Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday: More War Preparations - Middle East On The Brink

The articles today, coupled with the information coming out last week and over the weekend really do appear to place conflict between Israel and Iran in the coming weeks. War preparations seem to be peaking right now - and every article below makes that point.

Israel Demands Nuclear Ultimatum for Iran

Israel declared that international talks with Iran on its nuclear programme had failed as it demanded a deadline of "just a few weeks" be handed down to Tehran to scrap its atomic build-up.

It emerged that new intelligence shared with Israel by the West indicated that Iran had moved several steps closer to developing a nuclear warhead that could be fitted on the Shahab-3 missile.

According to an unidentified official, new intelligence obtained by Israel, the United States and other Western states shows that Iran's development of a nuclear weapon is progressing far beyond the scope reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Tehran has made significant progress towards assembling a nuclear warhead for a Shahab-3 missile, which has a range of nearly 1,000 miles, putting the whole of Israel, including the Dimona nuclear reactor in the southern Negev desert, within the Islamic republic's range. Danny Ayalon, Israel's deputy foreign minister, called on the Western powers to declare that the negotiations with Iran, conducted by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, had failed.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, issued a public warning that Tehran must not be allowed to develop a nuclear bomb. "Every threat against the home front is dwarfed by one threat. Iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon," he told ministers at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

In a further sign that Israel is stepping up preparation for a possible showdown with Iran, the army's home front command sent out thousands of text messages in a test run of a programme to alert people when rocket attacks are launched on specific areas.

At its present rate of enrichment, Iran will have 250 kilograms of 20-percent grade uranium, exactly enough to build its first nuclear bomb, in roughly six weeks, and two-to- four bombs by early 2013

Since 20 percent refined uranium is a short jump to weapons grade fuel, Iran will have the capability and materials for building an operational nuclear bomb by approximately October 1.

Netanyahu’s comment at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday: “All threats against the home front are dwarfed by one – Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear arms!” – was prompted by that deadline.

But the Middle East has a way of catching up with and rushing past slow-moving politicians:
Sunday, at 10:00 a.m. Netanyahu warned his ministers that no threat was worse than a nuclear Iran. At 17:55 p.m., Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi dropped a bombshell in Cairo. In one fell swoop, he smashed the Egyptian military clique ruling the country for decades, sacked the Supreme Military Council running Egypt since March 2011 and cut the generals off from their business empire by appropriating the defense ministry and military industry.

That fateful eight hours-less-five-minutes have forced Israel’s leaders to take a second look at their plans for Iran

Netanyahu now faces one of the hardest dilemmas of his political career - whether to go forward with the Iran operation, which calls for mustering all Israel’s military and defense capabilities – especially for the repercussions, after being suddenly confronted with unforeseen security challenges on its southwestern border, for thirty years a frontier of peace.

The exceptional talents of Netanyahu and Barak to put off strategic decisions until they are overtaken by events has landed Israel in an especially perilous plight, surrounded now by a soon-to-be nuclear-armed Iran from the east; threatened Syrian chemical warfare from the north and the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt to its south.

Israel’s Channel 2 News – the most widely watched television news show in Israel – is quoting sources close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who say he and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have “almost finally” made their decision to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The challenge facing Israeli decision-makers is great. Channel 2 News’ Diplomatic Correspondent Udi Segal reports that Netanyahu and Barak believe the price of a strike on Iran is smaller than the price Israel will have to pay in the future to deal with a nuclear-armed Iran.

Last week, Netanyahu said in the wake of the terrorist attack in the Sinai: “When it comes to the security of the citizens of Israel, the State of Israel must and can rely only on itself. Nobody can fulfill this role other than the IDF and the security services of the State of Israel and this is how we will continue to act.”

Though he was officially referring to Egypt’s slow response to terror threats in the Sinai, his words also reflect the growing belief in Jerusalem that it cannot count on the U.S. to defend it from Iran’s nuclear program. Reporter Segal said [Hebrew link]:

Israel is convinced the United States won’t act. President Obama doesn’t want to act before the elections and it’s doubtful if he will act afterwards. There are those around the prime minister who believe that Obama can be drawn in by and live with the Iranian threat.

