Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Won't They Listen?

This is one of the best commentaries I have read in quite a while and not surprisingly it comes from Jan Markell:

Why Won't They Listen?

This really needs to be read in full but here are a few samples of what she has written:

A repeated theme coming into this office by e-mail is that loved ones -- friends and family -- will not llsten when discerning people try to tell them about our world today. If a reference is made to end-time activity, people will often scoff and literally brush them away. Some just don't have ears to hear about any current issue.

While this has always been the case, it seems to be accelerated today. And this is happening when issues are so serious you would think it would help people carry out their lives more effectively if they only understood the times from a biblical perspective.

Indeed. This is a topic that frequently comes up among prophecy watchers, and something that triggers many questions. It seems obvious to a prophecy watcher that the coming of Jesus, whether it is the Second Coming or the Rapture, classifies as a BIG event - something worth watching for. It is difficult to understand why or how someone wouldn't be interested.

But I believe there are a whole host of reasons why folks have closed their ears. Let me list a few options and suggestions that may help those of you who feel rejected for simply sharing the truth:

In the article, she elaborates on each of these points shown below:

* As referenced above, the news today is too violent, frightening, troubling, and even shocking

* Some have programmed themselves as though they were living "in the days of Noah." Nobody wanted to listen then either.

* Some have an end-time theology that says all believers will experience the worst of things outlined in the Bible. Many don't believe in a rapture of the church. They do not have that "blessed hope."

* The greatest sign people need to watch is Israel. Yet Replacement Theology (that the church has replaced the nation of Israel) dominates our churches today. Thus, many are left clueless that the countdown has begun.

* There are enough pleasures in this life, so eternity can wait.

* Many today are seduced by false teachers promising a perfect world (Dominion/Kingdom Now theology) that the church can and will bring in.

* Many know they are not right with God. Right now, they want to enjoy life and tune out the world's troubles.

* Some do not know the Bible well enough to understand that God takes care of His own. He will never leave us or forsake us.

She then gets to the most important message for these last days:

Reality can break all of our hearts. We are not weak or immature Christians because we ache for the world. But suffice it to say that all creation is groaning as we await the return of the King of Kings to set this world free from bondage, sin, and sorrow.

Having said all of the above, one thing is certain: There is no time like the present to share the gospel! Millions of unbelievers are drowning their sorrows, fear, and uncertainty in destructive behavior.

You might be surprised how open they are to hear the truth of the gospel. Or they may shun you but hide your words in their heart and act on them later when their life or the world falls apart.

Everything has an end, but for the Christian, the end begins a glorious future! I can hardly wait. I hope to meet you all there! Your prayers for this ministry and me are greatly appreciated.

AMEN. Its hard to add anything to that commentary.


Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>

This is exactly the attitude I have encountered at Wal Mart here
as I have stated before.

It goes beyond...."I don't really
want to hear about that"

It goes all the way to speech censorship.....please do NOT
talk about the END in Wal Mart,
you could end up like me,
being silenced....


Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

Scott said...

Just remember - your rewards will be in heaven Stephen. Thats far better than anything this earth has to offer!

DrNofog said...


I know I have mentioned it before, here and on other sites, that 2 Peter 3:5 is commonly overlooked [And I'm surprised that Jan missed it ], but it is "The Tell-all prophecy of the End Times!

"For this they are willingly ignorant of..."


DrNofog said...

But I tell them anyway!

I thank God that He has blessed me with a good grasp of what's going on in the world and especially for sites like yours that can reload my ammo chain as fast as I fire off the latest "poop" at them, that they are unaware of because they're ignored or blatantly suppressed by the LSM.

And not surprisingly, many do perk up when I give testimony to facts that relate current events directly to end time prophecies!

And hopefully, those seeds will germinate and grow.

Scott said...


I agree on both comments - but particularly with regard to 2 Peter (not just 2 Peter 2, but all of 2 Peter is a terrific expose on prophecy in general. Chapter 1 shows the importance of prophecy AND tells us that prophecy is directly from God and not subject to Man's inperpretation...He then proceeds to reveal that we will be spared from GOD's wrath, (not "man's wrath" as it were ) - and this is a VERY common misconception among the scoffers ("Christians have always suffered, why should we be any different?") - in which case they are missing themain point (IOW, we are spared from God's wrath not man's)

Its a great read, often overlooked.

A also agree about "planting seeds" - so if we can't reach people now, hopefully, when they seen these things come to pass during the Trib, they will remember and then come to Christ.