Friday, September 9, 2011

In the World:

Terrorists Mark 9/11 Anniversary with 'Credible Threat'

As the United States prepares for the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, terrorists are hoping to mark the event their own way – by murdering more American civilians.Security officials in the United States are on high alert over a “credible” pinpoint warning of a planned terrorist attack, to be carried out on September 11. The attack was allegedly planned by Al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan.

Feds watching possible terror plot for NY, D.C.

"There is specific, credible but unconfirmed threat information," said Janice Fedarcyk, the assistant director in charge of the FBI's New York division. "As we always do before important dates like the anniversary of 9/11, we will undoubtedly get more reporting in the coming days."

While the report is unconfirmed, a number of officials say that there are enough elements lined up to have them concerned about this threat stream more so than the others they have seen in recent days.

Reports: Credible terror threat to New York and D.C.

The threat would target New York City or Washington, D.C., sources said. Authorities have obtained what they believe is information on possible suspects tied to central Al Qaeda, but they have not necessarily determined names of possible suspects…

According to a senior U.S. official with knowledge of the threat, “People are aggressively pursuing leads,” and it is “specific enough to elicit worry.” Another senior U.S. official stressed the threat is still “unconfirmed” so it is being chased down and investigated…

“It feels more than aspirational,” one official said.

Nuclear warheads could be next Stuxnet target: Check Point

Due to the complexity and sophistication of the code contained within the Stuxnet worm, the possibility of it being used to take control of a nuclear warhead is high, according to a security expert.

Teller confirmed the code in Stuxnet could be modified to launch new SCADA attacks. “Nuclear warheads are controlled by computers so if someone managed to slip a worm inside a facility that will reach the warhead component, they could launch it and than aim it back at the country’s facility,” he said.

“Stuxnet is the first cyber weapon that could cause major disruption."

Global economy looks increasingly gloomy

From Seoul to Washington, policymakers are increasingly worried about the outlook for the global economy.

Central banks in Europe and Asia took a new, more cautious stance on Thursday and Brazil said the deteriorating world economy prompted its surprise rate cut last week.

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank would do what it takes to lower unemployment and boost disappointingly weak growth, but offered no details on what that would entail.


Jec said...


In the article you posted: Nuclear warheads could be next Stuxnet target: Check Point

And this:

"Teller confirmed the code in Stuxnet could be modified tolaunch new SCADA attacks. “Nuclear warheads are controlled by computers so if someone managed to slip a worm inside a facility that will reach the warhead component, they could launch it and than aim it back at the country’s facility,” he said.

“Stuxnet is the first cyber weapon that could cause major

I just got to thinking how this reminds me so much of the
confusion that will happen during Ezekiel 38-39:

Ezekiel 38:21 I will summon a sword against Gog on all my
mountains, declares the Lord God. Every man's sword will
be against his brother.

And this one Ezekiel 39:3 Then I will strike your bow from your left hand, and will make your arrows drop out of your right hand.

Jec said...

I was also wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to the horses that are mentioned in Ez 38:15 on one hand and how it's clear as a bell (imho)that missiles will be flying in Ez 38:22, and Ez 39:6 on the other hand.

Maybe the all the stuff flying besides the rain and hail like brimstone will be be natural and not man-made?

Any thought?

gearedup2go said...

Jec, I've wondered about "the horses" as well. What if there was a controlled method of delivery to take out the electronics of the munitions, tanks, aircraft etc. in an area? They would then be dependent upon camels and horses as a means of transportation. Another thought is that the prophet Ezekiel didn't have a word for "tank" so he had to use "horse" instead.

It's another thought provoking question that makes you go "hmmmm".

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 videos that you posted regarding Elenin and the rapture. : )

ann marie said...

In the computer world, they are called, "Trojan horses".

Mrs. C said...

Another drive by post lol

Talk about Gods Word coming to life before our eyes!

"Turkish President Calls Israel
"Ungrateful Burden" "

Zechariah 12:3

3.And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

God Bless!

Wasterer said...

And in cars and trucks Tanks?? Their enegy is called horse power.
I have trie dresearching a Russian cavalry too. At one time it was amazing. I can't find much now.

Waterer said...

Funny I meant Waterer. I am new to this code stuff. KR

Expected Imminently said...


Oops! was that a Freudian slip per chance? NO, I don't believe it!