There is deep concern in Jerusalem over strong signs from Washington that the U.S. is nowhere near committing to military action to root out the Iranian nuclear threat. Channel 2 reviewed the most recent signs by which Israeli officials are drawing their conclusions:

*The U.S. still hasn’t shown Israel any attack plan.
*Obama has not committed to attacking Iran and cannot commit.
*Defense Secretary Panetta defined the conditions for attack which include: Iran’s immediate transition to assembling a nuclear weapon, at attack on American targets, a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz, a massive attack on Israel.

Another anecdote which reflects Israel’s sense it might have to “go-it-alone.” It’s quite rare and most definitely undiplomatic to criticize a White House spokesman, which is why an Israeli official insisted on anonymity when he took a swipe at Obama spokesman Jay Carney who on Friday said the U.S. would know if Iran had made a major breakthrough toward becoming a nuclear power. Carney said:

I would also say that we have eyes — we have visibility into the program, and we would know if and when Iran made what’s called a breakout move towards acquiring a weapon.

Israel’s Channel 2 News obtained a response from “sources in Jerusalem” who responded to Carney, saying: the U.S. “didn’t see 9/11 coming.”

The IDF is gearing for the possibility of an armed conflict on several fronts and has decided to boost the munitions and supply reserves in a large number of military bases across Israel, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The Friday report said that the IDF plans to store tens of thousands of rations and non-classified ordnances in private locations nationwide, as the location of the major bases is knownand they may be targeted by enemy rockets.

Technology and Logistics Directorate Chief Maj.-Gen. Kobi Barak has also issued a special tender for private companies, to use their warehouses for military storage purposes.

The IDF also plans to use the facilities of several civilian defense contractors for its purposes.

The government on Sunday approved amendments to its protocol which expand Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's powers in an unprecedented manner in the backdrop of the Iran strike debate. Under the new protocol, the prime minister will have the power to delay motions passed by ministerial committees and the option to decide government voting orders.

The prime minister's bureau explained that the move is meant to "improve governance." In effect, the amendments mean that Netanyahu would be able to easily secure a majority for fateful decisions.

The new protocol will grant the PM virtually unprecedented power. The PM will be able to restrict voting to present participants only, thus ending the practice of voting in absentia. Only ministers on overseas trips who appointed replacements will be able to vote in absentia.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu addressed the Iranian threat at the weekly cabinet meeting. "All of the threats on the home front shrink in the face of another threat – Iran cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons," he said.

A nationwide SMS system for warning the public of an imminent missile attack was being tested in Israel on Sunday as new intelligence on a possible strike on Iran was leaked.

With front page stories in two papers suggesting Tehran had made progress towards the manufacture and assembly of a nuclear warhead, Israel's Home Front Command began final tests of a public warning system which is expected to be operational by September.

The idea is that the SMS system could be used to warn the population of an imminent missile attack by Iran or Lebanon's Hezbollah militia, which could become a reality if Israel decides to mount a pre-emptive military strike on nuclear facilities in Iran.

In recent days, talk of a possible strike on Iran has dominated the headlines, largely coming from unsourced officials quoting intelligence reports, none of which it was possible to verify.

"Iran has made progress toward nuclear warhead," was the headline in the Haaretz newspaper.

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WVBORN56 said...

Today's articles make it clear war is coming sooner rather than later. It is also clear Israel is completely on their own as the ravine between them and the USA grows wider and deeper by the day. This may very well seal our fate as a nation. God can not be pleased with what he is witnessing from our administration's behavior.

Douglas said...

The other day I commented that I didn't know who would attack first, Israel or Iran. I apologize for my indecision. Obviously Iran wants Israel to attack first, as this would give them the justification to strike back. Meanwhile Iran can goad Israel all it wants to provoke this attack. We must be only a few weeks from this scenario playing out. God bless you all in this end time.

Gary said...

Is there an agreement on this post that there is a correlation between Israel's attack on Iran and the Rapture?

Israeli said...

As an Israeli, I am certain we are only weeks away. I see September.
I have one concern: since the White House is opposed to this strike before November, it might give away our plans to our enemies again, as it did in 1967, when the USS Liberty was off Egypt and gave reported our positions to Nassar. Since the US and Israel were not allies yet, we had to stop the Liberty from giving us away to our enemies and jeopardizing the safety of our fighter jets. I am concerned Obama will do anything to stop our action against Iran, and put our entire nation in harms way, just because of his ambition for a second term.

