Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Israel Stands Alone - Surrounded By Enemies

Below is an excellent and timely article regarding the current situation in the Middle East and the various threats that Israel is now facing. It is one of those occasions, where you step back and reflect on the amazing accuracy of biblical prophecy.

Written thousands of years ago, God's prophets described in great detail almost all of the anti-Israeli coalitions that we see today (Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Zechariah 12, 14) not to mention the fact that Israel has been regathered as a nation, miraculously, "in a day" - following its complete dispersion throughout the world in 70AD, as stated in great detail by the prophet Ezekiel.

As seen in this summary below, we now live in this world as described by the prophets - a world in which no one will aid or assist Israel or come to their defense - a world in which all of Israel's enemies have consolidated and threatened to destroy the entire country.

This is fairly long, so the quotes below are just a small sample of this excellent article:

At the Gatestone Institute, a group of journalists with diverse backgrounds and outlooks reviews world events with a view to American security, with special emphasis on the Middle East. Our focus this week: What does Israel do in the context of a debacle in U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration? Our conclusion is that Israel’s reasons to strike Iran have multiplied with the emergence of a Muslim Brotherhood threat on its southern border and the possibility of an Egyptian-Iranian rapprochement.

The problem is that American foreign policy faces catastrophic failure, or rather a comprehensive set of failures, bearing directly on Israeli security. Not only have sanctions failed to deter Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapons program, but the Islamic Republic has broken out of diplomatic isolation.

Turkey, supposedly America’s partner in regional diplomacy, has reached out to Russia and China.

And Egypt has reached out to Iran while threatening Israel in the Sinai. China is hosting a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement at which Iran will assume the organization’s three-year rotating chairmanship. Egyptian President Morsi will visit Tehran on Aug. 25 on his way back from the summit.

The shift towards a new equilibrium “much less favorable for Israel and more favorable for Iran” was already in progress as we wrote, with the purge of the Egyptian military’s old guard and its replacement by officers allied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

If Israel does nothing, it is likely to confront

1) A major Egyptian military presence in the Sinai in contravention of the Camp David treaty. An Egyptian build-up is already in progress.

2) An open alliance between Cairo and the Hamas government in Gaza, allowing Hamas to acquire new offensive capacities. As Amos Harel observed in yesterday’s roundtable of Gatestone analysts, Israel already faces rocket attacks in parts of the country previously considered immune.

3) An alliance between Sunni Muslim Brotherhood elements in Syria and Iranian-sponsored Shi’ite irregulars, and Hizbollah in Lebanon.

Threats to Israel from the Sinai, Gaza, Lebanon and Syrian borders are likely to worsen as the Egyptian rapprochement with Iran proceeds. Iran’s capacity to retaliate against any prospective Israeli strike will be enhanced and may include threats from Egypt.

We should pause here, and maybe go back and read Isaiah 17, Psalm 83 and Zechariah 12. The parallels to these important prophetic scriptures are amazing. One could also start looking at the coalition described in Ezekiel 38-39 and see that one already well formed; the latest information above just serves to bolster that view.

Egyptian President Morsi’s announcement that he will visit Tehran on Aug. 30 occurs a week after Morsi purged the military leadership. Qatar’s $2 billion loan to Egypt announced the morning of Aug. 12 preceded Morsi’s purge by hours. The Obama administration sought to portray Morsi’s new army chief, General el-Sissi, as an “an ideal compromise between the secular-minded military old guard and Mr. Morsi’s Brotherhood ,” as the Wall Street Journalwrote.

People with knowledge of the Egyptian military said Gen. Sissi has a broad reputation within military circles as a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, a rare trait in a military culture inured against Islamism. “Sissi is known inside the military for being a Muslim Brother in the closet,” said Zeinab Abul Magd, a professor at the American University in Cairo and an expert on Egypt’s military.

Severe economic distress benefits the Muslim Brotherhood. I wrote in the Asia Times April 11 under the headline “Muslim Brotherhood Chooses Chaos,” that the Brotherhood would use shortages of food and fuel to consolidate its power in the street:

The Brotherhood believes that widespread hunger will strengthen its political position, and is probably correct to believe this. As the central government’s corrupt and rickety system of subsidies collapses, local Islamist organizations will take control of food distribution and establish a virtual dictatorship on the streets. American analysts mistook the protestors of Tahrir Square for revolutionaries. The Muslim Brotherhood now reveals itself to be a revolutionary organization on the Leninist or Nazi model.

