Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birth Pains: The Process Again

As already mentioned, the sequelae from both earthquakes and war remain the same. Soon after warfare or a large quake, its only a matter of days before famine and pestilence begins and ultimately causes as many problems as the quake (or warfare) itself. One only has to look at Haiti to see this sequence of events play out.

It is also interesting that Jesus bundled these signs together as signs (earthquakes, warfare, famine and pestilence) that would not only serve as the beginning of the generation ("All these are the beginnings of birth pains"), but like birth pains, would increase in frequency and severity throughout the generation. Arnold Fruchtenbaum points out in "Footsteps of the Messiah", that WWI was the first time in human history where these signs all exploded, thus serving as the beginning mark of this last generation.

We are already seeing the beginning of this process in Japan:

Japanese survivors worry about dwindling supplies, food after devastating earthquake, tsunami; PM calls it biggest crisis since WWII

Along hundreds of miles of Japan's northeast coastline, entire towns are swamped and concern is increasing among survivors and aid workers about dwindling supplies.

the hardest-hit areas still don't have enough of what they need, according to those in shelters. There's not enough food, not enough water and no heat. And there are not enough resources to quickly reach - or even contact - the tens of thousands who remain missing.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan called the disaster the country's biggest crisis since World War II. Kan said that along coastal areas workers are having a "hard time" distributing food. The government was exploring the possibility of delivering food by sea or air, given the problems with roads en route to the north.

In other words: Famine.

One Red Cross official said that at the Pacific coast town of Ishinomaki, the local hospital feared it was about to run out of food and milk for babies

Updated Google Earth images showed aerial-view photos of towns, where a mosaic of colorful rooftops had been churned into mush. In the coastal town of Rikuzentakata, in hard-hit Iwate Prefecture, only 5,900 of the town's 23,000 residents have taken shelter, according to the Kyodo news service. Youka Ishi, who works at a town office two miles from the Miyagi Prefecture coast, said that roughly 2,700 buildings closer to the water "have been swallowed by the wave and there is nothing left."

Along the arteries that connect Tokyo with towns that are most in need of supplies and assistance, travelers encountered mudslides and fuel shortages, even less than 100 miles north of Tokyo.

The shelves of the Family Mart convenience store - like those in most stores - were otherwise wiped clean

Inside the store, there was no running water; a sign on the bathroom doors read, "no use." Not far away, more than 250 people lined up outside a grocery store, barred from entering by uniformed guards.

This is just the beginning - pestilence will begin within a matter of days, as conditions of sewage, untreated injuries and poor living conditions begin to take a toll.

This is the sequence of events seen every time, and as precisely predicted by Jesus.

The signs are all around us - and increasing. The earth is groaning and the birth pains are increasing rapidly.

We need to be ready for what is to come - and that includes the coming of Christ Jesus for His bride.

Its time to get on our knees and pray; not only for the people of Japan, but for the world.

We're on the brink of seeing the last stages of God's overall plan occurring and this is the single most important factor in everything that we are seeing today.

Not only is Jesus coming for the Church, but God will reveal Himself to the people of the earth - many times.

His presence will be made unequivocal - we see this throughout Ezekiel 38-39 (which may happen before the Tribulation), and we see this throughout the Tribulation period as described in Revelation 6-18.

We are rapidly approaching a time in human history in which people cannot deny that God is alive and very present. That is a significant development that we are approaching.

And during this period - when God reveals Himself - people will accept or deny Him - but there will be no nonsense of the idea that "God doesn't exist". That option will no longer exist.

And with that knowledge - many many people will still refuse God and actively turn against Him:

"The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood-idols that cannot see and hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts." (Revelation 9:20-21).

"...they refused to repent of what they had done." (Revelation 16:11)

"And they cursed God..." (Revelation 16:21)

Fortunately, with God's revealing Himself, many will open their eyes find their way to Christ. We see this in the book of Revelation, and through Ezekiel's prophecies involving the aftermath of the Gog-Magog battle.

