Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daily Headlines: More Rumors Of War - Israeli Attack Before U.S. Elections?

The first article seems to confirm the same news which is coming from a variety of sources:

Leading Analyst: Why Israel Could Attack Iran Before November

If the Obama administration still vehemently opposes an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities for fear of hampering Obama's chances for reelection, the latest Debka’s report claims that Teheran is closer than ever to an atomic bomb.

“The months of negotiations with the six world powers were happily used by Iran for great strides toward bringing its nuclear weapon program to fruition”,

“The six powers are understandably reluctant to admit that in the time bought by negotiations, Iran was able to refine uranium up to 30 percent grade or even a higher and go into advanced preparations for 65 percent grade enrichment. Now the Iranians are well on the way to an 80-90 percent weapons grade”. This percent is the weaponization of the nuclear cycle.

That is why Israel could launch a preemptive operation against Iran before the US presidential election in November.

“The period before the US elections is the best for an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities”, asserts one of Israel’s leading analysts, Efraim Inbar, head of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and one of the informal advisors to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an interview for Arutz Sheva.

“The diplomatic talks failed, the sanctions are not working, only a military operation can stop Iran’s atomic program. We already stopped Iraq and Syria’s nuclear programs. We will take into consideration only our security and Jewish survival, because a nuclearized Iran would be an immense threat for the Jewish State”.

Iran “successfully” test-fired a 300-kilometer (185-mile) range missile on Saturday, showing its ability to strike targets in the Strait of Hormuz as well as as energy facilities in Saudi Arabia and the U.S. fifth fleet in Bahrain.

"Using new guidance methods, target-striking systems were installed on the missiles and during the flight test ... its ability to hit the target without deviation was proven," Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi told IRNA.

"In future programs, all future missiles built by the Defense Ministry will be equipped with this capability," he added.

The U.S. Pentagon noted last month in a report that Iran is working on a missile that can reach the American Eastern Seaboard within the next three years.

Other Iranian missiles in development are to be aimed at Israel and eastern Europe, and include the medium-range Ashoura ballistic missile –with a range of more than 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) -- and the long-range Shabab-3.

Iran has vowed to hit Israel and U.S. bases in the region if it comes under attack. It has also threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, through which 40 percent of the world's oil exports are shipped.

The United State's attempts to destabilize Syria will end up hurting Israel, a top Iranian Ali Larijani said on Sunday, accusing the West of interfering in the Syrian crisis without the approval of the United Nations Security Council.

“The resignation of Kofi Annan and US officials contacting certain politicians in the region as well as military and arms support for destabilizing Syria indicates a new plan by the international villains,” Larijani told Iranian network Press TV.

The statement wasn't the first time Larijani connected unrest in Syria to Israel, saying earlier this year that the violence that could erupt following a western attack on Syria "will spread into Palestine and the ashes of such flame will definitely bury the Zionist regime."

The fractious civil war in Syria has reinvigorated the country’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is supplying rebels with arms, according to the London Telegraph.

Arutz Sheva reported last week that the Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader vowed that Syria will become an Islamic state after the presumed fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Now, the Islamist terrorist political party, which won the elections in Egypt, is raising funds to arm Syrian rebels, who are fighting among themselves as well as against Assad.

Israeli military officials have drawn up several scenarios of what will evolve in Syria. One is a fractured country, with Assad’s Alawite supporters ruling a small region and the rebels dominating the rest of the country. In the meantime, the IDF has deepened trenches and beefed up patrols aolng the border with the Golan Heights to prevent terrorist infiltrations.

The civil war has evolved into a race between terrorist groups trying to turn Syria into a new Islamist country, and Al Qaeda, which U.S. President Barack Obama has claimed is on the way to being destroyed.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombed a motorbike in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, striking a global jihad terrorist who the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said was plotting a terror attack along the Egyptian border. Palestinian hospital officials said the man died in the attack, and one other was injured.

Security sources said it was possible the strike thwarted the terror attack.

