Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tipping Point? U.S. To Openly Support Syrian Rebels

Although its being billed as a "secret order" - the fact that almost every news outlet is carrying the story confirms that there is no secret about this order. More importantly, we must remember Assad's promise to attack Israel if there is any foreign intervention in Syria's affairs.

US President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing US support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar Assad and his government, US sources familiar with the matter said...known as an intelligence "finding," broadly permits the CIA and other US agencies to provide support that could help the rebels oust Assad.

This and other developments signal a shift toward growing, albeit still circumscribed, support for Assad's armed opponents - a shift that intensified following last month's failure of the UN Security Council to agree on tougher sanctions against the Damascus government.

A US government source acknowledged that under provisions of the presidential finding, the United States was collaborating with a secret command center operated by Turkey and its allies.

This "nerve center" is in Adana, a city in southern Turkey about 60 miles (100 km) from the Syrian border, which is also home to Incirlik, a US air base where U.S. military and intelligence agencies maintain a substantial presence.

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that the Free Syrian Army had obtained nearly two dozen surface-to-air missiles, weapons that could be used against Assad's helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Syrian government armed forces have employed such air power more extensively in recent days.

Separately from the president's secret order, the Obama administration has stated publicly that it is providing some backing for Assad's opponents.

Iran’s support for terrorism and the activities of its proxy Hezbollah it at its highest level in more than a decade, according to a top US official.

"We are increasingly concerned about Iran’s support for terrorism and Hezbollah’s activities as they’ve both stepped up their level of terrorist plotting over the past year,” said Daniel Benjamin, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, in releasing the 2011 US report on global terror Tuesday. “[They] are engaging in their most active and aggressive campaigns since the 1990s.”

Benjamin characterized Iran as “the preeminent state sponsor of terrorism in the world,” and said the US was “deeply concerned” about Iran undertaking violent activities directly through its Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force.

Time is running out for the international community to halt Iran's nuclear programme by peaceful means, the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, told US defence secretary Leon Panetta in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Sanctions, diplomacy and declarations of a willingness to take military action as a last resort had not yet convinced the Iranians to stop their programme, he said. "However forceful our statements, they have not convinced Iran that we are serious about stopping them. Right now the Iranian regime believes that the international community does not have the will to stop its nuclear programme."

Netanyahu said earlier that although sanctions were hurting the Iranian economy, such measures had "yet to move its nuclear programme even a millimetre backwards".

The question of whether Israel will unilaterally strike against Iran's nuclear sites in the coming months has returned to the fore after a period of relatively dampened speculation. There have also been fresh reports of a split between the Israeli political and security establishments over the merits of early unilateral action, following open opposition to such a move from former security chiefs.


nathan said...

Serious question here . I've been a prophecy watcher for about two years (2011 woke me up out of my slumber) I know a lot of people on here are more well versed and have been watching for longer than i have . Here's the questions , have you ever experienced as many "signs" or the convergance of so many signs in your lifetime ? ....If so when was the other time in history ....because its been feeling like a really good novel that you're getting to the end of and can't put the book down even though you know the ending ? Just wondering


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late update >>>>

was busy with other concerns >>>>

Stocks were down again, BUT very
little. As I stated last nite, I
am getting MORE AND MORE CONVINCED that Mr. Nate Krupp is a NO SHOW
again for 2012.

This market has NO INCLINATION to
crash. If so, one would think that
it would ALREADY BE EVIDENT in prices,

which it is NOT.

EWI counts are confusing at best.
Bulls continue to hold on with their BIDS right under current levels.

i will need to see HARD PROOF that
stocks are INDEED going to benefit
bears; I have NOT seen it yet.

IF WE BULL from here, then the end
of course will be delayed, quite a

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Dear Israeli >>>

YEP, it's bad if bulls are in control.....IF you are hoping
in the near future for the rapture.

Problem with bulls is that they are
VERY SELFISH and greedy. And their
buying can go on for a long time...
ie....3/4 OCT 2012 until now.

This, of course, DELAYS the end.
I am not saying that bulls have
the power to delay, no, not at all.

like they have been, then of
course the end is delayed...

why ??

maybe Jesus wants more people
saved, i am not sure,

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Natan - very good question and in some ways it hits to the heart of prophecy recently (last 1-2 years)...IS that very fact - I was just having this discussion with a group last night.

