Monday, August 27, 2012

Evening Update: Terrorists Begin School Year With Rocket Attack

Terrorists Begin School Year With Rocket Attack

Gaza terrorists fired a Kassam rocket on the Sderot area minutes after students arrived at their classes for the first day of school.

Sderot area students began their lessons by responding to the Color Red siren, which gives them 15 seconds to run for cover before the incoming missile explodes. Monday morning’s Kassam exploded in an open area, reducing injuries to shock and trauma.

Three rockets also were fired on the same area Sunday morning, damaging a factory in the Sderot industrial area and a structure at the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council.

An Islamic terrorist group identifying itself with Al Qaeda took “credit” for Sunday’s attacks.

Two More Kassams Hit Sderot Area

In "Increasingly Islamist" Region, Israel May Be Headed For War

In an ever-more-volatile Middle East, the prospect of a military confrontation between Israel and its neighbors is fast becoming a tangible possibility, the IDF’s intelligence chief warned on Monday.

“In the coming year, the State of Israel will come up against an unstable, increasingly Islamist region: a region that has been dealing with a series of crises — regional and internal — that increases the volatility of all of the players and that could lead, without prior warning, to conflagrations,” Military Intelligence Director Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi said in his annual presentation to Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz and the IDF top brass.

Earthquake Update:

Report: So. Calif. Quake Swarm Strongest In 30 Years

The earthquake swarm that has been rocking Southern California since Sunday has been the area's strongest such swarm in 30 years, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

California Earthquake Swarms Leave Residents On Edge

Residents in the Imperial County town of Brawley were continuing to assess damage caused by an"earthquake storm" still rumbling underneath the region that has forced school closures and displaced several residents.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, after a series of milder quakes, a magnitude 3.8 temblor hit at 10:02 a.m. Sunday about three miles northwest of Brawley, a 25,000-person city nestled between the San Andreas and Imperial faults. More than 400 quakes have followed, stretching into Monday morning.

The vast majority of the quakes measured under 3.0, but two topped 5.0, according to USGS data. A 5.3-magnitude temblor hit about 12:30 p.m. Sunday; a 5.5 quake followed about 90 minutes later.

It also appears that a similar earthquake swarm is hitting Central America:

Seismic Monitor

Earthquakes Strike Central America

7.3 Quake Off El Salvador

A powerful earthquake measuring up to 7.3 hit off El Salvador's Pacific coast, triggering a brief tsunami alert for Central America and Mexico but causing no injuries or damage.

The warning was later canceled, and no huge wave was known to have made land in quake-prone Central America.

The tremor just before midnight Sunday local time unleashed at least 68 aftershocks, a few of them measuring as much as 5.4, the Environment Ministry said.

The quake was not the first reported in the region in the last 24 hours. Early Sunday, a 4.3 tremor was registered in the Pacific off the coast of Guatemala.

Magnitude 4.8 Off The Coast Of Central America

Recent Earthquakes In Central America


nathan said...

Heres something off subject to contemplate . Netanyahu and Romney formed a friendship in 1976 working together at the Boston Consulting group as corporate advisers . If they've remained friends do you think strategically Israel could strike Iran prior to the election not only to eliminate the existential threat but to cost Obammy the election and help get a pro Israel President elected ?

Robin said...

Good question, but my fear is, a strike in late October, unless it's something like an EMP Strike that would leave Iran zapped back into the 19th Century, my fear is, retaliation could spell trouble for the US.  Obama would like nothing better than a reason to declare a state of emergency and suspend the election in the wake of a destructive EMP over the US by Iran.

I listened to an interview today by Douglas Hemp . . .who REALLY has an interesting theory about what the "beast" is as well as his mark, the neophim, etc.  I have to admit, his theory is compelling and seems to tie up a lot of loose ends.  

He theorizes that we're being conditioned by Hollywood and various news reports to accept "aliens".  Once the Rapture occurs, and in need of a "great deception" to explain the sudden disappearance of some 20 million people, it will be explained that aliens have been watching us and want to help us heal the world's problems, environment, etc.  the aliens will actually be the third of angels kicked out of heaven and mingled with women on earth, thus corrupting the DNA of man and why the great flood "in Noah's day" and why the end times were likened to "Noah's day"  

According to his theory, the beast is a man who, through recombinant DNA technology, takes on Satan's DNA (the antithesis of Jesus taking God's DNA) and when the world sees his magic, and he convinces them that mankind can take on the same characteristics of being immortal, traveling through dimensions, etc. if they accept the mark (the corrupted DNA).  

As the Bible says, all who accept the mark are doomed.  They can never enter Heaven.  Hamp's theory demonstrates how we were created in God's image and once man changes that DNA to take on Satan's, no longer are they in His image, but rather in Satan's.  Man's own sin nature and greed will cause them to accept it.

Anyway, the entire interview left me profoundly affected.  Anyone else read this guy's book?

