Monday, March 7, 2011

From Saigon to Baghdad

That represents the title to a new article in Pajamas Media. First, lets look at the credentials of an individual by the name of Rick Francona, who is being interviewed in this article: From Saigon to Baghdad

Reading Rick Francona’s bio makes me feel like I’ve hardly left my home office. He served as a lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force as an intelligence officer, and he worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Balkans.

He flew aerial reconnaissance missions over Laos and Vietnam, worked as a liaison officer to the Iraqi armed forces directorate of military intelligence during the Iran-Iraq War, flew sorties with the Iraqi air force, tried to foment a revolution and a military coup against the government of Saddam Hussein, and led a special operations team on a manhunt against Serbian war criminals in the Balkans. He is fluent in Arabic and Vietnamese and was inducted into the Defense Language Institute Hall of Fame in 2006.

Francona knows Iraq and the Gulf, and the Levant and the crucial parts of North Africa. I spent several days with him in Israel during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, and recently met up with him again at his home in Oregon where we discussed the wave of revolutions sweeping the Middle East.

Some interesting insights emerge from this interview, which details the current affairs in the Middle East, something of great interest to a prophecy watcher:

In the long run, though, the changes in Egypt will likely have the greatest effect on the region. Egypt is the cultural center of the Arab world. It sets the tone for much of the political thought in the Middle East. It shares a border with Israel and, along with Jordan, has made peace with the Jewish state.

Egypt is extremely important not only to us but to the whole area. If there is a major shift in Egypt’s government structure, it could collapse the peace process as we know it.

The following quotes look as if they were lifted directly from the pages of biblical prophecy:

If the Israelis can’t count on a stable southwestern border, they will truly feel surrounded. They’ve got Lebanon to the north which is now basically run by Hezbollah.

They’ve got the continuing problem with Syria to the northeast.

They look across to Jordan which has a weak government where the Hashemites survive through compromise.

And without the Egyptians providing some stability in the region, this could get ugly. And we get tied up with what the Israelis are doing whether we like it or not.

I’m a little concerned with what I see as the American willingness to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to play a greater role in Egypt than maybe they should. They’re going to be involved. There’s no escaping that—it’s just reality—but legitimizing them by saying we want the “non-secular” players in the equation isn’t helping.

But I’m not sanguine about the Brotherhood’s motives. They say what they know we want to hear. They’re planning for the long term. We’re looking to the next election, but they’re looking decades down the road where they might create an Islamic state

We can see the long-term plans by the Muslim Brotherhood:

I think the Muslim Brotherhood is somewhat pragmatic. I mean, they know what they want, but they also know they can’t do just anything to get it. They have to be smart. Starting off small might be the first step.

They’ll agree to be part of the parliament and probably win 25-30 percent of the seats if there’s a free and fair election. Thirty percent isn’t bad. It’s a good start. Look how far Hezbollah gets in Lebanon with 30 percent. Hezbollah and its allies had 11 seats out of 30 in the cabinet and were able to collapse the government.

What about Jordan?

If you talk to people in Jordan you’ll hear a lot of Islamic sentiment. Jordan might have a problem down the road. I don’t see a real problem right away, but there’s a strong undercurrent of fundamentalist Islam.

All the Arab countries facing upheaval right now, with the exception of Libya, are at least nominal US allies. We could end up losing the entire Middle East. Lebanon, as far as I’m concerned, is already gone.

This is a fascinating article, filled with insights from Iraq to Iran to Egypt to Lebanon; much more than quoted above.

But this interview brings to light one important aspect: The Muslim Brotherhood is making their moves into Egyptian rule, and they have a tangible, long term plan to do so. We also read where Egypt falling into the hands of radical Islam will complete the "circle" of Israel's enemies, who surround her, threatening the Nation of Israel's very existance.

Things are moving rapidly in the region. The alliances that we know will ultimately invade Israel are consolidating as we watch.

And everything we see happening is completely consistent with biblical prophecy - in this case, as described by the prophet Zechariah, as he described Israel's status in these last days - an Israel who would be surrounded by enemies - enemies who are sworn to destroy Israel.

Its all happening according to plan. The biblical plan. God's plan.

We know this because we have the future contained in our book: The Holy Bible.


James said...

Along with all of this I see a serious rise in the UFO Alien type of shows/reports. It seems at every instance people in respected positions keep coming out lending credibility to this subject matter.

