking statehood recognition at the United Nations, Israel found itself on Saturday increasingly isolated and grappling with a radically transformed Middle East where it believes its options are limited and poor.

The diplomatic crisis, in which winds unleashed by the Arab Spring are now casting a chill over the region, was crystallized by the scene of Israeli military jets sweeping into Cairo at dawn on Saturday to evacuate diplomats after the Israeli Embassy had been besieged by thousands of protesters.

It was an image that reminded some Israelis of Iran in 1979, when Israel evacuated its embassy in Tehran after the revolution there replaced an ally with an implacable foe.


DrNofog said...

Re: "In The Wake Of 9/11: 33 of 50 States Are Actively Spying On Americans"

As the 9/11 anniversary approaches, does the government still have questions to answer? (Part II)

Former Reagan economist Paul Craig Roberts pointed out, "the panel was more a political operation ... No knowledgeable experts were appointed to the commission,"

Article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:
9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything?

"...The US government’s account of 9/11 is the foundation of the open-ended wars that are exhausting America’s resources and destroying its reputation, and it is the foundation of the domestic police state that ultimately will shut down all opposition to the wars. Americans are bound to the story of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack, because [of] what [it] justifies..."

Scott said...

drNo - All I need to know about 9/11 is wrapped up in Building 7. No way in hades that the 'story' we are told meets reality. No way. So if we are being told a train of ridiculous lies on building 7 ===> what else is up?

Robin said...

Below, is what I have a problem with regarding the Truther Movement. From the link provided by DrNoFog:

The US government’s account of 9/11 is the foundation of the open-ended wars that are exhausting America’s resources and destroying its reputation, and it is the foundation of the domestic police state that ultimately will shut down all opposition to the wars. Americans are bound to the story of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack, because it is what justifies the slaughter of civilian populations in several Muslim countries, and it justifies a domestic police state as the only means of securing safety from terrorists, who already have morphed into “domestic extremists” such as environmentalists, animal rights groups, and antiwar activists.

There's a large element working to take attention away from Muslim terrorists. Many of these groups tend to be strongly anti-Semitic and receive funding from Arab fat cats.

While I agree there are many unanswered questions surrounding 9/11 . . .Truthers, like Michael Moore and others are only too willing to weave convincing stories to fill in the blanks. And while I have considerable mistrust of our government and those working toward a One World Government, I have even less trust for the anti-Semitic element propagating the Truther tales.

Brad said...

Scott...could you give me more info on Bldg. son and I have been debating different theories this morning and I would be interested.

Scott said...


There are many elements of Building 7. First of all, most of the people I know - have no idea that there even WAS a building 7 , much less the 'story' on Building 7...

Building 7 was adjacent to the twin towers and it "fell" down later that day.

The basis that it 'fell' according to the gov't was that it was hit by debris from the twin towers and the burning brought it down.

There are several problems with that:

1. Modern buildings don't collapse from fire. It just doesn't happen. Despite enormous fires that burned for days - the buildings still don't come down.

2. The 'fires" in building 7 were tiny and only burned a brief period. The cause of these 'fires' did not appear to be associated with any structural damage at all (also making one question the source of the fires)

3. The building imploded exactly as a "planned demolition" would. It was in free fall and it fell perfectly symmetrically. The odds of that are about the same odds of me winning powerball.

I don't base these beliefs on the video below - but it is the most succinct and its recent. Invest 15 minutes and watch it

So...if we are being lied to about building 7 - what does that mean about the entirety of the 'story' on 9/11?

I have no answers - all I know is stated above.

Scott said...

Here is the video link:


DrNofog said...

Brad, Welcome and check here

Robin said...

K, just watched the video . . .my degrees are in political science and economics, so I lack the ability to refute the video with anything except gut instinct.

Ed Asner is a known Marxist activist . . .I don't know what, if anything, motivates the engineers and architects, but I can't help but wonder about their politics as well. But isn't it possible Ed Asner, like so many other leftwing extremists, is motivated by the same leftwing factions supporting Arab Spring and promoting Israeli hatred?

DrNofog said...