Its time to decide whether to accept God and His promises of salvation through Christ Jesus, or its time to reject God and His promises.

The time of attempting to deny the existence of God is drawing to a close.


hartdawg said...

I got into a heated discussion with someone who claims "there have always been eartquakes, famine, war, ...this earthquake can be taken to mean anything " he also says Matt 24 is mostly about A.D.70 and "this generation" is referring to the destruction of jerusalem and we can't know these are the last days. why do a lot of Christians have a contempt for prophecy? its our hope

Scott said...


So nice to see you!

Did you get my email? I responded to a question you had asked a while back, but your question got sent to spam (which I hadn't been checking)

Anyway - We knew scoffers would be here, in abundance in these last days.

Did you ask your friend when the AOD happened?
When the Second COming happened?
Because both 'events' are included in the Olivet Discourse. I don't recall the Second Coming mentioned during 70 AD nor do I recall the AOD during that period.

Its so silly, its almost not worth discussing (with him) is it?

hartdawg said...

no I didn't get it. can you send it again? I upgraded my phone and none of the comments on my old phone posted. ( I thought you been deleting them )now I'm back
new address

ruth said...

I am not a scoffer - but this "IIT PROVES ME AND MY RESEARCH RIGHT " gives me the total creeps - these were thousands of people - all of them loved by God and as human as you, Scott, who have either died or lost everything including their families if they have survived...... We have just endured a more minor earthquake here in NZ - but every person in NZ was touched by it and we got in and have all done whatever was at hand to help our brothers and sisters...

Just please tell me what are you fantasising about being rescued from by when Jesus comes for her church bride....the possibility your generation of overentitled "it's all about me" not having to endure any discomfort....whatever...

Just to put some context to my comments - I was bought up by faith - God provided for everything in my life - my parents are missionaries and I have had a very blessed life ...many thousands touched by my families work and maybe some even my mine as a cancer surgeon. I have seen real suffering and walked alongside death, poverty and desperation.

My point is the end times is not some sort of game with winners and losers like you portray here... no - one knows when it will be and all you are doing is interpreting events and making them fit your fascination with biblical prophecy.

It would behove you well to step back and focus more on all those who are suffering ...the so called human face of the tragedy. This is NOT ABOUT THE EARTH GROANING!!!! GET IT!!!! You should not be gloating you are right... but groaning for the pain of those suffering.

The whole tone of your reporting reflects a singular lack of humanity. I suggest you get out of the research cubby and go and talk to some real people and remmember again what human beings are like.

cheers, God bless,

Anonymous said...

Ruth, I am not answering for Scott
but I've know him for a couple of
years now and I assure you, he is
most certainly NOT gloating over
human suffering! Letting people know
that we are drawing near to the time
of God's judgement of the earth is
done to prevent the suffering of people
who might otherwise not be aware that
the time appears to be almost upon us.

Anonymous said...

Well said Ruth.......

Scott just doesn't get it, despite the many verses of Scripture that plainly point to the fact(s) that the Church will NOT be Raptured prior to the revelation of the Antichrist. This means that the Church WILL suffer persecution, and go through the "Birth Pangs" as well as most of the "Great Tribulation".

Dear fellow Believer's please prepare yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Scott for all you do. I love your daily update. It is so well done and clearly there is no gloating from what I have read.

Jesus told us that we would know the season guys and when we see these things to look up becasue our redemption is drawing near. Praise the Lord.

Ruth I see no Christian love whatsoever in your post and I am sure you have no idea what Scott does with his time or money. Warning people about the wrath to comes seems rather caring to me.

If the final comment is regarding II Thesolonians 2:3 then you have a serious misunderstanding friend. That verse is Paul clearing up some false teaching that just had happened by telling that they could not be in the tribulation because there was no rebellion and no AC. You miss the whole context of verses 1-12. Paul clearly taught a pre-trib rapture. We will find out soon enough IMO who was correct.
Blessigns to all!