For years, prophecy watchers have watched the various coalitions forming slowly but surely in the Middle East, but recent events have taken these alliances to a different and more radical level. The "inner circle", including Lebanon/Hezbollah, Syria, Gaza/Hamas, Egypt and parts of Jordan (if not all) have all gathered as more and more radical Islamic elements have gained control. The Gog-MaGog coalition of Ezekiel 38-39 is also well underway, as the alliance between Russia, Turkey And Iran strengthens by the day.

It is now becoming more and more clear that Israel indeed stands alone in this world.

It is also becoming more and more clear that Israel's enemies are smelling blood and war is in the air.

We seem to be headed rapidly toward these long anticipated wars - wars which will play an enormous role in shaping the world for the very last days.

Somewhere on this continuum Jesus will come for His Bride - the Church.

Things are happening very fast right now in the world of prophecy.

This is a time to anticipate our meeting of the Lord and a time to remain in prayer as much as possible.

The parables of Matthew 24 and 25 are full of instructions for our use in these last days. A careful reading of these parables reveals three critical points:

- We should be watching, ready and prepared for His coming (Matthew 24:42-51, 25:1-13; Luke 12:35-40).

We're already watching. Now we need to prepare for His coming - and that preparation includes reading and studying His word and staying in prayer as much as possible. Some good, hearty worship never hurts either, whether in church, a bible study, or just singing some praises directly to Him! Just to name a few.

How does a bride prepare for her wedding day? Isn't she constantly in preparation? Isn't she constantly thinking of her groom and their life together? Aren't plans being made on living and a home?

Are we equally consumed with meeting Jesus - up close and personal?

We will stand before Him personally. Each of us. It should and will be the most extreme pinnacle of our lives - what we have all waited for - the single most joyful moment we could ever possibly experience or imagine - to see His face - to fall at His feet - to thank Him for all that He has done - to simply be in His very presence.

That moment will be here soon. It is coming. We have been warned over and over and we see the signs before us.

Maranatha! He is coming and coming soon!


Dylan said...

Scott, sometimes I'm glad I stumbled into prophecy when I did. It's like I came to your site, saw prophecies being fulfilled, then just a few short months later the Arab Spring starts and it's like I was brought here just in time to witness all these things happening. It's amazing. Thank you for keeping us up to date with relevant news. I'm not sure how many hits you get per day, but I'm sure you're a blessiing to everybody who visits this blog.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Beautiful words Scott.... Put a lump in my throat! As of today I was informed that my Bipolar husband plans to separate from me as soon as his social worker finds him a place to live. This is going to be a huge upheaval for me & my son's life- we will be free of his verbal abuse but financially will suffer loss of income. Would dearly appreciate any prayers from the brethren here that the Lord will provide for my son & I as we soon go it alone.... thank you!

WVBORN56 said...

Scott that was an excellent update and encouragement from God's word. Thanks!

Christine I'll be praying for you and your son and you husband to repent and come to the Lord.

Dylan I think we are here because the Lord brought us here for such a time as this. It is providential. God knows our hearts an gives us what we need at just the right time. We are most blessed to have "found" Scotts blog! :)

Dutch Treat said...

Scott, about a week ago I commented that things were moving very rapidly. Well, the pace seems to have picked up even more. I can't see this lasting too much longer. I agree with Dylon and WV that we were brought here for a time such as this (like Esther); but then just like Judas, people like Putin, Ahmadinijad, and hte Muslim Brotherhood were also brought together for this time. For those of us who know the Lord, it's certainly an exciting (or should I say exiting) time to be alive, since we will soon be going home. Christine, I will be praying for you and your family that God will give you the strength and grace to carry on.

Alice said...

Christine, you are in my prayers!

Golly, it sure seems like sooooo many people are hurting right now!

Anonymous said...

And yet, despite all THESE expectations of the "end" coming
soon, I still do NOT SEE any
confirming evidence in stocks....

Stocks are down VERY LITTLE tonite
and OFF their lows.

also well above the 13,051 level
we talked about.

I will NEED TO SEE alot more selling
to be CONVINCED that the so called
"end" is here.

oh, and i believe it well come..
the question is when.....

but NOT yet !!!!

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your consoling words Scott.

For all those who are desperate for the rapture to come, I'm not sure how are things in USA, but here in Asia, things are becoming evil... every wicked work are increasing day by day. Persecution are severe. Hurts and pain severe. people are becoming evil. In certain part of the country, ppl are literally walking with horns on their heads...Just yesterday our neighbor threaten to beat us up for no valid reason. Sometimes the bitterness & helplessness is unbearable. Fear is sickening. Only the word of God is our Strength... The hope of Christ returning soon is our motivation Words such as Scott's is our comfort.

