Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Russia Warns West Over Syria

Russia warned the West on Tuesday against unilateral action on Syria, a day after U.S. President Barack Obama threatened "enormous consequences" if his Syrian counterpart used chemical or biological arms or even moved them in a menacing way.

An opposition group said Syria's air force had redeployed 30 Sukhoi fighter-bomber jets closer to cities where the army is battling to crush rebels in the north and east of the country.

The Soviet-era Sukhoi Su-22 planes, which can drop 400 kg (881 pound) bombs, flew from the Dumair and Sim air bases north and east of Damascus on Monday to bases in the city of Hama Tabaqa and Deir al-Zor, a senior official in the Higher Leadership Council for the Syrian Revolution said.

Syria last month acknowledged for the first time that it had chemical or biological weapons and said it could use them if foreign countries attacked it.

An Israeli attack on Iran will lead to Israel's "annihilation," a senior Iranian official told the country's state-run TV station Press TV on Monday, ahead of the Non-Aligned Movement summit due to take place in Tehran later this month.

The comment, by former head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Mohsen Rezaei, came after, last week, the head of the Revolutionary Guard's air force said that a possible Israeli airstrike against his country's nuclear facilities is "welcome" because it would give Iran a reason to retaliate and "get rid of" the Jewish state "forever."

"If the Zionists commit the folly and attack Iran, they will receive a crushing response from Islamic Republic's armed forces which will lead to their annihilation,” Rezaei told Press TV.

The senior Iranian official also added that what he called warmongering comments coming from Israeli officials were meant to overshadow the NAM conference due to take place in Tehran.

Israel’s new Home Defense Minister Avi Dichter laid it out in plain language: While Syria, Lebanon and Gaza confront Israel with a strategic threat, Iran imperils our very existence.”

Certain Western intelligence sources were reminded of a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in 2006 when he quoted a Holocaust survivor as saying: “My main lesson from the Holocaust is that if someone tells you he is going to exterminate you, believe him. And I add to that. Believe him and stop him!”

Six years later, those sources now suggest, after America’s top soldier Gen. Martin Dempsey offered the opinion that Israel can no longer destroy Iran’s nuclear weapon capacity – only delay it , that Netanyahu may be willing to go further: Not only to stop them, but kill them.
They are quietly using the term “decapitation.”

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Wednesday slammed Israel for plans to expand Jerusalem’s Har Homa neighborhood, which is located beyond the Green Line. Ashton’s remarks follow a letter Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman had sent her on Monday, in which he argued against the often-made assertion that the settlements are an obstacle to peace.

Liberman, who met with Ashton last month in Brussels for a meeting of the Israel-EU Association Council, had sent her a four-page letter blaming the Palestinian Authority for the current stalemate and demanding the ouster of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.
Inthe letter, dated August 20 and first published Wednesday by Haaretz, the foreign minister also argues against the notion that the Israeli settlements beyond the Green Line impede the peace process.

“Facts and history, as opposed to the simplistic stereotypes and political bias, contradict the idea that somehow the settlement enterprise is the main obstacle to a renewing the negotiations,” Liberman writes in the letter, a copy of which was also sent to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, according to Haaretz.

“This premise simply does not stand up to the test of reality or the historic precedent of the peace process between Israel and our neighbors. Both peace accords, with Egypt and Jordan, were signed when settlements existed; the claim that settlements are the obstacle to peace is unfounded.”

Christians in Egypt and Nigeria continue to suffer at the hands of Islamists. In Egypt, Muslim mobs are rampaging through Coptic villages, while, in Nigeria, the radical Islamist terror group, Boko Haram, continues to blow up churches and slaughter Christians in their homes.

While the looting, bombing, burning, and killing continues to terrify millions of Christians in Egypt and Nigeria, the bloodshed has attracted little attention around the world. In Washington, D.C., both the Obama Administration and the State Department continue to blame the violence on poverty and social inequality rather than condemn Islamic supremacy for persecuting Christian minorities.

The truth, however, is quite different. Despite the constant insistence by the White House that its all about social justice, Boko Haram was quite clear about their reasons for killing Christians in this chilling statement from their leadership, published recently in the Nigerian newspaper, The Osun Defender:

"The Nigerian state and Christians are our enemies and we will be launching attacks on the Nigerian state and its security apparatus as well as churches until we achieve our goal of establishing an Islamic state in place of the secular state.”