WVBORN56 (Mark)

Scott said...


People can believe whatever they want to believe - if it is in disagreement with my beliefs - its fine. No problem.

Let me first address Ruth:

First of all, I tend to not state the obvious regarding prayer for those affected.

1. No one that I know involved in prophecy (literal view etc) believes that Christians will be spared from human suffering, nor from natural disasters.

2. .

3. Do you believe otherwise? Do you believe that we will endure "God's Wrath" (aka the Tribulation)?
If so, then my question becomes - Why did Jesus die on the cross? I thought it was because Jesus took God's wrath on our behalf. Are we incorrect in that thinking?

4.< I portray this as "winners and losers"? A game?
Can you elaborate on where that has come out?

The battle we are witnessing is the conclusion of the ongoing battle of "god vs evil", or better stated "God vs Satan". In this "battle" God wins. Is this what you are referring to? >


6. We are attempting to be obedient to Jesus warning us to watch for the signs (Luke 12:35, 12:37, 12:40, 12:54, Mark 13:23, 13:33, 13:35, Matthew 24:42, 24:24:44, etc etc etc). Do you see us as failing in this effort? If so, how?


Have you read anywhere where "want" to see suffering? If so, can you please reference and quote what was said, specifically?

We are supposed to be watching and yearning for Jesus return - I assume you would not dispute that, especially in light of the above referenced scriptures.

Are we supposed to stop being expected about the return of Jesus, because of suffering in the world?

If you believe that, can you find me a scriptural reference?

In fact, Jesus said clearly and plainly that when we see these things to look up , as our redemption draws near.

We are supposed to be joyful over this - in spite of the suffering that we see around us.

The aspect of being with Jesus and His return overrides all else.

And in that light, let me point to some scriptures to dispute whatever argument that you are attempting to make via this straw man.

Revelation 19. A glimpse of heaven just before the Second Coming. Lets put this in context.

Revelation 19 comes at the very end of the Tribulation, as the absolute WORST human suffering in world history has just taken place.

By your reasoning, everyone - including those in heaven should ONLY be focused on the HUMAN SUFFERING and nothing else - correct? (based on your premise)...

So lets see what is happening in Heaven, in the midst of this human suffering:

"After this, I heard what sounded like the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting:

Salvation and glory belong to our God...


Verse 6:

For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!"

So, Ruth, as you can see, according to your model, we should ONLY FOCUSED on HUMAN SUFFERING and mourning as a result. Again - at a tme of the WORST suffering on earth.

YET - IN HEAVEN - A celebration is taking place.

How do you reconcile this?

I assume you will be in heaven - will you try to put a stop to this celebration and "teach" the heaven dwellers that we are ALL WRONG _ and we should instead, focus on the suffering on earth?

If not - then how do you reconcile your views with the scriptures?

I really hope you will return and engage in each of these questions, but usually these types of comments are "hit and run" and the folks never come back..Maybe you will be the exception. We'll see.

Does it anger you to see Christians celebrating the imminent return of Christ? Because you seem angry and that anger seems directed at those who are excited about he return of Christ. Why does that anger you?

Are you not excited about the prospect of Jesus' return?

Scott said...

One more question:

The Apostle Paul, in 1 Thessalonians 5, described the destruction that is coming ("destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman and they will not escape") - a reference to those who will endure the Tribulation. Destruction that they will be unable to escape.

That (according to your view) should create a situation of "focus on human suffering" - True?

So what did Paul state?


Huh? Did I read that correctly?

Paul didn't instruct them to focus ONLY ON HUMAN SUFFERING?

But that we should give each other HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT?

In the face of this just described suffering?

How can THAT be?

Can you help me with this discrepancy?

Because the scriptures seem inconsistent with your views.

