Thursday, March 10, 2011

Globalists and the NWO

It is interesting how prophecy watching has evolved over the years.

Even a brief 4-5 years ago, it was hard to convince people that an effort was underway by so-called "globalists" to create a New World Order (NWO), but in today's world it isn't surprising, nor is such discussion met with skepticism. In fact, such discussions take place daily and even the MSM carries such stories.

Today we find an article exposing what is going on behind the scenes:

Globalists behind financial chaos to create NWO

The now infamous phrase “New World Order” (NWO), which implies the erosion of our national sovereignty subjugated by global governance was once mocked and ridiculed as a mere conspiracy theory of the fanciful by all but an outspoken few.

Those with the insight and fortitude to speak out about the existence of the NWO infrastructure were and continue to be mocked, ridiculed and marginalized by elected officials of the Republican and Democrat parties alike, media pundits, and talking heads of all kinds.

Despite evidence to the contrary, there are still those who believe that the New World Order is nothing more than conspiracy fodder.

Others believe that the New world Order is merely conceptual, or at worst, it is an altruistic plan that is necessary to facilitate a global economy and stabilize the economies of nations, including that of the United States.

It’s a good thing, we are told, and something that will quell the volatility of the global economy. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

We are witnessing a New World Order that is being incrementally forced through financial terrorism. And the tempo of the financial terrorism is picking up at a rapid pace. We are seeing it in food prices, gas prices, and the cost of goods bought and sold in our economy today.

That provides a very nice summary of the situation. Now we see the movements into a North American Union as a first step:

As stated by Jerome Corsi in his book America For Sale, “agreements such as NAFTA…CAFTA were advanced by globalists calculating that regional and global political structures would necessarily follow regional and global trade agreements.”

More importantly, stated Dr. Corsi, is that the “architects of North American integration saw the economics of free trade as the path of least resistance to force into creation regional governments that would supersede nation-states in North America, just as the creation of the European Common Market made the creation of the European Union inevitable.”

Dr. Corsi and everyone who believed that NAFTA was the cornerstone of the creation of a North American Union were ridiculed by our government officials on both sides of the political spectrum and the media alike. As we watched and continue to watch the building blocks of a North American Union being laid, we are being told that our eyes are lying to us - it’s not happening at all.

And as mentioned before, this assumes added significance for a prophecy watcher because of the possibility that the biblical "10 kings" could emerge from 10 world unions, with the 10th being a North American Union. This is only pure speculation at this point, but the possibility cannot be ignored.

This, despite the May 2005 release of the publication titled Building a North American Community by none other than the Council on Foreign Relations. As also pointed out by Dr. Corsi, the co-chair of the CFR blue ribbon Panel that compiled that publication, Robert PASTOR, also authored a 2001 book titled Toward a North American Community: Lessons from the Old World for the New. PASTOR called for creation of a North American Commission, a North American Parliament and a North American Court on Trade and Investment.

All one needs to do, however, is to research terms such as the NAFTA Superhighway, NASCO and CANAMEX to understand that more than a transportation corridor running from Mexico to Canada is a fact and not a myth.

Fast forward to last month, Friday, 4 February 2011, It was on that date that Obama signed a document titled “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness.” That agreement, signed by Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was executed without Congressional authority or American voice, and launched the United States further into the NAU abyss.

New World Order?

It is clear that the globalists’ agenda and the plans of the power elite behind the scenes, the real power brokers beyond George SOROS, include Zbigniew BREZINSKI, David ROCKEFELLER, and members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. Many of the same Trilateral Commission members who served under former President Bush also serve or have served under Obama, including Timothy GEITHNER, President of the New York Federal Reserve from 2003 until 2009.

Through their financial ponzi schemes and deliberately destructive fiscal policies, the globalists have placed us on a fast track to accepting the New World Order or global governance.

To properly investigate, however, it is imperative that an audit of the Federal Reserve be conducted. If the economic crisis being faced by the U.S. today stems or is related to the actions of the Federal Reserve over the last several years, we must hold the proper people, groups, institutions and entities responsible. Again, access must be gained to the innermost deals within the Federal Reserve.

The last time this was suggested, however, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke had the hubris to threaten economic collapse if audited, a tactic tantamount to domestic financial terrorism. No one, it seems, has the right to look at the books of the Federal Reserve.

And where is all of this leading? The conclusions to this article are haunting:

The globalist agenda is becoming much more transparent with their desperation, which is the result of “conspiracy theorists” tenaciously standing up to the thugs in the corporate media, the talking head bullies, and the elected officials who believe they are above the law. With that transparency and desperation is their need to expedite their plans, which means exacerbating the current national and global financial crisis in any and all manners possible.

Therefore, as Americans we can expect to see prices for all consumable commodities rise exponentially and quickly, causing a state of chaos unlike this country has ever seen. That chaos is needed for order to be restored, but the order will be of the New World type.

If you don't believe that this is happening, just read Revelation 6-18 for a clue. A global economy, a single currency, a global religion and a global governance is most definitely coming to the world, and it seems to be coming fast as the world continues to devolve into chaos.

We see rapidly escalating food prices, world-wide rioting and unrest, world-wide "financial crises", and food and energy shortages.

In other words, the stage is being set. The last words from this article are the most germane to these last days:

"That Chaos is needed for order to be restored, but the order will be of the New World type."

And that is exactly what biblical prophecy would indicate; and so far, biblical prophecy is 100% accurate.

We are watching the pieces being put in place for a world leader to arise and assume this global dictatorship.

Fortunately, we won't be here to see it actually take place. We have a far far better form of governance to look forward to - in a location called New Jerusalem as led by Christ Jesus.

One can read the last two chapters in the book of Revelation to see what we have in our future, and contrast that with Revelation 6-18, which describes what the world will be experiencing in the near future, as we explore our new homes in New Jerusalem.

Compare and contrast these two futures:

That difference is quite stark.


Anonymous said...

I think what we are witnessing with the economy and what you laid out today with the impending NWO is the best evidence I see today we are going home soon. If we can see Revelation 6-18 events around the corner then the Wedding feast is even closer. Maranatha!

WVBORN56 (Mark)

Anonymous said...

In Luke 21:25 it states,"...and upon the earth trouble among nations, with the perplexity: the sea and the waters shall roar."

In your opinion does the sea and waters represent figurative speech for Gentiles or is it a literal translation for natural events?


DrNofog said...


Most PTR scholars are in agreement that "the sea and waters" do represent figurative speech for the Gentile nations and the "Land" represents Israel.

Expected Imminently said...

I agree DrNofog.
In Rev. the beast is seen coming out of the sea (the Gentiles nations) then stands on the land (Israel).