Ohh Steven.. looking for signs at the stocks for rapture is such an insult for the suffering saints....instead please pray for us who are tormented more than u do.. My intention is not to hurt anyone.. If I deed, I'm very sorry.


Gwenny said...

Hi Christine. We're so sorry to hear this. We will be lifting you and your family up in prayer! Gwenny

ChristineInCleveland said...

Thank you to all who mentioned will pray for me & my family... Really appreciate it. :)
It does seem obvious the Evil One is particularly badgering those of us who reject the world's mainstream agenda & profess Jesus as our Salvation & only hope... So glad for the fellowship of believers like there is here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne
No, things not that bad in the States and I agree, what free time we have should be spent in intercession, Bible Study and loving Jesus not in selfish pursuits. Thanks for making me more aware, I will make mention of you there in Asia in my prayers. Keep looking unto Jesus! God is in total control of all events and He knows the beginning from the end even if we don’t.

Romans 8:28

Ally said...

Christine and Anne-Praying for both of you! I pray for the persecuted daily and I pray for the tribulation saints also (i know that might seem a little odd to many but its been on my heart for awhile) frankly our brothers and sisters around the world are in severe tribulation now and need mighty prayer!!!!! And if you think we in america want the rapture to hurry up, imagine what its like for them.

Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister Ally, :)
Forgive me Sis, but as you said it is a "little odd" Praying for the Trib Saints, as they dont exist yet. :) Are you Praying for them ahead of time? :)
While yes there is persecution of Christians around the world, much worse has happened to our Brothers and Sisters over history, than is happening now. There is no Tribulation occurring now, that has yet to occur. When the Trib does occur, it will make anything that has happened to Believers over all of time look like nothing. That is why Jesus Himself referred to that period of time as the "Great Tribulation".

God Bless You Sis! :)

Sally said...

I think what Ally meant was that there are many
Christians going through tribulation...not THE great tribulation, but tribulation non the less. We have several missionaries from our church stationed in Asia and the middle east. they report back every so often of the horrors that christians there are going through. They will definetly have a reward waiting in Heaven for them!

Anonymous said...

Ally isn’t wrong, many believers are now going through tribulation.

General tribulation in the world.

John16:33 “- In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”.

Acts14:22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

THE Tribulation

Matthew 24:29 “Immediately after THE Tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, -“

Matt.24:21For then shall be GREAT Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

As the Rapture is imminent, then so are those who will become Tribulation saints after the Rapture.

Anonymous said...

MISS ANNE >>>>>>>>>>>>

hey i am NOT trying to insult anyone.
If you have a COMPLAINT, take it up with Jesus....HE is the one that
has decided NOT to let it END yet.

HEY, I just follow the waves....

and I have a RIGHT to do that ok ??

do not attack me for nothing.

I am just reporting the truth as I
see it.

IF you want the END to come so bad, do NOT complain to me...

I have NO control over that.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs.C said...

Sister Anne,
As a reader of Brother Scotts Blog, I would hope that it is informative to you to let you know the evil that is here in the U.S. too. You are brave to use the Internet, from my understanding; most that are persecuted in other countries don’t have access to the Internet, let alone a Christian Blog. My goodness, the missionaries tell us there is no access for Christians at all. Interesting that you just posted from “asia” as Brother Stephen in the previous thread just posted an article from the Asian Correspondent. Did you have a chance to read it? Wow, good thing your not in Japan, looks like they may be in for a rough time again with earthquakes!
Dear Sister I don’t understand your comment to our dear Brother Stephen. His believes have nothing to do with “suffering saints”. How could these “suffering saints” be “insulted” when in this vast Internet world, they have no idea who Brother Stephen is, let alone his believes? If they even have Internet access, Im sure they have much more to contend with than reading blogs, or comments by one Brother.
Brother Stephen loves the Lord, and is loved much here by us all, including Brother Scott, as he is very special. Its all good in Gods Eyes Sister, and that’s all that counts.

God Bless!

Mrs.C said...

Sister Sally, Anon, :)
My question was directed at asking my Sister Ally, and Im sure she will clarify as she was just around in the thread above :). There are yet to be Tribulation Saints, as the Tribulation has yet to begin.

God Bless!

Sally said...

Your right Mrs. C, no tribulation saints yet! sorry, not trying to speak for Ally at all, just commenting on what she "may" have meant :)
Very good information Mrs.C...a long time ago you mentioned a website where we could go and see live video of Israel? I THINK it was you, could you post the link again? Much thanks and love!

Mrs.C said...

