Sunday, August 26, 2012

Evening Update: Quakes In California, Hurricane In Gulf

California Earthquake Swarm Felt In Arizona, Mexico

The series of moderate earthquakes -- including several magnitude 5.0 and above -- were felt as far north as Orange County, east into Arizona and south into Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The USGS recorded more than two dozen earthquakes in Imperial County, many of them near Brawley. Officials said people reported feeling the quake in Yuma, Ariz., Lake Havasu as well as in Baja California.

The burst of quakes took place roughly 16 miles from El Centro and 92 miles from Tijuana. In the last 10 days, there have been six earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby.

Here is a preliminary magnitude count of some of the quakes Sunday:

— 5.3 magnitude at 12:32:59

— 5.4 magnitude at 12:31:23

— 5.3 magnitude at 12:30:54

— 3.7 magnitude at 12:30:27

— 4.7 magnitude at 12:21:04

— 4.6 magnitude at 12:20:04

Earthquake overview : 3 M5.3 earthquakes in only 3 minutes time ! + a big number of foreshocks and aftershocks. Spothern California and Northern Mexico have been shaken for many hours.

Update : Up to now, the strongest earthquakes had values of 4.6, 4.7, 5.3, 5.3, 5.3; 4.5 – thats really a lot of earthquakes in a short time

On August 24th, we warned on Forbes that Tropical Storm Isaac could pose a threat to energy markets and even rival Hurricane Katrina in its destructive power (Could Tropical Storm Isaac Turn Into Another Katrina?). While the computer models are still showing a substantial spread in solutions, it appears more likely that Isaac will make landfall somewhere near the Louisiana, Mississippi Gulf Coast. This track will provide the storm more time to intensify over the very warm water of the Gulf of Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center is currently forecasting Isaac to make landfall with peak winds of 105 MPH. There is a strong possibility that the storm will be considerably stronger at landfall.

Tropical Storm Isaac lashed south Florida with winds and heavy rain on Sunday after battering the Caribbean, disrupting plans for the Republican National Convention in Tampa and threatening to interrupt about half of U.S. offshore oil output.

Isaac was due to be at or near hurricane strength soon after its center crosses the Florida Keys late on Sunday. A storm becomes a hurricane when sustained winds reach a minimum of 74 miles per hour (119 kph).

The NHC said Isaac was expected to intensify to a Category 2 hurricane, with "extremely dangerous" sustained winds of 105 miles per hour (169 kph), as it swept up the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

At 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT) on Sunday, Isaac was about 50 miles (85 km) south-southeast of Key West and packing top sustained winds of 60 miles (100 km) per hour.

Isaac is expected to strengthen to a Category 2 hurricane and hit the Gulf Coast somewhere between Florida and Louisiana at midweek - on or near the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina - the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in an advisory.

Super Typhoon Bolaven now has sustained winds of 146 mph and gusts to 188 mph. It is expected to hammer down on the small island of Okinawa, Japan where 7 military installations have almost 50,000 military, family members, civilians and contractors await the impending storm. The center of the storm is projected to pass within 5 nautical miles of Kadena Airbase, the largest of the installations. The storm which has grown to over 700 miles across in size will rival all previous storms in the last 13 years. Okinawa is now starting to feel the effects and the full strength of Bohevan is expected to start approximately 1600hrs on Sunday.

There is a second storm right behind Bohevan, Typhoon Tembin, which is expected to also hit Okinawa 24 hrs after Bohevan passes. Typhoon Tembin is currently a strong Cat 2 typhoon. I imagine the second Cat 2 Typhoon will seem like a light breeze after Bohevan passes. Okinawa is 13 hours ahead of EST.

Also see this interesting footnote in history - a scenario that could be repeated in the near future:

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert ordered the 2007 strike on a Syrian nuclear reactor immediately after former US president George W. Bush informed him that the Americans would not attack the facility, according to a Channel 10 report aired on Sunday evening.

