Friday, August 10, 2012

Syria: U.S., Israel Supporting Rebels

This story is highly significant because of Assad's warnings to strike Israel if there is any "foreign intervention" in this internal conflict taking place in Syria. This is the first time an official from Syria has made the formal declaration of such. Could this be a prelude to war against Israel?

In letter to UN Security Council, Syrian envoy claims intelligence services of Israel, US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar running military operation centers in Turkey used to oversee rebels' battles in Aleppo, other cities.

Syria has accused Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar of running military operation centers in Turkey to support the rebels by overseeing battles in Syria's 17-month conflict.

In a letter to the UN Security Council released on Friday, Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari also again blamed Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia of "harboring, funding and arming the armed terrorist groups."

"Turkey has established within its territory military operations centers that are run by the intelligence services of Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar," Ja'afari wrote in the letter dated Aug. 2.

"Those centers are being used to oversee battles that are being waged by the terrorists against Syrian citizens in Aleppo and other Syrian cities and the massacres the terrorists are perpetrating after entering Syria in large numbers," he said.

"Those shedding tears over what is occurring in Aleppo and demanding that the Security Council should be convened are the very same parties that caused the tragedy through their support of terrorism and arming of terrorist groups," Ja'afari said.

He said the United States, France, Britain and Turkey were leading a campaign "to alter the balance in the region and force its countries to comply with the hegemonic policies and bend to the will of those Western states."

Ja'afari called on the UN Security Council to pressure those countries to stop supporting, arming and funding the rebels and facilitating their operations.

Also see:

Hezbollah could attack Europe at any time and with little to no warning, US State Department's counter-terrorism coordinator Daniel Benjamin said Friday according to AFP, shortly after the US Treasury announced a fresh round of economic sanctions against the Lebanon-based terrorist group.

"Our assessment is that Hezbollah and Iran will both continue to maintain a heightened level of terrorist activity and operations in the near future," Benjamin said at a conference call with reporters. "Hezbollah maintains a presence in Europe and its recent activities demonstrate that it is not constrained by concerns about collateral damage or political fallout that could result from conducting operations there... We assess that Hezbollah could attack in Europe or elsewhere at any time with little or no warning."

Benjamin warned that Hezbollah could become increasingly violent as international sanctions threaten Syria and Iran, its patron-states.

"Hezbollah believes there have been sustained Israeli and western campaigns against the group and its primary backers Iran and Syria over the past several years and this perception is unlikely to change. Both remain determined to exact revenge against Israel and to respond forcefully to the Western-led pressure against Iran and Syria," he said.


Caver said...

Geepers! What's it been now....a year. Every week, the pressure gets retched up another couple of notches...way back then, we couldn't see how this could go more than a couple of weeks before exploding.

And here we are....same thing, except with unmentionable more on the line and with chemical weapons now in play.

Both sides maneuvering to make the other strike first.....forces we'll never understand, the powers in the shadows, holding things in the ME and finance world just on the brink but not yet letting it go.

I can't imagine all the forces of death in all their forms that are going to be turned loose on the world at the same time.

It's shaping up to be the perfect storm in so many ways.

Come Lord Jesus....your bride is weary.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Boy you said it, Caver.... The perfect storm! Only question is, how much of it will we live thru, until He returns?

Anonymous said...

And yet, it can go on a LONG LONG time like it has. That has been stated SO MANY TIMES by EWI wave
counts.....if bulls are IN CONTROL
as they are now, the "end" that
so MANY on this blog anticipate
will now AGAIN be delayed...

dow up again....ready to break to
new highs above 13,339.

That would be bullish, since a run
to 14,000 would come very quickly.

This is NOT a time to be expecting
the end...far from it....!!!!

NOT with stocks this strong...

a time period of a year was just
mentioned, let me tell 'ya...

that rapture long as BULLS are in control....things will
go ON like they have....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I JUST went back two years ago
to check on this blog's history;
it seems that many WERE expecting
the rapture VERY SOON back then,
and it did NOT come.

What came instead is TWO YEARS OF
stock bulling, which continues to
this very day. THIS is WHY I think
they way I do, since previous times
that the so called "end" was upon
us were false alarms.

And that will continue, as LONG AS
bulls are in control which
basically THEY HAVE BEEN since
the lows in MARCH 2009.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ChristineInCleveland said...

Stephen, only GOD is in control, & as such the 'birth pangs' we are observing are coming closer & faster together... I tend to see Israel as a sort of barometer as far as the lateness of the hour.... But whenever it is time to go, we are to be ready! :)