HI Sister Sally, :)
Its all good. I dont know if this is it or not, but the only "live" video feed I have posted is for the Kotel (Western Wall). I just pulled it up, its 2:00 am there right now, and there is Praying and someone occasionally blowing the Shofar! Something we will all here when our Bride Groom comes for us! If you jump on really quickly, you may be able to here them. AWESOME! Its absolutely amazing to watch and listen to during the Rosh Hashanah Services at the Kotel in September.

God Bless!


sally said...

Thank you so much!

Waterer said...

Dear Stephen and Mrs C.,

I didn't read Anne's comment the way you did as an attack at ALL.
I heard that she thinks the stock market angle ( mood waves) are difficult in comparison to real suffering that she is seeing in Asia.
She didn't even refer to rights or freedoms, she spoke her feelings of dis- EASE with it.
SHe has as much right to expressing her feelings to Stephen
as Stephen does his viewpoint.
I think she also said that she didn't want to hurt anyone. It was an honest and vulnerable comment.

If my neighbor was threatening to beat me up and I saw people wearing horns, and then in hoping for the rapture and coming for encouragement be faced with the repeated message, that Jesus cannot come until American moods dictate our stock market, I well may feel insulted too.
Christ is coming when the Father sends Him PERIOD. There is NO Scripture that says finanacial ruin must come first. There is not one line about it from Jesus or Paul or Peter. John has it ( inferred) because of the financial
dominion of the ac.
I care for YOu stephen but other people need encouragement too. You are not alone, nor are any of us,
in our deep desire for Jesus to come.
This is my 2 cents. I do not pray enough for the believers around the globe and I need to step up in this. Thank you for sharing Anne.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for sharing Anne! It's great to hear from people in other parts of the world and what they are going through. I'm sure it's not just the US that has the internet.

Mrs.C said...

Dear Sister Kr,
Forgive me, but please don’t attempt to rephrase what has been said by another poster. Its pretty clear what has been said. It clearly was an attack against Brother Stephen as usual.
Telling a dear Brother that he is an “insult” to the plural “suffering saints”? When how many persecuted read Brother Stephens comments amongst the millions out there in the Internet? No one forces anyone to read, if it is so offensive don’t read it. Forgive me, but your showing of “caring” for Brother Stephen, Im sure he can do without. As said before, Brother Stephen is special, do you understand?, and is loved much here, by all of us including Brother Scott. Everyone understands his believes, and the continuous attacks against him under every kind of “angle” you can think of, perhaps you haven’t noticed. There is much you are unaware of Sister, much, and we’ll leave it at that. Brother Scott knows, and that’s all that matters regarding that. Most importantly Brother Stephen loves the Lord, and the Lord loves him.

God Bless :)

Waterer said...

Dear Mrs. C,

My Intent was not to insult Stephen nor see him scorned. I have stood in the gap for him at times too. My point is that I didn't hear her comment the way you did. You are reading it as if she is saying that all these sufferers out there are personlly insulted by Stephen. Personally. ANd your answer , as I understand it is, that that is hardly the case as all those people probably never even read what Stephen has written. Do I have this right so far?..

I read this as saying she is feeling insulted and thinks others in her situation would feel that way too.
She should have said I feel offended by this line of speaking, that Christ cannot come because of the American stock market. WOuld you have received that comment or thought it was "attacking"?
Truly I don't hear attacking. I hear offense.
DOUBTLESS I have much to learn. I am going to agree with you about me. I do NOT know it all for sure.

d said...

I think waterer is tired of the double standard on here...as I have been for quite awhile. Watered I agree with all you said

J said...

I also agree with Waterer. I saw zero attack or anything amiss in Anne's post. I see her pain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Kr & all those who have written a word of comfort to me, Thank you all. At least some of you understands. That should be more than enough for me.

Dear Mrs.C & Stephen.
It was not my intention to attack anyone. I my self is already in a vulnerable situation. I don't have the energy or mind to attack anybody. I was just trying to find a comfort from Scott's blog after the persecution I undergo & to hear from my fellow suffering brethren & then to find someone who is saying Jesus ain't returning because the stocks aren't going down. I was little surprised by it. Immediately I was thinking of my other suffering brothers & sisters that I personally know, we are eagerly & tearfully waiting for Christ's return. if I tell them " hey you know wat, Jesus ain't coming because the stock price is still high in america" how would they feel? When is that so scriptural? Please do think from our side. Sorry that its little hurtful to us.

And Yes Mrs.C, America & Europe is NOT the only one with internet. Are you saying that those persecuted countries don't have access to Internet. I'm surprised by your comment. How little you know about us. By this I can understand you might not understand our sufferings either .I get that you love Stephen dearly & he may be your long time friend. Please also love us too. Harsh comments are unnecessary in the situation like ours. I pray hard to God that HE will widen you heart & mind & overflow it with more love. I do acknowledge that you are very wise in the word of God.

