Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daily Headlines: Iran's Growing Influence In The Middle East

As we watch the various events in the Middle East, one fact is abundantly clear and that fact is that Iran - who is determined to oversee Israel's destruction - is having more and more influence in the region on a daily basis. This idea lends credibility to the possibility that the Isaiah 17 scenario is actually a proxy war launched by Iran, using their proxies such as Hizbollah (Lebanon), Hamas (Gaza), Egypt (where Iran's influence is already taking place) and Syria, regardless of the outcome of their civil war. Today's news underscores Iran's growing influence in the region. At the same time, we see the growing power of Russia in the region. Clearly, the Gog-MaGog coalition is on the move:

Israel will be obliterated by chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs, Iranis warning, but those weapons of mass destruction will be used first on Tel Aviv by Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad at the start of a decades-old Muslim dream of destroying the Jewish state.

An alarming commentary last week in Mashregh, the media outlet ofIran’s Revolutionary Guards, confirmed that the Islamic regime not only has WMDs but has armed its terrorist proxies with them. Mashregh speaks for the regime.

It warned Israel that if the fighting in Syria does not stop, an all-out attack on the Jewish state will be launched and that at zero hour, Tel Aviv will be the first city to be destroyed.

“The threat to retaliate against Israel with weapons of mass destruction is credible,” said Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, who previously served on theHouse Armed Services Committee and with the CIA. “A highly credible source in 2005 warned that a decision had been made at the highest level of the Iranian government to arm numerous ballistic missiles with chemical and biological warheads to retaliate against Israel if Iran’s vital interests were endangered. The fall of [Syrian President Bashar] Assadwould constitute endangerment of Iran’s vital interest

A strategic look at the situation in Syria, it said, shows that in order to safeguard Damascus and Bashar Assad’s regime, it is necessary to destroy “the center responsible for these destructions, which will force the enemy to retreat.” To that end, Iran will break “the security of Israelby targeting Tel Aviv.”

Should Israel and its allies succeed in unraveling Syria so the legitimateAssad regime loses control, the commentary said, there are but two scenarios:

“Groups armed with weapons of mass destruction (chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs), which have been obtained on the black market, will surely target Tel Aviv.

For months senior Israeli officials have said the "window of opportunity" for attacking Iran's nuclear facilities is "before the U.S. presidential election in November" because Iran's nuclear facilities will soon be in fortified underground bunkers out of the reach of Israeli bombs.

McGovern believes that Israel's primary goal is to "have Iran bloodied the same way we did to Iraq" so that Iran "would no longer be able to support Hamas and Hezbollah in Gaza, Lebanon, and elsewhere."

And the reason Nov. 6 is an important date, McGovern wrote in a recent article, is that "a second-term Obama would feel much freer not to commit U.S. forces on Israel’s side" and "might use U.S. leverage to force Israeli concessions on thorny issues relating to Palestine."

A potential loss of leverage after Nov. 6 would explain the current drumbeat of war being played by Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Iran is playing a growing role supporting the Syrian regime and is helping to build and train a militia to fight opposition forces, US defense officials said Tuesday.

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Pentagon reporters that the militia, which is generally made up of Syrian Shia forces, is being used to take the pressure off the Syrian regime forces, which have been at war for almost 18 months.

Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta voiced concerns about Iran’s growing presence in Syria, even as President Bashar Assad’s regime steps up its aerial attacks against the rebel forces. Fierce fighting and attacks from warplanes and helicopter gunships have pushed the opposition forces back in key fronts, such as Aleppo.

The Russian government intends to restore the military-technical support of their ships at the former military base in Cam Ranh (Vietnam), Lourdes (Cuba) and the Seychelles…

The intentions were announced on July 27 by the Russian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov. “At the international level, the creation of logistics points in Cuba, the Seychelles and Vietnam is being worked out,” Chirkov was quoted by the media.

“We will give Russia the benefits in Cam Ranh, including the development of military cooperation,” the President of Vietnam told the media. Cuba that has an American military base in Guantanamo Bay and is protesting against the deployment of new U.S. bases in Colombia, of course, wants to acquire an ally in Russia to be able to contain the United States.

As for the influence, judging by the words of the Russian President, Russia is also actively growing in this regard, although work in this direction has only begun. As we can see, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans are involved. This is due not only to geopolitical reasons, but the growing economic presence of Russia in the regions. For example, “Gazprom” is actively working on offshore Vietnam. In the Caribbean, it also participates in the construction of Meso-American pipeline and field development in Venezuela. An ammunition plant is under construction in Cuba.

A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks and its travel in strategic U.S. waters was only confirmed after it left the region, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

It is only the second time since 2009 that a Russian attack submarine has patrolled so close to U.S. shores.

The stealth underwater incursion in the Gulf took place at the same time Russian strategic bombers made incursions into restricted U.S. airspace near Alaska and California in June and July, and highlights a growing military assertiveness by Moscow.

The submarine patrol also exposed what U.S. officials said were deficiencies in U.S. anti-submarine warfare capabilities—forces that are facing cuts under the Obama administration’s plan to reduce defense spending by $487 billion over the next 10 years.