Robin, Moore is a Marxist Disinfo-Meister, one of many that are out there to shift attention away from the Illuminati NWO by blaming 9-11 [and all those other 'things'] on conservatives and calling us 'right-wing neo-cons', and corporate NWO globalists. Unfortunately, Satan controls the LSM and their deflections & redirections are working...

"They" also like to use wackos like Charlie Sheen and Rosanne Barr, who saw and were convinced by the 9-11 "Loose Change" vid, to discredit the info in the vid.

Think "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson playing the obsessed taxi driver, how they mentioned a lot of valid theories and then thru in the UFO stuff to show he's just a wacko...

Keep in mind that GW is at least 3rd generation Skull and Bones [1st level sub-org. to the Illuminati].
Check here

And here

And here

DrNofog said...

Ahhh, economics...

I heard the reason God gave us Economists was to make Weather Forecasters look good...

Caver said...

Hi Robin, I spent a couple of lifetimes with a multitude of engineering disciplines while in the Naval and Commercial nuclear power industries and then, later, with Boeing.

A number of them are on board with the "inside job" crowd. Their heart goes against it, but the evidence...what there is of it... was a little overwhelming. Lots of things are wrong with the twin towers but building 7 was a slam dunk for many. Yea, given enough things going exactly as they could...not should...have, the twin towers could have been what it seemed. No set of circumstances worked with building 7 and one of the other ones.

:tip hat

Scott said...

I agree with the concern over Ed Asner - BUT - the same information has been presented by a vast array of structural engineers etc - Here, Ed Asner isn't giving us scientific information, he is simply narrating. And as I said, I don't base any opinion on this video - this just happens to be recent and succinct and easily available.

Nothing Ed A can say can alter the facts. So in a way, it is irrelevant that he narrates this.

Scott said...

The idea that Building 7 came down to those tiny fires (which are obviously there for the purpose of perpetuating the lie - and they were laughably small) - is absurd beyond belief. Compare those tiny 'fires' to other buildings (of which there are many) where enormous fires rages for days on end, and yet none of these other buildings collapse - EVER.....Not once. And to fall in perfect implosion?

Hey, don;t listen to me, listen to the structural engineers

ally said...

I love you doc no fog! Soooo much! And to think I once thought you were a right wing republican who thought it was George Bush sitting at the right hand of the Father (I crack myself up sometimes)
I get so frustrated sometimes with just trying to wake people up. And then when they finally get it, if they ever takes me forever to get them up to speed!!! I think the reason it takes our brothers and sisters so long to figure it out is because they want to see the nice good happy world. Sorry guys but satan is a busy busy thing.
Really if the Albert Pike info doesn't prove what is about to happen and how long satan has been putting this stuff together, then the best I can do is get you saved and hope you manage to squeek through heaven's door.
I frequently feel like a Jew in Germany prior to WWll warning the Jews as they think it could never happen to us!
I watched 2 pastors today unknown to each other, different denominations who both put out the "You better draw close so you don't get deceived" message and the HS was all over it! They basically said you need to honor God with the way you carry the cup he has placed on you!
I'm not fatalistic or depressed or anything like that. I know where I am going (hopefully if I can stand with Christ's help for what is fast approaching) and I pray I honor him with my behavior.
We may not see the trib, but we are pretty close to seeing something that requires us to be ready, very ready.
Really, the Truth is the Truth, whoever tells it or where it emerges from. I get tired of all this leftist, rightest, commie, jew whatever stuff. I want to scream!!!
Once again, if you have seen the leaders of the left and right, who "hate" each other in public, sit down together drinking and worshipping Molech at Bohemian Grove, giving sacrifices to satan...HELLO?
Albert Pike, who in the 1800's laid out the plans satan was setting forth for the next 3 world wars (of which 2 went down exactly as he stated and the 3rd is lined up and ready to go RIGHT NOW)
You would have to be as blind as Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, not to see it! So I pray for the body...Scales fall off their eyes in Jesus name right now!
Sorry all but you know, patience is not as bountiful as some of my other fruits. Holy Spirit Help!!!
Love you all! Look up, look up! He is coming and I intend to be going! I just know we may have to stand like we never have before and I need to be ready.

