Friday, March 11, 2011

Just As Jesus Warned Us: Earthquakes

Jesus gave us the birth pain signs to watch for - signs that would not only be present throughout the generation, but signs that would be noteworthy for the world to see. War, rumors of war, (Nation against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom), earthquakes, famine and pestilence. These signs would be in the news - obviously - and would get the attention of the world. The entire context of Matthew 24 was "the world" - and we are certainly seeing noteworthy signs of earthquakes.

Today we see this quake in Japan - the largest in their recorded history.

Major tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake

A powerful tsunami spawned by the largest earthquake in Japan's recorded history slammed the eastern coast Friday, sweeping away boats, cars, homes and people as widespread fires burned out of control. Tsunami warnings blanketed the entire Pacific, as far away as South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. West Coast.

Magnitude 8.9 Quake, Tsunami Strike Japan

This quake is one of the five biggest in history:

The most devastating earthquake to hit Japan in at least 300 years rocked the country on Friday afternoon, triggering a 10-meter tsunami that violently engulfed cars and other objects in its path in northern Japan, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes and setting off tsunami warnings for 53 countries around the world.

The quake, one of the five biggest in history with a magnitude of 8.9, caused mass panic around Tokyo, where workers evacuated their buildings and power was cut off at 4.1 million households in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures.

A tsunami warning issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii included Japan, Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Guam, the Northern Marianas, the Marcus Islands and the Wake Islands, and extended across the Pacific Ocean to include Central and South America. New Zealand also issued a tsunami warning. Austraia said there was no threat of a tsunami on its coast. In Hawaii, a tsunami alert was issued at about 10 p.m. local time.

Aftershocks are already a problem as well:

Aftershocks were continuing, with one hitting magnitude 7.1, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Tall buildings swayed violently in central Tokyo as the aftershocks hit.

And the tsunami:

NHK Television reported that water could be seen rising over cars and pouring into warehouses at Onahama port in Fukushima Prefecture; in Iwate Prefecture a building was washed away, with boats and cars swirling around in the rising waters

Two nuclear plants on the Pacific coast in Fukushima Prefecture were automatically shut down, according to Kyodo.

Quake, Tsunami Hit Japan Causing 'Major' Damage; 26 dead

The Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea were among more than 20 countries bracing for a possible tsunami, after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center raised an alert. The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning for the entire U.S. west coast. Sirens were sounded and coastal areas evacuated in Hawaii, the Associated Press reported.

“Major damage occurred in the Tohoku area” north of Tokyo, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said in a nationally televised address after convening an emergency response team. “I call on citizens to act calmly. Especially those who are near a beach, please evacuate to higher ground to avoid the tsunami.”

Today’s temblor was the biggest since a 9.1-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami off northern Sumatra, Indonesia in December 2004 that left about 220,000 people dead or missing in 12 countries around the Indian Ocean.

Deaths, tsunamis feared as massive quakes hits Japan

Earthquake Map I

Earthquake Map II

There will be much more news on this topic as the day progresses. Aftershocks and the tsunami fears will continue.

As mentioned before - this generation - the same generation which has seen "war and rumors of war" in unprecedented numbers (just compare the number of deaths from WWI and WWII as compared to any other wars in world history, not to mention the vast array of other conflicts in the last 7-8 decades, and not to mention the ability of WMDs to destroy the world in a matter of minutes).

Jesus stated that this generation would also see earthquakes, famine and pestilence - and indeed, this generation has seen these signs in unprecedented numbers over the course of this last generation.

It is also of great interest that warfare and earthquakes both set off a chain reaction that ALWAYS leads to famine and pestilence. Note how these signs are all interrelated. Haiti's quake reveals the scenario:

After the massive destruction from warfare or earthquakes - we see a refugee problem immediately arise (and we will see this in Japan within days) - and that always leads to pestilence and famine (because of the enormous logistical problems with getting food into these refugee areas that will arise), and the living conditions with refugee and refugee camps always leads to pestilences. We are still seeing this sequence of events in Haiti and Japan will be the same.

Jesus knew exactly what this generation would see, and those with open eyes can see it.

Don't let anyone argue that "we've always had earthquakes...this is no different" - because the facts do not support such a casual dismissal of these signs. Just over the past 10 years alone, we have seen world-wide quakes rise from an annual number of 20,000 quakes to 30,000 earthquakes. Thats a 50% increase in a decade alone - as we approach the end of this generation.

Earthquakes are undeniably a sign of our times.

