Thursday, September 15, 2011

Palestinians: We will seek full UN membership

In a new twist, the PA is now stating that they do plan on submitting for full membership at the UN Security Council on September 23rd. Previously they had stated that they only planned on approaching the General Assembly, but apparently now they will attempt both avenues.

The most interesting aspect about this development, is the fact that the U.S. would be the lone dissenting voice within the Council - and that leads to the obvious question regarding the true intent of the U.S. and whether the U.S. will stand firm in its pledge to dissent.

One has to wonder if this represents a complicated form of brinksmanship. We shall see.

Palestinians to seek full UN membership

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said Thursday that the Palestinians will submit a bid for full membership at the United Nations Security Council on September 23, but said that they would be open to other suggestions.

The remarks by Malki put an end to speculation that the Palestinians might avoid a showdown with the United States by sidestepping the Security Council and going directly to the UN General Assembly to seek a lesser status of a non-member observer.

This will place an enormous amount of pressure on the U.S. to concede to the "PA".

Malki said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will personally submit the Palestinian request for membership to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon after addressing the General Assembly on the afternoon of Sept. 23. In the meantime, he said the Palestinians would listen to suggested alternatives.

The paragraph below reveals the key to this situation:

The Palestinians will likely still end up at the General Assembly with scaled-back ambitions, however, if the U.S. exercises its veto power in the Security Council as expected.

PA foreign minister: Abbas awaiting 'credible offer'

This article lends some credibility to the "brinksmanship" argument:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will submit an application for full membership of a Palestinian state at the UN on September 23, unless he receives a “credible offer” for resuming peace talks with Israel, PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki announced on Thursday.

Malki predicted that more countries would declare their support for the PA’s statehood bid before next week’s session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

He said the statehood bid was aimed at strengthening the chances for the resumption of the peace process.

Also see this article which reminds us of the important upcoming dates:

The Palestinian statehood circus: Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Today, 15 September, kicks off an 8-day period in which socialists, radical leftists, Islamists, and Palestinian activists will rail at a world that is disappearing. The schedule includes the following:

15 September: Rallies for Palestine in New York and other cities in the US and Europe

16 September: Rally in Los Angeles to protest the US plan to veto the Palestinian statehood bid

17 September: Day of Rage for the radical left, with protests in major cities and the 50 state capitals, plus an “occupation” of Wall Street

22 September: Durban III conference to promote hysterical anti-Semitism at UN headquarters in New York (the US will not attend the conference, but it’s being held on our soil)

22 September: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad address to the UN

23 September: Palestinian delegation calls for a UN vote on Palestinian statehood

Israel warns of 'harsh' consequences of Palestinian UN bid

Hardline Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned on Wednesday there would be "harsh and grave consequences" if the Palestinians persist with their plan to seek UN membership as a state.

Erdogan warns Israel: Turkey can send warships to east Mediterranean at any time

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Israel could not do whatever it wanted in the eastern Mediterranean and that Turkish warships could be there at any moment.

"Israel cannot do whatever it wants in the eastern Mediterranean. They will see what our decisions will be on this subject. Our navy attack ships can be there at any moment," Erdogan told a news conference shortly after arriving in Tunis.

UN Chief: End to Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'long overdue'

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told a news conference Thursday that an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "is long overdue" and it's vital that long-stalled negotiations resume.

He said he's sympathetic to the frustrations of the Palestinian people who have failed to achieve an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. "I am profoundly troubled by the lack of progress in the peace negotiations," he said. "Time is not our friend."

One more date to add to the list of "dates":

Netanyahu to address UN next week

On Thursday Netanyahu decided to address the UN General Assembly next Friday, the day the Palestinians will submit their statehood bid.

Netanyahu said on Thursday that his speech to the United Nations would stress that negotiations are the only road to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

"The General Assembly is not a place where Israel usually receives a fair hearing," he said at a press conference with Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas at his Jerusalem residence. "But I still decided to tell the truth before anyone who would like to hear it."

Unfortunately, Mr Netanyahu, not too many people are interested in hearing the truth these days, here on planet earth.


Thousands protest against 'murderous' Israel in Turkey and Jordan

The birthpains are unequivocally increasing, as we find ourselves in the midst of a significant 'contraction'. The earthquake story, the EU situation, the Epicenter, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Libya, the global financial situation, The UN, the push for a "PA State", etc...and many more. The prophetically related news is now coming in at a dizzying rate.

The bottom line?

We're getting closer and closer to the final stages - which means closer and closer to hearing the footsteps of the Messiah.


Susan said...