Thanks - I really hope you come back and we can have a fruitful discussion.

Scott said...

One more point Ruth.

I went back and read your comments and noted that not a single word of scripture was used to support your points. That is always a troublesome sign.

but you are 100% correct in one point (which interestingly was intended to be an insult)

"...fantasizing about being rescued"


I fantasize about this ALL THE TIME and I do so unabashedly.

Are you not?

Does it not excite you to think about the return of Jesus?

Do you not want to be in the presence of Jesus?

Do you not fantasize about this?

You do realize that we are considered as the Bride of Christ, and that His coming is parallel to the ancient Jewish Wedding customs (John 14:1-3).

do you believe that it is somehow "incorrect" to fantasize about the moment that we get to be in the presence of Jesus?

Because it seems to annoy you. And frankly, for a Christian, I have a hard time wrapping my hands around that.

what is the source of such anger - as directed against those watching for Jesus' return.

Very perplexing indeed.

Anonymous said...


"Ruth I see no Christian love whatsoever in your post and I am sure you have no idea what Scott does with his time or money. Warning people about the wrath to comes seems rather caring to me." stated by Kem above.

I ditto that ruth. If you have the love of Christ in you.....WHERE IS IT??? How can you be a child of God and NOT be eagerly looking for our escape from this evil world? wow, that just boggles my mind.

Boy, your post made my bp boil overtime. You are talking about stuff you have NO CLUE about! you evidently DON"T know THIS scott's writing....cause you are way, way off base here. and speaking of here...what in the world are you even here for and posting a comment IF you don't agree or believe in the SAME Bible, Holy God, Jesus Christ that scott writes about? You must be talking about another religion or posted a post on here by mistake and they just so happened to have the same name of scott. lol

wow....I rarely post like this. But, Scott HAS and IS doing a FANTASTIC job writing. and as you can clearly see in his above post, he has the Holy Spirit giving him wisdom and discernment to respond back to you - with SCRIPTURE. but as scott won't be back. and, I wonder IF we will even meet ya in heaven after the rapture; with the attitude you had in your posting. It certainly was NOT Christlike at all.


Anonymous said...

Scott does do a fantastic job. This goes without saying.

But it is counter productive when one reads into Scripture, and tries to make ways that a Pre Tribulation Rapture is what Scripture mentions. Not only does this view give one a "false" sense of security - but it can also cause many to be lead astray. Frankly, I wish that there was a Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Church. I just don't find it in Scripture - especially with the "Plain Reading" of it.

I often wonder why it is that modern day Christians think that they are "soooo special"; that they will not have to endure what Scripture plainly states, and that is: "If you belong to Christ, you WILL suffer persecution". Just about all the Apostles, were martyred, the early Church was persecuted - I mean give me a break - what makes this dispensation (if you can even call it that) soooo wonderful?. Not to mention, with the current events, World wide economic crisis, food shortages....etc; how in the WORLD could this planet ever survive 7 YEARS of Tribulation? I mean you won't find anywhere in Scripture that even mentions a 7 year Tribulation.

One is not less of a Christian because of their view on the Rapture. I just think that there are "babes in Christ" that can fall by the wayside when they have to endure the coming persecution of the Antichrist - because they have been given this very "false" sense of hope in a Pre Tribulation Rapture.

Anonymous said...

Scott, thank you for ALL the countless hours you work on research, reading and posting. God has given you such a wonderful and talented gift. You have a way of finding the latest news and relay it to us in a way we understand. Thank you Scott for sharing this annointed talent you have.

If we are a child of God. and have excepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour...we must deny ourselves and the things of this world and follow Him with a servant attitude and actions EVERYDAY. It is a constant battle and struggle we must do; fighting satan's pull to use us in a negative way to counteract the Holy Spirit's work. Everything we say and do is a reflection of the character we have. And that character will be judged by the Heavenly Father one day very soon. We are to strive EACH DAY and have a goal as a Child of God to hear the words....."WELL DONE THY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT".