Mrs. C said...

OK, jumping in here :) There are plenty of structural engineers that say that it did legitimately go down. Today, I just saw what was live video at the time, of a Fire Chief or Capitan, calling his men off Bldg 7 because it was too dangerous. You could clearly see the building was heavily on fire. Further more, what the general public sees as not such a bad fire, Firemen know, structurally whats going on. That is why they pull out.
Honestly, personally, Bldg 7 means nothing to me, as it is all unproven, and is used by the extreme left to promote there "the government was responsible for 911" nonsense! I guess that means that everyone was "in on it"...the pilots...the bout them! For goodness sake, having worked in the Airline industry for years, any number of factors could have kept those planes from taking off at the precise time they did.
And I guess all the airplane parts all over the place, they were fake too. Or the people on the Airplanes, calling their loved ones to say goodbye, those were fake too?
Again, personally, I feel it is a disgrace to the memory of those brave Souls on the planes, the innocents on the ground that were all killed, and our fighting Men and Women, to suggest this was intentional.
God Bless Their Souls...

Caver said...

As Caver starts whistling and strolling toward the back yard and dog house......

Tasarwen said...

quote Mrs. C: "Honestly, personally, Bldg 7 means nothing to me, as it is all unproven, and is used by the extreme left to promote there "the government was responsible for 911" nonsense! I guess that means that everyone was "in on it"...the pilots...the bout them! For goodness sake, having worked in the Airline industry for years, any number of factors could have kept those planes from taking off at the precise time they did.
And I guess all the airplane parts all over the place, they were fake too. Or the people on the Airplanes, calling their loved ones to say goodbye, those were fake too?
Again, personally, I feel it is a disgrace to the memory of those brave Souls on the planes, the innocents on the ground that were all killed, and our fighting Men and Women, to suggest this was intentional.
God Bless Their Souls..." end quote

Yea, Mrs. C! I wholeheartedly agree. One of my brother's (himself a United captain) best friends was the captain on the United flight.

It wasn't a fake...

gearedup2go said...

Scott, are you aware that Elenin is on the Swiss 10 franc note? There is a diagram of our solar system borrowed from the notes of the late physicist and mathematician Leonid Euler. And what's even more astounding is that in the late 1700's he projected the alignment of Elenin, the earth, and the sun on 26 September, 2011. That's right--over 200 years ago!

Scott said...

There were no planes that went into building 7 - this demolition had nothing to do with planes

Plus the fires were tiny (you can see them on the various video's) .

And even if fires did take down the building (again, this would be the first time in history) - how could these fires have taken the building down in a perfectly symmetrical way, and how could it have falled in 7 seconds in a 'free fall"

Here is a big problem with this. The assumption is immediately made that the Bush Administration was responsible - that this represents a "liberal" attack etc. And then, the 'need' is felt to 'defend' the Bush admin against these "liberal allacks"

We have to forget politics here.

That isn't the case at ALL - the many many structural engineers who say that the symmetrical free-fall of building 7 is impossible - given the facts. This isn't a "liberal vs conservative" issue.

Take a look at how that building fell. There were several dozen concrete supports at the bottom of that building and they would have ALL had to collapse at the same time for that building to fall as it did....And fires did that? Perfectly symmetrical?

My logic just won't go there - but we can agree to disagree :)

Scott said...

BTW - I'm not commenting on the twin towers (where "plane parts etc become germane to the discussion)

No one is saying anything about the "planes being a fake" - that is completely irrelevant to the discussion about Building 7.

Discussions of building 7 have nothing whatsoever to do with those individuals who perished in the planes,

No one (here anyway) is saying that the government is responsible - I have never suggested such.

All I am saying is quite simple.

I do not believe that some small fires could have brought down building 7 in a free-fall, in a perfectly symmetrical manner in a matter of seconds.

Many engineers are in agreement.

I am conservative and do not see this as political.

Scott said...

Geared - I did know about the currency and elenin, but not the rest - thanks a lot for the video link - I'll take a look

Scott said...

