Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Earthquakes Update

For some reason, earthquakes are typically the least discussed "sign" - for end times prophecy - considering the signs which we were given to watch for during this last generation.
Even on this blog, earthquakes rarely receive any discussion.

Yet Jesus gave this sign equal weight with the other generational signs, such as warfare, rumors of war, pestilence, famine and persecution. Viewing the data, no matter how you view it, this generation is quite unique in almost every aspect of earthquakes - whether you view total quakes, major quakes, damage from quakes, deaths, injury, etc. - every aspect you analyze is unique in this generation- and not just unique but dramatically and significantly different than any other generation. No other century has even come close to the last 100 years in terms of earthquakes frequency and severity. Additionally, all of these parameters have been increasing over the last couple of decades.

If you closely monitor prophecy related news, you will notice that earthquakes typically increase around the time other prophecy related "signs" seem to be increasing - which makes Jesus' picture of these signs appearing as "birth pains" stunningly accurate.

To finally get to the point, just as we have focused on several of the other signs recently (imminent warfare in the Middle East, Gog-MaGog, big changes coming to the EU, the formation of the coalitions who will go to war with Israel, the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of key countries, etc.) very quietly we are also witnessing a big increase in notable earthquakes.

Just look at the recent news:

Rescue workers in Iran on Tuesday recovered more bodies three days after two powerful earthquakes struck the northwest of the country, killing more than 300 people, but officials played down reports that casualty numbers may still sharply rise.

The quakes, with magnitudes of 6.4 and 6.3, struck East Azerbaijan province on Saturday afternoon, flattening villages and injuring thousands of people around the towns of Ahar, Varzaghan, and Harees, near the provincial capital Tabriz.

Another report, by Iran's Labour news agency, said hundreds of villages had suffered severe damage, raising fears that the number of dead could mount sharply as rescuers reach previously inaccessible areas.

The Iranian Red Crescent Society said it has provided temporary shelter to around 50,000 people and that the priority was to prevent the spread of illness.

State television has shown extensive footage of airdrops and of officials handing out food rations and tents, after the media was accused of ignoring the national disaster and continuing to broadcast normal schedules.

Meanwhile, a quake with a magnitude of 5.3 on Tuesday and more than 20 minor aftershocks added to the suffering of many who have lost their homes and loved ones and are now living in makeshift camps.

According to the ISNA news agency, up to 70 percent of residences in Iran are not strong enough to withstand moderate earthquakes, let alone those with a magnitude of 6.0 or more.

In addition to the description of this 'massive' quake in the sea of Okhotsk, open the article and look at the list of major quakes in a single day.

Massive very deep earthquake in the sea of Okhotsk

A Magnitude 7.7 (updated from 7.3 by USGS) earthquake hit the sea of Okhotsk 160 km from Poronaysk, Russia although it was a massive earthquake the depth of 625 km has decreased the shaking strongly, making it a IV on the Mercalli scale (light shaking) for a very wide area, no tsunami is possible because of the depth.
The earthquake has been felt as far as Japan!

Needless to say, we need to pray for all of the affected individuals - those who are now suffering loss of family members, their homes, and all associated pain and suffering as a result of these quakes - and that somehow this tragedy can be used to bring them to seek Christ.


Caver said...

Lets see....what we got out there....Caver pokes nose around corner...

Looks like storm clouds on the horizon...well, getting kind of close really...

Looks like lots of thunder-n-lightening coming out of the economic North, making lots of noise, and pretty devastating if they are blown over you..

And lots of shaking going on in the West, earthquakes everywhere and building in frequency and intensity, major storm front, don't want none of that....

And its pretty bleak to the South, lots of hunger right around the corner there...and moving out quickly in multiple directions...the winds of famine are building

And to the East...ahaaa geepers, the East looks really nasty, right in the middle of it..the Middle East around Israel...not that one could spread world wide quickly...lots of wind now, but could really be nasty....lots of blackness over there..

Its all a'happening, all growing, all getting louder and more threatening.....talk about the potential Perfect Storm....

Seek But Don't Hide said...

Hey you guys, check out this from rapture ready website. You might find it funny.


