Thursday, August 9, 2012

In The News: More Rumors Of War - West Coast Earthquake Swarm

One has to wonder how much longer the war rhetoric can continue without actual war taking place. Israel seems to be 'telegraphing' to the world that time is growing short but no one seems to be listening or taking note. This rhetoric could be viewed as some kind of preparation for the media and world leaders prior to an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities:

An Israeli strike on Iran would happen only with the authorization of the government, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Thursday, speaking toReshet Bet.

Barak noted that the United States and Israel are approaching a common assessment of the situation. A recent U.S. report shows that Iran has made significant progress in its nuclear program, bringing the U.S. view of the urgency of the situation closer to Israel’s, he said.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday said that a recently reported US intelligence report is closer than ever to Israel's own intelligence estimates on Iran. The latest US estimate, he told Israel Radio, gives much more urgency to stopping Iranian nuclear proliferation.

"As far as we know it (the intelligence assessment) brings the American assessment much closer to ours ... it makes the Iranian issue even more urgent and (shows it is) less clear and certain that we will know everything in time about their steady progress toward military nuclear capability," the Defense Minister told Israel Radio.

Earlier in the week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu once again shot down the idea that a nuclear-armed Iran could be contained. If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, it may actually use it, he said in a meeting with Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr on Monday.

That the Iranians might actually use the bomb is a reality that cannot be denied, Netanyahu said.

Note the sense of urgency in the article below:

Barak referred to the new US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran as confirming that both capitals understand that not much time is left for making decision on whether or not to go on the offensive against Iran’s nuclear facilities and when, because, he said, “a nuclear Iran is taking shape right before our eyes.”

Defense Minister Barak's key remark was this: "I am aware of an American intelligence finding (not the new National Intelligence Estimate) that brings American intelligence assessments [of the current state of the Iranian nuclear program] very close to ours. This makes the Iranian question [i.e., the issue of the Iranian nuclear program and a possible military operation against it] extremely urgent," he said without further explanation.

American-Israeli talks about a military operation against Iran wound up months ago in early 2012. The administration was made aware that notwithstanding President Barack Obama’s objections, Israel would soon go into action against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Barak stressed that he and the prime minister are in total harmony on this issue. "What we (the prime minister and I, and the Americans) understand is that there is not much time left for deciding [about an attack on Iran]"

As to the public disputes over the media on the wisdom of attacking Iran, the defense minister said some of the debates and public disclosures not only harm Israel’s security but actually aid Tehran.

The price of allowing Iran to attain a nuclear weapon will be much greater than the cost of an attack. It is already happening, said the Israeli minister. "And we must take into account the dangers and the very steep price in human life and in resources, if Iran goes nuclear. First, we must consider the outcome of first Saudi Arabia, then Turkey, and then the New Egypt becoming nuclear powers in their turn.”

If that isn't enough, we see similar urgency regarding Syria:

He did offer a prediction on Syria, estimating that quite soon "we would see Syrian President Bashar Assad hunkering down with his army in a fortified Alawite enclave" encompassing the Syrian coast and the Alawite Mountains.
"The longer the war in Syria drags on," he said, "the greater the prospects of total chaos."

The defense minister underlined the importance of attempts to renew peace negotiations with the Palestinians as quickly as possible. He cited the growing strength of Hamas and its ties with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and in other Arab countries as lending urgency to the revival of the peace process.

"On this issue, time is not on our side," he said. "But if progress proves evasive, both of us [Israel and the Palestinians] may be faced with having to perform certain mutually-agreed unilateral measures.”

Should any of the Iranians taken hostage by rebels in Syria be harmed, America should expect Iran’s intelligence agents to respond in kind, the Islamic regime has warned.

Forty-eight Iranians were seized Saturday in Damascus by rebels seeking to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. Iran claims they are pilgrims, but Abdel Nasser Shemir, a rebel commander, in an interview with the news organization Al Arabiya, charged they were members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards whose confiscated documents proved as much.

Iran quickly blamed America, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the kidnapping.

A media outlet called “The Youth Reporter’s Club,” which is run by the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit, also blamed America for the abduction, stating that America, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are involved in the events in Syria and that Iran is ready to “change the proxy war into a direct confrontation on an immediate basis.”

The statement warned America that should any of the abducted Iranians be harmed, Iran will harm America and Americans.

More war preparations - obviously many countries see war on the horizon:

Fearing an Iranian attack on strategic and essential oil and military facilities in the Middle East, the United States is helping Gulf countries build a missile defense system, which will include advanced radar missile detection systems and Patriot missiles to shoot down incoming Iranian rockets.

Among the countries to be included in the plan, a report Thursday said, are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar. All of these countries are seen as extremely vulnerable in case Iran decides to advance on them militarily.