If ya don't know, a 'waster' in the U.K. means a good for nothing, no good so and so! :0

God bless

Waterer said...

Wasn't waterer not much better? Or some other expression I recently used menat drunk.. ( Well watered?)
I like wine but I get sleep with barely half a glass.
Love to you over the pond!

Expected Imminently said...


Ah! you know of our little idioms!

Up North they also say sommat similar "Where's Dad gone" - 'he's down t'garden watererin the leeks'.

Expected Imminently said...


I dun replied to yer Isaiah Q in tother fred.

Caver said...

Reference the horses....nope, its literal...its horses.

Three times in three different places His Word tells us that the birds will be eating and feasting on the flesh of the horses and captains and even the chariots. Birds will eat at blood soaked wood.

They will not eat tanks, APCs, jeeps, etc.

Well, IMHO.

Another Caver drive by as we scramble to get things ready for Monday AND keep a business running.

Do a Google on the number of horses in Russia and the surrounding countries.....astonishing.

Do a Google and look for the stories documenting the number of flesh eating birds that are now flying over Israel and even nesting. First time since you know when. Their migration pattern has totally changed in the last 20 years.

Ain't God's Word and promises wonderful!!!!

Mrs. C said...

Sister Sue,:)
Just stopped to get a bite to eat, and saw your posts. lol Brought back some warm memories of Brits I worked with for years. It was a British CO, in Cali land. Then Aussi's bought the CO, and oh my lol what a combination...Aussi's and Brits...and you could throw in a couple of South Africans...on token Scotsman...and some Sri Lankans! lol They used to laugh so hard, when the Austin Powers movies came out, because the American audiences generally didnt understand alot of the innuendos. Any comment my Brit friends/coworkers used to say , that used to get me giggling was "dont get your knickers in a twist". I cant repeat some of the other "stuff" they would say lol
Gotta go for now..
God Bless!
(Oh…and BTW I was born in Canada…so I know all about good tea and what time of day to have it! lol)

Paula said...

Hey all, another prayer request for my mom. Her kidneys are in bad shape right now, partly due to the strong antibiotics for MRSA and the diabetes meds she's been on. She needs the right balance of meds, but also to get her apatite back and drink lots of water.

Thanks so much for everyone who's been praying, we know it works! And this is yet another reason we hope that "this is it" for the Rapture. :-)

gearedup2go said...

Paula, I'm sorry to hear that your mother has approached yet another hurdle in her recovery. Will keep her close in prayer.

Caver said...

Paula, prayer is there. Also for the medical team to have wisdom and discernment to get the meds balance right.

Waterer said...

I 'm sorry to Paula. I had stop[ped praying but will pick it up again.
Caver the number in Russia in 2006 was more than a million total horses in Russia. Usa had 9.500. 000 plus horses. There were a few other European countries wih lots of horses but the over mil bunch were
CHina and alot of S. amer countries.
Apparently after the ussr fell they had a drastic reduction of the famous Don horse that was bred for war.They are starting to breed them again.

GG said...

Hi Paula~

I am sorry that she is still having some set-backs. You bet--my prayers are on the way. I hope your family is getting some much needed rest while taking care of her.

God Bless!!


Misty said...

Praying for your mom Paula.

Paula said...

Thanks, prayer warriors! May God bless you.

GG said...

Hi Dylan~

You may be in school but I just received a notice of a 6.7 Earthquake in Canada. Was that near you? How is the surrounding area?

Thinking of you..


ally said...

6.7 earthquake Vancouver Island just a few minutes ago. Lucky I was in town at the library to use the computer and caught it. Obama was in town today also.
Busy day here. Love you and praying for you all!

Jec said...

Hey gearedup2go,

I would hate to go back to horse and buggies. I'll be glad that We will be riding white horses when we come back, and all the earthlings will be riding tired and worn out ones!

Yeah, those were very interesting vid's. I have yet to sit and go through (watch) them again, as I listened much to it on my cell. My cell was acting up a bit and noticed one of the video's was over a hour long and thought that since I was only about 15 minutes into it that I was pretty close to the end. I then proceeded to the next one. The long one was a bit strange but the author was trying to get a point across I guess.

Paula, I'm with you on pray for your mom.

ally said...

Hi GG-funny we posted at the same time, same thing! Much Love Always

Dylan said...