Look at the "core" signs outlined in Matt 24/Mark 13/Luke 21 (warfare, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, persecution, etc) - and they have all been unique to this generation relative to all previous generations. Then throw in the noteworthy increase in knowledge and ability to travel - from Daniel's "summary chapter" - Ch 12 --- > plus, the opening of the prophetic scrolls, which is certainly unique to this generation. All of this as a backdrop

And we know that the Tribulation will have a totalitarian world government with a central worldwide financial system, and currency, and massive financial collapse (Rev 6) leading to famine.

Then we see the revived Roman Empire of Daniel 2 and 7 - aka the EU/Med Union ---> and we know from prophecy that this form of government will HAVE to somehow transform into 10 Kings....There is no 'interim' form of government mentioned. So given that the EU is JUST on the brink of a big change, I believe we are very close to seeing the genesis of the 10 Kings...We know from prophecy that they will be in existence during the Tribulation and serve to support the antichrist. We must be close to the emergence of the 10 kings....

Then we look at....

Mike said...

Nate....I dont post a lot here, but am here every day....Sometimes I just have to reply.

My answer, nope, no nada, never in my life! I am a third generation prophecy grandad was a minister, my mom is retired and it is her 'vocation' now (although we disagree on a few things ;) )....I have studied and have been aware since I was a kid....almost 50 now, and really, really started seeing the signs come together in the past 5 years.

And, in THAT time, it is simply unbelievable! It was a monthly WOW...then it was a weekly WOW....and it has gone through the daily, to the hourly....I would NEVER have guessed to see what we are seeing now...(I never thought I would see 30 as a kid!)

If you want a definition of 'immanence', we are in it! If I were a betting man, I would throw it down that OUR chapter of this great novel will end before the holidays this year.....just sayin'.

Never have I seen EVERY SINGLE sign that was given to us through scripture, come together as it is every day...unmistakeably!

I TRULY PRAISE GOD for the absolute privilege to live in this time...of all the time in history, that He would pick me...pick be here for this. We are truly blessed!

Exciting, isnt it?

Praise God, and come soon Lord Jesus!


Scott said...

the world indeed moving to a unified, centralized financial system - something George Soros is very vocal about. To put this in perspective, when I started teaching on prophecy around the turn of the century - I can recall feeling very 'controversial' when mentioning a central world government and financial system - and some people thought you were crazy to say it back then...Now - over the last 2-3 years, this is commonly discussed, from the Wall St Journal to the NYTimes. Commonly discussed. I never thought I;d see that happening.

Then we turn to the Middle East and see the tipping points there....All it would take to trigger Isaiah 17 is a chemical weapon or two from Syria and I believe we're quickly in the midst of Isaiah 17....

The Arab Spring, which was just last year brought radical Islam into control in Egypt and Libya - two key players in end times wars...Prior to that, they were both stable governments with little to gain by invading Israel. Now that radical Islam is leading those governments, we are very very close to the final steps in the coalition we will see in Isa 17/Psa 83...Syria is moving their chemical weapons, and they are "in play" as terrorist groups would love to get their hands on them...Also Assad has promised to attack Israel with any outside intervention. .This will lead into Gog-MaGog

SO we see Iran having a HUGE influence in the affairs of the middle east and they have a leader who believes his actions should trigger the "Mahdi" coming and there needs to be massive warfare against Israel for that to happen. His time is growing short. Israel is being more and more threatening in their rhetoric and we know that clock is ticking on yet another tipping point....

Meanwhile, the world's precarious financial status, with the Euro on the brink of collapse - could easily trigger a world wide economic collapse - something that would be very convenient for a world financial system to begin in earnest. Some economic journals have suggested this could be the outcome - and some articles are saying there is no idea what the outcome will be because the factors are so unique from anything in history.

Worldwide drought is getting worse and worse and this summer has been particularly bad. One can see the coming famine, in addition to the financial collapse, both of which look a lot like revelation 6.

SO - the short answer is "yes" - I'm definitely seeing an unprecedented convergence of events right now:)

Anonymous said...


and yet stocks are UP again...

tonite on the dow e mini.

HEY, don't get me wrong, I would
love to see the end come......BUT...

not yet....

REALITY is REALITY is it not ??

take it or leave it.

when i see it I know it...

but not yet.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

To clarify the above - Egyot pertaining to Isa 17/Psa 83 and Libya pertaining to Gog-MaGog...

To complete the above - I'm struck by the convergence of all of these "signs" - all of which are marching in parallel, all of which are increasing rapidly towards a climax. If things are delayed (based on the current projections) - I believe it would only be God's divine plans which would delay things. I don't believe that will be the case however, because birth pains rarely reverse when they are this far along. The rate at which things are moving is impressive.