The whole issue of "bringing forth" a Palestinian State before the U.N. this September reminds me of Isaiah 66:8 "Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such a thing? Can a country be born in a day or a nation brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children." Satan always tries to counterfeit what God does. It will be interesting to see what God's response to such hubris of his will be. It will also be interesting to see what happens when the U.S. plays its hand in the Security Council vote (if that is where things start out). I agree with you, Scott, we can just about hear the footsteps of the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting, however, for
the revealing of the AC, and NOT
yet I am afraid to announce...

sad, but true....

HERE we go again....stocks are UP
again...never dies, more fodder
for bulls, they must be happy.

Scott, we already HAVE the 10 kings
right ?? Hal Lindsey has already
dealt with that issue, I believe.

And THAT is the game, to keep
Greece in play, since they are
one of the 10.

ECB having fun with the FED again,
making bulls happy and keeping
the EURO UP !!!!

Still, the debt DID NOT go anywhere.....and, it won't.

If anything, the games being played
are ADDING to the debt, not
getting rid of it....

a very sad foolish game...ECB
giving banks more loans...

BUT I know, one day, the dominoes

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Expected Imminently said...

That’s a very interesting parallel. Israel was indeed ‘born in a day’; I can’t help hoping that ‘Palestine’ will result in a ‘stillbirth’; and should it survives the ‘birth’ it will be short lived and sickly.

The Emergent’s have a great interest in ‘viva Palestina’; so I am looking for them to be shaken to the core if God has His way sooner rather than later?

God bless

Expected Imminently said...


The E.U. has ‘marked a map’ for ten regions (kingdoms)--- And that’s ALL at present; and it may all change again.

Every kingdom has to have a ‘king’ to rule them, so the kingdoms will not be operational until the actual ten kings are selected (grown) in order to rule those kingdoms.

The ten kings are NOT KNOWN at present, and only rule for ‘one hour’. All present nations have been ruling for centuries by their kings.

It is from out of these brand new, ten horns/kings, that a/c will arise; AFTER the ten KINGS begin their rule over the ten kingdoms.

You are jumping the gun mate.

Paula said...

And again, "the day of the Lord" is NOT the Rapture. So the AC appears between those two events.

Robin said...

Brinkmanship indeed, Scott . . .but I simply have a difficult time believing, in spite of contrary lip service, that this administration has EVER planned to vote against a Palestinian State. It's entirely possible that Palestinians and this White House have known all along that the Arab world would puff themselves up in hopes of convincing the world that World War III would break out if the US votes against the PA so they simply "had no choice" but to go along. We'll see soon enough . . .but either way, there will be major war in the region, regardless how this votes shakes out.

Scott said...

That is a VERY interesting point - one I hadn't considered, and I see what you mean. And you are so right - satan tries to mimic God in every way (Why can't he ever be original?)

Robin, I have been feeling the same way - its hard to imagine this administration doing anything to help Israel - but recall this (and this is even more germane, following this week's special election in NY) - the Obama Administration is VERY concerned about the Jewish vote = and their reelection is paramount - so for that reason alone they may dissent. Whatever they do will ultimately be for self-serving reasons

Scott said...

Stephen, We can't know for sure if that 10 nation alliance will end up being the "ten kings"....Its possible but we can't know for sure until the AC arises from (whatever the 10 kings ends up being)

Robin said...

Excellent point, Scott . . .but surveys show Israel is ranked number five as a major issue among American Jews. Obama's narcissistic personality makes me think he'll "sin" now and ask for forgiveness later.

Anonymous said...

Scott, yeh, I will agree with that.
BUT WITH the other comments on this
blog i WILL take issue against them.

Hal Lindsey is a SMART man. i have
followed him since OCT 1977 when I
first accepted Jesus. i WILL NOT
give up on him....for what ??

Actually, I got the creeps 24 hours
ago when I saw Sarkozy in Tripoli.
i thought he was going to get offed
and then come back.....since
he has enemies there.

And then to make it worse, as we
know Amrani took office the EXACT
same day the 10 kings were set up,
01 JULY 2011.....

That does NOT sound like jumping the gun to me Sir.

WELL, I guess this world lucked
out again.

maybe next time, not SO lucky.

I am still convinced this guy
is Amrani or Sarkozy, we will see.

Stephen !!!!

Scott said...

Yea, I have to agree with that - Sarkozy always gives me the creeps. Always.

WVBORN56 said...

Exciting times, thanks again Scott for pulling it all together. The birth pagns are indeed increasing fast and furious on all fronts.

Nice point Susan on Isaiah 66...satan is only good for counterfieting..nohting original with him...

Paula excellent point on the timing of the arrival of the AC...I had never heard that passage interpretation of Thessalonians so succinctly explained. Nice job!