Just this past saturday, I watched a show on the History channel about stonehenge type locations all over the world. The experts on this panel all concluded that these locations anywhere from 5,000- 10,000 years before Christ had carvings of aliens just like people who report seeing them today. Oval deep set eyes, large oval rounded heads, etc....

We all know who is responsible for this. he/ac is trying to manipulate the populace in to doubting God. he/ac also needs to explain away the imminent Rapture.

Question: Are any of you seeing the rise of reportings?

Alice said...

James, yes!!! I think the number of "alien" films out of Hollywood the past couple of years has been astounding! Additionally, they've been unable to debunk the UFO over Jerusalem. Here's an interesting update on it by L.A. Marzulli:

If you're interested, watch the video link that L.A. posted at the top of this BLOG entry--very interesting!

My 19 yr. old son (Christian, praise the LORD!) was out quite late just two nights ago. He a his buddy saw an amazing display in the sky (several bluish-white lights, seeming to be sparring or playing with each other...moving extremely nothing we know of...) and he came home a little shook up. He asked me if I thought it could be angels (good ones!)...I said no, that I thought it was likely the opposite and explained why. My husband concurred. This was all news to him, of course, because it's not something we have ever spent time thinking or talking about...

Strange times we live in...

I wonder when the next shoe is gonna drop...and what it will look like...?


Scott said...

I agree completely -

James - Thats the bottom line on the whole UFO thing - "doubting God" -

I was just having this conversation earlier today - and its interesting that the whole UFO thing really gained steam in 1947 with Roswell (interesting timing) --- And there have been several books linking these "alien abdutions" with demon activity (in fact even the descriptions of these so-called 'aliens" look a LOT like demons.

And there is the bit about the "days of Noah" and how that ties into the Nelphilum (Chuck Meissler does a lot on this topic)

Bottom line: I believe this is demonic and intended for deception, and quite possibly will serve as an explanation for the Rapture.

Caver said...

Chuck Meissler brought out a few other "tidbits" that add fuel to this theory.

Because the UFO Abduction reports were just too outrageous to be taken seriously but way too numerous and similiar to be discarded a few scientists decided to study them a couple of years ago. Their findings were startling.....of the 100,000 reviewed or studied, only one person involved in an abduction was a Christian. And that person, a girl, had to give them permission before they could take her up. They did not do experiments or egg harvesting with her.

Now, what does that suggest?

Expected Imminently said...

They are demonic and they do exist. My husband, four boy's and myself watched one go over our roof in broad daylight, big, dense black, round and totally silent travelling at about 30 mph.

I reported it to the police and when they got back to me, they said they didn't know what it was, the local aerodrome had no explanation, nor the RAF and police patrols had also reported it. Officially it was indeed a UFO.

Some have said that Christians don't see them. Well there was six of us and NOT involved with the occult, as others suggest.

I have seen other 'stuff',on my own and with other people present, including so called 'ghost's'which are demons NOT the departed dead as they would have us believe.

It is all a scam for us to disbelieve God's Word and to induce fear. If we were sat around a camp fire in the dark; I bet I could make your hair stand on end!

When it happens, you can't help reacting saying 'did you see that, or did I imagine it'? Then just start praising The Lord and mock them, but don't address them imo. I think they have a cheek or are just plain stupid trying it on with a Christian!

Jesus is Lord. Maranatha!

Scott said...

Waiting for a comment from DrNo - responding to Sue having seen UFO..


Alice said...


Caver, I hadn't heard that tidbit from Missler...fascinating!

Sue, that must have been really something to see! I know that Missler and Marzulli always say "rebuke first, ask questions later!" Works for me!

Scott, I'm with you...I think it may be used as an excuse for the Rapture, too.

Alice said...

Still awaiting DrNo... ;)

DrNofog said...

Gee Scott! Am I that predictable?

But not to pass on a challenge...

EI, when you "...reported it to the police...", you didn't happen to mention "exactly" what kind of 'shrooms were in yer pot-roast gravy, now did ya??

Scott said...

I'm going to just sit back and watch this one.

Caver get the popcorn. :)

Oh - by the way - I have heard and read the exact same thing regarding the use and power of Jesus name when confronted by "aliens" - just as one would expect with Demons.

James said...

thanks all for your replies.

Caver said...

Chuckling.......Scott, popcorn, wings, and ginger the ready for the entertainment.:)

Alice said...

DrNo said:

"EI, when you "...reported it to the police...", you didn't happen to mention "exactly" what kind of 'shrooms were in yer pot-roast gravy, now did ya??"

That made me laugh so hard that I spewed part of the bite of dinner I was eating on my laptop screen! Thanks a lot, DrNo!