Again I'm very sorry, If I wrote anythg wrong. My English is not that good. I have written with what I learnt in school long time ago. All those who suffer needs right now is some prayer's from those who care. Please don't write hurtful words to us. I love each one of you with the love of Christ including Stephen & Mrs.C . I extend my apology to everyone who may feel offended by my comments. God Bless You All Richly.


Mrs.C said...

Forgive me “anne”, but it is very clear that what your “intentions” are. Out of ALL the information on this Blog, all that is going on in this huge world, you select to make Brother Stephen to make a comment about? You appear to have unprecedented Internet access, for a “persecuted” person. So, let me understand Sister, out of ALL the amazing incredible Prophecy being fulfilled before us all, the only thing you have to share with your “suffering Brothers and Sisters” are Brother Stephens small comments about the stock market? Out of ALL the amazing abundance of information that Brother Scott provides regarding Prophecy, that provides such hope, the Good News, you can only relay to them Brother Stephens comments? “When is that so Scriptural”, well there ya go. Its always the same bottom line, the same Apostasy folks.
I made it very clear, “persecuted “Christians” are pretty much restricted from Internet access in these countries. Being a Christian alone in these countries places you under scrutiny, let alone using the Internet to access Christian Blogs that are usually BLOCKED from access. For example, you do know that they have to literally eat the pages from the Bibles in China for fear of being caught, don’t you? Persecuted Christians, have MUCH more to contend with than a comment by a Brother, on Scotts little ole Blog! Out of ALL the millions of comments, web sites etc.you zero in on little ole Brother Stephen supposed offensive comments? There are FAR, FAR worse comments etc out there in the World Wide Web, that truly are harmful to our true persecuted dear Brothers and Sisters.
Interesting, I said nothing about your “English”, but since you brought it up, it is pretty perfect, just amazing. We Pray for our true Brothers and Sisters in harms way around the world, constantly. In fact, we financially support them, and many Missionaries in “asia” as you say. No ones writing “hurtful” words, just the Truth of whats going on here, period. No worries, like clock work, the “anons” or “alphabet” have shown up to support you…Its always the same pattern. Only now a new low has been reached, a new low for sure.

Mrs.C said...

Sister Kr,
You need to PRAY greatly for discernment!

Mrs.C said...

“Tired of the double standard” really?, “When is that so Scriptural” it goes on and on.
The same “Apostasy now” person/persons. Its always the same, start the attack, the strife, then play “victim” as Brother Scott has said and knows full well whats going on. Its predicable, and so obvious. Offender veiled in fake kindness makes the offensive statement, the defense comes in to cover like defense backs in a football game, then accusations of “hurtful” and Im sure “un-Christian” will show up with accusations of “scaring people away” or how “shocked” you are. Changing it up a bit aren’t you? Dropped the “anons” a bit when the folks here have caught on to the “anon” angle, so now they attempt to give some kind of abbreviated name or are going through the alphabet?. Its ALWAYS the same pattern. Only now a new low has been reached, a new low for sure! Im SO incredibly sad for you all. You are the same person/persons that have tried to provoke a dear Brother here to harm himself. Truly, you see no darkness in that!!
We know who you are, and so does Brother Scott. We are so close to the coming of our Beloved Bride Groom, and you have nothing but time to waist sewing strife and confusion with your false self righteous beliefs-mission. Truly, I have tears for you all, what are you going to say before the Lord? Its not to late, you can still repent and turn from this darkness. Jesus told us very clearly of this, while we wait for His coming for us. Are you to be a good Servant, or an evil Servant. The choice is yours…Truly I Pray you make the right choice…

Matthew 24:46-51
46 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.
47 Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods.
48 But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming;
49 And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken;
50 The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of,
51 And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

dee said...

Mrs C....YES TIRED OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD. There was a time months or weeks ago when Stephen called people on here "stupid" and "assholes". There are more times than I can count where YOU have called people on here evil and all sorts of names. Yet, if someone (waterer for example) states an opinion for some reason you come out with your usual verbal rampage and accusations. What is so pathetic, Mrs. C, is that its YOU that needs prayer and discernment! Its YOU! You are an embarrasment to this blog and the hard work Scott puts in. YOU DRIVE PEOPLE AWAY! You need help, you truly do. You will have to answer to the Lord one day. You will have to answer for all the people you have stumbled and led astray.
Waterer did not attack anyone, neither did sister Ann...YOU DID! Its so beyond crazy at this point. You...all by yourself...are ruining people's desire to fellowship here and come here.
Whats so interesting is that its always you who are argueing with so and so on every post...just you. You start it and you end it every single time. People come on here like adult, mature Christians and YOU start something. Im so over it, Im over your ego. You need some serious time in prayer.