Pictures tell the story (come on - I am not being argumentative - but PLEASE don't fall for the false "liberal vs conservative" debate here - its SO irrelevant. Look at the facts:

This pic shows the fires that theoretically brought down a modern steel building:

Pic 1

Below, in the 3rd pic (scroll down) - you can see a "real" fire (building 5) which is far far worse than building 7 and it stood tall. The contrast is stark. History is replete with buildings which burned for days and days and did not fall.

Pics 2

In the next pics - contrast the small fires of building 7 with another example - the Windsor Building (3rd pic) - which was a 'raging inferno' and burned > 24 hours and did not fall.

Pics 3

Look at this burning building which did not fall (and contrast with the fire at bldg 7)

Pics 4

I believe that the whole "conservative vs liberal" argument on this whole issue is doing what it was intended to do - hide the truth

Just my honest opinion.

Scott said...

videos tell the story

ally said...

Yay! Scott you rock! Just know I "GET" it and doc no fear and on and on and on and on. I know who was behind it and who did it. SATAN! Now exactly who he used and how it was all pulled off, well I have my suspicions, but can't prove it 100% and it doesn't matter. But look how conveniently it all fits in to Albert Pike's three world war plans.
Please Mrs. C...we love you so much and boy do you know the word of God inside and out. Please go read about Albert Pike. It will take you all of 15 minutes and you can see satan's groundwork all over the place. When the Bible talks about powers in high places, it is just not talking about principalities floating around in the air somehwere. It is talking also about people, who for money and power have willingly turned themselves over to be used and or possessed by demons to do dirty deeds like..well start up the precursore to ww3 and the nwo.
Hey if Israel gets divided there is going to be world wide disaster and I think we can agree on that at least!
Loving you all!

Scott said...

The experts weigh in - look at the credentials of those in agreement with the impossibility of building 7 coming down spontaneously


Like evolution and global warming - I decided to investigate the facts for myself before listening what the MSM told me to believe.

And my personal research overwhelming reveals that man made global warming is absurd, evolution is absurd, and the same re building 7 - the official explanation is absurd.

Tasarwen said...

OK Scott, I hear ya. I guess I never looked into the Building 7 thingie. Interesting.... :)

gearedup2go said...

Scott, you know where I stand on building 7. : ) Too many important documents were destroyed in that implosion. Big, big red flags if you ask me. Also, survivors of the WTC building have come forward and stated that the weekend prior to the 9/11 event there were working crews that cut off power to the buildings and were wiring it for who knows what.

Too many questions with too few answers still remain today.

Scott said...

Tas - it is.....I don't have an 'agenda' or anything - I'm just a freak about the truth. The vast array of engineers who say that building 7's "official explanation" is an impossibility is staggering.

I don't know much about the twin towers. I have seen explanations of how they fell - and I'm not smart enough to discern so I don't go there. Their structure was quite unique and I could see a possibility that they fell symmetrically...(although many engineers dispute that)...

Not so with building 7 - its a whole different thing.

I also don;t understand why something other than what we are told immediately implicates Bush-Chaney....There are probably many many possible explanations that don't involve the Bush Administration.

I hate that it immediately evolves into that discussion as it is a diversion.

I have absolutely NO IDEA what happened or who was behind building 7...All I know is - the official explanation seems crazy and SO many engineers agree.

Thats all I know.

Sharon said...

Is there significance to why blg. 7 fell?

Scott said...

I have absolutely no idea. I really don't. All I know is, those small fires didn't bring it down. That is the extent of my "knowledge" :)

Dylan said...

In some better, but not 100% good news

Abbas won't go to the UN security council for palestinian statehood

Not sure if that worked or not

Dylan said...

They're going to the general assembly only now.

Scott said...

Thanks for that link Dylan - So now its the "General Assembly or bust" I suppose....

One interesting quote from that article, Dylan:

"The Palestinians will ask the UN General Assembly to upgrade their standing to something similar to that of the Vatican, which has permanent observer status at the international body. This will enable the Palestinians to be full members in a series of international organizations."

Dylan said...

Yeah, it's interesting. Looks like they had more bark than bite.

