Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's surprising defenders

Another must read from Caroline Glick, who has an uncanny knack for the truth:

Our World: Women's surprising defenders

I only post this one, because its a topic that has long mystified me:

Every few months, we are presented with media reports about Jewish women rescued from their Muslim husbands in the Palestinian Authority or within Israel.

The stories are always similar. The women were tortured by their husbands, often locked in their homes or under constant guard by members of their husbands’ families. Either with or without the help of their Jewish families, they reached out to Yad L’Achim which rescues Jewish women and their children from Muslim husbands. Yad L’Achim volunteers plan and carry out often dangerous rescue operations and bring these women and their children to safety.

Here (below) she gets to the aspect that will forever mystify me:

The question naturally arises, why do haredim dominate what by rights ought to be a field occupied by secular feminists? Why aren’t Israeli and American Jewish feminists at the forefront of efforts to save these women from their violent husbands? Where, for instance, is the New Israel Fund? Its website brags, “The New Israel Fund founded or funded most of Israel’s women’s rights organizations and networks.”

But whether one agrees or disagrees with the religious precepts that guide Yad L’Achim’s actions, the fact is they are not saving a principle. They are saving women and children. Shouldn’t that be enough to earn them the respect of the Left that is supposed to be motivated by concern for the weak and downtrodden? IN HER interview with Channel 10, Dana said that in Gaza, “what they do is curse the Jews 24 hours a day.”

But the feminists throughout the Jewish world are silent on this issue. And this isn’t surprising. The egregious mistreatment of Jewish women by their Arab husbands involves two issues that the Left – which encompasses most feminist groups – is intent on ignoring: Islamic misogyny and Islamic Jew hatred.

Just as the Left ignores, underplays, trivializes or justifies the fact that hatred of Jews is the most universal sentiment in the Muslim world today, so it systematically ignores, underplays or trivializes the endemic brutalization of women and girls throughout the Islamic world.

So why exactly is this the case? Why is the brutalization of women and girls in the Islamic world completely ignored by the US media and their liberal pundits? To me, this is one of the biggest mysteries of our age and I mean that, If there was ever a just cause, this would be it. Yet it goes unequivocally ignored. I just don't get it.

Take a purportedly feminist discussion of the impact of the Arab revolt on the position of women in the Arab world from ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour on Sunday. In a segment that lasted roughly 15 minutes, Amanpour said essentially nothing about the appalling lives of women and girls under Islamic law.

When Newsweek editor Tina Brown mentioned “the barbaric custom of child brides,” in Yemen, Amanpour didn’t ask her to elaborate. In accordance with that Yemeni custom, little girls are routinely married off to grown men.

When Iraqi women’s rights activist Zainab Salbi noted that the key issue for women in the Muslim world is changing the family law that governs their societies, Amanpour didn’t ask her what she meant.

What she meant was that under Islamic family law, women and girls are considered the property of their male relatives. And their “owners” can legally beat them and rape them and genitally mutilate them and force them into marriages they object to. If the women and girls are “disobedient,” their male relatives can expect little or no punishment for murdering them.

Another example of what we see daily in terms of ignoring this profoundly disturbing topic:

Rather than discuss the real, truly life-threatening dangers faced by women and girls throughout the Islamic world, Amanpour presented her viewers with a superficial and false depiction of recent events in which a few well-dressed, perfectly coiffed, pretty young women in Egypt and two Western dressed women in Libya are supposedly transforming the position of women in their societies one tweet at a time.

It was a complete lie. But it wasn’t shocking. It would have been shocking if Amanpour had provided her viewers with any relevant facts about the subject she was purportedly discussing.

The contrast between Yad L’Achim and traditional feminist groups and icons worldwide is statement on the state of the free world today. Whereas the feminists obscure the plight of women living in the Muslim world, a haredi group is saving women living in the Muslim world.

I'm not sure what else can be added to this. For some reason this extreme form of female (women and girls) abuse goes completely ignored by the west and the MSM.

But it also serves to remind us of what exactly we are dealing with when it comes to radical Islam, and it isn't a pretty sight.


Anonymous said...

Scott I think the answer to this oddity is the MSM/fallen man will always choose the world/satan/lies over anything Christian.

The world hates Christ and anything associated with his followers.

Therefore they side with Islam of Christianity. I think it is as simple as that.

WVBORN56 (Mark)

Anonymous said...

I truly cannot understand why so many turn a blind eye towards the inhumane treatment of the women and children other than it's due to the forces of darkness and the natural man that have united in battle.

On another note, I came across a story of a young woman who is the first female to ride her mountain bike across Afghanistan. She has a vision to help promote equal rights for girls and women and is working in a collaborative effort to offer education and training to the women. She is gaining trust with the village men and they are often more curious about her adventures than angry at her defiance against social norms.



Scott said...

Mark - you hit the nail on the head - I agree 100%. In fact, I have often had that same exact thought. Its all about hating what we love - and hating anything related to Christianity. period.

Geared Up - its a mystery isn't it? But as you say - it has to do with the darkness that we see all around us in these last days.