Mrs.C said...

Its fascinating to see the same pattern, over and over again. Every time Brother Stephen is provoked, attacked and pushed to a certain point, you know exactly how he will respond. Brother Scott always deletes anything that is offensive, but you know that also don’t you. Then when Brother Scott deletes the offensive post, someone ALWAYS comes back an REPEATS the offensive words. Just your way of getting it out there, still trying to attack Brother Stephen. You know you don’t have to use the same language, but it obviously doesn’t bother you, does it, you have no conviction because your goal is to attack Brother Stephen.
Oh, and there it is…just on time…”drive people away”, right, and the defense of the original offender, and those that start this , yup right on script you are.
Forgive me, but its not “just me”, there are many others here that are on to whats going on, like BROHTER SCOTT! Does that make a difference to you, obviously it doesn’t because you know that, don’t ya. If you welcome the Holy Spirit, He will provide you with discernment too. But it appears your hearts are blocked from Him, sadly or you would be convicted of what you are doing.. My ego, lol, I have no ego, but then that comment was an attempt at deflection once again.
Its just astounding how you deflect, distract and attempt to PROJECT on to others what you are guilty of yourselves. Probably down right gitty, when you draw into your deceptions, dear innocent Brothers and Sisters here. Always the same, and ALWAYS skip over this one fact : you claim to be a knowledgeable person as to what is going on here, why is it that the fact that the attacks on a dear Brother here, encouraging him to HARM HIMSELF is ALWAYS IGNORED. You have no problem with that!? You’ve and others have supposedly been here so long, but yet you MISSED THAT! We are talking someones VERY LIFE here, yet that fact is CONTINUALLY IGNORED. It is VERY revealing to the darkness at work here…its all good though there is plenty of evidence for authorities…just in case you think you know the laws you are in error…as said before the Lord Jesus has spoken of a choice for you to make in these closing Last Days…good Servant or evil Servant…its your choice

Waterer said...

Dear Mrs. C,

I want to leave this thread behind us.
I want to resay though that I desire only good for Stephen.

I believe you see one person behind all this, with many names.
I find it very difficult to both honor someone with sincere listening and yet speak into what I see as confusing or a downright error.
While I did not see the thread where threats were made to Stephen,
I have tried to stop mean-ness where I have seen it.
As your polite and peacemaking husband has said from time to time,
some of us read one thing and some of us another. Our viewpoint is affected by this.
Rather than fight when these differences come up I long for more politeness between us in areas of disagreement.
I also want to say that by calling all disagreement with Stephens viewpoints, ATTACKS, it actually may creates more fear for him.
They are NOT all attacks.

We disagree but may the Lord show us where we may both be wrong.
I do not want the blog to be tainted with arglebargle.

IN HIm was life and the life was the light of men. .. In Him there is no darkness AT ALL.

Let's keep in step with the Spirit.

Maranatha, KR

GG said...

Hi KR~

I just got home and wanted to reach out to you. I don't know what argle bargle is, so I can only assume it is not good thing and that is not something you wish for anyone to have. :)

Your intentions were good but unfortunately you were played once again. The same pattern that continues to happen to those who chime in to defend these 'victims', without trusting that someone you know does have your best interest at heart. I know you and some of the others can't see this but this topic has been addressed enough that we all should know by now some of the patterns, that the game is the same but only the names are changed. It is beyond ridiculous that they can't stop doing this. It is out of the same respect that we use for Brother Stephen that we are not going after these creators of trouble and division directly on this board. All things are being handled off the forum. That is just one group, per say.

We have suggested that we all use discernment during these very tough times; the same ones we all have to deal with daily in any of these posts. Believe me, Sis, I know it is hard. I have wanted to say and point out a few errors to others that are also creating bogus posts to add to this daily and at the end of it; I have to ask myself, Do they really know what is going on? Surely, they wouldn't want to be part of the problem and not the solution. Surely, they do not wish to set-out to attack another Brother or Sister for their own personal agenda and get their licks in too, sadly we have that group too. I too have been falsely accused when addressing some of these 'players' in this over all game and as usual it all gets flipped around, and they too always try to look good. Sadly, the ones trying to really get down in the trenches and get to the bottom of all this to minimize these attacks are the ones getting attacked the hardest.

