Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Watching And Waiting

Hal Lindsey's latest video update is all about watching and waiting; its definitely worth watching:


J said...

God bless ol' Hal. He has been a true friend of Israel for as long as I can remember! It was HIS book, The Late Great Planet Earth that caused me to become a Zionist and a watcher, AND I didn't even know there WAS a rapture till I read his book! I was only 2 years old in the Lord then.

richllewis said...

It was good to hear this message again after the fact. I have been watching his program for sometime. So I heard this message twice before you listed the program on your site.Now is indeed the time to watch and wait and warn. Now is indeed the time to examine yourself as to whether you are in the faith.

If you want to view this program if you missed it on Friday Nite, the program is on and on demand. You do not have to wait on the web site in order to hear the program if you miss his program airing the first time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott for all your work for The Kingdom

By Hal Lindsey, the Hal Lindsey 8/17/12 Report:

"[U]nfolding Bible prophecy is not 'doom & gloom' -- any more than a woman going into the labor of childbirth is 'doom & gloom.' Our fear is more analogous to the fear of major surgery: You know, it's necessary & it will improve your situation -- but still, you know it's going to hurt.

"Prophecy is knowledge of future events. Knowledge has weight. And some knowledge is heavier than other knowledge. The end of the world as we know it, is as about as heavy as it gets. The knowledge imparted to students of Bible prophecy in this generation is almost crushingly heavy. I believe that's the reason the Lord promises a special crown to those who willingly shoulder this burden.

"In the grand scheme of things, very few Christians in these Last Days have been called as 'Watchman'. Even fewer have responded to the calling; it's not for everybody. For some, it's too much. That's why Watchman are necessary to sound the warning of what's coming. God has set each of us in the place He wants us to be for the time -- this time in human history. That doesn't mean it's a pleasant place.

"We've had our pleasant times, but God in His wisdom & for reasons known only to Him has called us, you & me, & others like us, as witnesses & as watchmen to warn of The Coming Judgment. He promises a special crown for us at the Bema Seat. . . .

"It's not especially pleasant to warn Christians of the imminent troubles that will be brought upon us just before Christ comes to snatch us up to meet Him in Heaven. Many true Christians do not want to think about going through persecution before we're suddenly changed from mortal to immortal. Some even love this present world so much, they don't want to leave it."


Mrs.C said...

Dear Brother Stephen,
Im so sorry Brother that these unwarranted attacks have continued for so long Brother. Just ignore them Brother. It will all be ok. It is obvious that God holds you as being very special, that is why the enemy tries to attack you over and over again through these silly people. He has a special purpose for you dear Brother, which others are willingly blind to. This person/people have just changed their game up. It’s the same person/people Brother, they just had to pull back from using the “anons”, and use fake names more.
They have indeed reached a new low, which just shows their desperation. The Lord knows all that is going on here dear Brother, and has His Loving Arms around you!
Please, I hope that you are ok? We will all finish this race together :)
In His Love, God Bless You Dear Brother!

Scott said...

You know we can't have that kind of language here.

Anonymous said...

Do we serve an awesome God, or what???!!! He always has just what we need, right when we need it! Scott, Benjamin, Waterer, and all of you dear friends - thank you for what you do. You know, The Lord told us to encourage each other, and you do that every day. I come here every day, several times a day, and always leave with more hope than I had before I came.

I truly believe that "ol' slew-foot" knows that his time is short, so he's ramped up the pressure on all of us here. I looked for it, but couldn't find it (probably didn't search correctly) - isn't there a Bible verse that says (and I'm paraphrasing here) that at the coming of the end, if it were possible, satan would wear out the very Saints of God? IF it were possible.... Praise God that He is in control. Keep looking up everyone - it's almost time for a wedding!!! Can't wait to meet all of you! Thank you so much for being such a blessing in an incredibly dark time.


WVBORN56 said...

Nice post Elizabeth. Looking forward to meeting everyone as well. God Bless.

I also wanted to comment on Hal's analagy about the need for major surgery. It was spot on and I could completely identify with his point. It is the same with child birth. You endure the pain for the joy that is just ahead. :) It won't be much longer!


Ally said...

Scott-you cannot realize how much I needed that message from Hal (oh wait, maybe you can, giggle) Thank you so much! For everything you do! There aren't words to convey my appreciation and love for you and all others here!

Waterer said...

Vintage Hal. So encourging. Especially to be faithful to the difficulties of watching and bearing witness to what we see.
Thanks Scott for the heads up!

Benjamin said...

A great message from Hal. Scott, thank you so much for posting.

The association of "doom & gloom" with Bible prophecy is one thing that always baffles me, especially from other Christians.

Are times getting more difficult? Yes. Will things here on Earth get progressively worse? Definitely. But, as Hal Lindsey said, it's all necessary and leading to the Lord's return. What is more exciting, more wonderful than being so close to being in the very presence of the Lord?

We're witnessing the fulfillment of God's word each and every day. It's such an amazing privilege, coupled with a responsibility to some degree to share what we see with others, to take up our respective crosses and follow Him each day. That's what I see Scott and others doing here each day, and it's what I aspire to spend my remaining days, however many there may be, doing as well.

God bless you all.

Scott said...

Ally - I needed to hear the same thing myself :)

Benjamin - Great points, I agree 100%.

J - I have heard that so many times, regarding LGPE - I can't even tell you how many times people have come up to me saying the same about reading that years ago.

C.B. Elizabeth, Waterer - Many thanks - its my great pleasure and honor to bring prophecy news to the public :)