Since the the attacks by Boko Haram began in 2009, over 1,000 Christians have been murdered in their homes and in their churches. Dozens of churches, and many hundreds of Christian homes, have also been destroyed. Jonathan Racho, the Africa analyst for International Christian Concern, spoke about the impact the violence is having on the lives of Nigeria’s Christians, saying, "Christians in Nigeria face daily Islamic attacks. I have seen hundreds of Christians homes and churches that are demolished.

Republican delegates arriving in Tampa for the convention this week will likely find one thing more oppressive than the humidity: hordes of motley Occupiers, political puppeteers, Teamsters, Code Pink activists dressed as giant female body parts, open-borders extremists, vegan Marxists, and tattooed anarchists, all assembling for their quadrennial temper tantrum.

In spite of the ubiquity of the legal chess game, it remains largely unexamined. Less than a week before the convention, the Tampa media have not scrutinized the acceptance of violence as a strategy by the main activist groups coordinating the anti-RNC protests, and there has been sparse coverage of the violent protesters coming to Tampa. This November 2011 article on anarchist protesters, by Tampa Bay Timesreporter Jessica Vander Velde, is an exception.

Yet the main protest planners, including Food Not Bombs, Occupy the RNC, and other Occupy groups, all subscribe to “diversity of tactics.” Activist-journalist Natasha Lennard confirms that the adoption of the Tampa Principles allows for the possibility of violent protest in Tampa:
The principles include a respect for “diversity of tactics,” such that if a group chooses to adopt more radical or less law-abiding tactics than another protest contingent, they will not be obstructed. Above all, the principles stress that activists will not assist law enforcement action against other activists, regardless of a disagreement in tactics. Whether groups will break windows, burn dumpsters, damage property or even adopt Black Bloc anonymity tactics to move through the streets cannot be predicted and would never be publicly announced in advance.

Vice President Joe Biden will hold a rally with supporters next Monday in Tampa, on what will be the first day of the Republican convention, according to a Democratic source cited by the Washington Post.

It would be an unprecedented move for a presidential or vice presidential candidate to crash a rival convention; the parties have traditionally allowed each other to take center stage during their convention week and used the time to fundraise and rest.

Take the next one with a grain of salt. It also may be worth keeping around...just in case:

Here is what I know to this point. At least what I am comfortable sharing with you:

-Biden scheduled for event Monday prior to official opening of the GOP convention.

-There is to be some form of altercation, protest, outbreak, etc. Not sure on specifics. Purpose is to make VP look sympathetic but more important, give media portrayal of “radical” conservatives a timely visual upon which to build that right through to Election Day.

-Source relayed they confirmed whispers of this locally by some media in Tampa later this afternoon. Biden’s arrival in Tampa already deemed “provocative” which will ensure significant media coverage. The event/false flag will be used to overshadow the Monday convention ceremonies, as well as cast a shadow on convention for remainder of the week.

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Mrs.C said...

Hey Brother Scott, :)
There was an interview yesterday on Fox that was very telling.
Megyn Kelly interviewed Danny Danon the Knesset Deputy Speaker.
She kept pressuring him on the time line of a possible attack on Iran, and he of course wouldnt say. He without question implied that time is running out quickly.
The huge comment he did make, was this regarding the Israeli attack on Iran " we will plunge them into darkness". He was emphatic about that comment, and I believe he said it at least twice. He also spoke of Israel’s technology I believe. Forgive me, was a wee bit busy, but the "plunged into darkness" REALLY caught my attention!
Israel has its folks out there talk'n for sure! Here are a couple of those folks, speaking on Iran.
Israeli ambassador – “the windows almost shut”.
“War Drums For Israel and Iran?”

WOW, and this one is a really good one! Ari Abramowitz is a Knesset candidate. He speaks of the history of Israel with their enemies, Iran (Persia). He shares that GOD is protecting them, and is what gives them confidence! WOW!
“Israel Sees Possible Month Long Conflict With Iran”

Still, the most striking of these was the one yesterday that Ive yet to find. The “plunge into darkness” comment…WHEW!

God Bless!

WVBORN56 said...

What are you thinking Mrs C? An EMP nuetron bomb over Iran?

How does that fit prophecy in terms of Iran and does it fit the time line as far as occurning first?

I suppose this could temporarily disable Iran causing them to sit out Isaiah 17 and then coming back in later for the Ezekiel 39 "war" once they have recovered?

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little off topic, but maybe not so much. Is anybody else struggling with all of this? I mean, it is SO exciting to see Bible prophecy unfold (it seems to have almost reached warp speed!), yet I find myself worrying so about the ones that I'm not sure about .... I have family members that just don't want to hear any of this. I am constantly praying for them (and all who don't know Jesus as Savior). I am believing FOR them. I just don't want this to become a stumbling block. I want to be constantly ready for The Lord's return. Is anybody else going through this, gone through this? I surely could use some sound advice here!