These are fascinating times for a prophecy watcher indeed.

Mike said...

Oopops......I interrupted you Scott....;)

I'm the rude guy at the table that just blurts out while your a'talkin'.....


(just playing....and you detailed that perfectly)

Nathan said...

Thanks for answering ...heres what got me interested . Sorry if its a bit long.
The Palestinian push for Jerusalem at the Un
Earthquakes in China , Ukraine , Israel ,Pakistan ,Turkey ,New Zealand , Italy ,DC , Oklahoma ,Japan ,(etc x 50)
A nuclear meltdown in Japan that gave us nuclear tuna .
Mexicos 45,000 satanically butchered drug victims
Uprisals in Syria , Libya , Egypt ,Oman , Yemen , Saudia Arabia , Moroco , Niger , etc x 10 Last years wildfires outbreak , tornado outbreak , flooding outbreak (a DERECHA ..thats tornado like winds without the tornado) Heatwaves and droughts etc x 20)
The financial collapse of Europe and the Us
Rioting in Greece , Spain , Italy , England , Portugual ,Moscow , Lithuania (etc etc x 30)
The biggest cylones and flooding in Australias history .
Not to mention The Phillipines , Tawain , Pakistan , Brazil , Columbia ....etc etc etc x 50.
The war along the Euphrates , The rise of Russia , The North Korean near war .....
Lets throw in Wikileaks , 1600 cities protesting globally , Obama using executive power for everything , supporting gay marriage , and giving himself the power of indefinent detention , oh and what the heck birds dropping out the sky , fish kills , dolphin kills , crabs etc etc x 35).....Oh and then theres the two Cold Wars starting up with Russian AND China , and the 19,348 attacks done in the name of Allah hu Ackbar over the last 10 years (Thats attacks not deaths )....And then theres what Scott said .....Yikes !

nathan said...

Mike thanks for not interupting me during that spiel :)

nathan said...

Oh ps One more thing then i will shut up , Stephen you just received about 100 other reasons why you should focus more on geopolitical events and not just the financial markets (But at the same time i study finance just as much as you do in accordance with bible prophecy)

Mike said...

I'll tell ya....I could bring up some stuff that would explain a LOT of what you just said....and I wish i could, but I do not want to cause a stir, and I do not have absolute concrete facts to back some of it up....but I can say, these are amazing times, and I think the dominoes are about to fall......

Mike said...

HAHAHA......your very welcome Nate.....but I almost did it looks like! :)

Nathan said...

Yeah Mike i agree , I think Scotts correct about the CORE ingredients . I used to be VERY skeptical . For instance , have you ever watched a Nostradamus special on History channel (where they say if you take Two letters off George Bush and Reverse the first three letters of Saddam you get Mabus or lose the letter S off Hister to get Hitler you can kind of make prophecy happen (But when hundreds of prophetic signs are happening all at once all in the prophecised chronological order ( I just can't attribute that to chance) ....Lets hear what you have to say , you won't cause a stir .

Gary said...

Thanks Scott & Mike & Nathan:
Your words give me encouragement. I too long for our Lord to return. It makes me happy to believe that it may be really soon!

Nathan said...

No Problem Gary . Hopefully someday we'll all get to hang out on clouds together and watch 747's go by :)

Ally said...

Israeli-go research EWI if you want. Elliott Wave Index or Elliot Wave Theory. Its a social mood indicator. Its fairly accurate and its what Stephen bases his watching on, however, it is not in any way biblical.
Nathan-the "signs" were what turned me back to Christ. And they were just starting up. Its like a freight train going down a steep grade with no brakes now. I cant even read all the prophetic info anymore. There is just so much!
Also Nathan, this may be a weird question but were you into dubstep, sts9 and electronica kinda stuff, maybe Phish or String Cheese, or the Dead before you ended up here? I just get that sorta vibe from you. I know some Johnson City crew who were and are now missionaries. I know thats an odd direction of questioning but let me know. Especially if you are feeling kind of isolated. I don't exactly fit in with the regular church crew but I sure feel at home and loved here :)
WV-I like to imagine you picking tomatoes out in your garden, all happy! Also how close are you to evansville? I have friends near there and its my sneaky pete hideout. ;)
Guys pray hard for the enemy to be confused and defused. Friday the 3rd is very soon and the nefarious one has bad stuff planned and I would love to see those plans thwarted!!
Maranatha people!

Ally said...