The Navy is in charge of detecting submarines, especially those that sail near U.S. nuclear missile submarines, and uses undersea sensors and satellites to locate and track them.

The fact that the Akula was not detected in the Gulf is cause for concern, U.S. officials said.

One official said the Akula operated without being detected for a month.

“The Akula was built for one reason and one reason only: To kill U.S. Navy ballistic missile submarines and their crews,” said a second U.S. official.

“It’s a very stealthy boat so it can sneak around and avoid detection and hope to get past any protective screen a boomer might have in place,” the official said, referring to the Navy nickname for strategic missile submarines.

“Sending a nuclear-propelled submarine into the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean region is another manifestation of President Putin demonstrating that Russia is still a player on the world’s political-military stage,” said naval analyst and submarine warfare specialist Norman Polmar.

Below we see updates on the EU and their ongoing 'crisis':

What does Greece have to do with the next US president? Or the current debate about a "political and fiscal union" in Europe?

Readers tempted to shrug shoulders and say "not much" would be ill-advised. The main topic in the US campaign ahead of the 6 November presidential elections is the economy. And Europe has become the bogeyman for the Republican camp.

Bruce Stokes from Pew Research Centre, a US-based pollster, told this website that the euro crisis is the "single most important issue that could cost Obama the elections."

He said US citizens surveyed are in general very little informed about the euro crisis and that if news suddenly broke that markets are in meltdown and exports are no longer flowing to Europe, they would "not know where this comes from and blame it on Obama. He's the one in the driving seat."

"While offering advice to increase deficit spending in the eurozone, President Obama presides over unprecedented peacetime deficits in the United States, where a debate over 'growth' versus 'austerity' policies also rages," he noted, even though much of current US debt was in fact accumulated prior to the Obama administration, during former president George W. Bush's "war on terror."


Israeli said...

Its true: Barak and Bibi KNOW Obama will abandon Israel after re-election. Therefore, they see no recource but to act now. Other wise, we will be left in the exact same place we were in WW2 with Nazi Germany.
We will take on the entire worlds ire rather than let outsleves be over run again. We will go down fighting this time.

Mrs.C said...

This is from the Washington Times article. This has me in is a post in the comments section by an Iranian living here...maobama has just thrown these people in Iran under the bus...let them die for nothing when they rose up and he did not support them...Ovomit is nothing but pure evil...a prototype of the ac to come without question

"The Islamic Republic has been Holding us Iranians Hostages for 34 damn years... WHEN IS THIS WORLD COMING TO IT'S SENSES TO See WE IRANIANS ARE NOT PRO ISLAM, WE ARE NOT PRO ISLAMIC REPUBLIC LEADERSHIP, WE ARE NOT PRO ANYTHING That comes out of IRAN's leaders' mouths and Mouth piece NIAC, PAAIA, CAASMI here in AMERICA... We Iranians need the SUPPORT that the WEST has been providing to the SO CALLED ARAB SPRING , We are the Ones who need the SUPPORT, WE ARE THE ONES WHO WANT FREEDOM FROM ISLAMIC OPPRESSION AND DICTATORSHIP.. WE ARE THE ONES OPPRESSED BY the Same RADICALS which the WEST Sits down with and Negotiates with OR MAKE BUSINESS DEALS and CONTRACTS and Legitimizes this SATANIC BARBARIC SUICIDAL ISLAMIST REGIME which is holding us Hostage for 34 years.. HOW CAN WE RAISE OUR VOICE when WE HAVE NO FREE MEDIA to raise our OPPOSITION ???

Alice said...

Praying for you and your country, Israeli!

Mrs.C said...

My goodness, it was more like slaughtered, than being "over run". You had said you were living in Haifa and have talked about activities in Israel. Is there any activity going on in that port? Just curious, we have donated to the Israeli Military. What branch of the Israeli Military have you served in? Oh my goodness, what was that like? BTW,your English is beautiful :)Did you learn it here, or in Israel?

ChristineInCleveland said...

Mrs. C,
Agree with you 100% about 'Ovomit' (I like that one, lol! will have to start using it from now on!) I got the very same vibe about him even while he was campaigning in '08. But of course you know God is allowing him to take the reins of power for just such a time as this.... Just as Israel has Netanyahu for just the reason he is a strong & wise leader who is capable of countering 'Ovomit'.... As the Bible tells us at the time before Christ's return Israel will be surrounded by her enemies so all will know only God Himself will preserve her!

Israeli said...

God bless you Mrs. C, but I learned the hard way that its best to not give out personal data on line.

Just watch the next few weeks. My leaders will move. Its all going to blow.

Anonymous said...

Isreali Friend-you have provided such insight in your other posts. We want to pray for you and your family. Is there anything without personal id that you can share? It sounds like you are on the front lines or something.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Hey another mysterious bird kill on the news wires today... This time in New Jersey! This one is being blamed on someone using pesticide improperly... But will we see the "results" of investigation after the actual cause is determined...? Hmmm.

Israeli said...