Caver said...

Nathan, that was the hope of many of us....the war would drive up gas prices and Obozo would bet thrown out.

BUT, conventional wisdom in both Israel and North America indicates that when Israel strikes and if Obozo does virtually anything to help Israel, it will probably cement his reelection.

For our entire history, America has gathered round its leaders during times of crisis.

Bibi is between a rock and a hard place on the timing.

Anonymous said...

And yet, stocks basically went no where. the dow was down a lousy 33 points.

let's see >>>>>>>

earthquake in Tokyo ??

NOT !!!!

our so called earthquake prophets
on line have 3 days to be correct.
running out of time.

dow 13,000 is penetrated once and
for all. Bears are a FAILURE right

The end DELAYED yet again.

BTW, I think the rapture will have

200 to 300 million....alot MORE then 20 million....when it finally comes.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Robin - I have heard about that alien thing - in a general sense (not in the details that you gave) - and I have always thought that the whole alien thing would somehow play into end times events. Additionally, I have wondered if somehow the UFO thing would be used to 'explain' the gathering up....It makes a lot of sense and I have also read about some of the new wave movements getting caught up in this alien come-to-earth thing and not only explain the rapture but to somehow discount the bible.

Caver - I agree

Robin said...

Scott, here's a link to the interview, it truly is fascinating and I just fund myself in complete awe of God throughout the entire interview. We won't be here, of course, when it all plays out . . .but we're definitely seeing the stage set today.

Ally said...

Robin, I'm really into a guy named LA Marzulli, who is one if Mr. Hemps friends! These guys are kinda out there and I'm not sure how things are really going to take place. None of us know for sure but Marzulli is definately on fire for Jesus and he lines stuff up with the word for sure. He speaks a lot for free snd a good olace to start is by reading "The Cosmic Chess Match". Im sure you can locate some Hemp (Hamp?) Marzulli interviews together. (shhhh! Dont tell anybody, but I think the Great Deception might involve those interdimensional demonic fallen angels too! Gary Stearman and JR Church from Proohecy in the News think so too)
We dont tslk about it too much here, I think this is more about wstching for the exact Biblical lineup but a couple of people here including Scott are at least open to the idea.

nathan said...

What about the fact that if there was some sort of Earth changing event in or around December 21st wouldn't the world be duped into believing it was the Mayan calendar ?

Also , Robin i'm not really into the whole Israel using an EMP attack on Iran . Mr Lindsay brought that up the other day also . Which would be a more peaceful solution than war , However think about the GIGANTIC backlash Israel would get from the international community if they used Nuclear weapons to stop Nuclear weapons . And Russia has already said an attack on Tehran is an attack on Moscow . They could just do the same to Israel making the old cliche "Mutually assured destruction" have meaning .

I'm going to go check out Douglass Hemp (thanks for the info) Also , if you guys get a chance support "Darrell Myatt on youtube" he's this really neat guy who just took it upon himself to do daily videos about prophecy in the news .

Peace .

Scott said...

Thanks for that link - I'll go there as soon as I get a chance.

Robin said...

Quite honestly, Nathan, I don't see Israel using EMPs either, simply because the Bible indicates a different scenario. That's just what I'd like to see happen leading up to the election, which is what you'd asked about.

I know God has a plan for us. The last thing I want to see is Obama getting re-elected. But I also know, if we are in the final days leading up to the Rapture, and I believe we are, that like a woman in labor, with imminent birth, the pains will grow stronger, not weaker. Thus, it stands to reason, regardless of what the polls and computer models say . . .Obama will have another term.

And I think we all know, in the short term, that's bad for US and bad for Israel. But if that re-election brings us to the glorious day we're all awaiting . . .and leads Israel into The Light . . .then all is not hopeless, and tells me . . .through it all, God is STILL, in control. Praise his glorious name.

Robin said...

Ally, it IS Hamp :). I'll check out Marxulli. I've considered that all the odd UFO sightings in recent years could be part of the conditioning process for explaining the Rapture for some time . . .but never contemplated the DNA aspect until I heard Hamp yesterday, so this is all new to me. But I find this sort of thing fascinating, mainly because skeptics use science to try to discredit the Bible. When in reality, this ancient text foretold unfolding events in such detail, it simply must at least cause skeptics to wonder.

And again, we won't be here when the great deception presents, but seeing the conditioning process from Hollywood, fictional books, music and so much of our pop culture . . .is yet another sign that we're oh so close . . .

Alice said...

Hi Robin! Just to aid your search, his name is L.A. Marzulli. I think Ally had a typo. ;)

Also, Prophecy in the News interviewed Douglas Hamp on several of their daily updates last week!

Robin said...

Ok, after listening to both Hamp and Marzulli, it's my opinion that Marzulli speaks more in a worldly mindset while Hamp's theories are more Biblically based. Their views seem to converge in many respects, but Hamp backs up his views with Scripture.