Sunday, March 13, 2011

Terrorism in Israel: Family Murdered

This story was on a back-burner due to Japan, but it cannot be ignored:

Victims of West Bank settlement attack identified as Fogel family

Thats right. A family. With children. Murdered in their home. Because they happen to be Jewish. A murder praised by Iran.

Udi Fogel, 37, and Ruth Fogel, 36, and their three children, 10-year-old Yoav, four-year-old Elad and three-month old Hadas were murdered in a knife attack in the settlement of Itamar on Friday.

The names of the five family members who were killed in the West Bank settlement of Itamar were released Saturday.

The victims are Udi Fogel, 37, Ruth Fogel, 36, Yoav Fogel, 10, four-year-old Elad Fogel, and three-months old Hadas Fogel.

The Fogel family was killed Friday night when a terrorist broke into their home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar and stabbed them all to death.

According to police, the suspect broke into the house armed with a knife and stabbed parents Udi and Ruth, along with three of their children, Yoav, Elad, and Hadas Fogel. Magen David Adom rescue services arrived at the scene and found them all dead.

The response by Iran is both sickening and predictable:

After Terror: Praise from Iran

Iran and Hamas praised the savage terrorist attack on Itamar Friday night

Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency told Iranians that the attackers “managed to kill all the five Zionists who were in the house…. The Palestinian combatant has returned home safely after conducting his mission successfully."

“The operation was a natural response to the crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people.”

This is what we are dealing with. Its called EVIL. Here we see Islamic "justification" of this horrific murder:

Hamas stated, “According to the international law, Palestinian resistance factions have the full right to resist any kind of occupation on the land of Palestine, as well as the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in West Bank and Gaza grant the Palestinian resistance factions to use all tools and means of resistance against the Israeli occupation forces and the armed Israeli settlers.”

IDF launches massive manhunt after five family members slain

Security services are scouring the area around the West Bank settlement of Itamar after five members of a family were found stabbed to death in their home Friday night.

Israeli security forces have been carrying out an extensive pursuit after those responsible for the fatal stabbing in the West Bank settlement of Itamar, in which five family members were slain on Friday.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak vowed Saturday that Israel would use every means possible to track down those behind the fatal knife attack.

Israel approves 500 new homes in West Bank settlements in response to Itamar attack

The ministerial committee on settlement affairs decided Saturday night to approve the construction of hundreds of housing units in several West Bank settlements, a move that came in response to a deadly attack on a family of five in the settlement of Itamar on Friday.

Netanyahu: Palestinians, world must condemn settlement attack 'unequivocally'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the international community and the Palestinian Authority to unequivocally condemn the fatal knife attack which claimed the lives of five family members in the West Bank settlement of Itamar.

"I expect the international community to explicitly condemn the murder," Netanyahu said Saturday during an official speech on the matter. "I noticed that several states which rushed to condemn Israel for building a house in some place are taking their time in condemning the murder of children. There is no justification for the murder of babies," said Netanyahu.

Earlier Saturday, Netanyahu blamed the Palestinian Authority's "incitement against Israel" for the fatal knife attack in Itamar.

"A society which allows for such wild incitement prompts the murder of children," said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu also called on the Palestinian Authority on Saturday to put a stop to the incitement against Israel in mosques and media outlets which are controlled by the government.

"This is one of the hardest and ugliest events that we've seen," Peres said. "The murder of parents and their young children, including a three-year-old and a month-old baby in their beds on Shabbat is a testimony of a loss of human dignity.

Thousands turn out in Jerusalem for funerals

This will be quickly forgotten as we watch the focus predictably turn to the other news in the world - tragically. Meanwhile, this family is dead and these deaths are celebrated by Iran.

This is what we are dealing with. Period.


Caver said...

Abbas' double game: He tips Fatah to quietly endorse Itamar murders

This is the headline in an Israeli publication......Bibi had intelligence that Abbas endorsed the murders before calling Bibi to express sympathy. Not a nice conversation.


Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas received a stern ticking-off when he called Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Saturday, March 12, to condemn the savage murder Friday night by Palestinian terrorists of the parents and three small children of an Israeli family while they slept at their home at Itamar on the West Bank. The Prime Minister, knowing Abbas had quietly tipped Fatah heads to endorse the perpetrators, accused him of hypocrisy.


This is the partner in peace....

Scott said...

Yep - we see this scenario all the time. I wonder why the MSM never carries the stories on what "PA" leadership says to ITS people, and in their language?

Yea - as stated - these are our "partners in peace".

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>>>

I hope that Israel will BUILD CITIES in the west Bank.....

These Arabs have crossed the line
in the sand once and far all.

What happens now will be their
curse, and they will have to
tolerate the consequences of
their acts......

Stephen in Hawaii >>>>>>>>