Thursday, September 15, 2011

The EU: On The Brink Of Big Changes

We are literally watching the evolution of the EU into.....something. It is hard to know exactly where the EU is headed as speculation seems to be going in every direction. No one seems to know what will happen to the EU, but one thing is certain - big changes are on the way. We could be seeing the very early stages of the EU's shift into the biblical 10 Kings stage.

This possibility is enormously significant, as we know that once in place, the 10 Kings will somehow produce the antichrist and these same 10 Kings will rule the earth with the antichrist:

'Save The Doomed Euro By Setting Up A New Super-State'

THE EU’s top bureaucrat yesterday claimed that only a fully-fledged super-state can save the euro.

Jose Manuel Barroso, the Commission’s President, said the deepening economic crisis in Europe was a “fight for integration”.

Mr Barroso spoke out amid yet more desperate efforts to stop debt-ridden Greece going bust and wrecking the single currency.
“What we need now is a new, unifying impulse, a new federalist moment – let’s not be afraid to use the word,” Mr Barroso told the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

In his speech, Mr Barroso said: “The right way to stop the negative cycle and strengthen the euro is to deepen integration, mainly in the euro area. This is the way to go.”

And of course, Mr Soros would be involved. He is calling for a "new European Union treaty":

European treasury needed to avoid depression: Soros

Billionaire investor George Soros has warned Europe's debt crisis risks triggering another Great Depression unless euro zone leaders adopt a series of radical policy measures, including the creation of a common treasury.

As well as preparing for a default and euro zone exit by those three "peripheral nations," Soros recommends four bold policy measures:

- Bank deposits have to be protected to prevent bank runs in weaker states;

- Some banks in the defaulting countries have to be kept functioning to keep their economies afloat;

- The European banking system would be recapitalised and put under European-, as distinct from national-, supervision;

- Government bonds of other deficit countries would have to be protected.

Soros acknowledges that such a move would require a new European Union treaty and urges European leaders to begin work straight away because of the time it would take to conclude.

And don't forget about the whole issue of "EU border control" - something we have been watching closely:

Commission pushes for 'europeanisation of border controls

Below we see where the centralized EU will assume control of borders for EU countries (complete with 'border checks") which represents further erosion of national sovereignty:

The EU commission is pressing ahead with a controversial draft bill on 'europeanising' the way border checks are introduced, allowing national governments to act on their own for only five days.

The draft, seen by EUobserver, has already irked France, Germany and Spain who jointly oppose the idea of giving the EU commission a veto right over what so far has been the exclusive competence of national governments.

"Since the free movement of persons within the area without internal borders is a key Union achievement, the benefits of which are enjoyed by all the persons living in this area, it should as a general rule require a decision to be taken at the Union level, rather than for such decision to be taken unilaterally at the national level," the paper reads.

Motives for reintroducing border checks can vary from a terrorist attack to football championships or high-level summits. An "unexpected inflow" of migrants can also trigger the reintroduction of border controls, provided there is a risk assessment proving that they may be a public safety concern.

Also see:

German banks could be next hit by debt crisis

World Bank chief says world economy in danger zone

World Bank President Robert Zoellick said on Wednesday the world had entered a new economic danger zone and Europe, Japan and the United States all needed to make hard decisions to avoid dragging down the global economy.

His bluntly-worded speech highlighted mounting fears among global policymakers about an escalating sovereign debt crisis in Europe, which has for now overshadowed investor concerns about public finances and reforms in the United States and Japan.

Meetings of global finance and development leaders in Washington next week will focus on Europe's debt woes and the risk of a Greek debt default, which has fed growing alarm in financial markets.

Europe is rapidly reaching "crisis phase" due to the economy and an array of politicians and financial experts are all weighing in with their solutions. It is a volatile time for the EU and we are clearly on the cusp of seeing big changes implemented.

Although it seems unlikely that we'll see an immediate movement into the 10 Kings phase - we may well be witnessing the "stage setting" basis for the ultimate and inevitable transformation into the 10 Kings.


Jec said...

Does anyone know how fast this stage setting could take? Also, a less dramatice way would would cause less pain and suffering. At times like this, its good to know that God is in control. But leave it up to the new worlder'ers, they are bound to mess things up. Lots of Q's. Does EU have to collapse or will it more like evolve? Anyone else thinking or wondering how a EU collapse might effect the rest of the world? Thanks ya'll!

Robin said...

Jec, it's just my opinion, but until now, I've always been under the impression it would be a few years . . .and I guess if you look at when the clock likely began ticking 1918 (end of WWI and the BalFore Agreement) it HAS.  

But after watching events unfold this year . . .particularly with regards to the fall of nations that, until now, have been Israeli friends, it appears things will happen quickly.  Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 appear to be battles that will happen relatively close together.  And while I'd guess there would be some time between those battles and the Gog/Magog War . . .Russia and Iran appear to be moving rapidly into a war mindset so that may not be more than a few months to a year or so.  In reality, it will likely be World War III and just a continuation of the next two smaller battles.

It's my belief the Rapture will occur sometime between those first two battles and the larger Gog/Magog War but it could happen tonight . . .we just don't know . . .

Scott said...

With prophecy we have the big picture but often the details involving Gods plans are a mystery.

I have always felt that the Rapture would be SUCH a BIG 'game changer' - that the Rapture alone could trigger remaining events.

It is hard for me to believe that the Middle East won't break out into full scale war very soon....Months not years. I cannot see any scenario in which the ME stays 'calm' for long. Of course, God can make anything happen - but you have to remember - at this late stage in birth pains, there isn't any turning back, and we know we are in the terminal stages of birth pains. For that reason, I don't see God as reversing this process.

Based on that, I believe we're in the "months" time frame.

Jec said...

I have a Christian friend I see quit often because of work, and I tell her how things are developing regularly as she is not a watcher. I send her stuff by email sometimes too. We go back and forth as to the lateness of the hour, but she always tells me we have a good 10 years left. Today as I had another quickening up-tick in urgency, I told her we have weeks left and smiled. She almost fell out of her chair laughing. I think she thinks I'm crazy, cause I see these blank stares she gives me sometimes. It's sad that she doesn't really see it.

Scott said...

It happens brother....Its the cry of ignorance and fear. Its that simple. Now - denial of the signs is almost laughable.