Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evening Update - Netanyahu: Iran Strike Worthwhile

In recognition of the rhetoric coming from the U.S. Administration - that an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would only delay their efforts (and thus not worth the effort), Israeli PM Netanyahu offers a strong rebuttal. It now appears that the U.S. administration and Israel are locked in a war of words, not to mention huge differences in how to approach this problem. Perhaps the U.S. administration hasn't been hearing the constant drumbeat from Iran, threatening to destroy Israel.

PM: Iran Strike Worthwhile, Even To Delay Nuke Program

This is a fairly long but fascinating article - one worth reading. Below are just a few of the most pertinent quotes:

In private meetings, Netanyahu backs strike even if Israel can't completely destroy Iran's nuclear program, 'Post' learns; Peres says he is convinced US will take action but poll shows 70% of country thinks otherwise.

Setting Iran’s nuclear plans back a few years to buy time for regime change or other unforeseen developments would be good in its own right, even if Israel cannot completely take out Iran’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said recently, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Netanyahu, in private meetings, repeated a number of times that before Israel’s 1981 attack on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor, the Mossad and Military Intelligence were opposed because they thought the best that could be done was to delay the program for a couple of years.

The prime minister, according to government sources, said that taking action to set back the program is legitimate because the delay could give birth to numerous unforeseen developments.

For instance, he has said, such an attack – one that demonstrates the vulnerability of the regime – could hasten regime change inside Iran.

According to government sources, Ambassador to the US Michael Oren was reflecting Netanyahu’s thinking when hesaid on Wednesday at a public forum in Washington that Israel would be willing to hit Iran if it only set back – and did not destroy – its “One, two, three, four years are a long time in the Middle East – look what’s happened in the last year,” Oren said.

Among the arguments used most against a solo Israeli attack, indeed an argument voiced on Tuesday by Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, is that an Israeli attack could not take out the Iranian program. Many also argue that it would rally the Iranian population around an unpopular regime.

Netanyahu has also discounted the second part of that argument in recent meetings, saying that the Israeli rescue raid on Entebbe in 1976 did not bring the Ugandan public to rally around its dictator Idi Amin, but rather strengthened the opposition fighting him by showing his weakness.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak continued to address speculation of a possible military attack against Iran on Thursday during the Knesset plenum, and explained why a decision on Iran must be made now.

Barak said that dealing with a nuclear Iran would be incomparably more dangerous and more expensive.

"Dealing with Iran is not risk-free but in fact there are outcomes that we can't predict." However, Barak asserted that the government would be able to make the decision on the matter. "Any decision made, will be decided upon by the government and not civilian groups or editorials," he said.

Speaking at the swearing in of Avi Dichter as Israel's new Home Front Defense Minister, Barak said that "In all the wars and peacemaking (efforts) in Israel's history, there is no issue that has been dealt with as deeply as the issue of Iran has."

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gearedup2go said...

Israel is truly surrounded by her enemies. I have been awakened during the night and immediately my thoughts turn towards Netenyahu and our brothers and sisters who are in harms way. Praying for our family here and abroad.

Douglas said...

The people of Israel do not have a fool for a leader. Unlike some other nations I can think of. I am praying for you and your family gearedup2go. I pray all will be well with you all.

Dutch Treat said...

I remember when I visited Israel back in 1990 when our tour guide told us: we are a nation surrounded by enemies and constantly under siege; and when you have to live under those conditions you develop a totally different mentality which you Westerners will never be able to understand. Bibi understands this. Obama does not. He's only concerned about the next election. I wonder if he would feel this way if the tables were turned. Israeli believer, we are constantly praying for your nation as well as everyone else on this blog.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I agree. Netanyahu is not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. I pray for Israel's people but I know that God is going to look out for them.Israel has the most powerful ally on their side anyway so what do they need Obama for? I'll take God over him any time.

Scott said...

Dutch - excellent points, I agree

Anonymous said...

this is bob trying to type.. Israel will only need to drop 1 EMP game over. they invented nukes they have the best ones . also call me we need to golf.Syria first the proxy

Scott said...