Whoa! A whole lot if posting sure went on while I was a-writing! Really good stuff too! One day I will be using a computer instead of a touchscreen phone and thst wont happen. Lol Mike, you can sit next to me at the wedding banquet and we can interrupt each other! ;)
Do you know how much I love ya'll and how lucky I feel to be here with all ya'll? Warm fuzzies!

nathan said...

Hi Ally , I'm more along the lines of Paul Simon and James Taylor(never been a phish fan or Greatful Dead)and couldn't tell ya who the other groups are . I live in peaceful lil Asheville Nc but still have a little bit of Northerner in me (Grew up in Michigan) . So i don't mean to come off as a little rough around the edges . And i agree , sometimes the rate at which things are happening can be overwhelming . So what is this EWI that you and Stephen follow (I'd like to google it :)

Oh ps I did have a little stint with the Doors and Nirvana (but that was 20 years ago )In my two years of rebellion .

Pss what was the first major sign that clicked the prophecy lightbulb in you ?

ChristineInCleveland said...

The obvious point of all these signs is to get man's attention that we puny humans are not really in control of much of anything, & our lives are but a vapour... Our personal agenda may be cut short at any moment in any number of ways.... An earthquake, a tornado, a terrorist attack.... Where is our true security in this world? Only in Jesus Christ... And it has to get worse & worse for God to get a lot of people to realize life can be over at any moment, & what's it all been for? What did all our wealth do for us that can't be snatched away in a sudden disaster? These 'birth pangs' are God's wake up call to get those who are still 'asleep' to what is about to happen to think about how uncertain the future is looking, & that they had better turn back to God before its too late!

Anonymous said...

I do not ignore the signs, far from it.....and there are many.....

last two years and YET, stocks
are WAY UP in that time period.

I CONFINE my THINKING to the wave
counts, since even if I ended up
DEAD tomorrow, so what, stocks
can STILL RALLY and the end could
be years away. Oh and by the way,
Christine, I ask Jesus many times
to let me die but it never happens,
I'm stuck here I guess.....

The problem with the Bible is that
it does NOT TELL you when .....

only the Father knows........!!!!

so, I gotta use something, so I use

and right now it is a crap shoot
at Vegas, heads we go to 14,000..
tails we go to hell in a hand basket.....on the DOW......

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ally said...

Stephen-we are glad you are stuck here. We love you!
I don't follow the EWI but I have checked it out! I leave it to Stephen ti keep me informed!
Nathan-I started researching flouride whuch led to fema camps which led to nwo which led to illuminatti which led to bilderburgers which led to bohemian grove-which was across the street from my spot in monte rio and I have "friends" who wirk rhere and are members, so I knew what was up there :( I kept getting more and more pieces to the puzzle until things were so bleak I thought I was losing my mind! I know a lot of playas on the other side. I went through this really dark coupke if weeks when I started checking out the Bible and thiught we woyld have,to make it til the midtrib. Thanks Scott for resqueing me from that!
I wasnt raised Christian but my grandma was a true follower of Jesus and was an avid studier of the word and we used to listen ti J. Vernin McGee on the radio tigether. She used to write him letters and correct him all the time lol and he woyld answer her back on the radio and she was almost always right. She studied that Bible night and day and her main focus was end times. So all that knowledge was in my head all along. From a 7 year old kids perspective. She really rhought she would make the rapture but went home in 1980. She would talk about the club if rome and the u.n. And how the berlin wall had to come down un irder to fulfill prophecy and about gog and magog and THE DAYS OF NOAH! Boy oh boy NOAH! About the nephilim but I dont recall her calling them that, just giants and fallen angels and the evilness of man. But somehow it was never scary back then to me. She was so at rest in Jesus, it was amazing! Anyway almost everything she talked about, well its either happenef, is happening or is about to hsppen. The Bible was the absolute truth to her and she never doubted that I know of!
Oh and it was King James all the way! !I learned to read using the King James Bible and her old McGuffey reader from the 1800's. I frequently wonder what she would say if she was still here esp when I am studying something ready hard to understand. I think she woyld be outside with binoculars searching the sky while praying cintinually. Lol. She would not be happy wirh the condition if this nation.
Anyway, if she hadnt prayed me in, I wouldnt be here thats for sure!!! Thanks for letting me honor her life in Christ! I wish I had even one tenth of the love and faith she had. She had a mantle for sure and if I had understood it more back then, I woyld have asked for it!
I sure tell you guys really personal stuff! But you guys are family to me :) and as Paul Harvey used to say "thats the rest if the story!"

Anonymous said...

OPPS !! Up again even further now.
Bulls are feeding off the ECB plan
to deal with the debt with some
SILLY bond buying program....

so the ECB buys the bonds that Spain
and Greece, Italy, ect issued...


