Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Evening Update: Russia Leaving Syria?

If true, this is a strange twist and one has to wonder just what is really going on. If Russia is indeed leaving Syria, then speculation is appropriate regarding their reasons - after all, we have to assume that their intelligence in the region is extensive - so what do they know?

Russian naval vessels have unexpectedly departed the Syrian Mediterranean port of Tartus and Russian arms shipments to Syria have been suddenly discontinued.

According to our military and Russian sources, these drastic steps must have been personally ordered by President Vladimir Putin. He is believed to have acted over the objections of some of his army and naval chiefs. This would explain the mixed statements issuing from Moscow in recent days about the disposition of Russian personnel at the naval base in Tartus and Russian military personnel in Syria.

Russians are rapidly drawing away from the Syrian arena to avoid getting caught up in the escalating hostilities expected to arise from military intervention

Russians have taken five significant military steps with regard to Syria in the last two weeks:

1. They cancelled a large-scale naval exercise dubbed “Caucasus 2012” scheduled to start mid-August in the eastern Mediterranean opposite the Syrian coast;

2. Warships from three fleets - the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea – concentrated opposite Syria have dispersed and returned to their bases;

3. Syrian President Bashar Assad was notified that Moscow was halting military aid to his army - except for intelligence updates and advice on logistics from Russian military advisers;

4. Moscow has not clearly announced a freeze on arms shipments, including replacement parts for Russian weapons, which make up the bulk of the Syrian army's weaponry. Officials have only said, “There are no large Russian weapons shipments planned in the near future to Syria."

5. The only Russian naval ship left in Tartus - a floating Russian Navy PM-138 shipyard – is also under orders to depart Tartus and return to the Black Sea in September.

A Russian source disclosed that all the remaining Russian personnel in Tartus have gathered on the floating shipyard, except for two officers on shore. This vessel and the remaining personnel are evidently packed up and ready to sail at any moment out of the Syrian port.

Now for a new segment that may be daily:


For weeks now there have been all sorts of stories of various government agencies buying up millions of rounds of ammunition. Try as they might, those agencies/the US government have/has not been able to present a plausible story to convince American citizens that they are NOT up to something nefarious.

Sad to say, we just don’t trust our government anymore ... not that we’ve trusted them a great deal for a very long time, you understand. But the level of trust that we had—previous to the Obama Administration—has plummeted right through the floor.

We have been pummeled with lie after lie from Washington until we have become saturated with their prevarications and like a “soaked” sponge, we simply cannot hold any more.

Now, allow me to be clear: I have no idea what the government has planned for those millions of rounds of ammo they have ordered. It’s for darn sure the US military cannot use them—on the battlefield. But, I know of no law precluding them from using that ammo within the borders of the US. (At least one state has certain restrictions on the sale and use of hollow point ammo.) They just can’t shoot America’s enemies with it on a foreign battlefield.

What we know for sure is—basically—NOTHING. A number of gun owner organizations are pressing for a congressional investigation of these massive purchases of ammunition by (and reportedly for) government agencies that, at first glance, seem to have no use for this type of man stopping/killing ammo.

That we are even having THIS conversation only adds to the feeling of unease permeating America today.

It just doesn’t FEEL like America, anymore. In fact, America has begun to favor a banana republic, especially at our air terminals. Law enforcement officers dressed in black—and some in military fatigue-type uniforms—toting semi-automatic long guns, lends to the feeling that America’s citizens are more hostage than free.


hartdawg said...

Its believed by many that the reason the government is buying the ammo is for the civil riots that'll occur cuz the dollar is about to collaps. which is why the rich tycoons are buying gold

Anonymous said...

excuse me, I do NOT think so.
THE DOLLAR IS ABOUT TO CO STRAIGHT UP. Contrary to what most believe.
GOLD is about to crash !!!!

EWI is on record re this.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

After watching Obama 2016 last night at the movie theater I would not be surprised if Obama and Russia have some deal worked out explaining Russias departure from Syria. The movie reminded me about the off mike comment Obama made to the Russian President telling him to wait until he is re-elected.