Not on front line, just a citizen in a front line city. Preps are going on here and our leaders 'chatter' are giving us Israeli's a coded heads up. The American General Dempsy has struck a blow publically to my Prime Minister. That was not a good idea. It won't work. We are prepared to live with out the US.

Israeli said...

Bibi says on his face book page today:
"Today we are starting a discussion of the likes of which, until today, have not been held in a forum of Israeli government ministers, certainly not in the over all forum of the Cabinet plenum. At the end of this discussion, we will be asked to decide not only how much money to invest in defense but where to invest the money with in the defense establishment. We must be ready for the changing threats that are being directed at the state of Israel. We must see to it that the SECURITY ISRAELIS HAVE ENJOYED OVER THE PAST 3 AND 1 HALF YEARS continues under the changing conditions". (Emphasis mine)
Sounds like he is reading prophecy!

Israeli said...

Makes me think:
"In that day, I will make the governers of Judah like a fire pan in a wood pile, and like a firey torch in the sheaves..." Zech 12:6

Scott said...

Israeli - Thanks so much for your input - we're all richly blessed by your presence - and you are in my prayers (along with many, I'm sure)

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I second Scott's comments Israeli.

Ally said...

Israeli-Bibi has a facebook page? How awesome!
Did you know a Chinese War Ship has benn docked in Haifa for a week? I was kinda surprised myself!
We are praying for you!
Please pray for us!!!!!! Cuz God clearly told us we better support Israel or its ginna be bad for us.
Once again, don't worry!!!! God is getting ready to show himself!!!! Watch and see!
As for us in america-the weather agency bought a large amount of hollow point bulletsnow the social security agency just purchased 174,000 hollow points. Do what? Oh maybe thats why they are running out of money
Look at Jesys, look at Jesus, look at Jesus!
And Stephen, just for you, keep watching cuz I think ewi is going to go haywire soon!
Ladies and Gentlemen, keep hands and heads inside the ride at all times and fasten your safety harness!
And we are outta here! ;)

Mrs.C said...

My goodness, your English is so good you sound like an American  I kinda notice these things…used to be an Assistant for teaching ESL classes at a University, and I also used to work closely with gals from Israel and Lebanon. What a combination! Lol Forgive me, I would never expect you to provide your name, rank, and serial number  You have shared information about the shelters etc., and your location being in Haifa. Just wondering, as your there next to the port, if you notice any activities in the port? Those activities would be no secret, as they are witnessed by yourself and the general public. Im wondering, you havent mentioned the upcoming meeting scheduled between Bibi and Obama to discuss Iran? It was on the Israeli news, and it seems that is big news over there?
Im so glad that you have a gas mask, I hope its one of the new ones, because I understand there was a huge shortage. We have very dear friends and their family, living over there in your country. They are precious Brothers and Sisters In Christ, and know full well the Prophecies of suffering that is to come to Israel, in the horrible wars of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. It would be great to have your observations of the activity in the near by port…

Anonymous said...

Despite all THIS TALK on this blog again EXPECTING the "end" to come
so soon, stocks are still LOOKING



Dow still way above 13,000....and
UP tonite in trading with the e mini.

that the end is that close.

I would NEED TO SEE some real selling HEY it 'aint happening....

There is alot of TALK in the ME
BUT no action.....basically adds
up to nothing.

I am still watching 13, 051....
dow STILL ABOVE that and rising.
possible HUGE RALLY tommorrow.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dylan said...

Ally, I can vouch for Israeli's claim that Bibi has a facebook page. And I agree with everyone here that we are blessed by Israeli's presence, keeping us up to date with the mood in Israel and being amazing company. If anyone else on this blog has facebook I recommend liking Netanyahu's page.

Prairie_Locust said...

Prayers from here for you Israeli and everyone in Israel. I am there also in my heart. GOD stepped in in 1967 and he will again and forever. SHALOM

Scott said...

Mrs C - I echo those comments - any information from Israel would be fascinating to receive, especially regarding that port; I'd love to any news from that area that could be pertinent.

Israeli said...

Hi all, and God greatly bless you, watch over you and keep you safe in any evil day coming. Thank you all for your prayers, they are highly coveted.
I don't over look the port, but the navy sails by front window, (south beach) on its meneuvers out to sea, get to hear the cannon fire and battle rehearsals on the horizon, MADHIM! (Amazing!) (even saw the rehearsals of the helecoptor drops for the taking of the Mamara right out my salon window! Very COOL!.) All were parked quietly (ships of varying degrees and subs) in their docks last friday, as is normal for shabbat. Did not get to see the Chinese ship. (Didn't get to see the Queen Mary when it came by-DANG!) I do know that any sudden activity I would see unless they leave at night. One might hear the thrum of engines and see running lights, but I would suspect they would slip out at night while all sleep.
As to the Obama/Natanyahu meeting, no mention because we have no expectations of it being of any significance for our welfare.
Again, bless you all. Watch and be ready. Its weeks away I am sure. We have been told our death toll will be around 500 (?! I believe more but God is Mighty and has done MIRACLES in past wars!!!) I am ready to meet my Beloved!