I have recently thought that the rapture will not occur in 2012 because of the "worlds" predictions of the world ending. Satan has inspired this date and I think the Lord will not give the world credit. So my guess if it is not in 2011 we may have to wait to 2013. My hope is on the early departure! I hope to see every one soon.

Paula said...

Thanks, WVB! :-)

Interesting point; if He is to come like a thief, it'll be something like a Tuesday afternoon in a month with no holidays... anywhere in the world... or something.

It is tempting to get "caught up" (pun intended) with Jewish holidays, but those are for Jews only. Since the Rapture is not part of that, and especially since the church is a "secret" (trad. "mystery") and never foreseen in the OT, we really have to remember that the Rapture is signless. But of course, seeing the very clear signs of the Trib., the Rapture must precede it and hence must be even closer. So whatever day anyone thinks the Trib. starts, all we can say about the Rapture is that it's sooner than that.

Works for me.

Robin said...

As rapidly as everything is lining up, I'll be surprised if we're ringing in 2012 on New Years.

WVBORN56 said...

I'm thinking the same thing Robin...It is simply hard to imagine we may be going home soon!

Just think how stunned the world and most Christians will be. There is hardly a word from the MSM about what we are hearing from Scott's diligent work...and even if the world was getting a steady feeding of these news events they still would not connect the dots. You have to have some basic biblical knowledge of end time scriptures to have some idea of how the news fits.

DrNofog said...

Re: 2012 In 1 of the vid-links posted awhile back [think it was the pastor on Elenin] pointed out that the world's foremost expert on the Mayans and their calendar said 2012 is a diversion and a hoax, said it ends earlier in Dec 2011.

My thot at the time was -Surprise!! That'll certainly catch the world in an unsuspecting slumber [which would be exactly what Satan would want]:

"But and if that servant say in his heart, My lord delays his coming" Luke 12:45...

Anonymous said...

I have hoped that the rapture would occur before "the vote."
If the rapture happened before the vote, it would take the U.S. out of the equation, and therefore the Palestinians would get their vote. Gary

Expected Imminently said...


Hal Lyndsey is always worth listening to, I like to hear his views, but he is not a prophet,and doesn't claim to me. He gets things wrong just like the rest of us.

However - The BIBLE says:

Daniel 7:24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten KINGS that shall arise: and ANOTHER shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three KINGS.

Aramaic – melek – king; A royal sovereign, one with the authority to rule.
A/c will also be a king.

Aramaic - ‘basilea’- kingDOM (singular) or a domain over which a king has sovereign authority.

Daniel and Revelation don’t ACTUALLY say there are ten ‘basilea’ (plural) just one, the fourth kingdom is mentioned.

The fourth beast is the fourth kingdom ‘basilea’ of Rome, with the legs of iron and the feet and toes as iron and potters clay.
The ten horns are ten kings ‘melek’ that come out of the fourth ‘basilea’ kingdom.

Rev.17:4 And the ten horns which thou saw are ten KINGS, which have RECEIVED NO KINGDOM AS YET; but receive POWER as kings one hour with the beast .

The 10 Kings come FIRST and they have no kingdom ‘basilea’.

Regions marked on a map are NOT the ten KINGS 'melek'.

It is their AUTHORITY that A/c uses.

Paula said...

Hey EI, when you get a chance, I'd be interested in your opinion of how I attempted to deal with the kingdom/king issue here.

Waterer said...

Expected and all,

I am reading Footsteps and had a question about this very thin you are discussing. Stephen I too had Lindsey in 1967 during the actual 6 days war. then the following year too.I respect him greatly. But here is something I wonder about.
We know the Ac comes from those who destroy the temple ( Rome) but
Fruchtenbaum says that ther lehs of Daniel's statue are a split Roman empire of counter balancing
East and West. Imperialism.
I'm wondering if the beast has to be ROman. I mean could it come from thre G8? or the UN with an Imperial govt. and the Ac bE Roman?I had been thinking it was always the Eu but I'm not sure I didn't mix up The Roman part.
I need to read more about Rome empire. Fruchie doesn't see the beat as Roman.
I agree that all of us have alot of this right but like Stephen he
uses the apostacy as falling away and not departure and it is possible we could see the Ac first.

I have just come off my first week of teaching and I may be fried on this. Romans and Genesis. My studies are elsewhere except for the joy of anticipation and concern over where the world is headed. Please be gentle with your answers here. I promise I am not trying to start an argumant. I just really wonder if I have had this wrong.
In His Grace with so much thanksgiving and hope, KR

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Paula and Waterer

I don’t pretend to be an authority on this; just pointing out what Scripture ACTUALLY says rather than following a theory without thinking it through. Also taking note of what it DOESN’T say rather than getting stuck in ‘tramlines’ laid out by habit.

