Monday, March 7, 2011

Egypt's Foreign Minister: Open Border with Gaza

This is a most ominous development for Israel.

Egypt's New Foreign Minister Would Open Border with Gaza

Egypt's caretaker prime minister, Issam Sharraf, announced Monday the appointment of Nabil al-Arabi as Foreign Minister. Arabi replaces Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who had headed the Foreign Ministry since 2004.

In an article he penned for Egyptian publication Ash-Shurouk last month, Al-Arabi opined that Egypt should rethink its foreign policy following the January rebellion and lift its blockade of Gaza, "which is contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law which prohibits the siege of civilians, even in times of war."

Lifting the blockade on the Egyptian border with Gaza could mean that Egypt would allow the uninterrupted flow of weapons into Gaza.

This could be a casus belli for Israel, which retreated from Gaza based on the assumption that Egypt would prevent the flow of weapons into it.

That is an interesting development as we would now expect to see even more missiles launched into Israel, and not only will there will be more of them available, but we can expect to see and more and more long-range missiles flowing into Gaza.

The big question will quickly become - how will Israel handle this volatile situation?

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