Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In the news:

There are several interesting stories today - a couple may deserve separate postings, depending on how long this gets:

China now owns $1.16 trillion of U.S. debt

China, the biggest buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, owns a lot more than previously estimated.
In an annual revision of the figures, the Treasury Department said Monday that China's holdings totaled $1.16 trillion at the end of December. That was an increase of 30 percent from an estimate the government made two weeks ago.

Iran trying to buy nuclear missile parts from Norway

Iran has been trying without success to obtain Norwegian missile technology for possible use in delivering nuclear weapons, Norway's security chief said on

Janne Kristiansen, general director of the Norwegian Police Security Service, told Reuters Iran had approached small Norwegian companies that sell "special components that can ... be used in weapons of mass destruction, for building missiles".

U.S. weighs hit-and-run raids to disable Qaddafi's air capability

The US is repositioning its naval and air forces around Libya, Pentagon spokesman Col. David Lapan stated Monday, Feb. 28, indicating possible military steps to break the standoff between Muammar Qaddafi's army and rebel forces in the fighting for control of the towns commanding the roads to the capital Tripoli where Qaddafi is barricaded.

The Pentagon spokesman's indeed remarked that there are "various contingency plans" for the North African country where Muammar Qaddafi's forces and rebels in the east "remain locked in a tense standoff."

Most military observers interpreted his remark as referring to potential US military intervention in Libya to break the stalemate. It was strengthened by the imminent redeployment off the Libyan coast of USS Enterprise from the Red Sea and the amphibious USS Kearsarge, which has a fleet of helicopters and about 1,800 Marines aboard.

This (below) comes from Joel Rosenberg:

Bible Prophecy and the Future of Libya

This is an interesting article - just a few quotes:

In Ezekiel 38-39, we learn that Libya is one of the nations that joins the Russian-Iranian alliance against Israel in “the last days.” In this prophecy, Ezekiel uses the name “Put.”

The first century historian Flavius Josephus wrote in his famous book, The Antiquities of the Jews, that “Put” or “Phut” is “ancient Libyos.” Ancient Libyos, we know, certainly included the territory of the modern nation state we refer to today as Libya, but also included Algeria and possibly Tunisia.

In Daniel 11, we learn that Libya is one of the countries that will be under the control and direction of the Antichrist in “the last days.”

That said, Bible prophecy also tells us the government and many of the people of Libya will be engaged in great evil in the End of Days.

Israeli warns of risk of Islamist takeover in Arab world

Democratic uprisings that have already unseated long-standing autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt and are threatening to topple Moamer Gaddafi in Libya may be taken over by Islamist groups, an Israeli government official said Tuesday.

'The fear is that they will be highjacked, (following the) the model of Iran, the model of Hamas in Gaza, the model of Hezbollah in Lebanon,' Israel's deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, said during a visit to Brussels.

Israel's deputy foreign minister said Israel would have no qualms with dealing with an Egyptian government supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, as long as the party renounced its radicalism.

'For us it is not a matter of titles, it is a matter of policies, and if the policies are peaceful policies, I think that we will welcome any Egyptian representative,' Ayalon said.


Expected Immine said...

Hello Scott
I have just had an unexpected treat of 20 minutes listening to a former MI5 Officer speaking on our favourite subject. His name is Brian Gemmel, a Scots and he was bloomin' brilliant AND Pretrib.

How to get China into the Globalist Empire was to get them into investments big time! I was so excited I couldn't take notes but he did say 'Psalm 83' is nearly ready. He said Bill Salus's book Isralestine is worth reading.

He is speaking around the UK, and is part of the PWMI (Prophetic Witness Ministries International.) Arnold Fruchtenbaum is on their international council. If I can find out more, I will let you know; meanwhile keep your ear to the ground for Brian Gemmel.

God bless

Scott said...

Funny you should say that -- I have been reading a bunch of Salus' articles and I am going to read that book as well.

I agree too - I believe we are moving very close to Psa 83 - Isa 17.

Expected Imminently said...

I am so glad I am not into taking bets! I would have just lost a couple of quid that you would have teased me up hill and down dale over the chap from MI5.

Your slipping! :D
God bless ya

DrNofog said...


I had no idea... Does this mean you swore off the horses too?

Actually, not to make any excuses, I think I am slipping...in more ways than one.

Ever since my compuker's motherboard decided to up and barf on me, we've been down to just my wife's, which she guards jealously! And although she's a petite 5'0", she hangs in there tenaciously when I try to dislodge her from her command chair.

I've had to resort to subtleties like turning the heat down a little, which gives her a little chill and make her haffta go pee and then I strap myself into her spot.

Lately, we've been having to avoid our friends because of a rash of black eyes and fat lips. We don't like making up stories about such things so it's just easier this way.

I think either I must be getting slower or she's been getting a lot faster with her hands...

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

If you are interested, you can go to this link.


Prophecy Update March 2011 Revelation TV
Brian Gemmell interviewed by Bob Mitchell.
It isn't very long.


'Swore off the horses'? well I didn't abuse em by saying 'get up yer daft nags' when they were frying to git up!

That is such a sad story of marital fistycuffs; maybe I can help. Your wife and EI are the same height - praps we could be bookends to steady all the hard copy you will have to resort to?:(

Chin up me old mate, nothing is ferever, it'll come right! :D

God bless