Bob! Wow...I'm speechless :)
Thats actually a great point that I hadn't considered..Don't forget, Israel has neutron bombs that could possibly be used (nice job on the typing, by the way.....)

Scott said...

In fact, there is an article circulating about some of the specifics (which were leaked) involved in an Israeli attack, and now that I think about it - the way that their (Iran) electronics would be disabled sounded a lot like an EMP (something I hadn't considered before) - I want to go find that article and re-read it.

Scott said...

If you read this article, they call it a 'cyber-attack' but it sounds a LOT like what would happen with an EMP (this is actually a pretty interesting article..The stuff pertaining to electronics etc. is about 1/2 way down the article:

Israeli Attack

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late update.....

have been busy >>>>>


dow has broken out to the upside, almost 13,300 tonite.....

ALL EXPECTATIONS on this blog of
the "end" coming soon are misplaced,
I have said it many times, AS LONG AS
bulls are in the drivers seat,
which THEY ARE....

could be a LONG TIME before that
rapture hits, a long time...

I would CHANGE that opinion very
FAST if i had evidence to show
me that bears could FINALLY get
something going on the downside...

BUT that has NOT panned out.

14,000 here we come.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Israeli said...

Bob, I had not thought of that, an EMP, good point. And yes, I agree: take out the proxy first. It certainly will be the spark that sets off the dynamite in this region. Bibi may be planning a ninja move: Syrian chemical stores, Nassràllah's missle launchers and Iran's nuclear sites all at one time. Scott, I also forgot about neutron bombs.

Israeli said...

I just realized that the meeting Obama has set with Natanyahu for the 18th of September, do you know what day that is? Its ROSH HA-SHANA. Obama has called Bibi to come meet him on The Feast Of Trumpets. Now, THAT is significant! The Feast is "theday that no man knows the hour". Its anytime between the 17th and 18th of September.

Douglas said...

Once in a while you find yourself humbled by friends you're just beginning to know. I find myself quite humbled. If an EMP strike would work against us, why not against the enemy. Just when you think you know everything.

Caver said...

During the last few years lots of progress has been made by several nations on being able to generate a limited and targeted EMP from non-nuclear airborne generators.

I have no idea of Israel's capability on this front but can't imagine its a technology that escaped them.

A huge drawback to a nuclear generated EMP is the damage it would do to less hostile neighbors and possibly even to themselves. The EMP knows no borders.

Lots of possibilities and food for thought.....and

Mrs.C said...

My goodness Israeli, your post surprises me.I would think you would know the correct dates for Rosh Hashana? It is a three day holiday, not two. Rosh Hashana begins Sunday the 16th, not the 17th. With the Jewish Calendar the holiday begins on sunset of the previous day. That means the holiday begins on the 16th, not the 17th. BTW, my goodness, your English continues to amaze me how fluent you are, slang and all :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. C, what are you trying to get at? Your sarcasm is wearing thin.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Just did a little checking around & so far I came up with 2 sources saying the Day of Trumpets is on Sept. 17, & one said Sept. 18. Also noting Rosh Hashana starts at sunset of Sept. 16, meaning Day of Trumpets is a separate part of those 3 days, correct? So does the Day of Trumpets run Sept. 17 to 18th? Having trouble verifying one way or another...

Ally said...

Ok, I'm no whizkid here but I do know for sure this much. 2 seperate people (rabbis) have to go outside and look at the moon and verify they see it and it is in the correct phase before the "official" holy day can start. And sometimes due to weather conditions they can't see it so it starts the next day. And thats all I know! Lol
I do find it interesting that Morsi, Achmadejinad and obummer are doing lunch tigether on the day of atonement. That weirds me out much more. I doubt they will strike while those 3 are romping around the U.N. Together.
Will Bibi wait til after the U.N. Or jump before?

Israeli whether you choose to believe it or not said...

I know Mrs. C. I did not want to confuse people with details. I think maybe you are a conspiritorist? You can think what you wish. It has no effect on me or my life. Where or how I learned my english is of no importance to anyone. I think you would find Bibi's english as amazing. Where and how did he learn his? Do you yourself know how many native Americans are here in Israel? Do you know Mtv? So, you can keep your conspiracy theory to yourself. I have run into so many people like you and people like you are the reason I do not give out personal details.