Anonymous said...

And yet, as stated before, expectations on THIS BLOG that
the end will happen that soon
appear to be misplaced.

why ??



Market closed mixed BUT bulls managed
to get the OEX popped up to a NEW HIGH for the year.....

It is the only one that has done that BUT cannot be ignored.

EWI wave counts continue to suggest
confusion at best. BULLS still
have the upper hand, but NEED to
perform soon.

ANY VIOLATION of 13, 051 heading
down and bulls are in real trouble.

But we are still above that tonite.

the "end" delayed yet again.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

JH, that was a riot. Thank you for the giggle.:)

Guilty as charged.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

You're welcome Caver. I'm a self proclaimed newsaholic.

Scott said...

Caver - yep - that about sums it up. It really is the perfect storm indeed.

ChristineInCleveland said...

So...as we watch all these signs building up, suppose the tipping point for the perfect storm is when Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities... What do you expect the U.S. to do in response? What do you think will be the repercussions for our country, once this flash point takes place? What about sleeper cells mobilizing all around the United States, like we hear they are planning to do? So many things coming to a head, I think I've become numb, lol!

Anonymous said...



no one here will LIKE reading this
but PLEASE do so any way, for your
own protection....ESPECIALLY the last few paragraphs >>>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Caver said...

Stephen, Wow! No factual data there some of us hadn't already figured out but to see it stated so clearly and boldly....just Wow!

Thanks for the article.

That's why many of us don't pay too much attention to the market data....its all manipulated.

Gold price is manipulated
Silver price is manipulated
Stock prices related to inflation and risk related products are manipulated
Stocks and bonds are manipulated with money borrowed in our name.

The government is doing everything possible to hide the real economic condition from the public.

Its all controlled....and manipulated for the benefit of others right now....but the house of cards is coming down in the near future. When it comes down, it won't be slow or gentle.

The traditional market indicators that have been true and reliable for generations are no longer valid....they are dependent on economic rules, popular sentiment, and logic.

This controlled market is none of the above.

ChristineInCleveland said...

So what about banks that are just local to one state, & you have a plain ol savings acct. supposedly protected by FDIC? Won't that guarantee your money is available if the bank goes out of business? Hmmm. Think I'm gonna ask them bout that next time I'm there! Kinda nervous bout having a lump of cash at home.... Not that I'm making more than 5 cents a month interest! :c

Caver said...

Hi Christine,

Great question!

May I suggest you do yourself 2 favors....
1. Google bank safety ratings and check on the status of your bank/savings institution from a private ratings firm. If it is 4 stars, you may be safe long enough to make preps after you see the system going down. What you really want is 5 stars. You will be surprised at how low most are rated.

2. If you go home on Friday and everything is honky dory but over the weekend the Fed announces a surprise emergency national Bank Holiday starting Monday....you may be stuck. This is how it normally occurs throughout history. Your money is stuck until they reopen and you can access your funds. No bank visits, no checking accounts, no ATM, no access to Safe Deposit Box...nothing. I'll make no recommendations here except you evaluate your situation and determine if you should have some emergency funds where you KNOW you can access them.

My recommendation...let common sense and a knowledge of historical precedents be part of the decision.....and most important, pray about it.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Yea, I checked my bank's rating & it was **** (sound) so that's good news.... But taking money out is something to consider. Just not sure where is really secure place to hide it, in an apartment! Safe deposit boxes aren't gonna help- need more like my own vault? lol!

GG said...

Hi Christine~

Look for the areas that are blended in around you. Once you start scoping around you will be amazed at the ideas you can come up with. :)

In a rush, they are not going to sort through everything - ha ha. However; you do want to make it maintenance worker proof since you are in that type of situation.
Praying for you all.

God Bless!!


Caver said...


Moving GG's thought further, consider the everyday things you have at home that is expected to be at home. How about the pantry, an empty cardboard carton of something like chocolate milk powdered mix...with the top on. For someone to find cash hidden in it would mean they go through each and everything in your pantry.

Or an empty tin of Oxyclean or other dry detergent stored in with the full ones.

Anonymous said...