GG, I didn't feel it over here in Alberta, so I didn't know about I until I read your comment.

GG said...

I hope and pray all will be well for the folks over there. Glad to know you are OK. :)

God Bless!!


Dylam said...

I think the mountains acted as some sort of barrier, but idk about the coast.

Dylan said...

I can't believe I said "dylam" again...

DrNofog said...

Glad to see yer back, Dylam, it's been a while.

DrNofog said...

It's that Jekyll & Hyde thingy no doubt.

Expected Imminently said...

Yea! Mrs C

That's right! it's for when someone gets all 'airiated' and generally ‘flies off the handle'.
Being the wife of a builder, and making lots of Builders tea, I dare say I know all the other phrases you allude to. (Many a slip twixt cup and lip) but I hasten to add I do not make a habit out of it. Innuendo is a naughty British trait, and I fear I am just as bad. I may not actually SAY anything; but oh my, don’t my eyes water!

Born in Canada! That makes us kin; members of the British Commonwealth; or wuz yer mam just biding a wee at the time ye wuz borrrn? :)

MUST back yer old man!

We have already agreed, thee and me that ‘horses’ mean ‘horses’ a while ago!

Two of my bestest friends is a horse and a mini Pony; but they only love me for the carrots, bananas, clementines and spearmint I feed them! Thats the herb, not sugar mints by the by, sugar is bad for horses, makes em cross and windy. I do sometimes give them one of my Sugarfree mints - its almost as funny watching them eat a Polo mint as it is chewing, dribbling and sucking at a clementine.

My observation still stands that all the little seed eating Dickie Birdies will eat meat from the bird table the same as Carrions and Raptors will. To date, I haven’t seen any of the Dove family joining in, but I may be wrong?

Is Monday ‘D’ Day; when you go to court?

Every blessing to you both

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Paula

I do feel for you and your dear mum. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

God bless you both, and your family.


Caver said...


Ya had me in stitches.....thank you so much, I needed that.

As fer me sweetie, nope. It weren't just a juant. She still be Canadian citizen and not US. She's learned a lot about the South since she's been here.....but a southern twang to the speech and the proper use of the perfectly proper word "ain't" just ain't part of the gig yet. But....she is learning the important Southern Bible Belt Baptist preaching and real barbecue. You know, the important "stuff".

As for Monday, no.....she had to and is still untangling such a financial ponzi scheme he wove....she is just finishing up putting the 2010 taxes together. Fortunately, unraveling his mess and getting it all organized just exposed all of his shenanigans. After getting the (late) taxes in, then we have something organized to sit down and put together the rest of the evidence / charges book for him.

Anonymous said...

Dollar is way UP

stocks are DOWN, could have been worse.

I want to see what happens next week, BUT current elliott wave counts
suggest BIG TROUBLE ahead....

from what source I am not sure.

When I see it I know it.

BUT, something big is about to hit...

the WAVES are telling me that.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Expected Imminently said...

...and people ride in a hole in the ground, New York, New York - it's a wonderful town... ;)

ann marie said...

The number watchers say that Sept 15 is 188 days since the EQ in Japan.
Videos, articles, etc. But ultimately God is in control.
The mega earthquake pattern, here is link to Luis Vega, he has some fascinating charts.
mega earthquake pattern 188 day

Caver said...

Ann Marie......that link is fascinating. Thank you....lots more similarities that I ever expected.

GG said...

Hi Roma~

Welcome and good to see you posting here. I read your post and I fully understand your point of view. The reason I am responding is because as you have read, this has been tearing at my heart from an outsiders point of view for way to long. Since now we have excerpts coming in from John's blog to here, one can see this is spreading this out farther and farther without diffusion of the existing situation.

I am sorry that John and Sue feel the way they do. It is unfortunate and frustrating that things are being mentioned daily and in this manner. Just when we think something is laid to rest, something new comes back in. The fact of the matter is not only are both parties feeling uncomfortable with this constant following and bickering of each other but it is clearly effecting the forum which is not fair to our host, Scott. The Lord is to be our main focus.

We are letting them work it out separately and off the forum going forward. It is clear that neither party is going to get what they want so reposting from John's site is just going to add more problems in the long run. I understand your feelings about this and see why you are posting on John's behalf.