Israeli said...

Tagidi li mashehu, Giveret C, haim at medaberet Ivrit, ve rotzah lischot al mashehu? Yesh lach "Hebrew Assist" al ha machshev shelach? Az anachnu yacholim ledaber!

Israeli said...

OOps, and No, Mrs. C, you are wrong, it is a 2 day holiday. Sorry. Erev 16 to Erev 18. That's 2 days, 2 HEBREW days, last time I checked.

One other thing: I was taught by my Savior and Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus, that I would know a brother or a sister IN HIM by their fruit.

Anonymous said...

Israeli-Tagidi Li mashehu, Giveret C, חיים על medaberet Ivrit, יש rotzah lischot אל mashehu? יש Lach "עברית לסייע" אל חה machshev שלח? עז anachnu yacholim ledaber

Anonymous said...

easily translated in many languages by google

.... said...

Isreali...please dont let Mrs C offend you. She does things like this often. Just ignore her :)

Mrs.C said...

Fruit….Fruit…who always used to say that…and still does as other names…hmmm. Always the same pattern, and your behavior and words always betrays who you are, complete with the “anons” jumping in. Forgive me, “confuse people with details”? Not a whole lot of confusion stating from sunset Sept 16th to nightfall Sept 18th, well known in Israel. Pretty important “details”, the actual starting date of the NEW YEAR, isn’t it? One of THE Holiest days, and you attempt to cover why you don’t know when this “detail” begins? The actual dates? Perhaps because you didn’t know the correct dates, why wouldn’t you know? Trying to deflect from that?
“Conspiritorist” lol not at all, took everything you had not to say your typical “paranoid” word, attempting to deflect there too? Bibi’s English is excellent, and,Im very much aware of how he learned his English. I do know there are a lot of Americans in Israel, in fact, I know families of Jewish Americans that live in Israel. I have in the past, worked closely with them for years. Some with high education, some not. Some Americans that moved to Israel, some were native Israelis. Yet the composition of your comments, sounds American, not Israeli, nor American-Israeli. They speak totally different conversations than you portay. You recite information that can easily be found in articles-headlines.
Its interesting, that those that I know from not just Israel, but from around the world, they love to be reassured that they are speaking English correctly. They get down right gitty about it. To them, they love to share how and when they learned English, they aren’t defensive about it at all, those that have not been immersed, love to learn. Its not a big deal to them, why is it to you? Nothing top secret about an American living in Israel, why not just say that if that’s the case?
Enough, here it is, there are REAL people in Israel, REAL Brothers and Sisters with their children! that with the strength of Jesus, are bravely facing what is soon to come. They have His Peace within them. They need Prayer of protection, guidance, discernment! This is serious, not a game…

Enemy said...

here is a gentile who knew the feast of the jew more than the jew who celebrates it.

the all knowing mrs c.


sister said...

Mrs. C...why oh why must you do this??? Please, as your fellow sister in Christ you need to stop jumping to conclusions about everyone and everything. What IF you are wrong (as you have been more than once in the past). Why do you feel the need to try and "out" people? Here is a man who is coming here for fellowship and you are the ONLY one who ONCE AGAIN had to challenge them. Its so pointless.

Anonymous said...


Mrs C ! Just ignore her, she likes to play the blogs defective detective. She has a giant spoon for stirring it.

Personally I think Mrs C is with Constance Cumby – do you know the Jesuits? Nasty bunch whose mission is to bring down Pre-trib sites. They showed more than a passing interest in Scot JUST BEFORE Mrs C fell in on us.

Mrs C is slowly, slowly crashing Scotts blog and blames everyone else by being crafty and devious.

Out of interest ALL the multi-lingual Israelis I met in Israel were also very cagey, said very little about themselves,for obvious reason imo; so she’s got that wrong for sure.

GG said...


Please hear this and let's move on. Your false teachings as much as you try will never pass the acid test. They are no longer accepted here. Try as you might, the game is truly over.