The movie by the way is worth going to. It had several things in it I did not know. Obama's anti-colonialism roots explain a lot of his actions and his disdain for the American dream ideals.

Ally said...

I would like to state my mind, but my door would be getting kicked in and I doubt the rutherford institute would help me. Lol! (not really lsughing)
Ok, this tells me Putin is smart! He knows either 1.Israel is getting ready to pounce so Russia better bounce or 2. (please play theme from Jaws in your head as you read this) he has bigger fish to fry, like a big skillet of usa.
Putin doesn't wast men or resources and its clear to everyone (except bashar al retard) that the brotherhood, with our tax dollars has taken over another country! Now there is only one dictatorship left to fall! 4 letters starts with "I" and she is going to go fown soon courtesy of Israel.
Someone find this verse about the treacherous dealung treacherously. And post it. Oh Bobblehead thinks he is a smartypants. And he is. But he is about to get schooled by the upperclassmen and schooled hard! Unfortunately we are on the shortbus with him.
Hope thst golden chariot hurries up and swings low!
WV-love ya! Are you close to williamsburg,wv? I might be there in 2 weeks. Unsure but if we are close, let me know!

WVBORN56 said...

Ally, Williamsburg is in VA not WV. We have a Williamstown in WV and a Williamson but no Williamsburg that I know about. Sorry. God Bless sister. Always to good to hear from you. :)

Williamsburg VA is a civil war historical town and big tourist center. You should enjoy your visit.

nathan said...

I've been reading alot about the government purchasing TONS of ammo . I think they know Israel is going to strike Iran . This would cause a HUGE spike in oil and commodities . And as we all know the world economy is teetering slash sputtering along . Also that would be the reason Georgy porgy Soros and other billionaires are purchasing gold and shorting the Euro . Get ready for some civil unrest ya'll . Also watch for more rioting in the middleeast and Africa once the effects of the drought are felt . Remember the land isn't as fertile there as it is here so much of the food has to be imported . I just read a study about when 40% of your income goes to buying groceries rioting starts when 70% of your income goes to it governments get overthrown . Whats the biblical saying ? A quart of wheat for a days wages ?

Anyway , watch for Bashar to fall soon if Russia has pulled out of Tartus . I agree with WV , i think a backdoor deal has been made . WV ,You ever been to Black Water falls ? I love West Virgina but if Virginia is for Lovers whats West Virginia for ? Didnt your state show a prisoner with higher percentage points than Oblamma ?:)

Anonymous said...

Gold and the EURO move together...
that is what puzzles me.

If the GOLD goes way up, then the
EURO goes way UP also.....

EWI has stated this alot.

Maybe Mr. Soros and other rich
gold bulls are not really in gold
at all.....they just want the public to BELIEVE they are...

cos if the dollar goes way up, DOWN
crashes the Gold....


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

an exception COULD be an attack on
Iran, but I am not even sure that
will happen has been
going on for MONTHS and NOTHING
has happened.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Dow e mini is starting to break down
tonite BUT STILL above the pivotal
13,011 mark.....

UNLESS THAT HAPPENS ( a break of that level ) bulls remain
in control.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Robin said...

Stephen, you keep referring to EWI as though that's the final word. I follow the markets and don't have a clue what you're talking about :)

The Dow is going to have a bad day today . . .and where ever you're getting your info that the EURO and good move together, is flat out wrong. The EURO is going down because Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy are in dire straights with the likelihood that Greece will be dropped like a hot potato within three months or so, increasing daily. When the dominoes begin falling, the other countries will have great difficulty remaining standing because of all their debt.

It only stands to reason, as the world watches the failing economies, hard metals will be the way to go, as gold and silver have been the real money for at least four thousand years.

Watch the markets, Stephen . . .but use what you've learned from His Word to know He's in control and it's all part of a greater plan.

Robin said...

Stephen . . .ehy do you suppose George Soros has sold off his stock holdings in major US Banks and bought $130 Mil. in gold recently? Don't you think, whatever it is you're relying on for investment news, he has access to as well?