The signs are right there for anyone to see - and for anyone with a Bible. Jesus made sure that His signs would be readily apparent -one doesn't have to search to find the signs - the signs are in the headlines every day. There is no excuse for one to miss the signs or to ignore the signs.

We're getting multiple warnings that we are rapidly approaching the end of the generation. Don't let anyone tell you differently because the facts clearly support the fact that quakes have been increasing dramatically:

Earthquakes: Long Term Trends

Is anyone listening?

UPDATE: I originally wasn't going to post this article (from yesterday), because it seems a bit too 'sensational' and perhaps hard to believe, but after today's quake it may be worth posting (this was published before the Japan quake):

March Mega Quake Warning Issued For United States

A new report released today in the Kremlin prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Institute of Physics of the Earth, in Moscow, is warning that the America’s are in danger of suffering a mega-quake of catastrophic proportions during the next fortnight (14 days) with a specific emphasis being placed on the United States, Mexico, Central America and South American west coast regions along with the New Madrid Fault Zone region.

This report further warns that catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the sub-continent are, also, “more than likely to occur” with the 7.3 magnitude quake in Japan today being “one of at least 4 of this intensity” to occur during this same time period.

Raising the concerns of a mega-quake occurring, this report says, are the increasing subtle electromagnetic signals that are being detected in the Earth’s upper atmosphere over many regions of the World, with the most intense being over the US Western coastal and Midwest regions.

Important to note are that Russian and British scientists are at the forefront of predicting earthquakes based on these subtle electromagnetic signals and have joined in an effort to put satellites in space to detect more of them.

This model has already been successful:

More ominously in this report are Russian scientists confirming the independent analysis of New Zealand mathematician and long-range weather forecaster, Ken Ring [photo], who predicted the deadly Christchurch quake and this week issued another warning of a quake to hit on or about March 20th.

That’s why there were several 7+ earthquakes around, it wasn’t just us. For instance there was one in Pakistan on the same day as Christchurch. This Jupiter/Saturn alignment continues until about May, and the Earth comes back into line as well in March. It is why there may be an extreme event, perhaps a large earthquake, around 20 March, which is when the Moon may be again in a trigger position.”

Most ominous in this report, though, is its warning that the fault-riddled State of California may be about to suffer its most catastrophic earthquake in decades as new reports for this region show the mass death of millions of fish [photo] is now occurring, and just like the mass stranding of whales on New Zealand beaches days prior to the February 22nd destruction of Christchurch.

As this report concludes, that as of yet, “no firmly reliable” method for predicting earthquakes has been scientifically recognized, it is well worth noting the too many to be ignored anomalous coincidences leading up to catastrophic mega-quakes are breaking out all over the World and should only be ignored at ones peril.
In other words, it is always best to be prepared should disaster strike, wherever the warning comes from.


Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott
As I write the waves are affecting Hawaii. It takes a lot to make my hubby go 'wow', but he was full of the Tokyo quake and the Tsunami.

After Christchurch, I asked The Lord if the increase of activity plus the ME etc were the REAL birth-pangs, or just 'false labour' that would stop again. Yet here we are again steadily increasing with the 'waves and the sea' roaring as well.(the nations AND literally)

I brought my boys up on the words of Jesus and the Rapture; yet all of them are blind to it as adults. My youngest son has gone 'Emergent'which means he is among those building the kingdom up FOR Jesus and scoffing the end time prophecies.

I can't explain it properly, but I have noted signs that he is aware and it is making him even more against me, terrified I will say something to his 12 year old - which I have, saying 'Jesus is coming back any day now'. BAD Nanna!

The last time I was able to warn was several years back when I told them 'keep your eyes on the ME and Israel'. I have a feeling they DO remember. Today I said to my hubby 'You do know what this is all about don't you'? He went pink and cautiously said 'what'? I am certain he knew what I was going to say, so I said it "Jesus is on His way back, these are the birth-pangs increasing as Jesus said". He snorted and looked sheepish, but I am sure he DOES know; I am sure that he and my boy's DO remember and its making them edgy.

God bless

Anonymous said...

I am watching the latest video footage on Fox news of the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami . I keep thinking, 'Dear God, please help those people.' I have prayed that God will be merciful and not let a similar earthquake hit the heartland. I am near the New Madrid fault line and I find it very ominous that the government has been preparing for a major, catastrophic disaster to occur in that region and I find it particularly unsettling that they will be conducting a multi-state wide earthquake disaster drill that includes citizen participation on April 28--the ShakeOut drill.


Scott said...