Israel is increasingly concerned with the presence of global jihad operatives in the Sinai Peninsula and their ties with Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Syrian army tanks shelled Aleppo on Sunday and a helicopter gunship strafed rebel positions with heavy machinegun fire as they fought for control of the country's biggest city and key battleground of the 17-month uprising.

After UN Security Council paralysis on Syria forced peace envoy Kofi Annan to resign last week, and with his ceasefire plan a distant memory, rebels have been battered by the government onslaught in Aleppo and the capital Damascus.

In Damascus, jets bombarded the capital on Saturday as troops kept up an offensive they began a day earlier against the last rebel bastion there, a resident said.

Prospects over the possibility of a negotiated solution have dimmed since United Nations peace envoy Kofi Annan resigned this week complaining of paralysis in the UN Security Council over the Syria peace efforts.

Israel is racing against an attack by Iran and Syria and is upgrading its US-backed Arrow missile shield in the wake of a possible a chemical weapon attack from Syria, a defense official told Reuters Sunday.

The new "Block 4" generation of guided interceptor rockets, radars and technologies for synchronizing Arrow with U.S. systems was being installed in deployed Israeli batteries, a process that would take several weeks, the official told the news agency.

Besides the threat of a nuclear threat for Iran in the next year or two, Israel is now preparing for a possible chemical warfare attack from Syria, where the civil war could spur Syrian President Bashar Assad to turn his missiles on Israel. The same situation could arise if Hizbullah, which is thought to have accessed part of the chemical arsenal, decides to attack Israel from Lebanon.

Israel is also working on a more powerful rocket interceptor than Iron Dome, known as David's Sling or Magic Wand, which is due out next year. Meshed together and with U.S. counterparts, the three Israeli systems would form a multi-tier shield providing several opportunities to intercept incoming missiles.

The writing was on the wall. When Egypt's pro-democracy revolution was hijacked by Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups, many warned that Egypt's ancient Christian community was in danger.

...with the unveiling of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's new cabinet last week, it became clear that Egypt's Christians would not enjoy increased influence, and would instead be shoved further into the corner.

Even more concerning is that the government's snubbing of Christians and the expected further implementation of Sharia Law (which would further relegate Christians to dhimmi - or second-class - status) has emboldened those who would seek to physically harm Christians.

When the angry mob was rampaging through town, storming her home and those of other Christians, the 70-year-old woman hid in her cow pen, pushing a rock against the door. There she cowered for hours, at one point passing out from tear gas being fired by police that seeped in.

When Sameeha Wehba emerged just before dawn, she found she was the only Christian left in this small Egyptian village just south of Cairo, the location of some of the country’s earliest pyramids.

Dahshour’s entire Christian community – as many as 100 families some estimate – fled to nearby towns in the violence earlier this week. The flock’s priest, cloaked in a white sheet to hide him, was taken out in a police van. At least 16 homes and properties of Christians were pillaged and some torched and a church damaged.

The unprecedented exodus underscores how sectarian divisions are bubbling over in the wake of the revolution, in a country where 10 percent of the population is Christian.

U.S. weather has been lousy this year, with droughts, heat and killer storms. But a solar superstorm could be far worse.

A monster blast of geomagnetic particles from the sun could destroy 300 or more of the 2,100 high-voltage transformers that are the backbone of the U.S. electric grid, according to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Even a few hundred destroyed transformers could disable the entire interconnected system.

There is impetus for a group of federal agencies to look for ways to prepare for such a storm this year as the sun moves into an active period called solar maximum, expected to peak in 2013.


Mrs.C said...

This in IMO, is HUGE! Its like he's saying this ahead of the fact of whats to come. Its the same conviction, and courage that was showed in the rescue of the Entebbe hostages, which also happened to be the mission in which Bibis very brave Brother Yoni died. WOW! The PM at the time, planned the Entebbe rescue with only a few close people knowing. When the mission was already in the air on their way to Entebbe, only then, did the PM and the others fill the rest of the cabinet in on what was happening. Giving them only a short amount of time to either approve or stop the mission. They all voted yes, and the rest is history. Israel could take down Iran, or God Himself could easily do the same with a giant earthquake. Either way we know from Gods Word that by the Ezekiel 38 war, Iran will be diminished, nothing but a tagalong to Gog.

