Saturday, August 11, 2012

6.2, 6.3 Magnitude Quakes Hit Iran - Large Aftershocks

This story has just hit the news sites and more will be coming in. The fact that the quakes were "shallow" could lead to much damage; we'll be following this story closely:

Earthquake overview : An extremely dangerous shallow earthquake occurred in the Tabriz Ahar area. The population in this area runs into the millions of people.

The earthquake area is currently rattled by many aftershocks which may even go up to M5 or more. The most recent one had a magnitude of M4.7!
- EMSC, the European seismological agency reports a Magnitude of M6.2 for the first one and M5.9 for the second one. The depth of the first quake has been measured at 10 km, the second at 80 km (which we do not believe to be true).

Preliminary epicenter at 60 km from Tabriz. Tabriz has a population if 1.4 million people). Tabriz is not too close to the epicenter, wo damage, if any, will be moderate
The closest city to the epicenter is however Ahar, a city with a population of 94348 (latest census).
Theoretical intensity calculations are expecting very strong to severe shaking in the epicenter area.
We will start-up an in-depth article as soon as possible.


ChristineInCleveland said...

Wow! I was expecting this... Especially with Iran's obsessive determination to 'wipe Israel off the map'... in all their blind arrogance?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if earthquakes were to destroy their nuclear facilities underground. Then Israel wouldn't have to. But of course Iran would probably say they somehow created the earthquake.


Ally said...

Be careful what you wish for, one fukushima is enough for me. But I will say this much. God is going to show his hand soon with Israel! In a mighty mighty way. And we will all know it is God too. No question!
In 1967, when the Islamic World tried to dispose of Israel previously, we see how well rhat went!
Go read some interviews with the Arab soldiers who fought. The use words and terms like"a giant hand appeared in the sky and pushed us back" or "we were going to attack but there were thousands of giant angels with weapons standing before us"
Even though it seems like Abba has been laying low lately (look at the evil that abounds now ) he is allowing the world to get what they asked for. The whole earth is about to get a spanking. People want to pretend he doesn't exist, want to mock him, flaunt rheir evil ways. Yes he is slow to anger and merciful. much farther can he allow things to go?
The war in the heavenlies is starting to spill over, the Power and Principalities of Darkness are brazen and rising (just look at the news guys) and men believe themselves to be gods. Oh its the days of Noah.
But just like Abraham who asked God to spare Sodom and Gomorah for 50 righteous men, no how about 10 righteous men oh just get us out of here...
I believe the only thing holding the wall back right now is.......THE PRAYERS OF RIGHTEOUS CHRISTIANS, washed in the Blood, sending up their requests and pleedings and the HOLY SPIRIT doing what he does.
Really, I might sound a little crazy, but I am not. Thats why rhe demons hate us . Think about why the world hates Christians. (try a world view here. I kinda understand why american non believers hate the make believe christians and fake churches here, don't you?) Just think what it is going to be like when the restrainer is removed.
Why did nothing bad happen at the Olympics even though plans had been made for destryction and mayhem? Prayers! Who knows how many plans of rhe enemy have been thwarted by prayer? Why is this being shared now? Holy Spirit? Or maybe I'm just really understanding the depths right now. We may be walkung softly but we carry A REALLY BIG STICK and we shouldnot be afraud to use it!
And we need to be usung it a lot right now!

Anonymous said...

Wow Ally, thanks for that. You really made me think about a lot of things.

First off,
Father God, Please show yourself in Wild & Crazy ways that only the Iranian people can understand. Please use these wild and crazy and outlandish daydreams & visions of these people, who you love, to show them the reality and Truth of Christ, in His precious name we pray, Amen.

Ally, my heart just aches at the thought of what things
will be like after we are removed, especially with loved ones who doesn't seem to understand it. -Jec