GeareedUp - I didn't know that you were over there near the New Madrid fault - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sue - all we can do is to warm. At some point it will become undeniable - and folks can either intentionally turn away from God or intentionally turn towards Him. It will be one or the other - we aren't quite to that point yet - but it is coming.

So hopefully, with the people that I try and reach with this message - at that point (when it becomes undeniable that God is present and interacting directly with earth) -- they will remember what we said and at that point turn towards God.

Its the last hope IMO - but I still think its a good one. I am hoping a number of my friends and loved ones will come to Christ at that point.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott
Thankfully my family belongs to Jesus. When they grew up and mixed with the outside world, I reckon they realised that - to be honest -it isn't 'British' to be so interested in prophecy. I am a rare odity in my area, not unique,but decidedly 'odd':)

I have just heard on interview on Sky tv and wanted your reaction. An interviewer asked a British earthquake expert if all the recent activity was 'showing an increasing pattern'? Expert insisted earthquakes are common in the ring of fire, nothing to suggest any unusual activity at all!

As I said, he is British and we don't 'do' out of the ordinary (unless its me.) "Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, kindly form an orderly que, and please pass along to the back of the bus, thank you so much". :)

God bless

Scott said...

Scoffers everywhere - even in denial of the obvious. His point of reference is within this generation (I'm assuming) - and if thats the case he does have a small point - but within this generation the quakes are most definitely increasing in number,

All one has to do is to go to USGS sight and anyone can run the numbers. Its easy. Its maddening when these 'experts' try and tell us nothing 'abnormal' is happening, because thats simply not consistent with the data.

Anonymous said...

Again the stock market goes up...
like there is no problem at all.


well, I will keep looking for the
UFM signs of the NEXT Secretary take Masadeh's place.

Untill that happens, sadly, there
will be NO rapture. Remember the
two conditions according to Paul.
1 >> apostasy 2 >> Revealing
of the AC, number 2 still not
there yet.

Stephen in Hawaii !!

Caver said...

The Russian institute warnings of the NA & SA, especially west coast and New Madrid is sobering.....indeed.

There's been a lot of warnings about the Ark area the last 3-4 months to boot, not to mention the swarm of 800 quakes.


Expected Imminently said...

Obviously you are fine, Praise the Lord for that.

Sadly you are still misinterpreting Scripture.

"Untill that happens, sadly, there
will be NO rapture. Remember the
two conditions according to Paul.
1 >> apostasy 2 >> Revealing
of the AC, number 2 still not
there yet".

I fear you are being deliberately wilful over this, after so much to help you recognise and correct your error. Its more than likely you have now been 'given over' to your wilfulness and unlikely to get the reward that could have so easily been yours. Ultimately it robs Jesus. Such a shame.

God bless you anyway.

Tony Parry said...

Hello Everyone

Did Jesus ever tell lies? Jesus stated that one of the signs that he was about to step in and take over the running of the world was "great earthquakes".

I thought, well let's do some research and see if anything has happened; I looked into great (category 5 and above) earthquakes since 1900.

I used the highly respected USGS as my data source.

Some years there were none at all, the peak was 16, in fact for the whole 20th century the average was just 6.9 great quakes per year.

In 2002 something amazing happened, there was a massive "spike". Each year since 2002 the trend has continued upwards. In 2010 there were 58 category 5 earthquakes or worse! This year we are on track to have over 70!

Was there something in Jesus warning in Luke 21:11? Only people with humble hearts will accept this of course.

Please ask one of Jehovah's Witnesses to show you other encouraging prophesies. Really wonderful things are about to happen.

Remember that Jesus taught us to pray for massive changes in the way Earth is run.
Matthew 6:9-10
"Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth." God's Kingdom is about to come and his will is about to be done!

Isn't that the best possible news for troubled mankind?

With Christian Love

Anonymous said...

I did not believe in Jesus until just a few years ago. I was watching you-tube and happened to see a video about end-times. I noticed that everything Jesus said about earthquakes, wars etc... was actually happening and it was said so long ago. In 1890-1900 the was only 1 major earthquake. Now there is one everyday. We have no idea how close we are to the end! My family now thinks I am a cultist because I keep trying to show them Bible prophecy about the end-times. They laugh and scoff and avoid me at all costs. Jesus has literally split me away from my family like he said he would 2000 years ago. Now my enemies are that of my own household! That caught me off guard when I read it in the Bible. For all of you that have not seen the discoveries of Ron Wyaat, its a must! Noah's Arc and other things in the Bible. God bless you all for seeing!