Anonymous said...

How are they with all the gas masks and equipment, Israeli? Is your home near by? How do they advise you daily?

Jec said...

Gary, I may be wrong as I have been many times before, but perhaps the Rapture(our blessed hope), could very well be an opposite for others, or sudden destruction. The opposite are for those who have rejected Christ. Since no one will see the destruction of Damascus coming except those who are watching the signs of it, it will only be after this event that people will be crying peace and safety. Then we know what follows after this......sudden destruction! And I think Israel will have to take out syria(Damascus) before they destroy the nuclear facilities in Iran, as Syria and Iran go hand in hand because of being allies. So I look for the utilization some how of the chemical weapons in Syria in the coming weeks, Is 17:1, Iran's nukes destroyed, and then the Psalm 83 quickly follows with Ezekial 38 & 39 after that. The rapture can happen at anytime, but feel like it could be part of the sudden destruction at the time shortly after Is 17:1, and before Psalm 83. Idk?

Gary said...

So Jec:
From what I understand from what you wrote...(you believe)the Rapture could happen before the attack, or shortly after, but not years after. In other words, soon.

Jec said...

Gary, yes. The Rapture at anytime. But more specifically, before the end of the year. Only God can postpone things though. So I can be wrong. I'm not a date setter, but feel Israel must take out the nukes before the election. But even before that, Damascus looks like it can happen at any minute and seems to me that Israel would want that dealt with before they deal with Iran. Economic destruction and world chaos will follow after the nukes are destroyed. It seems to me we will out of here before we see the results of the election. Sorry pretty vague answer.

Ally said...

Hmmmm, Gary and Jec-can't wait for Scott and the Cavers take on this.
Rapture can happen anytime. It is not dependent on anything except it can't happen until the last gentile is saved.
Personal opinion, we are so going to witness the big smackdown. Just as we saw God move in 1967, he is gonna move again! Big Time!!!! And the watching Christians are going to go wild!!!! The talking heads are going to sit aghast with their mouths gaping open speachless!!!!
And the Holy Spirit is going to flow, oh how he is going to flow and the gentiles AND Jews are going to flock to Jesus in droves! There will be revival. Because all the idols are going to be broken.
and people will return to him!!!!
Oh yes, there will be haters for sure. But Jesus will prevail!
And then that last gentile says yes and we are out of here!
But thats just my opinion!
I've been praying for revival and for the Lord to cause mass confusion in the camps of his enemies. Anyone care to join me in those two causes?
I slways pray for Israel first.

WVBORN56 said...

Ally, yes the rapture is imminent and a signless event. However it does occur before the tribulation and as we see tribulation events on the horizon that window of time continues to shrink.

We also know that that a couple of big end time wars look to occur right before or just after the tribulation starts (Ezekiel 39, Psalm 83/Isaiah 17).

Since we can also now see these wars on the horizon we know the rapture is quickly approaching.

The fianl signs are from Matthew 24 (the Olivet discourse). We know those signs come as labor pains and we know that labor never goes into reverse. Once the process starts you know when the end is near.

So although the rapture could have occured 10 years after Jesus' first ressurection it didn't and time is now running out on the church age. It is coming to an end very soon.

Jesus said that when we see these things taking place to look up because our redemption is drawing near. We can know when we are i the season. :)

Dylan said...

WV, I agree with what you say except for one thing. Isn't the start of the tribulation when the Antichrist signs the 7 year peace treaty? I can't see the peace treaty happening before a strike on Iran/ the Isaiah 17 war. If Ezekiel 37-38 happens quickly after Isaiah 17, then the signing of the peace treaty woukd have to be afterwards, meaning we could be here to witness both wars. Not saying we will, but if it only has to be before the tribulation, we could be here to witness Ezekiel 37-38.

WVBORN56 said...

Dylan yes that is correct on the the signing of the peace agreement starting the tribulation. I'm not sure what I said to indicate otherwise but good observation.