Hubae said...

Just wondering if anyone has seen an increase in military presence in your areas? I just had 4 Blackhawk helicopters fly over my neighborhood last night so low we could see the soldiers in them. I do not live near ANY military installations. I was traveling on interstate 40 about 2 weeks ago and there were 2 separate caravans of at least 6-8 military vehicles. I live in the triad area of NC. Has anyone else seen anything in your areas? I am getting a little worried!

WVBORN56 said...

Hi Nathan, yes Blackwater Falls is wonderful. It is only a couple of hours from my home. It is also close to a ski resort and we have spent lots of time in that area over the years with our church youth group and for retreats for our Sunday School Class.

You mentioned VA is for lovers but WV is "Almost Heaven".....much better. :)

The prisoner received 45% of the vote and Obama 55% in the democratic primary or something like that? Obama's EPA and his administration has declared war on coal and that is killing him in WV despite the fact our voter registration is 2-1 dems vs. republicans. Even the Union here is endorsing Romney and that is unheard of in these parts!

Caver said...

Hi Hubae,

Yup! Aircraft mostly. Fort Bragg and Pope AFB is a ways away but, for whatever reason, Cobras, Apaches, and fighter jets are much more numerous than a year ago. And most of the choppers appear flying low and with full armament or intelligence configuration.

Haven't seen much ground based military traffic around the tri-county Raleigh area.

There also appears some interesting large and fast plane traffic around the RDU airport between midnight and daylight.

Interesting times

Robin said...

Hubae, there are reports coming out of the Minneapolis area that Black Hawks are flying over urban areas doing drills. Of course, we can all imagine why these would need to be done over urban areas as opposed to rural.

I think people all across America are feeling a sense of imminent doom. My heart breaks for those who don't know Christ Jesus or those who do know Him but are blind to the signs we've all been instructed to look for, to know as long as we're focused on Him and place our faith in Him, these are all signs to rejoice, not despair.

nathan said...

Hubae , I live in Asheville Nc and work at the airport . We have had blackhawks flying in formation almost daily . They do mountain training here (but haven't seen any since about 2007) Thats really interesting that you mentioned that .

Wv , beautiful John Denver qoute .

Robin , there is this feeling of immenent doom . I've had it since about April 2010 . Its what brought me to learning everything i can about Bible prophecy . There are some days you can't even digest the VOLUMES of chaos , crises , scandals , weather ,etc etc etc . What used to be a months worth of news now happens daily . And people will blame it on the 24/7 newscycle and internet . But we've had the internet for about 20 years now .

Take care God bless

Gwenny said...

I agree with you. We are also sensing the anxiety in people when we are out and about. What I've really noticed is how much our neighbors are staying closer to home.
West Virginia is a nice place! I use to visit my great aunt in Bluefield in the 60's. My dad use to take us there. Miss my Dad--he passed last October. World War II vet--made me the tom-boy I am today! HA! The last couple of years he was here, he would tell me that there's a big change coming in this country. He also said he wouldn't be here to see it. He was right about that--and it looks like he may be correct about the big change. Keep the faith everyone! Love and Prayers Gwenny

WVBORN56 said...

Hi Gwenny, nothing wrong with tomboys! I love mine! My wife picked it up from her grandfather and dad. She loves sporting events as much as I do and she used to put all the kids presents together at Christmas time. I can watch as much football on TV as my heart desires. In fact I am usually ready to change the channel before her :)

Gwenny said...

Hi WV! So your wife likes tools too! As a Kid you could always find me hanging over the fender of the car handing my dad tools. Dad always called me his right-hand man! I also like to dig in the dirt and plant a vegetable garden. Miss my Dad so much but I know where he is and I will see him again. I'm looking forward to seeing Jesus as soon as we get there! I ask him to be my savior when I was 6 years old and forgive my sins. I wrote it down in my Child's Bible Reader. I still have my little book.
My husband is also a big sports fan--basketball. Love and Prayers Gwenny