Scott said...

Don't forget - this will give them an avenue to take Israelis to the ICC and have them tried there. A whole new dimension in this situation

Robin said...

It's not so much a Conservative vs Liberal thing for me . . .but rather knowing who has the most to gain from convincing people that it was an inside job. Thats Muslims and Satan. But there IS that nagging mural in the Denver Airport depicting two towers and the masked figure with the sword . . .painted years before 911.

Scott said...

I don't even know if this was an "inside job" - I'm not ready to make that assumption.

I'm taking a VERY simple approach and looking at what we're being told and what actually happened. It doesn't match up. Thats as far as I am willing to go.

I think who has the most to gain is complicated - the "industrial/military complex" comes to mind way before Muslims. In fact Muslims have suffered a lot due to the ensuing war on terror.
Satan gains from any death and destruction.

I have a lot more questions than answers.

DrNofog said...

If you want to know about the passengers and planes - watch the Google video documentary - "Loose Change 2nd Edition", it covers a lot of ground, a real eye-opener, and worth the time. [it's about an 1-1/2hrs so get some popcorn...]
Sorry about the bad link earlier: Loose Change 2nd Edition (Full)

Another point to ponder, re one of the alledged recorded cell calls from one of the planes:

In 2001 there was no technology available for using cell phones on a plane after it took off, especially anywhere near cruising altitude...

And when was the last time you call your mom and said "Hi mom, this is [first name] AND [LAST NAME]?!?...
continuing... "...I'm on a plane that's been hijacked, etc, etc. You do believe me, mom, don't you?"... and a little later gives 1st & last name again...

Scott said...

DrNo - I think that is interesting but not nearly as definitive as the info on building 7. I look at the stuff as found in loose change with a lot of interest - but - As far as the planes, twin towers etc- at least there are some plausible explanations arguing against the Loose Change stuff.

With Building 7, there aren't really any credible explanations to support the MSM version an the "official" explanation - none. They really don't make much of an effort.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! I get it too Ally....Satan is hard at work pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. Thank you Scott and DrNofog for the information and the link! The answer is obvious....doesn't matter who is really behind is all about being deceived.

Scott said...

Bingo Anon - that is the bottom line IMO.

Brad said...

Sorry....forgot to post my name on that last one. Really....great info on Bldg. 7....I didn't even know a thing about it until today....10 years later!!!

Dylan said...

Scott, with your parents and my grandparents' generation it was the war(s). With your generation it was 9-11. (I say your generation because I was too young to remember it clearly). Do you think that my (our) generation's "catastrophe" will be gog/Magog? Ik gog/ Magog will be different from the Christian perspective, but still, will it be this generation's 9-11?

DrNofog said...

Scott, I agree 100% that B7 is the definitive piece that they will not show anymore or address it.

But my point with "Loose Change" is that it is trying to be as comprehensive as possible with the whole 9-11 scene in only 1.5hrs, which doesn't do it real justice, but it makes the picture whole enough to see that something very odious is lurking behind it all.

It points out enough background info and then enough blatant discrepancies to give one a good birds-eye view of an overall deliberate plan and cover up, especially if you do follow-up and ck other sources.

From my vantage point as a political history & NWO buff from almost the dark ages... once I got past the deliberate, back & forth tank-tread grinding up of bodies in the Waco massacre, and the immediate burial of all the building rubble 'evidence' of OKC's internal bomb planting evidence... after you get over the shock of "could our own...did "they" actually do all this to us...

Yeah, there really is no other plausible explanation, including even what I've seen of their so-called "plausible explanations" of B1 & B2, and yeah, "they" really are that evil enough in their Satanic Order!

DrNofog said...

Sorry to keep beating the dead horse but I remembered I got these very telling pix [near the bottom of page] from here and elsewhere.

The photos are of buildings collapsed by an earthquake. They show the typical result of a single load bearing member failure [wut 'they' claimed happened in B7] - the buildings are tipped over onto the initiating point.

But notice that the overall structures of steel/concrete buildings maintain their shape even after the huge impact of falling over!!
Definitely not a neat pile of pre-cut rubble like WTC 1,2, & 7... Hmmmm...