Bush’s deputy national security adviser Elliot Abrams was present when the president called Olmert on September 6, 2007 and made clear that the US would not take action, and that then-secretary of state Condoleezza Rice would fly to Israel to hold a joint press conference with Olmert to alert the international community of the secret reactor. The US had decided to handle the Syrian threat via diplomacy.

Olmert responded to Bush that the secretary’s visit would not be necessary and that Israel would deal with the nuclear facility on its own.

Now isn't that interesting? Who would have guessed?

“If you’re not going to act against the reactor then we are,” Abrams quoted Olmert as saying during the teleconference. “You don’t want to know where or when,” the former prime minister reportedly added.

The Israelis were convinced that time was fairly short, and that they had to strike the reactor — built by the Syrians with extensive input from the North Koreans — before it went live, the TV report said.

According to Abrams, three hours after the strike, Olmert called the former US president and spoke briefly regarding the mission.

“I did what was necessary,” Abrams quoted Olmert as saying. To which Bush simply replied, “I thank you.”

With Iran as with Syria, however, the Americans are urging that more time be given to diplomacy, and the Israelis are stressing the urgent imperative for action.


Robin said...

There was a 5.5 recorded in CA about 50 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

And yet, despite all this news
stocks are UP, and bulls are still in control.

It appears "the end" will have to sell point appears to
be 13 011......if BEARS can get it
thru there, which is QUITE DOUBTFUL
at this time.

There is a source on line suggesting that Tokyo Japan will
get hit hard by a mega quake by
the end of Aug 2012.....really ??

Some people will say ANYTHING ON LINE to get attention......!!!!

that is only 5 days from now.

obviously another false prophet
opening his/her mouth.

we will see.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Gwenny said...

Hi everyone! Gwenny here. Lots of things going on around the world today. Earthquakes, storms, floods, etc. Seems like the earth groans for the Lord to come as much as I am. Feeling a little tired today. Put a little corn in the deep freeze yesterday and hope to can some green beans with my mom soon. Just in case we're here longer that we think. On a lighter note, I need to find a way to freeze some of those Krispy Kreme donuts you were talking about the other night! HA! My personal favorite is Chocolate covered Creme filled! Pure Yum! Keep all of those poor souls in prayer that are in Syria. The news said they had several kiled over the weekend. Pray for our country--we are in a mess. Love and Prayers to all of you!

Scott said...

Rasberry - jelly filled - thats the way to go on the donuts IMO :)

Gwenny said...

Hi Scott! I just read your comment to my husband. He's saying Mmmmmmm! Rasberry jelly filled are his favorite! Wonder how well those would freeze? Never mind the freezing--they would never make it to the freezer in this house!
Thanks for all of the info you put on here. We come here everyday--so much more than MSM. Thanks for all of your hard work! Is it too late for a snack? Gwenny

Scott said...

Never too late for a jelly donut Gwenny - tell your husband that he has great taste!

Mike said...

I'm with Gwenny....chocolate covered, creme filled.....oh yeah!

(it'll be the first booth to the right, next to the Tree of Life, when we get there....)


Waterer said...

Humor! What a gift!

I was looking to open this blog on google and saw one with Fruchie in it. Thought I'd include this in case anyone is near where he will be speaking this year.
Blessings all mine and 10,000 beside,

Anonymous said...

If there is one thing I hate it is
when people come on line and USE
God and Jesus as their source of information for their so called
"prophecies" >>>>

The punishment for being a false
prophet in the old days was DEATH
by stoning. But with AUG 2012 AKA the Internet, people seem to think they
can say whatever THEY want, and get
away with it.

Like this prediction of a Tokyo
earthquake to be followed BY BIG
Tsunamis that will hit BY 31 AUG.


i mean, it could happen, but will
it ?? I DOUBT IT.

stocks are sideways tonite, not
really going stated
earlier I wish people WOULD NOT
MAKE UP prophecies on line so they
WISH others were CONVINCED it will

that is stupid, it is wrong....


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

I saw that schedule with AF - Too bad he's not coming around here :( I'd love to see him talk