Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Updates From The UN And The Epicenter

First of all, let us not forget what we are ultimately dealing with here. The PA is engaged in a high-stakes game to divide Israel and set the stage for Israel's ultimate destruction. Just take a look at what the PA (and Iran, Turkey, Russia, the Arab states etc.) wants to do: shrink Israel into indefensible borders. We cannot forget that vital fact over the next few days and weeks.

Americans not fooled by Palestinian statehood stunt

The Palestinian Authority is billing its UN statehood bid as the last viable way to end the Israeli-Arab conflict. But a vast majority of Americans see through the ruse, and say it will only lead to an increase in violence.

In a poll conducted last month by McLaughlin & Associates and Caddell Associates National Survey, 74.2 percent of Americans said that if they are given a state at the UN this week, the Palestinians will not abandon their quest to destroy the rest of Israel.

Western Strategy: Table PA Motion and Renew PA-Israel Talks

France has joined the United States to build a ladder for Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to climb down by filing a motion in the United Nations, let it be tabled and return to talks.

The solution to let all three sides – Israel, the PA and the United States – avoid diplomatic collision is to let Abbas make a face-saving gesture by filing a letter of intent to the United Nations for recognition and then delaying a formal request and agreeing to return to direct talks with Israel.

If Abbas accepts the idea, the United Nations Security Council will not have to deal with the motion for the time being and the United States would have to veto it, as it has promised, if it were to receive the necessary two-thirds support for passage.

However, returning to talks would place both Abbas and Israel in a difficult position because of each side’s refusal to accept the other’s conditions.

Even the Washington Post seems to get it:

Washington Post: Abbas Not Serious for PA State

The influential Washington Post has accused Mahmoud Abbas of not being serious about wanting to establish the Palestinian Authority as a country.

In a lead editorial Tuesday morning, the liberal newspaper joined a growing number of mainstream media outlets – with the notable exception of The New York Times – throwing up their hands at Abbas’ constant rebuffs to the “peace process.”

And this:

“Congress may terminate U.S. aid, causing an instant economic crisis,” the newspaper’s editors wrote. "Israel is hinting at retaliation, ranging from the withholding of tax funds to the annexation of its West Bank settlements. At worst, demonstrations being orchestrated by Mr. Abbas to support the statehood initiative will get out of hand, producing a violent confrontation with Israel.”

Protests to greet Ahmadinejad in New York

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is set to face angry protests during his visit to New York this week for the United Nations General Assembly.

Ahmadinejad is due to address the UN General Assembly on Wednesday and hold a press conference Friday.

United Against Nuclear Iran, an advocacy group, has demanded that managers of the upscale Warwick Hotel refuse to host Ahmadinejad and his delegation and have urged a boycott of the international hotel chain.

It will be interesting to see if he closes his speech with another plea for the Mahdi to return soon, as he usually does (something typically ignored by the MSM).

Meanwhile, back in the epicenter:

Palestinians take to streets, show statehood bid support

Demonstrations supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state were taking place in cities across the West Bank Wednesday, ahead of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's expected request for United Nations recognition of statehood later this week.

Additional rallies were expected to take place in the Palestinian cities of Bethlehem, Nablus, Kalkilya, Jenin and Hebron.

Events were scheduled to continue throughout the week, culminating with live broadcasts in the streets of PA President Abbas's speech to the United Nations on Friday, in which he is expected to demand statehood and UN membership for the Palestinians.

IDF prepared for upswing in West Bank violence ahead of UN vote

Netanyahu conferred with Gantz about the IDF’s preparedness for the possibility of violent demonstrations in the West Bank over the coming days during the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations.

Jewish family attacked in Jerusalem, police unable to act

A Jewish family of nine told Israel National News that as they walked home from Friday evening prayers last week they were set upon by a gang of Arab youth, and that nearby Israeli police officers did nothing to prevent the attack.

The family was returning to its home near the Flowers Gate in Jerusalem's Old City when five Arab youth with covered faces began hurling concrete blocks at them.

What's worse is that several Israeli Border Police officers were standing nearby and witnessed at least part of the attack, but were unable to intervene.

The mother told Israel National News that she later confronted the officers and was told that they could not stop the attackers for fear of getting in trouble with their superiors.

"Soldiers and Border Police can act only if there's an immediate threat to life," she said, recalling the officers' explanation. "What are they waiting for, for somebody to be killed?"

The family managed to take cover under the roof of a nearby store and work their way home without injury. But the children were visibly traumatized by the incident.

Also see:

West Bank settlers and Palestinians clash as tensions ramp up

And these events just mark the beginning of more to come. We can expect more violence and more demonstrations in the coming days as news from NYC reach the Middle East - and the content probably doesn't matter. Good or bad, whatever happens this week at the UN is guaranteed to create more violence.

We'll have to wait and see if the tipping point is reached in the epicenter,


Seth said...

Birth pains are quickly coming to a climax. Come, Lord Jesus. Come.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Seth
I agree!

Over the past few days, it seems as if many regulars here have left the 'birthing suite' during this 'rest' phase.
As the spasms relax, and things go quiet, it is only a preparation for another contraction so, keep looking and watching 'things' are still building ready for the big 'push'.
This is GOD'S description of what to look out for, and the birth process continues as expected.