Also watch the vid of a poorly planned CD of a hi-rise building in England where the charges were only placed in the lower half and the upper half settled onto the rubble Fully Intact!! Hmmmm... Go figger!

Expected Imminently said...

Not unlike the results the Jews got at the fall of Jericho. Normally a collapsing wall falls mainly outward.

The march, and the blowing of Trumpets, was not just to make the walls fall, but to ensure that when they fell, they fell flat killing the population.

Joshua 6:20,21.

Mrs. C said...

Hi Brother Scott :)
Yes indeed, Ive heard it all :)
As previously posted yesterday, I saw what was LIVE UNEDITED video from a memorial program on 911 (NOT a conspiracy program) where the Captain or Fire Chief orders his men out of Bldg 7.
As stated before, firemen know the dangers of buildings on fire and that have been structurally damaged. Bldg 7 was damaged, and on fire. That is why they pulled the firemen off the fire of Bldg 7. The "truthers" are suggesting that the firemen were "in on it" too?
Forgive me, but Ive heard it all about Bldg 7 "conspiracy". The CIA, planned demolition and so on.
It was not a planned demolition. What is the most upsetting to me, is that these untruths, are used as a springboard to say that the World Trade Center buildings were also intentionally demolished! These "911 truthers" also disgustingly tie in Israel to this conspiracy. I actually know someone who's family members actually believed that Israel was behind the Twin Towers attack along with the U.S. itself of course! What!
Forgive me, but the "Loose Change" college kids, fall right into being close cousins of Michael Moore. They use their editing techniques, sound bites, partial clips, half truths, just the same way as Michael Moore. These college kids who created this deceptive "Loose Change", actually have the gall to say there "was no plane" when Flight 93, and its heroic passengers, plowed into the ground at 500+mph. Well the little black box from that aircraft, the passengers calling their loved ones to say goodbye, says that there indeed was a plane.
This site below, confirms what I again saw with the unedited footage of the firemen at Bldg 7, as part of a 911 memorial program yesterday evening. And another one, where Popular Mechanics takes on these college kids that created "loose change", face to face.
Debunking 911 Conspiracy
Loose Change vs. Popular Mechanics pt. 1

God Bless You! :)

Paula said...

Woh, woh, woh, Mrs. C. Why call us all, even here, cousins of Michael Moore? We're not idiots.

Nobody denies that people died and real jets are gone. The question is who really caused it, and remember that the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) is exactly that: a conspiracy theory. And a lame one: a handful of tent-dwellers infiltrates the strongest military in the world with box cutters and really poor aviation skills as reported by the schools they attended. Yeah, that sounds plausible.

And then three huge steel buildings fall at freefall speed into their own footprints, though such things are physically impossible without months of planning and lots of explosives, and have never happened before or since due to fire.

And then the ditch in PA filled with trash-- but not a single jetliner part, no blood or body parts, no luggage scattered about. Apparently kerosene, which is what jet fuel is, has mutated into a form that only eats jets and people and luggage but leaves paper and garbage.

Apparently all the witness who defy the OCT are liars or idiots like me.

Real things hit the buildings, but they weren't what we were told. Please, next time you want to condemn people here as part of a group of loons, read up on what they actually say and believe. I'd present some links of my own but that would clearly be a waste of time.

ms said...

Caver you crack me up! thanks for my morning giggle before work. ms
(referring to...whistling and strolling.....)

Scott said...

Yea, I've said it before and I'll say it again - Caver is a wise man :)

DrNo - I hear ya on that. I'm just trying to "open the doors" to this whole thing by focusing on building 7 as entry point.

Waterer said...

Good Morning .
This has NOTHING to do with Signs of the coming Christ.
I think this verse should pull us together again behind keeping First things first.Is. 8:11-14

11The Lord spoke to me with his great power. The Lord warned me not to be like these other people. F102 The Lord said, 12“Every person is saying that other people are making plans against him. You should not believe those things. Don’t be afraid of the things those people fear. Don’t be afraid of those things!”