Your writings in many forms have tripped you up a time or two and because of the love and respect I have not to oust you here, and to handle this diplomatically, you still have been treated with the utmost respect in spite of you trying to upset many. That saddest part is many had come to know you and trust many of "you" in the past and that is the sickest part of this whole game.

Having said that, please understand that this farce you have created is coming to an abrupt halt as we speak. For me, it is very frustrating to sit back and watch these lies play out in the middle of the most important times in history and our lives. Patience is a virtue, so I wait. The sad part is the innocent ones have no idea on this blog. People who have had endless hours of conversation with you, only to be lied to in this manner.

To watch the impostering, the change of characters, the lies, the division over and over again, just disgust me beyond all measure that because of all you are going through in your life you are trying to make it tough for others.

I have kept great records of the past two years. It was a lot of work and due to your constant hammering and cruelties, it afforded me the opportunity to go back and do and in depth analysis of this whole situation. I can't believe that you would continue to blame others and never own your own part. I do thank you because while trying to impersonate you actually revealed more about yourself.

So, I want you and your characters to really think before you type your next words. The one thing you "all" have simply forgotten is what you have said and where you have said it and more importantly how you have said it. Technology is an amazing thing today and since you have put it publicly where you tread, you have made my findings a lot clearer to present to the authorities. All roads tie into many departments here and it is over. You should see it all laid out, it is amazing that you kept it up this long.

So, out of respect for God, out of respect to set those things aside and enjoy these last days helping one another, please take your twisted warped teachings elsewhere, or accept the love and forgiveness that has been extended to you time and time again and do not abuse it one more day to create harm and division.

Each day you type something, all roads lead to home. I am sorry it has come to this, but I am tired of all the avenues coming in to make those who are sincerely fellowshipping look bad while the troubled soul(s) play this cruel game on the blog.

No, nothing shall be given to you. No, nothing shall be disclosed. Maybe instead of fighting here on the blog, take the time to revisit all the places you have caused such strife and harm and see what trail you leave behind. Your words speak volumes. Your characters are officially out of roles. When they return we shall know. It's over.

Things are crystal clear right now, and I am so ashamed that you thought you could pull this game even one more hour. May God forgive you for all the lying you have done. Thank God someone hasn't taken their life over your antics. May God forgive me, but it was time to address this elephant in the room that has confused many and harmed the innocent. May God know that we desire peace and love according to his word inspite of these set-backs and may he change the outcome of this situation, so together we honor him, in his ways, according to his word, and all for HIS glory.

Go in peace! It is over....



Caver said...

Amen GG....Amen Sis.

Its got to the point I don't even bother any more. Maybe its the Holy Spirit, maybe its the words, maybe its the patterns, maybe its just the way they come on with the new name.....but they're obvious, usually from their first or second post.

I just don't have the time or energy. I just pray that the other legitimate posters have the discernment to identify them.....and I think its been shown that they do.

Mrs C has flat ran out of patience with them distracting everyone and to bring glory to themselves. She just calls them out. To those that don't recognize it as early as she does, it may seen less clear....but she's yet to be wrong from what I see.

Anonymous said...

From what I see Caver, your trouble and strifes fantasies are exactly that, and she has yet to be right just once - is love SO blind Caver? She and GG have concocted a script for Inspectors Clouseau and Gadget to play with. Scandal-mongers and slanderers the pair of them.

GG said...

Hi Everyone~

Please, enough is truly enough. Try as you might to cover your tracks now, we really need to turn our attention back to the Lord.
We will watch now over the next several days the same old same old of trying to repair their status. We will see the same pattern of playing the victimization and new names game. There are a couple of groups doing this. I understand you do not know the how's and whys but the point is the cruelty needs to cease and it's over.

I can assure you that innocent people are not being picked on. What we have is a game that has gone bad and now they wish to flip the script so to speak, which is not fair to the rest of us wishing to fellowship in peace. For the others who are coming up as a match, you still can turn this around. I cannot even believe that some would have wanted to chime in on the hate game. It is sad to see the same postings still coming up this morning, and you know who you are and still wish to justify the cruelty? Please turn away from this now. On these postings you profess love and then you still are popping up as another poster stirring strife.

