Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Headlines

Woman killed, dozens hurt in Jerusalem bombing

The sirens that followed said it all

'There were 20 seconds of silence, then the screams began'

2 arrested in Jenin for Deadly Jerusalem Bus-Stop Bomb

Rocket fire on Israel continues; IDF attacks in Gaza

IAF strikes rocket launchers in Gaza after attacks on South

Escalating Palestinian missile-mortar fire on Israeli cities boosts tension

15 dead in new clashes in southern Syria city

Did Islamism Win Egypt's Revolution?

Why Are Pacifist Europeans Declaring War on Libya

What Israel Knows About Hamas

A World in Disarray


Anonymous said...

As I read the headlines about the persecution of God's Wife, I am reminded of what He will soon experience:

Isaiah 42:14
"I have held My peace a long time.
I have been still and restrained Myself.
Now I will cry like a woman in labor.
I will pant and gasp at once."


Anonymous said...


* * *

"Spain joins Libya operation; NATO still sidelined

Associated Press
2011-03-22 11:33 PM Fonts Size

Spain became the latest country Tuesday to join the U.S.-led coalition striking military targets in Libya, but how the operation will be coordinated when the U.S. pulls back remained mired in uncertainty as NATO members haggled among themselves..."

Expected Imminently said...

Just got back with mum after our weekly shop; flicked on the news and SOMETHING is going on in DAMASCUS AND two big earthquakes in Burma.

If this isn't the birthpangs I shall eat my hat!

Sue :\

DrNofog said...

No Pretense Of US Sovereignty Anymore

UN tells Obummer to jump...Obummer asks "How high?"

President [using the term in the loosest possible meaning] Obummer's decision to sidestep Congressional authority and strike Libya at the behest of the Unleashed Nazis was THE very much sought-after 'surrender' necessary to legitimize the UN as the supreme world "Authority" that all nations must obey!

And if that isn't enough -here's something a tad bit more worrisome...

American military targeting Israel?

Expert warns 'Gadhafi Precedent' could have ominous implications

God have mercy on US if we ever attack Israel!

Scott said...


Thats a haunting article re the US and Israel. And now that I think about it - I have to wonder, prophetically, if this could indeed set the stage to have the US formally "against" Israel. If thats the case, we all need to reread Genesis 12:3

Anonymous said...

dr no. thanks for the update. pray pray pray. . i can see the line in the sand brother and straight on the side of israel. cuz ya cant go wrong being on Gods team. . also i dont claim to have prophecies or visions usually but this morning i was shown something amazing . a beautiful white stead. a giant white stallion immaculately groomed and ornately decorated. and the saddle was being hoisted in the air in order to place on the horse's back. . i was shown this was Christ Jesus transportation to get his bride. i wish you could have seen it!

Alice said...

Yes, Scott! And pray! Pray for Israel and for God to have mercy on the U.S... :(