The earthquake swarm on the west coast is receiving some attention. First take a look at the earthquake map and one can see the shift in world-wide quakes to the west coast:

At a news conference Wednesday morning, Kate Hutton of the U.S. Geological Survey at Caltech said there had been at least 30 quakes since Tuesday night, but only three could be felt by residents. She said officials are studying the quakes to understand whether it was a swarm or some other type of pattern.

"This is all part of the same earthquake sequence; they're all in the same area,'' Hutton told reporters at the briefing. "We haven't had anything in the L.A. Basin in the last few years, but that doesn't mean we're totally quiet, and we certainly have been active in the southern part of the state,'' she added.

The series of quakes — including the 4.5 quake Wednesday morning and 4.4 quake Tuesday night — has rattled residents in the area.

“No one really freaked but everyone sure felt it,” said Roxann Reeves, supervisor at a Starbucks on Yorba Linda Boulevard, where about 20 customers were in line when the aftershock hit. “We’d all just been talking about the one last night.”

The first earthquake hit near Yorba Linda at 11:23 p.m. Tuesday; the second — upgraded from an initial magnitude of 2.2 — followed about a minute later, according to data from the U.S. Geological Survey. About a dozen aftershocks ranging from magnitudes of 1.2 to 2.2 rumbled the same area until about 3 a.m. Wednesday.

And lastly - in the spirit of "big crisis = big change" we see the Euro teetering on the edge:

New figures are fanning concerns that the eurozone debt crisis is driving its powerhouse economies, France and Germany, into recession.

France is heading into recession, according to its central bank, adding to fears that the eurozone debt crisis is causing the region’s strongest economies to follow their troubled southern neighbours into an economic downturn.

The forecast came as official figures from Germany, the eurozone’s economic powerhouse, showed that its industrial production and exports both fell in June. The data raised concerns that Germany too is succumbing to the crisis and will fall back into a recession.

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GG said...

Hi Scott-

Thanks as always for keeping us up to date. Out of all the things coming to fruition, I am amazed at how Mr. A. keeps paving his reasoning for a future attack on us. The evil is rising to the surface in so many ways now, those who think they are being sly are really transparent at this point and the funny thing is they don't even see it. :)

It is almost like preparing to cry foul in advance of something happening and then making that scenario happen so they can come forth as they had planned. Out of all these things happening lately, in the news that is what is standing out most to me as far as our temp. home here, with regard to possible war like attacks. I am not even one to get into politics or war but these last day unfolding events has me saying hmmmmm....with much prayer.

Have a great day all!

God Bless!!

Douglas said...

Iran is preparing for their Immam Mahdi. Israel, America and Saudi Arabia are in the way, so Iran is trying to justify their future attack on these states. I am not sure if they will wait for Israel to attack first, or if they will take matters into their own hands. Either way Iran is not shy to martyr many of its own citizens. We live in an interesting age.

Israeli said...

"S. Arabia: We'll intercept any IAF aircraft en route to Iran"

"Senior Israeli officials have claimed that the Americans are leveraging the Saudi threat in an attempt to dissuade Israel from launching a unilateral offensive on Iran's nuclear facilities. ",7340,L-4266427,00.html

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott for providing all these news stories on a daily basis and even at times, twice a day or even more.

Now that America and Israel are on the same page, will they act in unison? I don't think so per what the bible says. Somehow America will be taken out of the way. I just can't help to think about
Uriah the Hittite and how he was placed on the front lines after David's sin with Bethsheba, and how the troops were ordered to pull back so as to make it look like Uriah got killed in battle. God dealt with David and I was wondering if BO would make promises alongside with Bibi just to pull back from an agreement that was made behind clOsed doors. Just wondering what kind of blow America would receive that would take us out of the way? -Jec

Nathan said...

Hey Douglass heres a couple of interesting things about the Mahdi Imam . Do you remember Maqtada Al Sadr of Sadr City Iraq . Well he caused hell for our soldiers especially in (i believe 2006) before disappearing in exile to spend time with you guessed it the Ayatollahs in Iran (Guess what the name of his army is ....drumroll please.....The Mahdi Army .) Watch for him in the future .....Another interesting thing i've personally observed is that one of the heaviest fortified nuclear power plants that the U.n inspectors were not allowed to view is in Qom Iran .....another drumroll .....Qom is were the 12th iman is supposed to come out of the well after global chaos has began and save the world along side fake Jesus ? Just my two cents .

WVBORN56 said...

Jec, the rapture would take America out of the way. That is my first option. It could also be an economic collapse or drought or terrorism attack, WWIII, just to name a few. I think we are gone as a church prior to things getting really bad.I am holding out for the rapture just prior to Isaiah 17 or just after at the latest and it is looking like that war could start any day.