Whose got the stopwatch? To my mind the pains are much closer together since they began with the World Wars. DONT FORGET the 'pangs' include the Ecumenical church, not just world events.

Well done Doc for nursing us through this. ;)

DrNofog said...

As "they" continue to tighten the noose on us all:

Beeg-Bro to grow even beeger in December [or maybe jes tellin' more 'bout what dey been doin' all along]...

OnStar confirms privacy policy change will allow them to track speed and location... and will continue to track even after customers cancel their policies and specifically "opt out".

PS. It is comforting to know that just when "they" give the noose a good, final tug, there will suddenly be a big air gap in it as many of us go 'poof'...

Robin said...

Evidently, Obama isn't backing down from his endorsement of a Palestinian State and call for a return to pre-67 borders:

Misty said...

DrNo said "PS. It is comforting to know that just when "they" give the noose a good, final tug, there will suddenly be a big air gap in it as many of us go 'poof'...
LOL love this mental picture. :)

Jec said...

And here is another piece of financial new...just some birth pangs:

"In its “World Economic Outlook,” the IMF steeply downgraded projections it made in June regarding the U.S. economy. The international lending organization had predicted a growth of 2.5 percent in 2011 and 2.7 percent in 2012. In just three months, the forecast has changed to 1.5 percent in 2011 and 1.8 percent in 2012."

Jec said...

Sorry folks, I really messed up that link. I'll have to try and fix that later.

gearedup2go said...

Washington insiders are indicating that the US will vote "present" rather than veto the Palestinian statehood.

The president has essentially endorsed a Palestinian state last year at the UN.

In 2010, President Obama told the U.N General Assembly: "When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that can lead to a new member of the United Nations, an independent, sovereign state of Palestine living in peace with Israel."

gearedup2go said...

DRNo, *they* are laughing at your quirky sense of humor as they join together in a dark, nondescript building for the daily chuckle. Cigarette smoke, a tapped phone, and stale coffee serve as their indulgence as they huddle together, straining to hear you say, "Come and get me, coppers!" : D

Caver said...


That would be so very Obummer.
1. Duplicates his freshman record in the Senate.
2. Seals Israel's demise from a human perspective. Course, we know God has other plans but Boy-Oh-Boy....

I'm thinking Canada might just be a good place to visit for a while.

gearedup2go said...

Tell Dylan I said hello.

gearedup2go said...

( – An internal U.N. memo guiding staff on the Palestinian bid for U.N. recognition and membership expresses Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s support for the division of Jerusalem – even though numerous signed agreements emphasizes the issue is one for the parties themselves to negotiate in a final peace settlement.

Caver said...


Several topics ago you posted some links to Lindsey Williams. I believe the 4 part series started with!

Thanks so much! Incredible.

For those that don't know Pastor Williams, he is a Baptist Minister that got tied into and won favor in the Oil industry Elite while in Alaska. Through an unusual sequence of events he got further tied into the Elite behind the scenes decision makers. Pastor Williams is part of how they fulfill their sick code of Ethics of warning the public first. Suffice it to say, everything we see going on in America, China, Europe, and the ME fulfills both prophecy and their predictions/time lines from several years ago.

I listened to him 5-6 years ago as he made insane predictions on oil price, policies to be imposed, the demise of America and many more. He not only tells what but how.

Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, they have told him was in the world's future has happened.....without regard to the odds against it.

These 4 videos are worth your time.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Caver

Thank you for the reassurance; I am thankful the videos are kosher, as I know next to nothing about these issues. As Hartdawg hails from Alaska, I thought he might be familiar with the Pastor, and I recall you and DrNofog commenting on how ‘things’ are pre-planned; nothing to do with the world system is by accident – spooky!

I found them ‘by chance’ on a U.K. Postie Blog as I was browsing; so I can’t take any credit for their discovery.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

GeareduptoGo: What does a present vote mean in the UN? I tryed to find answer but could not.

Robin said...

Anon, it means the same as it meant in the IL legislature when Obama used it the majority f the time as a state Sen. LOL. Present is a way politicians vote to show they were there . .b.but non committed to a position. Of course, in this particular instance, we know where this administration stands . . .but Obama would prefer to wait until AFTER the 2012 election before renewing his commitment to throw Israrl under the bus as the Jewish vote is important to both his re-election as well as maintaining Democrat majority in the US Senate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Robin!

Dylan said...

Carver, if u come to Canada, you'll have to come to Lethbridge. Or at least Alberta.

Caver said...

Dylan, Is that an invitation???:)
Ya just never, ever know. Me wiff has family up there...

If this Lolligagger in da Off-White House gets any weirder, I may just be heading to someplace up there. Some beautiful country up there!

Alice said...

Voting "present" is the same thing as abstaining, which in this case is the same thing as voting yes ... :(

Yes, just like O did here in IL. He's an expert at being present... present with a lobotomy...

Dylan said...

Haha it might be. But I'm only 14 and my parents' rules still apply, plus I have school, so maybe one Sunday at church or something, idk. But if you do come to Alberta take a day and do a hike or two in waterton.

DrNofog said...

This pic of the "glory-hog, me 1st, Ego-in-Chief" in the WH says it all:

Obama 'looks like Alfred E. Neuman' in goofy wave

Scott said...

Alfred E Newman - good call DrNo :) -