There is no game from this end I assure you. It has been very hard but necessary to retract and research for which I have no regret. I am not for this type of cruelty that is happening, but I am built to get to the bottom of things when needed. These life experiences coupled with career abilities have allowed me to utilize a few tools necessary to aid in getting to the bottom of this. Everything has been above board and this is a simple case of trouble that has been exposed that is getting ready to celebrate a one year anniversary.

As for slanderous, not even a name has been dropped. Believe me, I have some friends in the legal department and has happened that has slandered anyone or violated any privacy laws, this I assure you. Each step is within the proper guidelines.

I will never understand why someone who says they are a Christian would want to do such hurt and damage, especially in these last days. Together we can turn this around for Gods glory. Fighting and division is not part of his plan. Sitting idly by and allowing the construct destruction of a blog ministry only shows a disregard to Scott's work as well as the lack of encouragement to spread and share the gospel according to God. We are stronger than all of this.

Praying for us all. Let today be a new day in a new, positive direction.

God Bless!!

p said...

gg, I agree with you but lets be clear on some things first. I get the whole anon "scandal" and why some are on guard here. I truly do. It was asked of people to use a name. I used to post as anon (NOT the person in question)but I got so bombarded with accusations on one comment section (many months ago)and accused flat out of pretending to be someone was shocking and quite frankly absurd. This was done to me by Mrs. C and what was even more shocking was that you and a few others AGREED with her! You had no right to do that, you said hurtful things and Im not the first one its happened to. What Im saying is...sometimes you are wrong and you are hurting people, your brothers and sisters, in the process.
"I will never understand why someone who says they are a Christian would want to do such hurt and damage,"
thats what you said above in your comment...I agree with you but I have wondered that same thing about you and others on here as well. Its gotten to the point that even when people DO use a name, they are still under suspision. Its so sad whats happened to this blog and its just as much your fault and a few others as much as it is "anon"'s fault. How many people have you all hurt and accused wrongly? I know I have been hurt, I know others who have been hurt, Dave down under was hurt, many were hurt...not by Anon, but by you and other regulars on here.

GG said...


It all speaks for itself. In the days and weeks and postings ahead will show the true intent of the poster. I can not in good faith allow you to state things to which you do not have the physical proof. I am not one who lives for trouble, I am a peace keeper but am very willing to stand up for what is wrong. Sorry you feel the way you do. The bottom line is, I have never directly accused anyone. I have stood for righteousness and love. If anyone is feeling guilty right now, that throws the red flags. If the posts are harmful, that too throws the red flags. All our behavior should be helpful not hurtful. Whatever the constant snares between Mrs. Cand some other posters are old un-resolved issues brought forth here under another guise. Those issues should have been settled long ago with us all and it has been almost a year of disrespect and hurt among many.

Jesus is our role model, let's all strive to be Christ like.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

My sympathy to P; I know exactly how you feel and also agree let there be an end to it.

False accusation is slander according to the BIBLE definition, and both you and Mrs C make full use of this diabolical trait. (It is said to be someone ‘speaking for the devil’.) My conscience is totally clear before my Lord, I am not a liar or guilty of any of your accusations that have needed repentance.

As one of the Anon’s; I am in a position to categorically state that your many dissention's are not based on facts, but a manic desire to control and manipulate a public forum. All you have to do is ignore any post you don’t like instead of the constant, long-winded, nasty tempered comments you berate everyone with who has a different opinion to you.

If you didn’t keep piling your logs onto what you see as a fire, it would soon go out, and if it doesn’t then Scott can delete.

Quote GG “ because of all you are going through in your life you are trying to make it tough for others”.

This remark is sinister as your fertile imagination runs away with you. Do you even realise the trouble your bad temper could cause Dr Sykes? Clearly he has betrayed some personal details or health particulars to you as a third person. Giving away a confidence is a betrayal of trust even if he elected not to take the Hippocratic Oath; and that GG, is a serious offense for any doctor when it becomes known that he is incapable of keeping his mouth shut!