Anonymous said...

Wv, I am so glad your doing well and recovering nicely, praise God!

Something tells me we may be here for Is 17, but will deteriorate quickly from there. It just does not look like business as usual after that. So maybe Is 17, a cry for peace and safety, and then sudden destruction ie-Psalms 83. The rapture some where in there, and then Ezekial 38 & 39 after the Trib starts, but what do I know? -Jec

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Jec. The wife doesn't know it but I went out in the garden for 1/2 hour and hoed weeds after work today. Boys will be boys! :)

Jec you very well could be correct. I am not dogmatic on the timing of the rapture. We can't be. It is an imminent event and could take place at any time. I just think God is beginning to turn his attention back to Israel with Isaiah 17/Psalms 83 and it would be hard for the true church to witness the devastation in Israel during those wars. We just need to be ready. It is looking close however one looks at it from our pre-tribulation viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

I still think all this TALK re the rapture and the end is VERY PREMATURE
unless confirm by stocks.


the market was mixed, current EWI
counts still suggesting a RALLY to
14,000 or higher, but need to get
thru 13,339 first.

IF THINGS CHANGE of course I will go
with the flow, BUT they have not
as of yet.

and Mr. Hansen with his Tsunami
prediction and revival in Hawaii
BEFORE THE rapture ??

Hey. did NOT happen yet, did it ??

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

WV - that reminds me of the time I herniated a disc in my back and was ordered on strict bed rest for 3 months and I'd get caught pulling weeds in the garden!

I agree - God is turning back to Israel for the last 7 years of their 490 - to wrap things up according to the scriptures in Daniel 9.

Anon (In between WV's posts) - I agree.

Anon at the top ---> I don't think we're on the same page with Israel - I think that is just for public consumption (caveat below) - and for the Jewish vote. My hunch is, after the elections, (if he is 're-elected via fraud, manipulation or martial law) - he'll turn completely away form Israel.

Unless - there is some perceived political advantage to going to war and/or assisting Israel in a war with Iran (who knows why.....It would make no sense on the surface, but who knows?)

But basically, I see this 'alignment' with Israel as a 'headfake' as we head into the elections.

So far, all we have seen from the US is rhetoric and more rhetoric...When the fight ensues we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm new here but have been coming to this site daily for about 3 months. I enjoy the articles and the fellowship you have with one another. My husband and I are looking forward to Christ's soon return. Could you please pray for my husband--he has been thru so much. He had a hip replacement that became infected with staph infection and had to have the replacement removed and replaced with a new one. That was 4 years ago. This week he has the shingles and is in a lot of pain. Please pray with me for healing for him. It will be much appreciated! My name is Gwenny

Caver said...

Gwenny, there is prayer for your husband.

WV & Scott, guess you can add another to the list that sneaked out and found something physical to do during periods of supposed "bed rest". Guilty as charged. Glad you're doing so well WV.

Anon, agree with Scott. Ain't no way our Pretender-n-Chief is going to help Israel if he can get out of it. If he's still here after the election (by theft) I fear he's gonna throw Israel ? Bibi under the bus as publicly and fast as he can.

Scott said...

Anon - just to clarify the above...When I said "we're not on the same page w Israel" - I meant the "we" that meant the US, not you and I ! Just want to make sure thats clear:)

Gwenny - My dad had to have his hip replacement re-done as well - I recall what that was like (it was bad enough the first time) sorry to hear about it - I;m sure many prayers will be cast your way, including mine

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I agree with the posts above. Obama is about as willing to help Israel as I am to shove a lit match into my eye. However, he is pretentious. We might get a good act from him but not much else.

Scott said...

JH - OK - that one made me laugh :)

ChristineInCleveland said...

Hey Gwenny, nice to meet you here! Have heard how horrible Shingles is, so I truly sympathize with what your husband going thru. Also praying for his swift recovery! :-)

Prairie_Locust said...

Great info here like always. I do believe we Christians could indeed be here for some horrible times. I think it could get real bad drawn out for a while prior to the Tribulation. I have said before that we are falling apart in American and the western world. The masses are to blame to much of the downfall and as I stated before we are destroying our own house so to speak. I say the western world will destroy itself. I study many things and let me say right now, We are falling apart fast. There is much to be scared of while we are still here. Shalom

Ally said...

Prairie Locust-does seem scary. But Jesus told us not to be afraid. I'm trusting in him! He is with us no matter what.
Gwenny-prayers have gone before the throne for you and your husband!
Where is Doc? Let us know how you are please-its been awhile!
Love you all!
Israeli-God has you guys!

Israeli said...

Amen Ally!

And, yes, this IS a great source for consolidated news!