Prophecy experts disagree on the exact location the two wars should be placed on the prophetic timeline. They differ on where the two wars would be placed. Some on each side of the tribulation. I think Ezekeil 38-39 will occur after the rapture because it appears to me God has now fully turned his focus back on Israel and he acts on their behalf much like he did in OT times, before the church was here.

Scott said...

It all has to do with the sequence of events ...For this, it makes sense to start with Gog-MaGog and when it happens, relative to the Tribulation, etc....if you read Fruchtenbaum, he makes a very very strong case that its a pretribulation event. (interestingly, he also believes that Gog-MaGog occurs 3.5 years before the trib - burning weapons 7 years, before the 'exodus' as described in Matt 24 at the mid-point of the Trib).

In addition, he makes the point that Israel will be dwelling "securely" (not in 'peace') or in "confidence", which applies to today's situation (relative to most of their history when ruled by other nations)

The question is when does Isaiah 17 happen. It makes sense that it would happen before Gog-MaGog because there is no mention of these regions (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Gaza, - aka "inner circle") as being part of the invasion, and it only makes sense that they would have already been destroyed at this point (otherwise they would surely be involved in Gog-MaGog)...It also makes sense that Iran/Russia would launch their proxy war first - before their invasion.

As far as timimg - I believe we're very very close to both. I can't think of any reason we couldn't be here for Isaiah 17, but I'll be pretty shocked if we see Gog-MaGog, for the reasons stated before.

Caver said...

Hi Ally, thanks for the kind words.

I believe we may be here at the start of Ez 38 but we'll be empty cloths, poofed, and history by the end of it.

In fact, when Damascus gets creamed it will be a huge witnessing tool for us....and we will be hated, despised, and persecuted for that witness.

To us, a close reading of the Word indicates God "starts" turning His face back toward Israel by the end of Is 17. By the time God fully reveals Himself to friend, foe, and the world alike, that turn is complete....He has completely turned back to the Apple of His eye...and Woe be to anyone coming against her...but us, for us, we're out of here. The Church age is finished...for the Church believes by faith. After God reveals Himself, you no longer need faith, you can see the direct hand of God working. The Church and Israel are mutually exclusive.

And this is a small point, well at least for now....maybe not then. Its not necessarily a peace treaty that gets signed....that "covenant" may have already been written and in existence. The AC will "confirm"...and that could take many forms.

No, I believe we will see Is 17 completed and be hated for our witness....very hateful people we'll be. They don't see our joy at the Bible being proven true, they see hate that would destroy that many people and be glad for it.

Gonna be interesting....for sure. Not necessarily fun, but interesting for sure. Kind of like a Balderdash moment.

Anonymous said...

the truth is that no one really knows
when the rapture will hit, BUT it
would make SENSE that Dylan is correct. WE WILL BE HERE TO WITNESS

since when the AC takes over, it will
be RIGHT AFTER the restrainer is out
of the way......and AC will have his
time ONLY AFTER these coming wars

THERE SEEMS TO BE many on this blog
that are VERY ANXIOUS for that rapture to hit...

hey, face reality please...........

could be a while....

and HAVE NOT broken down at all.

time to take a chill pill and patiently wait.....!!!!

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ally said...

Wooooo doggie! Yay Caver! Lol! I'm thinking Isaih 17 is like maybe next week. Ok maybe 2 weeks, or 2 months but probably not 2 years.......though I am expecting to be here thru December at least. (i would tell you why but you might think I'm crazy. I will tell you anyway, a couple of God's servants who are incredibly obedient, they have a showdown with the devil on the infamous Dec. 21. I will fill you in that week if we are still here. Lol) and the Billy Graham 95th birthday revival thing is still a possibility. I can't give you a biblical verse to prove any of this but I know God well enough (i think) and his word always comes to pass! ! He is willing none should perish and rapture now, a lot if peopke are going to perish.
Somehow he is going to jerk a knot in the world's collective you know what! He is going to get someones attention! I know this, I just do!
One BIG LAST CHANCE to smell the brimstone!
And when that happens, we will have a tiny window to witness and witness hard. After that comes the clampdown/we are outta here phase. Thats gonna be the bumpy part I think.
Soon though west virginny! The final touch is being placed as I text!