"Netanyahu: I’ll Take Responsibility for the Consequences if Israel Strikes Iran"

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has never shied away from speaking his mind, nor has he refrained from taking the “unpopular” stance of being hawkish when it comes to defending his country from the sea of aggressors which surrounds it. Now more than ever, as Iran draws dangerously close to attaining the nuclear arsenal it has been working tirelessly to build, the prime minister is prepared to show the world that, with or without U.S. aid, Israel will strike Iran if necessary. What’s more, he’s not afraid to accept responsibility for the ensuing consequences should such a strike take place.

His bold declaration, made during a closed meeting this week, only underscores his disappointment in current security establishment officials, who he believes are only concerned about saving face and avoiding having to take responsibility for a potential Israeli strike. And Netanyahu stated this week that he would not be concerned if an investigative committee was formed afterwards."

Scott said...

I agree....I am really starting to believe something will happen before the US elections.

Mrs.C said...

Ramadan ends the 18th of August, and they will at least wait for that. After that, its open.
From the Bibi article, it is very telling where Bibis thoughts may be.
He doesnt trust America to act.
He is basically announcing his responsibility before the attack.
He knows that he will need to fight a multiple fronted war, and they are prepared for that. They are also prepared to go it alone.
The end of the article to me, is the most insightful into what Bibi is thinking with confidence. Having been an Elite Commando himself, he knows the risks. But his statement that the Iraq nuke plant, once destroyed, they never obtained nukes. He has to also know, that Syria didnt either after they destroyed their nuke plant. This gives him the confidence to believe that should they attack Irans nuke plant, they too will not obtain nukes. He has assessed that the possible Israeli casualties in the mission, are the price that may have to be paid to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes...

Anonymous said...

...seems like Obama would benefit from war before the that would cancel out the elections and place him in supreme power of USA.

Caver said...

Anonymous said...

...seems like Obama would benefit from war before the that would cancel out the elections and place him in supreme power of USA.

I don't think least according to our laws and entire history.

We do not cancel elections in time of war....but with this usurper, who knows.

And a war would almost immediately close off the shipping lanes for ME oil...and bring all ME oil fields under attack...which would immediately double the price of oil and push both the economies of the EU and USA over a very sharp cliff.

Caver said...

Just a persona thought...

Bibi can't wait till the elections to strike....the man is smart, not a fool.

He knows that if Obama gets a second term, he is free to trash Israel and throw them under the bus. He tried to do that at the start, but Bibi maneuvered him into multiple corners and made fool of him....Obama hates both Bibi and Israel.

By attacking before the elections, he assures the oil is cut off and the economy turns against Obama and maximizes the chance of Obama's defeat.

The attack has to happen....sooner or later.
The attack will double the price of oil almost immediately
The increased oil price will drop both the EU and USA off the inevitable economic cliff.....just a little sooner

Mike said...

I'm with ya Caver....Not only is it better timing just because it is, but it is an perfect "political" move to assist in getting rid of Obama.....

He KNOWS what Odumma will do if he is reelected. Would be a great move for Bibi.

However, I still stand by my thought that I dont believe this country will have another election.....we will see....

Caver said...

Mike, unless Obama is assured he will win or can steal it....I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Caver. Bibi is between a rock and a hard place, and it seems clear to me he only has One choice, that is to attack Before the elections.
If Israel goes to war with Iran, other countries will be Forced to join in (at least in a role in protecting Israel from failure and to expedite the outcome) to protect their economies from collapse. This most definitely places Obama in a tight spot, because if he fails to protect Israel and the US economy, he will lose the election by a landslide.

Obama has already set up the USA to be in a severely vulnerable situation. He has added $5T to the debt, drastically reduced military spending, and doubled Gas prices during a recession. To top thinsg off, Obama invested in Failed green alternatives, said no to the Canada Oil pipeline, & did not invest in Natural Gas, which is the only viable alternative retrofit to cars both on the road & in production.
Hope everyone is Praying and repenting in Israel & the USA...we are at the edge of a massive cliff, with nowhere to turn except God!