13The Lord All-Powerful is the One you should be afraid of. He is the One you should respect. He is the One you should fear. 14If you will respect the Lord and consider him holy, then he will be a safe place for you. But you don’t respect him. So God is like a rock that you people fall over. He is a rock that makes the two families of Israel stumble. The Lord is a trap to catch all the people of Jerusalem. 15(Many people will fall over this rock. Those people will fall and be broken. They will be trapped and caught.)

Expected Imminently said...

Waterer said:
"This has NOTHING to do with Signs of the coming Christ".

The promises God gave to Abraham are still applicable today.

Genesis 12:3And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Any nation that messes with the apple of God's eye, can expect short shrift from Him. He is King over all the affairs of man.

God bless

Caver said...

Ya know, these dog houses really are comfortable if there's enough planning at the start.....just don't build it too cramped and leave room for the small fridge and snacks . Of course, Fido never bothers the cot attached to the roof either. Whistling, munching, strolling around the back yard for a while.....ignoring the real Fido who had to sleep outside last night.

MS and Scott, thanks for the kind words. Caver may have been born at night, but it weren't last night.....whistle...whistle....

Waterer said...

Expected Imminently,
I meant the argle bargle about bld 7 and conspiracy stuff.
It seemed like a topic that was leading to dissention about something we cannot know about now. We are not to fear conspiracies was my point.

Sorry I was unclear.

Blessings to you

Scott said...

Well, one could argue that an enormous loss of freedom and loss of constitutional rights really began, in earnest, at the time of 9-11. It subsequently set teh stage for our presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many believe that our presence in Iran will be "staging" for subsequent actions in Iran.

All of these things affected the Middle East and arguably the biggest 10 year period of loss of freedom in the US - ever.

All of the above has a lot of prophetic significance.

It is somewhat tangential, but I definitely believe the events of 9-11 did play a role in prophecy development.

Mrs. C said...

Sister Paula, 
Please forgive me, but did you fully read my post? I clearly did not call anyone here, nor anywhere else, “cousins of Michael Moore”, nor “idiots”. I did indeed, refer to the college kids that created the “loose change” false video (which now apparently they are selling “loose change 2”. I have to respectfully disagree; did you listen to the video of Popular Mechanics face to face call out of these two? Bldg 7 was damaged, from the Twin Tower collapse, and with heavy fire for quite some time, before the Fire Commander pulled his men, and let it burn - collapse on its own. The Firemen determined it was too dangerous, from the damage and pulled their men out .
Forgive me, but some “tent dwellers” didn’t infiltrate the “strongest military in the world”, they infiltrated U.S. pathetic airports with yes, “box cutters”. Simply as that. I worked in the Airline industry for many years, I know what was involved with commercial aircraft first hand. I worked a few hundred feet from one of the runways of one of the largest airports in the world. I know the inter workings of the airline industry, and airports. There was pathetic security before 911, absolutely pathetic. Box cutters, into an unsealed cockpit, peace of cake. There were severe changes in that industry after 911, but there are still many vulnerabilities which I wont say in public. The terrorist “poor aviation skills”, is a misnomer. They were only concerned with crashing aircraft into buildings, not the precision of landings etc.
That was two buildings that were struck by fully fueled aircraft going at tremendous speeds. The impact of the aircraft removed the fire retardant off of the steel trusses that support the floors. Why do they treat the steel with fire retardant? Because they weaken and are subject to failing under extreme heat. The Twin towers did not “free fall”, they pan caked one floor on top of the other on the way down. There was plenty of damage to the buildings surrounding both towers. It is not “impossible” for what happened to the Twin Towers, directly attacked with large aircraft. The “explosives” theory is impossible – way too many people would have to be involved, and that’s not even including the timing of the aircraft. It was the terrorists that planned this for almost ten years. They first attacked the Twin Towers in 1993, and came to finish the job. No one had every flown two wide body aircraft into buildings before.
Paula forgive me, but so much gets lost on line, when folks aren’t face to face. Having said that, regarding your comments about the Flight 93. Sister, you are in error, and families went through much grief waiting for identification of their loved ones, after they had been killed in the Flight 93 crash. They then retrieved them for burial. The fact is, that there were indeed, sadly, “bodies”, remains, of the passengers of Flight 93. In addition, another fact is that there were “jetliner parts” found, and there were several scattered debris fields, not just the crater that is commonly shown.