I have just come in from my Grandsons 16th Birthday party and I am off in the morning for the weekend; away from the internet, so I will have a pray n ponder about it. I need to get to bed but I have had a quick look at your link Paula.

Quick response. Only the first five chapters of Revelation are addressed to the Church, both individually, and corporately. Rev1:19 “Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter”. This makes it clear that Revelation is in the past, present and future tenses.
The past is what John saw of Christ in glorious majesty in the first chapter. The letters to the seven Churches are all in the present sense (still applies) but from Chapter 6 it is in the future tense. Everything up to Revelation 19 is to the elect remnant of Israel and the Tribulation saints/elect including Gentiles.

All Scripture is beneficial, but not necessarily addressed to the Church. It’s like Miss Church reading a letter addressed to Mrs Israel and friends; very interesting, but not applicable to Miss Church and vice versa.

Daniel 9:26 makes it clear that the A/c is the prince of the PEOPLE (Roman citizens) who destroy Jerusalem/Temple. That was the X Legion and they were all crack troops and Roman Citizens (not mercenaries). That is the Fourth beast of Daniel 7 with the iron legs, feet and toes of Rome (a weird mix of the previous three, but is Imperialism as you say.

The troops of the Roman Empire under the authority of Titus were responsible for the destruction. The Four Beasts and the Great Image all represent Gentile rule on earth and only FOUR are mentioned. The FIFTH ‘Empire’ will be the JEWISH 1000 year Messianic Rule; there are no others mentioned at all.

The A/c is a Roman Prince. The EU consists of several nationalities under the Treaty of Rome, as was the original Roman Empire which has continued down through the ages via the European Empires. At first Rome was united as one entity; then it was split into two ‘legs’ as Rome continued to rule the Western leg and Constantinople ruled the Eastern leg. It was during the ‘united’ stage that Rome sacked Jerusalem.

The nationality of the A/c could be British/German/French/Greek – whatever, but he WILL be a present day Roman Prince. There is a great deal of nonsensical teaching based upon the twisting of history and faulty application of Scripture being promulgated in the last few years that has no basis in either historical or Biblical facts. Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion has done an excellent job on this. DrNofog knows this link! :)

Joel (Epicentre) I can't think of his name, but Scott knows of him. Also Sean Osborn of Eschatology Today has done an excellent work on the military facts; which points out all the faulty reasoning being put forward; but I forget the name of the article at

Forgive me if I don’t sound gentle; I am just trying to explain the little I know and don’t have an ounce of crossness in me at all. I am still learning myself. :)

MUST get some sleep.
God bless.

Paula said...

Thanks EI, have a good weekend.:-)

But I'm perplexed as to your comment, since I agree completely. Maybe I should go check for more typos!

Scott said...

I'm with Sue on this one. I think often people read way way too much into this passage in Daniel (not referring to you Waterer) - but its simple. It was the Roman Empire - Romans who took down Jerusalem in 70AD, and I believe its that simple.

waterer said...

Thank you for your viewpoints.
I reread the Daniel dreams and interpretations this afternoon.
I believe as I wrote before that the AC is from the Roamn empire that destroyed the temple.When I look at the dreams they emphasize different things.
The statue dream the metals get less precious and by the end brittle and unspectacular.
But with the beasts it is the fourth that is called the worst, smashing everything over the whole world.Iron teeth, vicious.
I see the number of the gentile kingdoms and even the continuation
of Roman empire to the feet.
What surprised me was that EI cited a fact I didn't know that the destruction of Jerusalem happened while the Roman empire was still intact. Because in Daniel it says the Bronze part of the statue was the belly and upper legs.I'm not sure what to make of that. So Fruchie on this is wrong?

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Waterer
From my reading of Frucht; he has the same opinion as I do going by historical dates. Jerusalem fell in AD 70; I forget the date when the empire split, but it was MUCH later.

The Idol is the 'outward appearing' of Gentile rule on earth. The four beasts are the same entities as God reveals there 'beastlike' hearts.
The Gold of Babylon is the first beast like a lion.
The Silver of Medes and Persians is the second beast like a bear.
The Bronze of Greece is the third beast like a leopard.
The Iron of Rome is the fourth beast that is a mix of the previous three and yet is also diverse.
Frucht says the same.

God bless :)

Waterer said...

Thanks Sue!
I was confused about his take on page 126 the ten kingdoms. That is where I started wondering if I was mistaken in thinking the EU was the last world power...