Helen said...

Mrs. C,
I heard that interview also. I thought immediately of an EMP.

Benjamin said...


I'm not sure if this will help, but the way I look at it is that, regardless of whether the Church is raptured today, two years from today or whenever, many will be left behind.

We all worry about and pary for loved ones (whether family or friend), and while I'd like to think (and I pray) none of my loved ones will be left here, I can obviously never know for sure. I think the truth is most of us who are Raptured will leave loved ones behind, to some degree or another.

In my opinion, all we can do is continue to pray and witness and keep looking up with anticipation and excitement for the Lord's return. That's what He instructed us to do.

I hope this helps in some small way.

God bless.

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother WV, :)
First and foremost, we hope all is well with you Brother! We lift you up in Prayer dear Brother! :) Yes indeed Brother, he would not say exactly how, but emphasized that all of Iran would be in “darkness”. An EMP would certainly accomplish that, for sure. I will let Mr.C comment on the exactness of weapons, as he has the experience with such things. Not only would it affect Iran regarding their non involvement in the Isaiah 17 war, but they also would not be capable of communicating to Hezbollah, Hammas, or even sleeper cells here in the U.S.

Most important is what Gods Word says about this. He is specific in Isaiah 17, in naming Damascus, Jordan and the West Bank. The other nations that “rush” in like “rushing waters” to finish Israel off, tells us that they are enemies very close by. God knows full well the name of Persia, and does not name them. The Ezekiel 38 war follows quickly after Isaiah 17, and there is where God names Persia as a participant in that war. Persia (Iran) is not strong, but just part of a list, limping along with all the other tagalong followers in a coalition assembled to Gog. You make an excellent point, that very well could happen, but clearly when Iran (Persia) is on the scene in Ezekiel 38, they are not of any significance, just part of a group. The retaliatory war of Ezekiel 38 will follow the Isaiah 17 war quickly, and there wouldn’t be much time for Iran to recoup.
Whether it be an Israeli attack, or a GIANT earthquake, something will happen to Iran between now, and Ezekiel 38. Whew, I found the video, its finally got uploaded to youtube. I just played it though, and as Megyn Kelly was referring to the interview being done previously, it has been edited. Megyn asks and repeats to Danny Danon, his statements of Iran being “plunged into darkness”, but they edited the part where he agrees, and repeats his statements about that. Just as Sister Helen, heard also. They probably edited it because it was a repeat of the interview, and they shortened the time. It was very intense to hear the tone of voice of which Danny Danon used when making the “darkness” statement.
Interesting comment he made also, when asked how long, his reply “one week, one month” stating they cant wait years. He definitely wouldn’t say when though. Heres the video if you would like dear Brother! Again, Praying all is well with you! 

God Bless!

“Israel Deputy Speaker Danny Danon on Fox News With Megyn Kelly, on Iran and its Nuclear Potential”

Mrs.C said...

Yes indeed Sister Helen, could very well be an EMP...we shall see

God Bless!

Caver said...

Just have a second for a "drive by" post....running fast-n-hard today.

The EMP, depending on strength and altitude, could spread over borders but would sure fry everything not hardened.

Doubt they would use a Neutron, that would kill everything.

Remember, though that Russian, China, N. Korean, or any other ship in harbor or maybe even close to shore may just turn into a bucket of electronics at all.

Final parting thought before dashing out the door....the new EMP generators. Lots of countries have been working on portable and direction EMP generators. In short, one aimed and directed from an aircraft or missile...not a nuclear detonation. This holds huge implications and possibilities. Remember, Dalton's continued emphasis on "our technology"! Israel may very well have figured how to use this type portable and aim-able EMP generator.

That would change the entire ball game.....and explain how Iran is just one of the "group" in the Ez conflict and a major war or confrontation not be mentioned in the bible. The conflict with Prussia may just be a spat at this point, and the battle of the surrounding nations may indeed be the focus of conflict.

Aly said...

Scott n Mrs. C-another piece of the prophecy puzzle possibly? The Prime Minister of Ethiopia just died. Doesn't seem like much but it surely lines the nation up for endtimes placement since she is most defunately and endtime player.

Anonymous said...

And yet, stocks just REFUSE to drop.
The dow was down a lousy 30 pts with
the Nasdaq UP, Gold up, Silver up,
aapl(apple) at a NEW RECORD high...
also the EURO way up.