Scott you have and are storing up sooo many "treasures" in heaven for the serving you are doing everyday for years now. You have a SERVANT'S HEART!! we can read and hear the work of the Holy Spirit thru you. Continue to be the wonderful shining light you are. Touching lives each day in a positive manner thru the words you write.

May God be with us all in a mighty way, as we struggle to be the person Christ wants us to be. And to fulfill the purpose, each of us has been appointed to do. May we each strive to give God the GLORY in everything we say and do.


Scott said...

Many thanks to God's Girl, Kem and Mark - I really appreciate your comments a lot and it means a ton, it really does.

As far as Anon above:

No one thinks Christians of this era are "soooo special", and its another straw-man argument to make that assumption.

Additionally, no one here believes that Christians "should be" spared from persecution, hardships or suffering on earth - and I have never read that.

What we believe are the promises that we will be spared GOD's WRATH, which is VERY DIFFERENT. And we get this from 2 Peter 2 (please read this - as Peter draws the distinction and clarifies that we will be saved from God's wrath -and cites the examples of Noah and Lot. )

I keep explaining this point but apparently not well.

Also see 1 Thess 1:10, Rev 3:10, 1 Thess 5, etc. What is your explanation of these verses?

Plus, please explain why there is no description of a rapture in Revelation 6-18. If it happens during or after the Trib, then why no description in these
chapters which detail the events of the Trib?

Also - tell me who the 24 Elders (Rev 4) are and who they represent? Who, at that point in "history" would have rec';d the victor's crowns?

The 7 years comes from Daniel 9 and I suspect you already know that.

And Daniel 9 makes it clear that the 490 years (of which 7 are left) is intended for DANIEL's people - ie, the Nation of Israel. Period.

Are you one of those people who believed that the ENP agreement of several years ago (>3.5) was the beginning of the Trib?

IF so, did we miss the AOD which is supposed to happen at the 3.5 year mark of the Trib?

Still believe that Solana is the AC?



Anonymous said...


Your strawman rebuttals prove my point.

You have continiously provided verses of Scripture that yet still show absolutely NO PROOF of a Pre Tribulation Rapture. But yet you want those who don't follow this faulty non-sense to come up with Scripture that disproves this heresy. You can't have it both ways.

If you'll just take your very own advise, and READ Scripture, instead of "reading into it", you'll find that the TRUTH is there. Very simple, and very plain.

Someone, someday, somewhere, who believes in this Pre Tribulation Rapture "NON-SENSE" - perhaps even one of your readers, will get a clue, and begin to read Scripture for themselves; instead of having someone give them these hocuspocus; make believe; fairy tail like stories, about going to Heaven prior to being "Tested"; and further rely on the interpretation of others to validate what they want to believe in by proxy. Simply incredible.

Yes, we will be saved from the Wrath of God by way of the Rapture; but this will come ONLY after the Apostasy - or the falling away has occurred, and the Antichrist has been revealed.

It doesn't get any clearer than that.

Scott said...

I recall one specific scripture and I let Sue handle that one. She supported our view with multiple verses.

Once again - are you the one who was thinking that the Trib had already started? If not my apologies (its hard to keep up with the various 'anonymous' posters.

If so, whats your theory now - do you still believe that we are in the Trib? Wasn't that based on the ENP agreement, which is now beyond 3.5 years?

if so, whats your new theory on why the AOD hasn't taken place?

And do you still see Solana as being the AC?

Scott said...

Another question for ya.

Again, you are using ONE verse to support your view - and you still haven't responded to the array of verses that I referenced.

See, I have multiple verses all pointing to the fact that we won't be here for the "Wrath" that is coming (they are referenced above) and other facts - such as the fact that Rev 6-18 doesn't mention a rapture and there is no evidence of the CHurch's presence during the Trib.