I personally think since it is not mutually beneficial for both parties to be together on the same blog that a time out in interaction between them is much needed. It doesn't have to be permanent but maybe helpful so we all can get back to our main focus. John has his blog and Sue has been helping on this one. For what it's worth that is just my opinion since nothing else seems to be working and this is escalating daily. I hate to see that as an option but this is draining, hurtful and mean spirited and the fact that each day there is something new about this is disturbing me more and more and on many levels. Since Sue invited him over with good intentions and it doesn't seem to be working out as planned; it is the only thing I can think of to diffuse this situation immediately.

I have prayed hard about this for both parties. Seriously, this level of hurt and words is heartbreaking to see between both a brother and sister of Christ. Let us all lift them up in prayer and from this day forward let sleeping dogs lie. This is Scott's forum and used to watch for the Lord and not to be exposed daily to a fight of words and spirits between two of Gods children.

The reason I have felt compelled to say something from the onset is because I felt very convicted that the Lord was not happy just watching a brother and sister in constant dispute without us trying to help them see the errors of their ways on this topic. Almost as trying to lighten the yoke around their neck and get them to put it down and move forward in love. Unfortunately, just when I think it is settled, something else comes up daily.

I have to admit if it continues to be the primary focus, I may have to gracefully choose to leave the group. I will have to face the Lord soon and I do not want to have to explain how I was a party to witnessing such behavior and staying in this influence when it is counterproductive to serving the Lord as he requires and desires out of us.

I wish them both the best in their endeavors. May the light of love continue to shine on your heart, dear Roma. I pray for the love of God that the fighting ceases immediately in the sweet name of Jesus.

God Bless!!


GG said...


My apologies, I pray you know I have tried to do something positive in peace keeping. I love everyone here and even those whom I haven't even had a chance to meet. You have so much to offer and I hate that this is becoming the primary focus. Ignoring it hasn't worked, God Bless you for your patience. I meant to post this on the other topic where Roma recently posted. In being upset it looks like I posted here in error. Just know I care about you all. I love coming here. I just can't be a party to witnessing behavior of the world that tears one down instead of lifts one up.

I pray for some type of resolution.

God Bless!!


James n Nashville said...

John C & Sue and GG:

I would like you to email me at so we can help each other in resolving this issue.

As Christians, and I believe all four of us are, we can and should engage each other in Christ. John and Sue whatever your differences are they can be settled, forgiven and used for God's glory.

GG you are an amazing sister in Christ and your effort in resolving this matter is truly inspiring. Your love for Christ along with john and Sue's will mend this.

When you email me I will reply and copy all of you and we can keep this out of the forum. Let's honor Scott's ministry by letting him focus on what God is calling him to do.

John I've said it before and I'll say it again you are welcome here and I do look forward to your insight. Let's get this resolved, start over and let Christ reveal himself through us.

Sue you know how we all feel about you so at the very least let's agree to settle this through talking to each other directly.

Honestly while you both have every right to be upset this is demeaning to the goal that we are all committed to here and we can rise above it.

Some of the best Christian relationships I have started out in a very negative way. It's absolutely amazing how Christ can take a petty thing and turn it in to something so deep and meaningful that it will last forever.

Please email me as soon as possible and let's truly resolve this so we can focus on reaching people for Christ.

In love your brother,


DrNofog said...

I don't believe in "accidents" and I appreciate the "coincidence" of your comment ending up here in the article so appropriately entitled "In the World"!

Truly we are "In the World", but not of it, and we are to persevere, all the while giving Glory to Him.

Hang in here just a little while longer.

Caver said...

Amen James!

GG said...

Hi James & Doc~

Thank you and I wish I could reach out and wrap my arms around all of you. You all are like a 2nd family to me and everyone's thoughts, feelings and opinions matter :)

James that is so kind to offer your e-mail. I remember thinking that before but I didn't write it down so I am glad you re-posted it here. In the spirit of peacekeeping, I am most certainly willing to do what I can to help lay it all down at the feet of Jesus. I have no ill-will towards anyone. I just want resolution. I will be gone this afternoon but I will e-mail if anyone needs me, I promise.

Doc-How I love to always hear how our citizenship is in heaven. joyous to the soul.

God Bless!!


RomaLynn said...

GG, thanks for the welcome, but after seeing the ones here not once speak to Sue regarding her damning accusatory post that first began here, I think Sept 1, I have no desire to post further. I just wanted someone to point out that Sue had gotten out of line. But apparently all of you here, saw nothing in her first post that needed to be addressed, nor her second accusations to someone named Jake, who denied being John twice but she continued.