Bulls just cannot stop the rock
so to say, buying and buying every
chance they get.

This type of behaviour indicates
that this market could go ALOT
HIGHER in the near future.

and the so called "end" that SO
many want will be DELAYED YET again. I cannot control this market
no one can, and UP is up.....


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

MISS ANNE >>>>>>>>>>>>

hey i am NOT trying to insult anyone.
If you have a COMPLAINT, take it up with Jesus....HE is the one that
has decided NOT to let it END yet.

HEY, I just follow the waves....

and I have a RIGHT to do that ok ??

do not attack me for nothing.

I am just reporting the truth as I
see it.

IF you want the END to come so bad, do NOT complain to me...

I have NO control over that.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Mrs C. I'll try and catch the video later. I am doing very well. Tommorow will be 5 weeks since my surgery and I am doing wonderfully. Thanks again for everyones prayers! Only a bit of numbness left in my chest now. No pain and gaining strength everyday. I have pretty much returned to all activities i did prior to the surgery. God is so good. His fingerprints were all over this whole process. I have been giving testimony every chance I get!

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother WV :)
So grateful to Him that your doing so well! Absolutely Brother, His Hand was all over your experience. Isnt it wonderful to watch Him work in our lives! That to me, is the Joy of the Lord, and makes me laugh with Joy! The Holy Spirit prompts us, we act in obedience to Him, and He takes care of all the details! What an AWESOME God we serve! And YES, yes Brother it is a wonderful Testimony!
God Bless You Brother!

Anonymous said...

dear Mrs C >>>>>

thanks for your write up re my response to Ms. Anne on the blog
here. I think some people do NOT
understand the perspective way
I look at things.

That's ok

I basically IGNORE it in the end.
I have my standards and STAY with
them thru thick and thin....get
attacked but move on....

The waves are the waves...of social
mood. They ARE what they are...
cannot be changed.......period.

of course IF stocks break down I
will be more then WILLING to give
bears the benefit of the proof here.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs.C said...

We all love you Brother Stephen :)

God Bless!

Waterer said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I hear your deep desire to see your loved ones safely at home and not left behind. One thought I have on this:
If and when we die we also leave people behind. We pray and often die hoping to still see our prayers answered. ( sort of like Abraham still looking for the city)
Prompted] by faith he dwelt as a temporary resident in the land which was designated in the promise [of God, though he was like a stranger] in a strange country, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, fellow heirs with him of the same promise.

10 For he was [waiting expectantly and confidently] looking forward to the city which has fixed and firm foundations, whose Architect and Builder is God.
We always are looking forward and hoping to see our prayers answered.
I often say ,for those I struggle over," Lord I don't want to lose one" much as He prayed for His disciples before the crucifixion.
This love we have and sense of urgency has been shared through the ages. Think of the answered prayers over errant children, that often happens long after the parent has died.
In the same way, but more quickly, I think those we are laboring over
will see their loss and our gain very soon after our departure. Part of what we are sowing is a legacy of belief.God will still honor our prayers even after the rapture.
For sure our worrying won't produce a thing. but trusting in God's mercy and lovingkindness through prayer will accomplish a very great deal. Keep on dear sister in the Lord. Your light is shining!

Anonymous said...

The subject will not die, and yet
all my critics here SHOULD REALIZE
that there has BEEN NO rapture all
this time since March 2009 when this
current round of bulling began.

and even today, no rapture, is that
correct ??? please tell me if I am

I will stay with EWI

go ahead, waterer and anne, attack
me all you want.

stocks are still bullish

there is NO rapture yet.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Waterer said...

Dear Brother Stephen,

I am NOT attacking you.
I do not understand your attachment to ewi ( and I have googled it and read up a little on it over the months).
I do not doubt that you are a true expert in this area. I don't doubt that at all. I also think that you really would love for the Lord to return soon as we all do. I think we are in 100% sync on that.
sometimes though , it sounds like you are saying,
Don't be hopeful people because my way of seeing things hasn't happened yet.Your reasons for hope are really hopeless.'
Mrs. C has said this rightly,
YOu love Jesus and He loves you as do we.
My point in weighing in was that I was moved by Anne's story and dismay at what she sees. Her feelings of insult or offense for herself and others seemed to me to be with this shaming feeling that comes when you say things like 'See? the rapture hasn't come yet.
Please understand that I am not attacking you. I just think you are being treated like the rest of us when we are disagreed with. You are one of us.
Love in Jesus,