So while many will not have the insights they desire until we get home to our Heavenly Father; we can trust that others are sincerely acting to stop this cyber bullying that is taking place based on the physical proof that is collected each time they start this game again. OK, you may not for whatever reason you have desire to trust Mrs. C's judgment when she comes to the forefront on these players after letting is slide for days. Humbly, I ask then would you or could you please try for other reasons, to at least consider the source? I am just suggesting that we all have to look at our roles in this and we all do care about each other.

These characters have a whole different life and game going with one big chuckle fest going on behind the scenes. Let them laugh, what we can do is not add to Stephen's hardships in his walk. What we can do is not go after his thinking when some others who are doing this do not have clean hands, separate from the jokesters who started this. Stephen knows I didn't agree with him giving out financial advice and he kindly turned that around not to harm others. I truly appreciated that, he took action not to harm others who may be in fear and sell off all their stocks based on his shared info and be broke right now. It took him a bit and he also stopped promoting the AC, that too was another big thing. Now, he has one thing that is special to his connection to his grandmother and now he must be stripped of that too? When I see what happened by these 'jokesters' almost a year ago that wanted to cause undo harm to our Brother, that was enough to just wrap my arms around him and love him like God does right where he is at. He has not set out to attack anyone, that poor Brother dismisses a lot of attacks and keeps on posting in-spite of it. Maybe we have something too we can learn from him.

GG said...


Sis, you run a ministry in your part of the states that I am sure has many broken members as well as missionaries abroad. We too have many friends and missionaries in other parts of the world right now, laying down their lives to spread the good news in these last days. To see all this knowing what they are going through daily and cannot have much contact for safety reasons, with many churches buffering the contacts to minimize their exposure and yet these jokesters are making a mockery out of this, is something very disgusting and cruel to say the least.

Humbly, I ask has anyone really looked at the fact of the continued harm caused by so many and using Gods grace and forgiveness as their ticket to always get out of being accountable when we do go home? What a wonderful God we serve who loves us all beyond our earthly reasoning, even in situations like this that we do not understand, he will handle them in his own way. What we can do is not add to harm but add to harmony in these last days. Please trust no one here has been falsely accused without physical proof to support it to minimize the cyber attacks. The attackers have asked for us to just let it go, of course they do. They want Scott's blog for their own agenda and are not going to stop until they feel they have worn others down to get it. So, maybe if not for trusting in Mrs. C's or my help, maybe we can do it for Scott and Gods wonderful ministry here. Those who choose to add on to a situation that they know has nothing to do with them to create harm, is only giving the devil a foothold on this situation instead of breaking it and it is something simply that can cease to contributing to the harm.

I can't wait until we all can be together, without all the secrecy, the cruel games, attacks but to live amongst each other as one big family following what God our Father desires for his children. Until that day, let us be part of the solutions and not part of the problems on this wonderful blog.

God Bless!!

Waterer said...

Dear GG,

Thank you for your caring and respectful response.

I almost feel like quitting the blog again at least until the teaching year is over again. This is what I did last Fall till late Spring.But this year I teach Revelation and Scott's blog is helpful to me to keep the present in focus when looking at future things.

I have contact with Scott in other ways too so may just go that route.

The saddest thing to me in this very confusing thing is that others really are new to the blog from time to time and often , it seems that newcomers are welcomed quickly and then hung out to dry when they begin to ask about the ewi stuff. Are you saying that you and Mrs. C have physical proof that this is all the same person?
I know Scott has said that he can tell at times that there are false posts under different names.But he has not reacted like Mrs. C has. It is his blog. When he sees this and calls it what it is then I think it is safe and right to follow. But when very unfriendly and almost needling responses are given to people who look new to the blog , it is very hard to hear.

It is also hard to think that they are always attacks or accusations.

For instance with this last one, she didn't only address Stephen but she first thanked Scott very graciously for his work. Her later response to Stephen did not seem out of context to me because it followed Stephens thread.

Last night i wrote Scott and asked about my responses and if they were mean or out of place. He said NO. They were not out of place or mean. He barely has time to look at the comments anymore. He is concerned with the Lord's coming and leaves this back and forth to the participants unless he has to weigh in. We are all and I mean ALL making this harder for him.

It sounds like you and Mrs. C may have a relationship with Stephen outside of the blog and for this I am grateful.

I am taking your counsel to heart and Mrs.c's advice to pray hard for discernment. I ask the same of the both of you. A number of participants have been alienated falsely because of this extra information that only you both have.When true meaness and attack s have come we have all taken turns defending. But there have been gaps in proper apologies to offended and hurt people at times who are all brushed with this IMPOSTER accusation.

There is a great deal of angst around this and it isn't even REAL in some ways because of this great quagmire of confusion. There HAS to be a way to speak the truth in LOVE and not hot insinuations that sometimes hurt everyone who is reading.