The DEBT is still there, got transferred so that these
IRRESPONSIBLE governments can
issue more debt ??


If our bulls are spinning that out
they MUST BE smoking some weird
type of weed I never heard of.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Mike - That was pretty funny about the 'guy at the table" - Heh :)...Thats what I get for writing a four part 'novel' in the comments section :)

Waterer said...

Oh Ally! I love your Grandmother!!
Thank you for sharing that part of your story with us. It is our testimonies that overcome the evil one and bring credit and honor to God.
When I reread all these signs again and wonder what lies ahead in the short term,I am reminded of Simeon and Anna who were watching for the consolation of Israel. Day and night Anna fasted and prayed. Her abundant life was summed up in serving with prayer. All of us have calls and lives to live unto the Lord and for His honor. I pray for you Stephen for
joy and peace in the life the Lord has given you here. I don't know what sufferings you are enduring but I pray for your consolation and knowledge of God's great love for you.


Mike said...

Ally....I'll take ya up on that, save me that seat, we'll have a blast ;)

Nathan...nah, I dont like to put some stuff out there unless I have researched enough, and have verified credible sources. It can cause some people to have the wrong view of what we are all about, and I would never do that, especially people new to the faith, and new to prophecy. I like to stick to facts until those facts are hard to disprove....not there yet. Same kinda thing as someone predicting the date of the rapture....fool hearty, and non productive to the furthering of God's Kingdom (and unbiblical besides).

I will say there seems to be a convergence of many, many things all coming together at the exact same time, and some have to do with the things I mentioned.

I will say this....just something to think about....Everyone always thinks about the rapture as, *poof*, we're all gone. But, think about when Jesus was resurrected. There was an earthquake. A disturbance in the translation to His immortal body. Have ya ever thought that the rapture might coincide with an 'earthshaking' event, that in the translating of so many bodies, that there would be an 'earthquake', or massive event that 'shook' the world? Something that could affect the whole world at the same time? Maybe something that could 'explain' the disappearance of millions at the same time....I dont know, just an interesting thing to consider.

I know this much, the higher up in government know something is going to happen...what, I wont speculate here....but all those FEMA camps, and body bags, and underground cities, and relocating of intelligence centers to the midwest, and many other things...sure seem to me that THEY are prepared. Just makes me think....speculate...of rapture timing with some event like that.

Makes ya think?

Ally said...

Waterer-You give so much love out to all of us! I find myself always wanting to post a smiley face after your comments :) just cuz you bring us happiness!
Stepehen-some kind of new weird weed? I think they call it crack! Yeah, I dont know what they are smoking either, but its transfering a whole lot of wealth from your average joe into the hands of the ...... Lets just call them bulls like you do!
Mike-you managed to word something very well that Ive been flailing around on for awhile. And I think the rapture will coincide/cause with some kind of monster event. But I really like your take. Somehow now I received enlightenment from you this morning. Caver is going to be all over this even if he doesn't post. Giggle! Yeah, I have some specific things I'm looking for too (shhhhh!) And me thinks they are getting really close!
Maranatha! Lets see, I have a great spot on the seating chart, a first dance, and a picnic at the tree of life lined up. I have more olans for there than here! Lol! Hope to see you all real soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

To Scott please tell me wht does the opening of the prophetic scrolls mean, and why its unique to this generation thanks?

Mike said...

Ally....glad I could assist with your wordage, and inspire you a bit today :) I think we may have some similar views on a few things....things that we seem to have info and sources that lend to those views. Referring to a couple posts from you in the past, I think we are on the same page....

Unfortunately, it is a very speculative subject, and some things are best left not specified unless in the right forum.

The one thing that I think people tend to not think about so much is the scriptural precedent for the rapture event, and the idea that, big event or not, I would figure it would have a physical effect here, as that many people depart at the same time.

Fascinating to think of all the possibilities that could be of a natural origin...i.e. earthquake, weather, the sun, planetary interactions....that could coincide with a 'loud' departure!

And, me thinks there are many things that are coming together very soon also...;)

Sometimes I feel like a 5 year old on a trip...."are we there yet?"



(A Christian band called Daily Planet did a song called 'Five' about feeling like a 5 year old...was pretty cool)

Caver said...

Si, read Danial. The angel told Danial to close up the scrolls, they could not be understood until the end of days.

Nobody, for thousands of years, could understand what those strange descriptions referred to. They made no sense.

Read them you see anything at all that seems unclear?