I have prayed in these type of situations many times, and it has happened before believe me on blogsite not related to you here at all.

If Sue needed to warn Scott and others then she could easily have done that privately, but she did not. Therefore she is the one who exposed this blog to this problem.

I point out that she praised Scott up and down, flattery like smooth butter, as she once did John openly on his blogsite.

Flattery and accusations all coming out of the same mouth. My prayers to you all here, I have advised John to stay away as I do not think Sue will stop what she is doing. Why no counsel to her at all, but only to me and John.

I leave you with the Lord to work on all here as well as me and John. There are too many important things to be doing in our lives and the world to bother with this any further.

Scott said...

I must have missed something here...I just saw the first post from GG addressing a post by Roma which I didn't see.

I've never seen "praise" , "flattery like smooth butter" LOL, - directed my way, but whatever. I certainly don't do anything to solicit such.

We're all adults here and people have differences - thats the nature of the human condition. I haven't seen anything that I consider inappropriate.

Sue had had some past experiences and felt the need to warn as such. John has just as much opportunity to respond in same. Then whoever is interested can read both and determine for themselves what to believe.

I could start indiscriminately start deleting posts but I am loathe to do so. Maybe that is the "libertarian" in me. But it isn't my style. My threshold in terms of deleting posts is very high.

Beyond that, everyone pretty much has equal voice.

I think its actually worse to draw a lot of attention to it, as it exacerbates everything.

Caver said...

Roma, may I point our an error on your part. Sue had no access to Scott's email to my knowledge. This was the only avenue she had to make her concerns known.

I must say, Sue is loved and respected here.


Both my wife and I had "cringes" at John's initial posts. It came across as promoting his own blog and completely consistent with what Sue later said. He was insistent on Scott providing him with a private email address...he just wouldn't let up it seemed to us. Its Scott's decision if he wishes to provide that private information so if he didn't respond, then that's his decision....and with good reason due to the demands on his time.

John neither introduced himself nor seemed interested in anyone else here....His only concern appeared to obtain Scott's ideas for promotion of his own blog.

Just the way it appeared from our little knothole to this world.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello James

Please be assured that there is nothing to be resolved on my part; there is no problem where I am concerned as it is already ‘sorted’. Un-forgiveness is not an issue for me, and it never has been. With forgiveness, we are not compelled to cast off caution, so I shall endeavour to walk more circumspectly in whatever future we have left. My original error of judgment has been a painful teacher and I have learned from it, so I want no more repeat performances. There will be no differences to sort out in glory, so until then, I shall be more diligent with whom I interact with.

I mean you no disrespect, and I do appreciate your thoughtfulness, encouragement and kindness, but as I have made several attempts to put an end to this subject, but interference out of ignorance has/is continuing to stir the pot, so I want to make this the final one. If this is unacceptable to Scott as our host on his blog, then of course I shall willingly withdraw from making any further comments on other issues.

May God bless you.


P.S. Roma Lynne you would be doing JC a huge service if you can persuade him to do as you advise, and as I have requested many times via another blog, and by repeated emails, now blocked, for more months than I care to remember - and leave me alone.
Good luck!

Scott said...

I haven't found anything you have ever posted as unacceptable and you are most welcome - always. Plus, we need you in order to keep DrNo in line :)
God Bless Sister

Scott said...

BTW - I'm not "taking sides" or whatever...We all have more important things to do - and this is a diversion we don't need. I'm not very good at counseling or mediation. Lets get back to prophecy watching! Diversions come from the other side - lets not forget that.

GG said...

Hi All~

I am back home and very glad to see things worked out for the best inspite of some set-backs. Sue, I love and value you very much and wanted you to know that. Have a much rested evening everyone.

Thanks again James for the kind offer.

God Bless!!


James n Nashville said...

GG and Sue:

You know my heart. I just wanted to reach out and see if there was anything more I could do. Your involvement here in this family is so important. Quite simply put, I love you both and would hate to see you not post here anymore. You both lift us up, you inspire us to dig deeper and if I may say,you help us to understand God's word with thought provoking and beautiful insight.

I will not discuss this ever again.

God bless you!


Scott said...

Well said James (as usual) - I agree.