I also need to know who (24 elders) has received the Victors Crowns in Rev 4 - at that tme in history, if not the church.

I also need to know how there had been time for a "wedding" (as referenced in Rev 19) as already having taken place.

I also need to know where the Church is hiding during the Trib, as NOT seen in ANY verses in Chapter 6-18/ Where is the Church?

Then, we can move on to your favorite verse (singular)

First of all - Paul was giving REASSURANCE that the Thessalonians were NOT experiencing the Tribulation. Thats the context right?

So to answer the fact that they were NOT in the Tribulation, Paul stated that the "apostasy" had to happen first.

Now.......I assume you are aware that many translations use "Departure" rather than "Falling away> In fact ALL translations until King James used "Departure" rather than "apostasy" or "falling away"

Having said that, lets go back to Paul's original point.

He was attempting to prove that they were NOT in the tribulation, and gave an example of why...


If the was using APOSTASY to prove that point, then that was a LOUSY way to do it - because they were having MAJOR apostasy at THAT TIME.....So how would that have been reassuring to the Thessalonians?

Thats hardly reassuring at all....

However - if "departure" was the word used - as intended to prove that they weren't in the Tribulation - thats makes FAR FAR FAR more sense. as that WOULD BE reassuring - knowing that the CHurch would be "Departed" before the AC is revealed.

SO my question to you is - Why would Paul have used "Apostasy" as reassurance - when he was addressing apostasy specifically in 1 Thessalonians?

That makes NO sense whatsoever.

And this is your WHOLE bases of not believing in a pre-trib Rapture????


And you STILL refuse to even discuss the VAST array of scriptures clarifying that we will be spared from the Tribulation./

And if you don't know how we get 7 years from Daniel 9, then seriously, its probably not worth discussing because the fundamentals of biblical interpretation that we use are VASTLY different.

DrNofog said...


Have pity and don't get too upset by the non-responsive rock-throwers.

Anon-001 [I guess we should label him.] only has 1 particular flavor of rock, and having thrown it, is now out wandering the dry creek bed trying to find another one of the same color...

Scott said...

LOL DrNo. So True.

I thought about coming back and making the comment that they NEVER come back and engage in a mature discussion.

I may just start deleting these - what do you think?

DrNofog said...

Nah...Don't delete them.

They're both ejumacational and entertaining. As my mom always said to me; "Cheer up! You can always serve as a bad example!"...

Scott said...

Thats why I keep these up. It shows what some of us deal with every day and also serves as a microcosm of their various "arguments".

Have you EVER has a mid-post-pre-wrath person engage you in a serious discussion on ALL of the scriptures that we view in terms of a pre-trib Rapture?

I haven't.....Its always one specific scripture that is badly distorted and misunderstood. Its pretty interesting in a way/.

Anonymous said...

All the scenarios, pre, mid, post and I think even pre wrath does not fit neatly with the warnings and prophecies. Although pre wrath seems close to my thoughts.

God has to be the same, before and now. Here is a thought ... I get so confused, why are we luckier in the new testament times compared to before.

Because it is not, if more has been given, more is expected. Israel is chosen, more is expected from them because they are chosen, but they will suffer more than
anyone else as a group. But they will have the most rewards.This is the recurring theme I see in the bible

God did not allow the early Christians to escape sufferings.
In fact, the more In Christ you are, the more testings you
may be given so as to to be refined.

I am a poor Christian, if I can be called as one. A terrible sinner. I am a coward too. I am In terror that God is fearsome and holy.

I fear the great deception, I can think of a couple of
scenarios why most believers will be deceived and i still include myself. One of them is to believe so strongly any of the tribulation scenarios. It was meant to confound us but to keep us alert.

At the end of the day, it is going to be "Are you in Christ ?" and where are your fruits ...

I am rambling here. I am voicing my inner thoughts. If
what I say make sense to some, I would like to hear from those who has gone through God's refinement and who have done God' work ....especially from Ruth .