Must go get a paper towel...

Oh, and I agree Scott... I think it's VERY interesting that the whole abduction phenomena started in 1947...with Roswell...1947...hmmmm...

DrNofog said...

No doubt I'll be hearing "It wuz just an ancient family recipe, handed down faithfully for countless generations..."

But on a lighter note...
Did y'all know that there's " food...on vegetable trees..."

DrNofog said...

And the whole family wuz there fer the traditional meal... that wut they're callin' it nowadays??

PS. [I have to get in as many pot-shots as I can before she unloads a full broadside on me...]

Scott said...

U better duck DrNo....
Actually, Sue can't respond right now, rumor has it she is on a plane on the way over here to deal with you personally - ....we'll see..

Expected Imminently said...

JUST! when I thought it was safe to come back on the blog - his blooming nibs has stopped backsliding and is back on form!
You may mock me lad, and point fingers at an old un, but it'll be me yerll cum cryin to when youve been taken and had bits fiddled with and the like. 'Help me EI' you'll hollar, 'send in the chicken brigade and get me off this UFO'!!!! Ah I know your game laddo, you want me powers to rid yerself of the Greys AND a bag o chicken feathers to cushion yer fall when ya land from a great height. I shall be ere waiting for ya, don't ya worry none - ya can depend on old EI, even though ya deserve to be zapped up each nostril on their bogey hunt - I shall come through for ya, and when ya hit the ground running I shall fly in on me old rooster, pick ya up, brush off the Greys still clinging to yer best parts, give ya a good shake and scream REPENT! You toad REPENT!

Thar, that toad im – mutter---
As fer that Scott, HA! who needs planes when ya got hens? Hrmph

Expected Imminently said...

DrNofog said - "pot-shots"

Is that like an injection instead of smoking a fag? :~\

Expected Imminently said...

Caver said "They did not do experiments or egg harvesting with her.

Now, what does that suggest"?

No hens? :~\

Scott said...


I'm still in the background enjoying this one:)

DrNofog said...


My most humble apologies!

I would...I should accept full responsibilities, but...
[Enter my Flip Wilson version]
...Scott made me do it!?!

The challenge, ya know...

Scott said...

I'm strictly in the background with nuthin to do with nuthin :)

Expected Imminently said...

Hm 'nuthin to do with nuthin' said Scott sweetly, just as if butter wouldn't melt in is mouth...

Well let me enlighten ya, right this minute I’m 'aving a big wooden spoon carved to present to the naughtiest little 'stirrer' that is trying his darndest to meld into the background while exchanging his crisp white coat for a camouflage jacket with matching beret hoping EI won't see him in the wood for the trees.

Too late sunshine, my beady little eye copped yer motion as ya shifted guiltily from one foot to tother trying to escape detection. Well I got you taped me lad, taunting the usual culprit with a beckoning come hither finger to provoke him to rebellion - and you succeeded you little stinker - and yours is the first name to be etched as the Prophecy Update 2011 biggest stirrer on the blog. You know who you are, and it’s no good rollin them big eyes all innocent like, your nicked mate, and soon the whole world will know of your devious philanderings with DrNofog’s weakened will as a result of him being in mourning for his own puter AND the matrimonial scuffle where he was beaten to a pulp for defiance. Its all going on Youtube as a public warning to others who might try it on. If I play me cards right, I will get it on CNN and Fox headlines as ‘Scott Sykes – SUED’.
So there!

Scott said...

Heh :)
OK, now I am laughing seriously --- but I AM very shifty and fast, and very very hard to catch.

You could run after me with that spoon, but I would dart in and out of the trees like a cat and wait until you were out of breath, and then sneak into the house, lock you out and have a nice cup of hot tea while you tried to get back in.

We'll play this scene out in New Jerusalem while DrNo and Caver watch in disbelief that we could engage in such activity in New Jerusalem, but all in fun of course :) :)

Expected Imminently said...

Ah - well thats where I gottcha laddo. EI don't run no more, gasping and wheezing frightens the chickens. While your runnin and duckin n diving like a demented ferret, I shall let mesen into yer domestic abode - with the lights out - awaitin yer return while holding said spoon aloft to clobber ya wiv as ya puts yer sweaty brow round the door. When I ave well an truly crowned ya THEN and only WHEN ya begs fer mercy, I might make yer a nice cuppa tea to revive ya.
You can run - but ya cant hide - there are hens watching you--- AND a couple o turncoat felines wiv a grudge.