Mrs. C said...

“Real things hit the buildings, but they weren’t what we were told”? Forgive me again if Im misunderstanding you, but millions of people saw , live, and on the ground, very clearly, airplanes flying into the buildings. There were smoldering airplane wheels in the streets, and other aircraft parts all over the place.
It is obvious Paula, that you interpreted my previous post, personally, when I said nothing personal to anyone here. Im sorry that you interpreted it that way, as I clearly spoke of the college kids that created the “loose change” video. This subject I feel very strongly about, as the truth has been so distorted. Please forgive my impatience, as these conspiracy theories have been going on for ten years now, and I cant imagine how they must make the families that lost loved ones, feel. Again, I made no such statements that anyone here, nor you, were idiots nor would I condemn anyone. The families of these tragic events, truly deserve our love, support, and Prayers. The passengers on these flights, new the truth of what was happening, so did most of their friends and families. Some rose to the occasion with great courage, strength, and yes Faith! The crews on these flights were incredibly brave, and all should be honored. Nuff said…
God Bless You Sister! Big Hug 

Paula said...

Mrs. C:

When anyone makes a blanket condemnation of a group of people holding a certain view, every individual in that group is condemned. As a hated "truther" (or troofer as the worst haters call it), I am part of the huge number of people you've disparaged. If I won't stand with others who you did mean to disparage, I am a coward.

FWIW, I have heard it all as well, and have read a LOT about the whole thing. But I won't collect the research and post it for anyone who looks down their nose at thousands of people they don't know, who have valid and intelligent reasons to dispute the OCT.

A reasonable and non-hating person simply says "I disagree"; they have no need to drop names or question the intelligence or education of those who disagree with them.

And that's all I'll say about that.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Paula

MrsC was expressing her concerns which were not deliberately aimed at any one person here. Unless you had said previously, how could she have known you were a 'truther'? Her right to express her concerns was aimed directly at the students, and neither did she suggest any of us here were 'idiots' all the while being as respectful, as it is possible to be in this method of communication. I noticed her reassuring ‘smilie’ had become a small square.  :)

All dialogue ends when the opinions from others are blocked by being made to feel that they are walking on eggshells, afraid to make their view known, just in case some over sensitive feelings are inadvertently offended.

Rightly or wrongly, it APPEARS to me that you have actually chosen to be personally insulted and intolerant while breaking your own advice by not politely agreeing to disagree with Mrs C yourself.

It is not my intention to falsely accuse you, just express an opinion on how your reaction to this comes across to me and I hope you will excuse me if I have misunderstood your intention. Let us instead press on to know more of Jesus and His imminent return by encouraging one another with that certain hope.

God bless you both.

Waterer said...

I am not saying that history of the last 10 yrs doesn't matter. I was talking about the debate over the differing opinions over what happened. When I was in college the big debate or conspiracy theory at that time was around Prs. Kennedy. Was he really killed? Was he living in a sealed wing at a DAllas hospital, Did Jackie marry Onassis to hide JFK on an island. The anti christ was supoposed to come out of the sea ,,,resurrected from a fatal head wound .JFK is probably the A/C!!!ANd all of this was around discussions of end times.This all sounds silly now but in the day it was not silly. We were into Lindsey and other speakers around him and the rumor mill was flying because we were not rooted in Scripture but in truth by flyby. What a waste of time.
You do such a great job with making sense of the signs and their contexts to events today . I just felt really uncomfortsable with attention being turnrd to something that will divide us rather than the real truth which holds us together.

The Isaiah passage I quoted uses the word conspiracy in the other versions. When we get fearful about what else people may or may not be telling us on theories I think we are losing our focus. Does it relate ? Only a little. Perhaps in the big picture of in th spirit of ac that has always been around and is now increasing. But I thought we weren't focusing on him here. My thoughts.
Blessings in Him,