Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IDF Seizes Freighter of Iranian Weapons

This most recent development underscores just how influential Iran is in the region and now they are working hard behind the scenes:

IDF Seizes Weapons Shipment

The IDF seized a freighter ship with dozens of tons of weaponry from Iran headed for Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

The ship, known as Victoria, was flying a Liberian flag, and was seized by the navy in the Meditteranean Sea, 200 miles off of Israel's coast.

The Victoria was boarded by commandos from the Israely Navy's Flotilla 13, also known as the Shayetet, and is expected to arrive in the Ashdod port on Tuesday evening.

An initial inspection of the cargo revealed the ship was carrying weapons.

The ship set sail last night from Turkey, and was expected to dock in Alexandria. There, it was supposed to unload the weapons, which would travel by land to Gaza. The IDF's assessment is that the weapons did not originate in Turkey, but that the containers were unloaded there and transferred onto the Victoria

Israel seizes boat 'carrying arms for Hamas'

The Israeli navy seized a ship on Tuesday that was apparently smuggling weapons destined for Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Unit said that the ship "Victoria" originated from the Lattakia port in Syria and sailed to Mersin, Turkey. It was seized while on its way from Turkey destined for the El-Arish port in Egypt.

The IDF said that once the ship is anchored in Ashdod, its contents will be thoroughly examined and its crew will be taken in for questioning. Although the ship had set sail from Turkey, it bore a Liberian flag.

According to the IDF Spokesman Unit, the ship was carrying "tons" of concealed weapons destined for Hamas.

This is simply more of what we have been observing as war preparations continue - as we see the Middle East build-up for the wars that we know are coming. AKA "Rumors of war".

It will be interesting to see how Israel will handle this situation, especially if definitive confirmation is made that these weapons originated in Iran as suspected.

Stay tuned on this story as it could either die at this point, or the story could grow depending upon what kind of details emerge in terms of its origins - but "tons" of weapons - as discovered, could lead to an investigative scenario and the next question becomes what will Israel will do with the information once obtained.


Expected Imminently said...


I think those naughty Israeli's should give the weapons back marked 'return to sender'.

Light the blue 'touch-paper' and retire immediately. One by one, by one, by one ...

Sue :D

Scott said...


The sad thing is - this is just one interception - just imagine how many weapons make their way into Gaza.