I do have a contact in China who became a believer while in one of our studies. She is often on our weekly devotion, listening to teaching. So the immediate thought that this is an imposter never occured to me. I still am not sure this is the case.Some places are very dangerous and others not.

I know of a number of people locally who read Scott's blog and often make comments that they would never write a comment because it feels like it is scary.
I think that is wrong and I never know if one of them is not wading in for the first time. Scott WELCOMES them. How can we be self appointed spies ferreting out who is or isn't legitimate?In a sense,
the thought of that is offensive.

If Scott has asked you "knowers" to be vigilant in protecting his blog, it would be good for the rest of us to know this . Alos, A simple warning like, Look out Sister this may be one of the enemy and there is a hook..then there could be an entirely different conversation. The talking instead feels VERY condescending and argumentative.
We are on the same team not on opposing sides.

Love to you in Him,,


GG said...

Hi KR~

I am sorry, I can not for all the work that has been done go into anymore details and Scott has been great to help with that as well as respect those wishes. I feel that others have always been afforded the same opportunities to get involved and get proactive to contribute as well if they so desired. So for all the work that has been done and others to feel they may be entitled to such priviledged information that may be used down the road to the authorities is not something to be just entrusting to anyone.

It is a very serious matter and just as giving the final results over to the local authorities if needed, is not something one just keeps divulging information. I have always said, if someone doesn't have anything to be guilty of then they do not have anything to worry about. That should always be our guide in all we do.

On the other hand, I feel I have been very fair in giving many, many chances, all the while honoring the fact that others were serious about change and would stop doing it. When I see it continue under the same guise, then I know it's intentional and that takes on a different course of action in the long run.

That doesn't mean you or even some that I am closest too are not valued and loved, this is just how it must be. The protection has to work both ways for our families best interest as well. I have some dear friends on here who are not able to know as well. They understand and do not press the issue.

I wouldn't say there is a need to leave but together we all can help in love. This is what they have set out to do is to add confusion and of course see the numbers drop.

As for China, that is one area where our group left out of over a year ago due to great dangers and moved further abroad. So if yours are in contact that is great but the walls are pressing in on them fast. We will continue to pray for them.

The one thing we should all have in common is with the heart of the Lord that we do not support such cruelties. I agree with that, we just have to be helpful not hurtful. I understand you have a personal relationship with Scott, which I remember him introducing your ministries in the fall :) I also understand that others have a separate relationship with him as well and he shall love and honor each one with a treasured heart.

I agree we are all on the same side, we just have to press in harder to not give into temptation in these last days :)

Thanks for your kind response.

God Bless!!


Waterer said...

I was TOTALLY unaware that this was an offical investigation. That makes a little more sense to me in some of the comments that were made.I have just returned from a 10 day vacation, opened the computer, ( left behind) and started reading. Perhaps more has happened while I was away.

I will assume that you all know what you are doing.

I will pray as I said and hope tht others do not get scared away by this.

Thank you,

GG said...


Please if you will, stop putting words in my mouth about Scott asking anyone to do anything or 'official investigation' etc.

This is no different than seeing constant bullying or trouble and taking a positive action, with respect to the blog owner to help cease it. The posts are there for all the years just to give anyone an overview, but it takes time to re-read them.

I do know where you are coming from because I too have sent others here as a wonderful witness and this is the non-sense they see. That is where I help them along and use these opportunities to fellowship aside from the blog and we see what Gods word says about such cruelties or topics, etc. :)

We must keep holding our heads up high and not stop sharing Gods word just because of this. We are strong in Christ. We can overcome these things inspite of these constant set-backs.

God Bless!!


Waterer said...

Dear GG,

I am not trying to misunderstand I promise. NOR put words in your mouth. Yikes!
This is what I read and understood as official:
I am sorry, I can not for all the work that has been done go into anymore details and Scott has been great to help with that as well as respect those wishes. I feel that others have always been afforded the same opportunities to get involved and get proactive to contribute as well if they so desired. So for all the work that has been done and others to feel they may be entitled to such priviledged information that may be used down the road to the authorities is not something to be just entrusting to anyone.

It is a very serious matter and just as giving the final results over to the local authorities if needed, is not something one just keeps divulging information. I have always said, if someone doesn't have anything to be guilty of then they do not have anything to worry about. That should always be our guide in all we do.

I thought this meant there was an official offsite search going on.
That is all I meant.

Please forgive me for misunderstanding. I'm not sure I understand it all yet but I will say here that I Do NOT need to.
I will trust you all to follow Jesus.


GG said...

Hi KR~

Thank you for respecting that :)

God Bless!!