Instead of your many incontinent diatribes think ‘least said soonest mended’ and ‘a closed mouth gathers no feet’!

GG said...


I do not know what medical condition you are speaking of but a spiritual condition of the heart. It is simple...Helpful or Hurtful writings attacking others in any style or Happy I peace or Harmful. It is a simple equation of life. We all have a lot of things working against us in this life time but setting out to create harm and pain is a by-product of an un-happy person, period. It's not hard to know. It's a condition of the heart.

This is the end of these posts on the subject. Again, your words are giving you away, not Scott.

Go in peace...


Caver said...

Anon, P, as Miss GG said....its over. Not only do several of us know without a shred of doubt, but its obvious others on the board have picked up on your shenanigans also.

You've been made. Your very special kind of evil is deceit is revolting. All the regulars here have you you need to give a hard look in the mirror. You need to get comfortable with that person...they need to change.

A good place to start is on your knees in repentance and petition. I've spent lots of time there, and He is faithful.

P. said...

gg...I understand but you are not being truthful. YOU HAVE made many hurtful comments to me on a post several months back, you and Mrs. C. You flat out accused me of being evil. Im a CHRISTIAN woman. I love Jesus with all my heart, I believe in a pre trib rapture. I love fellowship with my fellow christians and I love witnessing to the lost. You see, what Im saying is sometimes you are wrong,GG. You are wrong in your assumptions and its hurtful. You may be right sometimes about people on here. Ive been on Scott's website for years and I know whats been going on and the strife and heartache certain people have caused but in a few cases (mine included) you were quick to judge and throw around accusations of me being evil and Satan's helper. What if I called you that? It might not bother you but when I used to enjoy the fellowship on here and then to have the same people suddenly take on a mob mentality, which Im sorry, it WAS started by Mrs. C, and have you hurl hurtful things at me and I have no way to defend myself other than pleading with you, its HURTFUL gg. I forgave everyone and I wont say anymore about this, I wont. But its not fair that you assume that you can say anything you feel like and then not expect others to comment too. Its sad, very sad whats happened on here...I HOPE you were right about Israeli, I HOPE for his sake you were right. Because Ive been on the receiving end of what you accuse him of and its sickening and horrible to be called what you called me and what you are now calling him.

Anonymous said...

GG I endorse P, you are not being truthful with me either, but evasive, which is being deceitful i.e. a LIE.

Quoting myself I said “ Clearly (Scott) has betrayed some PERSONAL DETAILS – OR – HEALTH PARTICULARS of a blogger here, to you as a third party.” You sidestepped the ‘health particulars’ by denying any knowledge,( which I don’t believe for one second), while craftily steering away from the issue of the PERSONAL DETAILS which Scott has patently confided in you! You put your own head in that noose by being too evasive in an attempt to be clever

While using the words ‘love’, ‘God bless you’ or ‘Go in Peace’ you are being false and ingenuous as you call me/us by many unchristian names. You have also called me ‘evil from the pit of hell, and more, along with Mrs C, while Caver, like the hen pecked husband he is, cowers obediently in his doghouse on the sideline throwing his wife’s insults for her. It seems she has her hand up his shirt working his mouth for him.
You are all mean spirited, deeply cruel and vicious with your spiteful ravings – yet have the affront to place YOUR failings onto others. Your bumptious act of piety is unhealthily saccharine sweet and completely fake, it’s sickening.

What deeply concerns me is that you are fooling yourselves into believing you are being led by The Holy Spirit with much malice aforethought. That isn’t spiritual discernment that you are using, but your own subjective feelings. Spiritual discernment is objective, directed to God’s Word comparing Scripture with Scripture to see if a claim complies with God’s Word or Not – and NOT is your usual result.

This crazy talk about trying to damage Scott's blog is precisely what YOU are achieving by bringing disgrace onto the comment sections. In spite of your devious actions, I have no doubt that the Update Blog will continue to succeed simply because you can’t get your spiteful, pointy fingers into any part of it.

Caver said...

Chuckling....Anon, you are a riot.

Bet ya ain't had this much fun since the last ingrown toenail.